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Forces clash in a battle for survival.

Really put it out there blatantly so he can't fail to notice you making the effort. Then after that you offer to stay back after class to help him with something, or you ask for some one-to-one help with a problem and you make your move, it's easy. You just accidentally-on-purpose place your hand on his groin and while it's still there look into his eyes and let him know that you want it as much as he does. I'm telling you, he won't be able to resist, he's a man, they're pathetically predictable that way. All we have to do is decide the best day for you to go in for the kill so I'm ready to pounce."

It looked like Louise was going to make one last tired effort to argue the point again but was cut off by Leona.

"Come on bitch, don't you want me to leave you alone? I promise I will if you do this, you do this and I'll give you all those photos back and just leave you the hell alone. Come on, you don't even have to let him bang you, if I get footage of you sucking his cock that'll be good enough."


In actual fact it was almost a simple as the plan Leona described to her accomplice. Little did they know that David Binnie had harboured, if not a crush, but a serious longing for his star pupil, Louise, for some time now. Somehow, through a combination of fear of what he would be risking losing and common sense managed to keep him in check. But that didn't mean he did not allow himself to indulge in a variety of sexual fantasies both in and out of the classroom about Miss Laing. Despite that his marriage was fairly strong, Maria, his rich wife never knew about his thoughts and he didn't intend ever letting her find out and he knew there was never any real danger of anything happening with Louise, it was just some harmless daydreaming, that never did any harm, did it?

Leona's scheme worked to perfection, with Louise playing her part, while uncomfortably, more than adequately. She had convinced her mind that although this was wrong, that it allowed her to wipe out the earlier, far greater wrong and danger and so it was justifiable to her. Mr. Binnie was a mere spider in their web. They actually did it within a week, all it took was some major fluttering of Louise's eyelashes, some 'accidental' views both up her skirt and down her top and a couple of after class tutorials before Leona was pretty sure that they would catch him that Thursday after class. As usual she had Louise briefed in the girls toilets at lunchtime in exactly how to play it.

And so it was that Leona crept back into class with her video mobile phone in hand and a wide grin etching in place on her round face. She took a moment to enjoy the silence of the classroom in this period after the final bell of the day that silence only marginally broken by the scraping of heels in the walk in cupboard at the far side of the room. She silently padded past Mr. Binnie's desk, casting a critical eye over the detritus that seemed to have taken it over. Part of her wanted to steal those homework sheets and tear them up but she had far greater mischief right then. She made it to the cupboard door and as she had told Louise she had wanted it, it was a tiny bit ajar.

Carefully, she pushed in and was rewarded with the sight of her schoolgirl sex slave on her knees treating her most hated teacher to what looked like a hell of a sloppy blow job. The old fool even had his eyes screwed up in ecstasy making it easy for her to extend her hand into the cupboard and film minutes of the perfect action.

It was actually beginning to turn Leona on, watching the footage while she stood half in and half out of the cupboard, also keeping an ear and eye open in case her plan was interrupted by someone else. But she managed to resist the temptation to reach under her own skirt and have a good feel of her pussy and instead concentrated on getting the footage. Eventually she was satisfied she had enough and waited until Louise had almost the full length of her English teachers cock in her mouth before calling out.

"Mr. Binnie!"

His eyes shot open and he stared o

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