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Carol and the gang attend their first spanking party.

I don't think I've ever seen her fucking so wildly before.

For a couple of years after that she would slip out about twice a month for a rendezvous with Al and she always returned with all the details to tell me that would put us into a sexual frenzy. Along the way our busy lives took different directions and she hadn't seen Al for at least 5 years, their sexual experiences always turned our pillow talk into hot foreplay.

Last Friday night we stopped at a local dive bar for last call with a few of our friends and as we entered the bar we saw Al standing there with a buddy of his. I shook his hand and he hugged my wife as we all said hi and asked each other how we've been lately. I wandered to the bar to get a couple of beers and I became caught up in a conversation with another guy, I reached a few feet away to hand Tina her beer and she was still chatting with Al. I stayed with my conversation and I noticed that Al's friend walked away to play pool. I continued talking at the bar and occasionally I would glance over to see Al and Tina standing there talking by themselves.

After a few beers it was last call and at 2 o'clock the lights came on and we all walked out to the parking lot. Everybody said good night to each other and Tina and I drove away. I asked Tina if she's like to romp with Al again, I suggested that she missed his cock and his style of getting her off. She replied that she's way ahead of me and already has plans to meet him. I asked her "When?", she said "Right after I drop you off". I instantly became excited at the thought of her doing him again, especially excited because she's be doing him within the hour.

Shortly after we pulled into the driveway he pulled up and Tina hopped into his pick-up truck and off they went. While she was gone I was getting hornier by the minute thinking about what they were doing. I started to doze off while waiting for her to return home. About 4 o'clock I felt her kiss my cheek as she climbed into bed. My cock was already hard as she started stroking it, I was still a little sleepy but she lay her head on the pillow a few inches from my face and began to tell me how her last couple of hours were spent.

She told me they drove to a secluded spot outside of town and there was very little conversation before they started making out. They were rubbing and grabbing at each other through their clothes while they made out for a while and it didn't take much for there garments to start getting pulled off. They were totally naked in the truck kissing when Tina finally dropped her head down to his cock. She didn't realize how much she missed his monster until she felt in her mouth again, her lips stretched around it as her tongue lapped around the head with a focus on the soft spot at the bottom of his hole. She would sometimes take it to her throat as best she could without gagging, she knew he liked this and she was on a mission to rock his world tonight. Her hand stroked the long shaft and played with his balls while she sucked him off. Her cunt was already creaming with juices when he reached around to rub her clit as she worked on his cock. After 20 minutes he had rubbed her into 3 or 4 orgasms when she finally lifted her head and said in near desperation "You need to fuck me, I need this in me now."

They repositioned so that she got on all fours across the seat and he knelt behind her.

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