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Connor is promised a treat, but it's not what he expects.

Our tongues were dancing crazily with each other, our hands freely roaming the other's body.

Moving her to a darkened corner, I quickly unsnapped her jeans, sliding my hand into them, my fingers quickly finding her wet lovebox. Holding her tight with my arm behind her back, I turned us so that her back was to the club and dancers, hiding my hand in her pants.

Slipping a finger into her, I began fingering her, her mouth all over mine, and on the side of my neck as her orgasm rose from her depths.

"Oh, oh, I'm coming," Beth whispered in a panting breath, her mouth on the side of my head, her hand gripping my neck for support as I continued to finger her, faster now.

Her body shook in my arms, my own horny motor now starting to kick in, and my own need for release honking its horn.

'Oh but damn that was good, honey," she said after her spasms stopped.

"She's not the one," I heard Ali's voice saying, "she's waiting for her girlfriend and she's into pain, which we're not."

Looking to my right, Ali was standing near Beth and me, a look of desire on her face. Moving closer, Ali reached out, cupping Beth's breasts, feeling them, fondling them while Beth allowed her to, just looking at her as she did so.

"Beth, this is my girlfriend Ali, and I think she would like to join us," I said by way of introduction.

"The three of us?" Beth asked, still not stopping Ali as she brazenly felt her up, their eyes locked.

"Yes, the three of us," my hand now joining Ali's in the assaulting of Beth's breasts.

"I have a room," she said, her arm now holding both Ali and I by our waists, "just in case I got lucky."

"Looks like you got lucky," Ali said, leaning in and kissing Beth.


Beth, it turned out, was from a city in Cajun country, and came to The Big Easy, as New Orleans is sometimes called, every six months or so, to satisfy her 'needs'. She and her husband had a sexless marriage, she said, but he ignored her dalliances, she said. So, she satisfied her urges every once in a while.

She was forty-seven but looked younger, with smooth skin, a firm ass, and a pair of firm 36-D's.

We followed her to her hotel and gave the security guys something to jack off to when they reviewed the elevator tapes.

On the short seven story ride, Ali and I had lifted Beth's top, both of us sucking her nipples, her hands holding our heads.

No, we didn't care about a possible stop on another floor; that was part of the fun, the possibility of getting caught or seen.

She had no sooner closed her door when Beth began taking off her clothes, heading for her king-sized bed.

Ali and I watched her, as we stripped our clothes off of our bodies, while Beth lay on the bed, playing with herself, watching us as our clothes fell to the floor. While Beth watched, we kissed each other lustfully, our hands feeling and fondling the other's body.

Moaning and breathing heavily, Beth's hands were busy with her pussy and her breasts, squeezing, rubbing, her head moving slowly from side to side as she viewed our display of carnal abandon.

"Beth, do you want us to join you, do you want to feel us make you happy?" Ali seductively asked, joining Beth in the bed.

"Yes, please, yes, I do, I do; I'll do whatever you want me to, just please, make love to me," grabbing Ali and kissing her hard.

I crawled between Beth's legs as she parted them for me, the wetness of her pussy clearly evident in the dimness of the nightstand light.

Rolling my hard nipple across her pussy lips, I stopped and rotated my nipple across her swollen love-button, which produced a satisfying and contented moan as she and Ali kissed.

I alternated my breasts in doing this, my nipples becoming slick and wet from her juices and getting me incredibly turned on in the process. Moving my head downward, my mouth surrounded her pussy, my tongue flicking across her clit.

Fifteen seconds; it couldn't have been longer than fifteen seconds of me doing that and she screamed in orgasmic release, her hips

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