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He went mad over two twinkies.

ave you been?"

"Why, did you worry for me?"

"You know I did, why didn't you let me hear from you."

"I don't even know your name."

"You're kidding, I thought you recognized me, my photo has been in the paper several times on that school eminent domain issue."

"Oh was that you? You looked so much older in the paper."

"So you did know."

She raised her long eyelashes and her eyes like saucers looked up.

"Well, I had my suspicions. What do you think I am, a dumb blond? But I gotta ask you, what's a married man with a good looking wife and two kids doing kissing a strange black woman with blond hair in his office elevator. Don't you know, there is a camera in there?"

"Yeah you're right, stupid move on my part, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat. No regrets. You attract me so strongly I can't control myself. Let me give you my cell phone number."

"Oh no, I don't wanna be calling you. Oops, here comes my bus, gotta run Counselor."

And she was out of my life once again, this time without even a kiss, just a touch of her fingertips as she leaned into my car. I was trembling. There is something about sexual interest that reduces us to our animal state. I wanted her so badly I was willing to risk everything, if only to possess her for one moment. Was she even interested in me or was she just amusing herself?


After that brief conversation it seemed our relationship, or whatever you might call it, was going backward. We returned to our usual greetings. I'd wave or honk and she'd nod and open her big eyes wide, her eyelashes moving like butterfly wings. She'd smile with those red lips and those white as ivory teeth. We went on like this for a week or so and then to my surprise one a Wednesday morning she waved me over. My heart was racing.

"Listen," she said, "the blond has gotta go. My husband just got a job as a director at Google and they are sending us to a new campus out of state, I think near Aspen. I know you have a thing for me and I kinda like you too. I only have a half day on Friday, what do you say we take in a movie..."

"A movie?"

"One of those movies that they have in the motels over on Main Street."

"You're kidding, you're teasing me."

"This is you big chance Mr. Brad. It's either yes or no and I can see in the distance my bus is coming."

"Yes, Yes of course ya-ya-yes."

"I'll meet you at 10:30 in your building lobby. Be prepared."

"I will."

I didn't know what she meant by that. Did I need to bring a condom, money, a gift? Well, just in case I'd bring them all. I wasn't going to miss this chance to make my dreams come true.

I got there about a half hour early. Busied myself at the news stand. I checked my watch repeatedly. The minutes ticked by so slowly. And then as if by magic, I looked up at 12:31 and she was standing in front of me wearing a cream colored dress with small blue flowers in the knit. She had taller heels then usual. I'm sure she towered over me. Her breasts filled out her dress and her ass was outlined like the promised land.

"Oh my God, it's you. You look so...so beautiful. I was afraid you wouldn't show."

"Oh I'll show honey, I'll show you everything I got."

We both smiled.

"Well, sweetie, are we going?"

"Yes, of course. Come on, I drive you. I reserved a room for us at the Tivoli Motel. It's not on Main Street. It's a little more upscale. They actually have clean towels and soap."

"You did good. Let's be on our way before we are arrested for loitering."

"I just have to ask you one thing."

"Yeah," she answered.

"You are over sixteen years of age?"

"Oh yeah, way over," she laughed that infectious laugh that I'd learned to love, "why?"

"Cause that's the age of consent here in Minnesota."

She laughed again,

"I don't think that is going to be a problem for either of us."

With that we took the elevator down to the parking level. I opened the door for her, her perfume was intoxicating. Off we went.

"You don't have to pay when you pull out of the car park?"

"No, it's a monthly, but one always has to pay when you pull out."

She laughed, "Has that been your exp

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