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lled the zip back up again and said "Would you like to know where my others are Ian?"

He was lost for words.... I was beginning to realise that this night would certainly be memorable!

Ensuring that he would not be left out, last but not least Dave moved quickly across the room to meet Ann, who by this time was actually clutching her mac across her body.

"And what can you offer me young lady?" he said.

"A good slap if you come near me" Ann replied.

Poor Dave! I didn't know but he was, by far, the quietest one of them all and had only plucked up the courage to speak having had a couple of drinks. He wasn't comfortable with women and always said the wrong thing.

"Oh dear!" I thought.

But at that, Ann looked across at me, winked and took hold of Dave's hand. She turned him away from the others and we watched as she slid his hand inside her coat - making him run his hands up and down her body so he would know she was naked underneath. I didn't realise anyone still blushed.....

That left just myself and Nigel, Ray and Lesley.

"Last but not least" I said to Ray "Let me introduce you to your fianc__e, Lesley".

While all this was going on, I had been watching Ray's face and hoping he liked what he saw. It was pretty obvious he did - looking at the growing bulge in his trousers.

"Please everyone - have a good time tonight - enjoy yourselves with whoever you want, with the exception of our bride and groom".

I didn't think with the state that Ray was in, that he would let anyone touch his lovely fianc__e tonight.

We all turned round to look at Lesley, who was approaching Ray. The look on his face told all! She was dangling a small key in her hand.

"No - I don't think so Lesley" Ray said.

She stood there! "Oh my god" she was thinking "He doesn't like this".

In actual fact she had got it all wrong because he said (quite loudly) "I don't want those straps taken off. I want you - right here, right now!!

Well much as I could see that each couple wanted to go there own ways, I could tell that they wanted to see how Ray would handle the fact that his fiancee was standing there, practically naked! Her body now glistening with anticipation.

He looked around the room and spotted the long dining tables covered with white cloths - One along the right hand wall - covered with a sumptuous buffet and the other empty.

He grabbed hold of the strap bound around Lesley's waist and pulled her over to the table. "Paul, Dave, Frank - I need you here lads." They moved over to where Lesley and Ray were standing.

"Can you lift Lesley onto the table please - on her back. Don't worry about touching her because before the night's out she will be begging for you all to fuck her!".

So Paul and Dave held onto the leather straps that circled her breasts, both 'accidentally' touching her nipples in the process. Frank and Ray then took hold of the leather pieces surrounding her pussy. You could tell she was getting turned on because her once damp pussy was now dripping.

"Hey Ray - she's ready for you" said Frank with a snigger, moving his hand over her belly and cupping her shaven cunt.

As they all lifted her on to the table each one of them grabbed a limb and tied them to the corner legs of the table. She was so exposed! Her legs were so wide apart we all had no difficulty seeing her beautiful pussy lips.

At this stage I was a little worried whether Lesley was ok.

I went to move over to her but was stopped by Nigel.

"Leave her be Trish" he said "She's ok!"

As I looked over to her she returned my look with a broad smile and a slight nod.

"My God" I thought "she's enjoying this.

Ray then walked across the room to the buffet taking various foods and putting it on a plate.

"What's he doing"? I thought.

He walked over to Lesley and stood beside the table.

"We're going to play another game lads" he said, turning towards the others and handing out several foods.

They obviously knew what he wanted because, at that, Dave moved over to Lesley and began pouring fruit juice all over her tits.

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