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Gemma Arterton clashes with an extra.

Before the island he had always enjoyed a certain type of woman. He loved the lean curves of an hourglass shape on a woman who was voluptuous but not the least bit fat. Large breasts and round asses connected by slim hips and flat stomachs simply called to him.

It wasn't lost on him that his mother fit that type to a tee and he had acknowledged and accepted his attraction to her before he had disappeared. After all, her stern beauty and hard body was intoxicating to any man, he was no exception.

The intensity of his attraction to Julia was different though. There was no doubt that she was unusually beautiful, hence her popularity as a fashion model, yet it was a different sort of beauty. While her features had a touch of the exotic, it was the hint of 'girl next door' innocence in her young face that drove him beyond the spot where a beautiful woman usually took him.

Her beautiful blue eyes were bright and intelligent while her petite little ski slope of a button nose wrinkled whenever she made a funny face. The elegant stretch of her long body, from her elegant neck down to her world class rump and long athletic legs, seemed like something beyond the capabilities of whatever God made the rest of humanity. The fact that she had small, perfectly round breasts drove him wild instead of detracting from her sexiness.

He had always known she would be beautiful but the instant he had converted her beauty to sexiness, he realized the exchange rate was far beyond anything he had ever expected.

Pushing those thoughts from his head, he headed out to the garage and fired up his 1953 Harley Davidson Panhead chopper and roared down their mile long driveway until he flew by the guard booth at the front gate and headed towards the city.

He was finally ready, having been forced to break up the workload of the preparations he was making in order to escape notice or suspicion. However, after more than six weeks, he was ready.

At the time of his disappearance, he had been working as the head of Arden Technologies' Applied Sciences Division, overseeing the most advanced prototypes developed for various military and security contracts. After his return, he had been surprised to see that his mother, in his absence, had actually spent a huge amount of time using her own hands and genius to realize many of the conceptual designs that Aiden had brainstormed himself.

He had figured it was a way to help her cope with the loss of her son while at the same time allowing her to spend time with his ideas. She hadn't released, or even told anyone, about his personal toy ideas even though she could have made huge profits from a few. He found the blueprints that she had updated and improved along with all of the design specifics still in his private workshop below his office,

Many of these, along with his large box from the island and a large number of supplies from various sources, were moved to the new 'lair' that he had built under an apartment building in a bad neighborhood.

Apparently, sometime in the late 19th century, there had been an aborted attempt at building a private subway in that part of the city that had quickly been abandoned. The intended nerve center was to be a central office and station. There was plenty of space and all of the tile and hardwood had already been put in.

In order to better suit it to his purposes, he first reinforced the barricades blocking the only approaches. After that, he went about converting the station itself. On one of the abandon tracks he set up a shooting range, with lights rigged along the ceiling down for more than three hundred meters, a lead absorbing backdrop and sound absorbing reinforcements for walls. The boarding area for that track was turned into a gym room with weight benches, Dumbbells, experimental cable resistance machines, various punching bags, a full Olympic boxing ring, climbing rope, a salmon ladder as well as several martial arts training aids meant to specifically enhance certain groupings of muscle, bone or cartilage.

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