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Obsession with his Abuser!!

She smiled naughtily at Curlew, and said, "I can stay a little bit longer ... I'd love a cold lemonade, and to get to know each other better ... thank you."

"Excellent!" Curlew excitedly exclaimed. "I'll be right back," he said with a smile as he walked into the house.

Pam already knew that she was coming back to his house, but would wait until he brought it up to give him her answer on what she'd decided. Her mind was going a mile a minute, with wonderment of this man and excited anticipation of what might happen when she did come back the following Saturday.

Curlew returned and handed her a tall glass of lemonade and sat across from her with one of his own. She thanked him and took a sip.

He took a drink of his also, and said, "I don't want you to feel any urgency in telling me whether you accept or decline my offer. I know it was sudden and unexpected. You know where you can find me when you decide ... no rush."

Pam took another sip of her drink, and said, "I've already decided ... I'll be here next Saturday, if that's alright with you ... Who wouldn't want to spend time here, with all this beauty and your kindness?"

"That's outstanding ... next Saturday is fine with me ... in fact, you can come here any day you want. There's no need to inform me in advance, just drive over. If my car isn't out front, just park where you are right now, and go to the dunes, or the beach, whichever. When I return, I'll recognize your car. I don't go many places, so my car will more than likely be right where it is now. I have only one request that I will be adamant about. You can certainly bring your husband with you, if you desire, but please, no one else ... friends, or family. I don't want word to get out that people are welcome to use my beach, and I end up having to contend with undesirables, or parties and cookouts. I hope you understand, and find that request reasonable. I promise there will be no other requests or requirements.

Pam smiled, and said, "I understand and don't find anything unreasonable about that request. My husband works six days a week, so the only time he might come along would be on a Sunday, and he likes to stay home on Sunday and just relax. As far as bringing anyone else; have you forgotten that peace and solitude is what I'm seeking?" Pam asked the question in a joking manner and with one of her beautiful smiles.

Curlew stood up, touched his glass to hers, and said, "Everyone is in agreement ... to next Saturday, and hopefully, many more." They both took another sip of their drinks before Curlew sat back down across from Pam.

"I believe you briefly mentioned something about you and your husband had recently returned from a vacation. Where did you go, if you don't mind me asking?"

Pam looked down and embarrassingly said, "Well ... to be perfectly honest ... I unknowingly reserved a week at a nudist resort."

Curlew sat up straight, and inquisitively said, in more of the form of a question, "Really ... and you spent a week naked, in front of other people?"

"Well, it was a clothing optional resort, but we soon realized that everyone was taking advantage of that option, so ... uh huh, yes ... we ended up going naked."

"How did you feel about that?"

"Once I got used to it, I kind of enjoyed the free feeling of being naked outdoors, and in front of other people."

"How did your husband feel about you being naked in front of other men?"

Pam could see the shape of Curlew's cock running alongside his inner thigh, under his Bermuda shorts, and could tell that he was nearly fully erect now.

"In all honesty, he enjoys seeing me arouse other men ... it turns him on and makes him extremely horny."

Curlew was sitting directly across from Pam, not more than six feet away.

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