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Light bdsm and bondage.

" It just stopped, it's not the carb or the fuel system, it was almost as if the electrical just stopped." Evilena responded, with more knowledge of the mechanics of her car than the mechanic had expected.

He blushed. He hoped his sabotage was still undiscovered.

Evilena noticed his expression.

After he went to his tow truck and got a screw driver from a tool box in the rear, he popped open the Camaro's hood and pretended to examine the engine compartment while he continued to sneak furtive glances over his shoulder at Evilena, both to drink in her beauty, and to correct the problem while she wasn't looking.

" Pay attention to what you are doing, Sweetie, " she chided, " If you had been more careful the LAST time we wouldn't be here now.

"Yes ma'am," he responded, head still stuck in the motor, but he thought to himself, " that's EXACTLY why we ARE here..."

Then, when he thought Evilena wasn't looking, he reconnected the wire that had jiggled loose, just as he had planned. " Try starting it now," he said as he straightened up.

The blond did notice his blush and she DID notice his manipulation of the wiring, and she immediately knew that he had sabotaged her car on purpose.

He was going to pay, she thought, as she opened the door and slipped in the red leather bucket seat.

The Chevy's engine immediately roared to life as she turned the key, confirming her suspicions.

' Thanks," she smiled, " come with me to the van and I'll give you a tip."

Larry's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. Tip? This was the chance he had to get into this cutie's pants. She was grateful for his quick repair of her car, and glad she wouldn't be stuck here on the highway, and now he would take his " payment ".

" But your friend is still in the back. I noticed you .. uh ... er ... uh ... spanking him when I opened the door. By the way, I'm NOT into THAT, but you COULD reward me in a different way. I don't want any money...just .... "

" He won't care," Evilena half giggled, " come look, and I'll show you."

Larry followed the sexy blond to the truck where she opened the door and stepped up into the compartment. " Look , " she said, as she waved her hand in front of the vacant eyes of the hypnotized computer repairman, he sees only what I want him to see, and hears only me."

The mechanic was amazed. " Wow, he'd yo DO that? Are you a hypnotist or something?"

" Or something, " was the non-commital reply.'Why don't you step in for your reward, Sweetie ."

That was an offer Larry couldn't refuse, and he climbed up the two steps into the rear of the van.

Evilena crossed her arms and looked him straight in the eye, the smile gone from her lips. " Exactly, what was wrong with my car?"

"Well .. uh .. I guess a wire slipped loose while you were driving, and the electrical went out, just like you guessed."

" You know, Larry, I check my car every month and the connection you fixed COULDN'T come loose, unless some one tinkered with it. Maybe to get a chance to see me.. maybe thinking that car repair is the way to a girl's heart ... maybe stranding me out here in the heat .. maybe... huh .... maybe?"

The mechanic's eyes darted around the van, looking at the boxes, the walls, the floor, ANYTHING, but Evilena's angry eyes. He had been caught and he didn't have an explanation that would get him out of trouble.

" You know, Sweetie, " she said, in a eerily quiet voice, I'm not ONLY a hypnotist, I study martial arts, and auto mechanics, and science, just a LOT of things. I guess you could call me a Renaissance woman...... or even the gal who knocked you out."

With that, Evilena reached out and pulled his head down to her rising knee and in a move she had practiced in the Muay Thai ring, she brought her knee up and slammed it into his descending face. With a quiet groan he lost consciousness and fell, in heap at her feet, unconscious.

Then she turned and snapped her fingers in front of Melvin, as he sat motionless on the computer box, and spoke to him.

" I want you to follow me to my home, st

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