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I start my investigation into the White Lady.

Billy slipped his hand around my waist and pushed up against me so that we could both order drinks. He smelled good like woman's perfume and as I turned to ask him what he wanted I couldn't help but notice his fine features and full glossy lips. There was an awkward pause as we froze for a moment face to face. I quickly said,

"What would you like to drink? How about a Mojito?"

"You read my mind sailor." Billy said with a coy grin.

I didn't want to move as I was enjoying Billy's arm around my waist and he wasn't moving either. I could feel his warm body pressed against me and I liked it. He leaned over just an inch from my ear and said,

"It appears we've done a good job tonight. It looks like Emma and Mary are hitting it off. So we got them laid... now what about us?"

Just then our drinks arrived. I was in a bit of shock. I took a big gulp finishing half. Billy was hot, and attractive in a way I had never experienced, and I didn't know what to do. Until that moment I hadn't considered anything that happened that night as more than just innocent flirting. But now it was happening. Did I want this man?

Billy gave me a sexy grin and I could feel the bulge of his package press against my hip. I knocked back the rest of my drink and Billy took my hand and pulled me back to the dance floor. He was doing a kind of backward samba as he led me to the dance floor his eyes locked on mine.

He placed my hands on his hips and we began to sway to the music. The crowd pressed in on us and soon my legs were between his and we were pressing against each other. Billy's hands wandered over my chest and shoulders, often caressing the nape of my neck. I began to reciprocate amazed at how slender his waist.

Soon we were face to face and it happened, we kissed. It was soft yet firm, more insistent than a woman's kiss. Billy was skilled with his tongue and it snaked into my mouth. I pulled him against me and my hands instinctively went to his ass. I could feel him moan into my mouth as I took two handfuls of butt and squeezed. I could not believe how erotic kissing Billy was and how good his body felt.

We continued to kiss on the dance floor, swaying to the pulse of the music. I could now feel his stiffening cock against my already hard 7" erection. Our lips parted and we simply smiled as we swayed to the music our hips locked together our hands on each others hips.

Billy smiled at me and tilted his head to the side and flipped his long blond hair. He said, "Hey wanna take me home?"

I nodded and Billy led me by the hand off the dance floor. Walking behind Billy I was amazed by his combination of feminine and masculine. He was about 5'10" his hips swayed and his ass was full and round, he had wide shoulders long slender arms, yet when he turned slightly I could see his delicious looking package and the outline of what appeared to be a nice size cock in his too-tight riding jodhpurs.

Half way to the door two leather biker types looked at Billy and nodded appreciatively. Here I was in this gay club and I had unintentionally made a conquest, or had Billy? I was flattered and confused but most of all completely horny.

As we stepped out into the cool night air I could see Billy's erect nipples and his pale smooth chest. I wanted this boy. Fortunately the cab line was short and Billy didn't live too far away.

We made out on the elevator ride up to his apartment. He surprised me by pushing me against the wall in the elevator and grabbing my cock and balls and squeezed them through my jeans as he looked at me and smiled. He just looked into my eyes and tightened and relaxed his grip as he sucked on the middle finger of my hand. His message was unmistakable.

His place was modern and very nice. I had found out that he was only 25 but made a bundle as a stylist. He kissed me quickly on the mouth then pushed me onto the couch.

"Get us something to drink baby while I go freshen up and slip into something sexier."

I couldn't imagine what would make Billy sexier than he was but I was not going to argue.

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