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Elly meets her rockstar idol, but can she tame him?

As I drove up, I saw both Thunderbirds parked in my apartment building lot. The girls were home. As I walked into the building, I was hoping that they would be in the middle of a little party.

I opened my apartment door and stepped in. When I looked around, I wasn't disappointed. Barry and Julie were at on end of the living room. Sandra and a man I had never seen before were at the other end. All four were in various states of undress.

Sandra and her man were locked in a passionate embrace on the couch. He seemed to be in his mid 30's. They were both naked. Sandra was stroking his erect cock while they kissed.

I smiled to myself, there was never any doubt in my mind that Sandra would end up with the older guy.

Sandra looked up at me when she heard me enter the room. She kept stroking her guy's cock while she greeted me. "Hi wimpboy, this is my new friend Don; Don that's wimpboy." She grinned at me, "Listen, wimpy we're a little busy here. I'm about to suck Don's cock, then he's going to fuck me. Why don't you strip down to your panties and bra and go do the dishes or something,"

Don looked up and started chuckling. "Barry told me about you guys. I really didn't believe it." He shrugged. "I guess it takes all kinds." He chuckled a little more and went back to kissing Sandra.

Sandra leaned over and put Don's cock in her mouth. Don smirked at me while he started fingering Sandra's glistening pussy.

I turned my attention to the other end of the room. Barry and Julie were also naked. Barry was sitting on one end of the couch. Julie was kneeling next to him sucking his cock. When he saw me watching them, he smiled and closed his eyes. He was making it perfectly clear that he was enjoying himself.

Julie took Barry's cock out of her mouth and smiled at me, "Hi Stevie." As soon as she was done greeting me she put Barry's cock back into her mouth and continued giving him his blow job."

I decided that it would be best for me to obediently follow Sandra's instructions. I stripped to my panties and bra, went into the kitchen and put on an apron. Then I found a dust cloth, went back to the living room and started to dust the furniture. If you ever really want to feel like cuckold try doing housework in panties and an apron while your wife is in the same room giving another man a blow job.

As I worked I glanced over at Sandra. She was watching me while she sucked Don's cock. There was a huge smile on her face.

"Hey Stevie come here."

I turned, Julie was calling me. I walked over. She was on her knees on the couch. Barry was behind her. He was rubbing the huge head of his erect penis on the lips of her cunt.

She grinned at me, "I want you to watch while my stud fucks me." She giggled, "Maybe you can learn something."

It was obvious that Julie remembered the way Sandra had toyed with me last night when we were looking at the house. She was showing me that she could play the game to.

Barry laughed, "That's a good idea Stevie, stand right where you are and watch the master in action."

Barry mounted Julie and pushed his huge erection into her sopping cunt. When he was all the way inside her, he stopped. For a moment, he stayed perfectly still then he started to fuck Julie with long slow thrusts.

Julie closed her eyes. She completely forgot about me as Barry drove his engorged penis in and out of her enflamed pussy.

While I watched them, I heard a gasp from the other end of the room. I turned. Don was just pushing his stiff cock into Sandra's sopping cunt.

I stared at them, this was the first time I'd ever witnessed Sandra having intercourse.

Don was big. Sandra was holding her breath as his massive cock penetrated the depths of her womb. Sandra's exhaled when the full length of Don's cock was entirely inside her. She took another breath when her lover slowly pulled his cock back out of her cunt.

They quickly fell into a slow easy rhythm.

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