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Young woman continues to find ways to pay rent, keep her job.

But I do love younger men. They can get it up more than once. I bet you like that about younger men too."

She winks at me. She sips her wine, holds her glass up for the waiter so see. He hurries to fill her glass.

"Where were we, baby?"

"You were telling me about my father."

"Your father was the perfect 'M' for my 'S'. Your father begged for abuse, a real submissive, your father. And Frank fit into that too. He was very domineering with your father, at work and out of work. I remember times in your father's office, I'd go to visit Frank sometimes, you were away at school, and Frank would have me go down on him while he made your father watch. He made your father stand and watch, sometimes make him put his nose to the wall as I did that. And your father never complained, ever. He knew better. Frank told him if he ever bothered me about any of what we did he'd forbid me to touch your father's penis, that and whip him. We loved dominating your father as much as he loved being our little slave boy. Your father was the perfect submissive. All of this kept your daddy hard and sexually excited constantly. And isn't that what it's about for us too, baby boy?"

She smiles at me.

"Like I said, 'like father, like son', both addicted to my hand, addicted to mama's loving touch."

"I am, Mother. You know that. I think about you masturbating me constantly. I can't help it."

"And doesn't that work well for both of us."

Her steak arrives at the table, her salad plate cleared. The waiter smiles at her, another 'knowing' glance. He leaves.

"Tell me your favorite part of all this."

She stares across the table at me as she cuts into her steak.

"You, Mother, everything about you. I used to masturbate as a boy thinking about you, thinking about you in your lingerie. I'd smell your panties in your lingerie drawer and get instantly hard. I came in my pants several times just fondling your things."

"I'm surprised you never confessed to me. I'd probably have done something about that. Hind sight is twenty-twenty, you delightful little sissy boy."

"I hate when you whip me but think about it all the time. I fantasize you doing it to me. But when it happens I hate it. I can't say 'no' to you, Mother."

"No you fucking can't. And this works two ways.

I love doing that to you. And the reason is because of just that, you can't say 'no'. I own you now more than I ever did. And we both know that's a very good thing, don't we?"

She stares at me coldly, winks slowly.

"Yes, Mother."

I feel my penis strain at its locked restraint, feel the rubber 'erection' in my rear end. I am hopelessly addicted to her.

"I may stroke that little tiny penis of yours when we get home, maybe put it in my mouth. You have no idea how cute you are to me right now. Oh my, I just made myself wet. We'll see. You just sit there and think about all of that."

She giggles. She starts to eat her steak, looks perfectly content, perfectly beautiful as she enjoys her dinner.


An hour later we are back at her house. I am, like so many times before, over the whipping horse in my room in the basement. I am naked, my penis restraint removed and on the table next to the horse, the dildo pulled from my rear and tossed to the floor in front of me.

I am fastened by wrists and ankles to the metal
locking rings in the legs of the whipping horse, pulled tight and down over the leather bar under my stomach. My butt is stretched up and outward, my soft penis dangling boy-like between my spread legs, against the side of the leather covered bar underneath me. I am as always baby smooth to the touch top to bottom.

She paces behind me, her high heels 'clicking' on the tile floor.

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