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Donna & Robby get it on after prom.

As she turned to let me help with her coat, I couldn't help but notice a damp patch on the back of her dress, just below her ass. Wow, she must have been pouring juice over Frederick's finger(s). I looked over to him, and saw that he too had a damp patch on the front of his trousers, and a rather large bulge!

In the car on the way home, Frederick, Lynette and Astin all sat in the back as I drove home, with Lynette in the middle. I adjusted my rear mirror to try and see what was going on, but it was dark, so I saw very little. Something was definitely happening as Lynette was squirming around. I assumed Frederick had put his fingers back where he'd had them before!

When we arrived home, Frederick literally lifted Lynette off the floor into his arms and carried her to the sofa. He leant down to her and kissed her very enthusiastically, but then backed away. Then he beckoned Astin across, and whispered something into his ear. Astin got down on his knees in front of Lynette and without asking, put his hands under Lynette's dress and yanked down her thong. She stepped out of it, and threw it onto a chair.

Frederick turned to me and said, "Will you let me fuck your wife?"

"I don't really know" I replied. "I suppose so."

Lynette sat up and without any hesitancy said, "Definitely!" With that she unbuttoned the slinky, white dress, and stepped out of it and stood in front of Frederick in just her white bra, hold-up stockings and shoes. The thong of course had already gone! Astin and I sat down and decided to watch the proceedings from there.

Frederick approached Lynette and put grasped her waist pulling her towards him. He kissed her very hard, and his tongue must have been right down her throat. He reached behind her and removed her bra. With Lynette now only wearing her stockings and a smile, she stood in front of Frederick, looked into his eyes, and said "I'm the only one here with very little clothing on. Not fair!" She proceeded to remove his shirt, and as she took it off, bent over to kiss and suck his nipples. He just stood there. She then knelt down, and untied and removed his shoes and socks, before sitting back on her haunches. "Now then, I felt something quite large in here" as she put her left hand down the front of his trousers. Her right hand in the meantime was unbuckling his belt. Then she pulled down his trousers and his pants in one go, and what greeted her was this swollen black dick, at face level. I swear I've not seen anything like it before.

Lynette led him to the sofa where he sat down. She bent over to kiss him, and began to stroke his cock at the same time. It grew very quickly, and within seconds it was standing erect, and it certainly wasn't small! She knelt in front to him and began to lick his shaft, from top to bottom, up and down. He head bobbed over the tip of his cock, and she began to suck him off. After a few minutes, Frederick stood up, and Lynette sat on the edge of the sofa. She put her hands around his ass and pulled him towards her again, taking his cock deep into her mouth. There was no conversation between any of us at this stage, just concentration. Her fingers began to delve in between his ass cheeks, and he suddenly froze as she touched his asshole.

"That'll make me come too quickly" he whispered. "I want to taste you now." With that he pushed her back onto the sofa, and kissed and licked and nibbled her entire body, starting from her face, working across from ear to ear and heading 'south', stopping only to draw breath and bite her nipples. He avoided her pussy at first and went all the way down to her toes, and back up again. I could feel a stirring in my groin! "This was good to watch" I thought.

I hadn't taken my eyes off the proceedings for a while.

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