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Honor under fire.

The thing had broken the window of their hotel room --ten floors above the ground!?-- and some others that looked like him were floating in the air behind him, blending into the night. Jack immediately rolled, holding onto Arri, off the bed and under, hoping the thing was as stupid as it looked.

When nothing started attacking them Jack figured they were stupid, but then Arri was yanked from his arms and he immediately rolled out from under the bed and up to face the attacker. This was his Arri that they were trying to kill and, no matter how impossible this all seemed, he would protect her.

But Arri wasn't getting attacked. Another winged creature had lifted her into his arms and she had scrambled to collect a sheet around her body. The winged thing held Arri in his arms tenderly and unlike the other creatures his wings and clothes were white, he didn't have claws and he glowed with a radiant light that had the black creatures scrambling to escape. But then the thing started to fly away with his Arri and he shouted after it but then realised that the broken window was fixed again and there was no way anyone would hear him. He turned around to see the room in perfect order. STRANGE, he thought before fainting.

CHAPTER TWO: touch, feel, and heal

When the angelic thing that was holding Arri started to fly higher and higher into the night she realised she must be dreaming, hallucinating or completely lost her mind. So she enjoyed the ride with the angel while he radiated heat to her from his bare, tanned, muscular chest.

When they reached their destination --which happened to be a floating mountain sparkling in the night (go figure! Ha) -- he helped her down and they walked on a marble ground flooded with busy people (or were they angels?).

Arri walked silently in her lacy lingerie, her makeshift skirt dangling around her hips. Some people/angels raised their eyebrows at the angel next to her whose arm was wrapped around her small body in a protective manner. He guided her into something that looked like an infirmary and lay her down on one of the beds. All the other beds were empty and Arri shivered in a lingering cold as pain from the wound in her back drained some blood. The large angel/man--thing, seeing this, tucked his wings behind his back methodically before climbing onto the bed with her, holding her close in his warm embrace.

She knew she was hallucinating so she took advantage of the closeness --as she did in most of her dreams. Arri snuggled up close to him and he tightened his hold on her. She started to work her way up to him mouth when he spoke, "You are drunk, drowsy, injured and tired. You need to rest."

"Mm mm," Arri said in disagreement and still tried to weasel her way to his mouth but he held her tighter -- restraining her. She sighed, relaxing when she realised she really was tired and drowsy, not to mention that the pain in her back hurt like a bitch.

Arri went to sleep easily enough even though she assumed that when she woke the angel wouldn't be there anymore.


When Arri woke, the angel was still there, but she still felt bad so she imagined she had completely lost her mind and was now in some kind of demented state of mental fantasy. She had always wanted to have sex with an angel.

The angel was sleeping silently, his arms still around her and his chest barely rising in soft breath. She took advantage and wiggled up to kiss him. She instantly felt his arms tighten and his breath whoosh into her mouth. She took the opportunity to poke her tongue into his delicious looking mouth.

Oh, he was warm. His mouth and hands seem to be on fire as they searched her and she felt herself tremble because of how realistic everything was.

Damn, Arri thought as the angel pulled back.

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