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He gets a date in the most unlikely of places.

That's when I noticed that his hand had found its way under her dress and he was massaging her skin above her stocking. As they separated his hand remained on her thigh until John said, "Hey, it's my turn."

Jen had a glazed, lusty look in her eyes as John switched places with Brian. He took his time wetting her breast with his long pink tongue, and actually pinched her nipple as he licked her. Then just as Brian had done, he sprinkled the salt, placed the lime in her mouth and did his shot.

As he leaned in to lick the salt from Jens breast I watched his big dark hand disappear under her skirt. His other hand pulled aside her dress, exposing her nipple momentarily, before taking it in his mouth. I heard her gasp as his fingers slipped inside her thong. I couldn't believe it. My sexy wife was leaning back with her legs spread, while this big black stud was sucking her little pink nipple and fingering her juicy pussy right there in public.

When he finally raised his head to take the lime, her nipple was swollen and wet with his saliva. As he placed his mouth over hers, I heard her moan as his fingers worked their magic. I could feel the precum soaking my underwear as my throbbing cock jerked inside my pants. I reached over to pinch her wet nipple as John kissed my sweet wife.

When I looked down I saw that her hand had found it's way into his lap, and she was squeezing his thick erection with her tiny hand. I almost came in my pants when I saw that.

When they finally stopped kissing Jen turned to me with a look of pure lust in her eyes and asked, "Can I have them both, just this one time?" Although I felt jealous of the way these two young studs were affecting my loving wife, I also felt as turned on as I had ever been. Plus I really wanted her to experience all the passion that these two could give her, so I said "Yes baby, lets take them both home with us."

Jen gave me a passionate kiss, and then I turned to the guys and asked them if they would like to join us in our room. You should have seen the smiles on their faces as they both said in unison "Hell Yes!"

They followed us to the parking lot and Brian volunteered to ride with us (what a nice guy). So he and Jen climbed in the back seat of our Volvo as I made the short drive to the Motel.

As soon as they were in Brian was all over her, or should I say they were all over each other? He was kissing her as he unzipped her dress and slipped it from her shoulders. Her sexy titty's spilled out and he wasted no time getting his mouth on one nipple as he fondled the other.

Jen was busy too, freeing his rock hard cock. I watched the whole scene in the mirror, as I tried to concentrate on the road. Then I saw Jens head disappear into his lap, and heard him groan as her juicy lips engulfed his shaft. She was moaning too, and making wet squishy sounds as her head bobbed in and out of sight.

She slipped to the floorboard on her knees and continued to slide her hot little mouth over his cock. By the time we pulled into the parking lot Brian was thrusting his hips upward as he held my wife's hair in his fist. She was gurgling and slobbering all over his crotch when I turned round to watch.

I reached back and slipped my hand under her thong. I have never felt her pussy as slick and hot as it was then. I slid three fingers into her, and was rewarded with a long sexy moan around Brian's dick. About this time John showed up. He climbed into the back seat behind Jen and lifted her up onto the seat on her knees. Then he just pulled her thong aside and buried his face in her steamy pussy.

I envied him, because I know how good she tastes when she is really hot. He was licking her from her sensitive clit, through her hot pussy, all the way to her tight little asshole. Then he'd go back and start again. Every time he touched her clit Jen would shake and groan around Bryans cock.

Suddenly John lifted her up off of the seat, supporting her thighs on his biceps with both hands spreading her ass.

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