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The plan goes into effect.

She was totally soaked. Jamie licked up and down her outer lips, tasting the love juice that poured from her swollen, red cunt. Claire responded to his attention by trying to grind herself onto him. But Jamie pulled away, keeping the teasing and anticipation going. He licked all around her hole, deliberately avoiding her clitoris, so not to let her cum to soon. He had obviously done this before and was somewhat of an expert. Jamie slipped two fingers into Claire and pushed up toward her g-spot. At the same time he turned his oral attention to her clit. This was all too much for Claire. With the attention Phil and Dom were giving to her nipples and the expert fingers and tongue of Jamie, Claire started to moan more loudly. Jamie sensed her closeness and increased the pace. His fingers slipped in and out. Phil stopped sucking and biting Claire's nipples and tits, to reach down and spread her pussy lips wider, allowing Jamie even better access. Claire was now really starting to cry out with every lick of her clit. Jamie used his spare hand to use some of he own moisture to wet her asshole. Then he slowly inserted two fingers into her tightness. I was amazed. Claire didn't mind if I licked around her ass, but I was never allowed to go any further than that. Yet here was some stranger doing exactly what I wanted to do.

This was enough for Claire. She forced her pussy onto Jamie's face and came hard. She was screaming loudly and bucking her hips. There was no way she was faking this. I new the noises Claire made when she came. Claire could take no more and pushed the three men away, too sensitive and unable to take any more for the moment. She rolled over and sat on the edge of the bed, looking directly into the camera. "How was that", she said, "Do you want me to fuck them now or not. Oops. I'm sorry. You're not here and can't do anything about it. Sorry honey". Her tone was a mixture of tease and sarcasm. She stood up and wiggled her tits at the camera, almost as if she was mocking me.

I had made my mind up. I wanted to see her get fucked and fucked and fucked. Any hint of jealousy had evaporated and it was as much as I could do not to drop my shorts and wank myself crazy.

Back on the screen, the three guys had moved and sat on the end of the bed. Claire knelt on the floor in front of them. She turned first to Dom on her left. She rubbed him through his shorts. He went rock hard and strained against the material. Dom stood and dropped his shorts to the floor, then sat down again. Phil and Jamie followed his lead and took off their shorts. All three sat on the bed sprouting hard cocks. Claire returned her attentions to Dom. She tentatively took hold of his dick. Her hand hardly fitted around its large shaft. She slowly moved her hand up and down him, feeling the length of meat. Her head ducked into his lap and her tongue appeared, licking around his balls. (All three men were shaved clean. Claire likes that. I wondered if she had asked them to shave). She slid her tongue up his shaft, licking around the head of his penis. It glistened with her saliva. She moved to Phil sitting in the middle. Again she licked around his balls and up his shaft, circling his penis head with her wet tongue. Finally she moved to Jamie on her right and repeated the process. She kept moving up and down the line of cocks. Licking their balls and the length and tips of their dicks.

On the fifth time round she changed her tack and took Dom into her mouth.

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