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A Jewish Mother Gets the Whole Megillah & the Whole M'wamba.

It's a good start.

I explain to my clients that I like to have my bodyguard on hand for all my sessions to watch me. No objections from anyone so far - especially not you. Not with the way I fucking treat my slaves.

James tongues and kisses my feet hungrily. I lock eyes with you and give you a triumphant smile as he services me. These are fucking $950 Christian Louboutin patent leather peep-toe pumps. On James's tab, naturally. I take another sip of champagne before setting my glass aside.

Yesterday, I went for my decadent weekly mani-pedi at Spa Paradiso. The girls there have gotten used to seeing me parading around naked, bending over and exposing my snatch and asshole to them. I'm proud of my beautiful body and I'm an unrepentant exhibitionist -- everyone is welcome to look. One of the girls, who does my leg massages, escorts on the side and has referred three new clients to me. I always tell her: "I have all the cock I can handle. I'm still looking for new pussy." Every part of it is a huge fucking turn-on for me.

You're aroused too, and you're not hiding it. After locking the hotel room door, you've taken out your long, thick cock and are sitting on the couch, stroking it as you watch me getting worshipped the way I deserve.

I'm extremely excited by the knowledge that James's wife is working her corporate sales job with Sprint right now, oblivious to the fact that her husband is here, worshiping me in his executive attire, much hungrier for me than her 26-year-old ass. She just doesn't understand about foot worship, but I sure as fuck do. He stays up late almost every night to jerk off to my kinky pictures and videos. Especially, he tells me, the 45-minute movie I made in Germany last month with my new female slave. Who is also married and cheating. Fuck yes.

My nipples are hard and clearly visible through my new Agent Provocateur bra and low-cut black silk blouse. I'm going to need them sucked soon. But that's off-limits for James.

"Did you fuck Olivia last night?" I ask James.

His tongue curls around my ankle. "No, Goddess."

"Did you let her suck you off?"

"No, Goddess. I said I had a big meeting with a client today and needed to get my rest."

"You got that right," I say, standing up. "Undress for me, James."

He obeys, neatly folding his clothes and placing them on the king-sized bed. His uncircumcised cock is already fully erect, straining for me.

I reach for the nJoy metal wand that's waiting on the bedside table. Eight inches long, gracefully curved, with multiple steel bulbs. You bring me the bottle of lube and I coat the wand.

"You're going to milk yourself out properly," I tell James. "I want every fucking drop of come you've got. Is that clear?"

"Of course, Goddess. I've saved up a big load for you."

He gets on his hands and knees and exposes his asshole for me. Unsmiling, I make eye contact with you as I slowly and deliberately push the wand deep up James's ass. He groans as each bulb goes in. "Fuck! Fuck!"

I know how good that feels since I have the same wand thrust up inside me. Something very powerful is happening right now.

"Lie on your back, you motherfucker!" I tell James.

His erection sticks straight up. I'm wearing crotchless fishnets. I lift up my skirt and show him the cunt he can't have - raw, unshaven, clit standing out, fucking soaked. Then I trample on him, pressing my heels on him one at a time, listening to him moan with excitement.

"Like feeling my weight on you? Does that make you want to do whatever the fuck I say?" I demand.

"Yes, yes, yes...Jesus, yes!"

My anus contracts hard as I see you beating off furiously to the sight of my dominance. Again, I make eye contact with you, letting my tongue extend out of my mouth. I reach up under my skirt and start to play with myself, loud and wet. Saliva drips down my tongue on to James. I let out loud, non-verbal groans as animalistic arousal claims me completely.

I sit back down in the chair, hard, with my thighs spread open, playing with my cunt.

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