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Pleasures of the day, lover of the night, hold me close.

"Oh God...Riley!" Teri exclaimed.

Riley was fearful for a moment that she had gone too far, that Teri would realize what she'd done and pull away. Surprised when she didn't. Surprised even more when Teri raised her head up, looked into Riley's face, and then bent to kiss her.

They stood there together for several long, precious moments. As their tongues and lips entwined in an erotic dance, escalating their unbeknownst desires, Riley felt Teri's hands suddenly reach out, cupping and capturing her soft pliant breasts.

"Oh God...Teri!" Riley moaned expectantly, thumbing, fingering and toying with her friend's hard nubbins of pleasure while she in turn played with hers.

"I can't...I can't believe we're doing this!" Teri wheezed in a breathless whisper of passion. "I've...I've always wondered." She stated freely.

Riley pressed her leg even more firmly between Teri's legs, eliciting a soft almost agonizing moan of pleasure. Fumbling with the buttons of her fly, Teri managed to undo them sufficiently to allow her hand to travel down beneath and inside Riley's panties. The moment Teri's hand touched her there; Riley felt a sharp tingling wave of pleasure coursing through her entire body.
"Let me...let me take...these off." Riley finally managed to say between gasps for breath. Teri's hand was already searching her out, finding an abundance of moisture waiting for her gentle probing.

Riley stepped away briefly, shucking her Levi's off as quickly as it was possible for her to do. When she did, her panties came with them of course, leaving her entirely naked. Teri had by this time moved over to once again sit down upon the bed, but she had removed her tee shirt, and sat fingering one of her own nipples.

"I still can't believe we're doing this." Teri admitted. "But since we're obviously going to, I might as well tell you its something I've been thinking about...fantasizing about for a very long time now."

Riley laughed, smiling wickedly at her friend. "You have no idea Teri. Ever since our camping trip together, I've been wondering...thinking about it too. I even masturbated that night in bed imagining myself being with you."

"You did? So did I!" Teri nearly shouted. "Oh God Riley! If I'd only known then! I lay there that night next to you, touching myself, making myself crazy with desire for you. I wanted so badly to roll over, kiss you...hug you, make love to you."

Riley was smiling even more widely than before. "I wondered if you were. I almost approached you that night too. I think I actually heard you cum, and it made me so fucking hot that I thought I was going to die! Why didn't you say...do something?"

"I don't know...afraid I guess. I didn't know then that I could feel this way towards you. But I've since learned, that maybe I have felt this way all along. I never felt that comfortable with men...not all of which were that bad, but there was just something missing for me."

"I know...I knew it too. But I refused to admit it, always doing what everyone expected, wanted me to do, to be."

"That's really why my marriage failed I guess. There just wasn't anything there for me emotionally, physically. Not the way I'm feeling now at least...not the way that nearly every waking moment I'm away from you, I'm imagining being with you, touching you, kissing you....making love to you."

"Make love to me now." Riley told her. "And let me make love to you."

Riley moved up onto the bed beside her friend. Taking one of Teri's firm pink colored nipples within her lips, she gently, sweetly, sucked the tiny morsel of flesh into her mouth, rolling it around with her tongue. After she'd devoured both of Teri's breasts, paying equal attention, equal homage between each, Teri then pushed Riley down onto her back, returning the favor.

"Oh Teri...it's been so fucking long since anyone's done that to me!" She confessed.

Riley felt Teri's gentle probing of her sex with t

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