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I left her many hours after I'd arrived and drove home back down the motorway feeling as if I was floating on a cloud. I was completely satisfied sexually, but I came to realize with time that it had stirred something deep inside and I wanted more, like a drug.

We met again just a few weeks later. Jan wrapped her arms around my neck and slipped a thigh between my legs to press against my stiff cock as we stood in her hall on my arrival. Our emotions and our desires were at fever pitch and we consumed each other's faces with hungry mouths. We went straight to bed without coffee, this time she was wearing a black teddy and she took my hand and put it under her dress and straight to her crotch to undo the poppers; "you're getting better with them," she teased.

I'd arrived at 10am, the earliest I could sensibly get to her and we spent the morning in bed devouring each other. We had the whole day together; we went out for lunch and sat in the sun on our own in a quiet corner of the pub garden, away from anyone's gaze.

We sat next to each other and acted like two love-struck teenagers. While waiting for our food she took my hand and slipped it under her dress and into the leg of her panties, urging me silently to finger her pussy; she was sopping wet and I slipped two fingers in and curled them upwards. She bore down and pressed her g-spot onto them. After just a few minutes she turned and buried her face in my shoulder, her body shaking as she sobbed out her orgasm, struggling not to make any noise. I was dazed and still recovering from the impact of bringing a woman to a climax for the first time ever in a public place.

Being with someone with such a high sex-drive was so new to me but I managed to compose myself just as our server brought the food to the table. Having burned up so much energy that morning we dispatched the food quickly and with relish. As we finished our lunch and paid the bill Jan urged me to take her home for dessert and we spent the afternoon fucking around her flat, first on the kitchen table, then on her sofa and finally in the shower.

She might have been small but she more than made up for it in personality and with her outgoing, no-nonsense approach to life. I called her my pocket rocket but she showed me an essay she'd found on the internet that described the personalities of people born in 1962, the Chinese year of the Tiger and the year of her birth. I'm always skeptical about such things but it described Jan to a tee, and from then on I called her Tigger or Tiggs - it pretty much summed her up. I still have a pen engraved with the word Tiger that she gave me.

On only our 3rd date we crossed several lines in our relationship. I not only unpoppered her teddy but this time I encouraged her to let me take it off. She resisted at first, on the basis that she didn't want me to see her tummy. She was very conscious of her appearance but I told her straight that if she didn't let me see her buck-naked I'd be very unimpressed. I said it with a smile and reassured her that I didn't care how many wrinkles or marks she had, I wanted to see and feel her next to me with nothing on. She let me peel it off and subsequently told me it was a big step for her in our relationship. I've since experienced something similar with other women who felt they have body issues. Jan had stretch marks on her tummy, it was her only physical flaw, but I loved her all the more, it made her a normal mum and I made a fuss of loving her tummy until she became completely comfortable being naked with me.

The other line we crossed that day was to fuck bareback.

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