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Molly looked down at Alice's crotch and was pleased to see her slacks were soaked with evidence of her arousal. Jessica's slacks were in much the same condition.

"OK, Jessica, set Alice free now," Molly said with a grin. Jessica pulled Alice free of the encompassing material.

"Arin, you can busy yourself with removing their slacks now." Arin hurried over to the women, dropped to her knees and quickly stripped them both. First, she pulled down Alice's pants, and as the wet crotch material lowered to Alice's thighs, the woman's trimmed patch of blonde hair was revealed, sparkling with drops of her excitement.

Arin then lowered Jessica's slacks, revealing that woman's hairless labia in all their puffy glory. Molly could not help but notice how Arin got her face and lips near each woman's pussy as she perform this act.

Molly pulled out a coin. Addressing Jessica, she said "Jessica you gave me the best display, so you'll get to call the coin as I flip it." Molly flipped the coin into the air, and Jessica called heads. But the coin came up tails. "Looks like you win, Alice. It's your choice: do you wish to give or to receive?"

"I'd like to receive, Miss, if that pleases you," was her answer, even though she really had no clue as to what was to be given or received.

"Very well. Let's all go up onto the porch." When they reached the chairs, Molly turned to Alice. "Alice, have a seat, with your pussy out over the front edge of the chair, and your thighs wide apart."

Everyone else watched the petite woman position herself as directed. During this time, Molly removed the dress she had been wearing. Lacking a bra or panties, this simple movement left her completely nude. She settled herself in a similar pose in the chair next to Alice.

"Arin, you may kneel down and service Alice. Jessica, come here and kneel between my legs and worship my pussy."

Quickly, Arin and Jessica moved into position, and each eagerly began kissing, licking and fingering the pussy in front of them. Arin was a noisy eater, lustily sucking each of Alice's labia into her mouth, stretching them out, and letting them pop out of her pursed lips. Molly soon lost her focus on what Arin was doing to Alice, since Jessica had nuzzled her face along Molly's upper inner thighs as the start of her worship.

Jessica was rather dainty in her approach to Molly's cunt. First, she slowly and wetly licked Molly's outer labia several times, dampening the soft patch of brown fur that covered them. Next, she used her fingers to sensuously pull the labia open, continuing her licking action along the inner labia, and ultimately parting then with her tongue. That tongue now washed Molly's intimate flesh from her perineum to her clit, diving into her vagina along its journey, and circling her pee hole with a delicate tip. The latter contact made Molly twitch and clench the chair arms tightly with her hands.

"You devilish vixen," Molly moaned.

Jessica tilted her head back, so her deep brown eyes twinkled into Molly's. Wetting her fingers, she whispered, "Maybe you'd prefer this, Miss." Forming a fork between two of her fingers, she began sawing them up and down so they skimmed just the sides of Molly's now engorged clit. With her other hand, she eased two fingers into the warm tunnel of Molly's cunt and began a rhythmic stroking action.

Molly could feel those two inner fingers glide twice along the upper vaginal wall, then twice at her side wall on the left, twice along her lower wall, and twice at her side wall on the right. Just as she was getting accustomed to the probing fingers, Molly sucked in a large breath of air as Jessica closed the forked fingers into a tighter 'V' which made her clit begin to jerk forward and backward.

Flinging her arm sideways to brace herself, Molly's hand encountered Alice's arm, where it rested on the chair next to her.

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