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Cheerleaders to Ponygirls

Pull them apart for me."

"What?" His eyes widened. He had resigned himself to their current games but now it seemed that there would be more at stake. Lucille reached between his legs and he felt her carefully French-manicured dig into the soft flesh of his balls.

"Don't make me repeat myself." She hissed. When she removed her hand he reached back and did as he was told. Lucille set her case on his desk but before she pulled out the paddle she took out a small pink butt plug and some lube. She squirted some lube on the plug and stepped behind him. "You are doing so well, I am very pleased with you." With that she positioned the butt plug against his exposed ass hole. He jerked a little when he felt the cool wet bulb against his anus but he maintained his position and she began to push the plug into him. "If you relax it will make this easier on you. If you don't... well..." She let the implication hang there as she pressed the lubricated head against his virgin ass hole. The butt plug slid home and despite himself the professor let out a small sigh. Lucille smiled at the sound and reached for her paddle. "Brace yourself professor, you know what comes next. And don't let that pretty toy fall out." After she landed her final blow she dragged her nails across his hot red skin, enjoying his whimpering as she tortured his already tender flesh.

"Tell me, my pet. What are you?"

"Your..." The professor groaned as she dug her nails into his skin. "...Your bitch-boy." He whispered.

"Say it again. Louder."

"I am your bitch-boy."

"Very good my pet." Lucille purred as she wiped the tears from the professor's eyes and licked her fingers. "And don't forget, this afternoon you are going to come to my apartment early so we can play a little longer before I send you home. I may even have a little treat for you."

Professor Munroe arrived at her door right on time. She let him in and this time, instead of just dropping his pants for a quick spanking before sending him home, she had him strip completely. He stood there naked at the center of her living room. She stepped up close behind him till he could feel the fabric of her blouse brush against the skin on his back. She leaned in close to his ear, her breath making him weak and dizzy.

"So my pet, how long as it been since you could cum in my presence." The professor swallowed, his throat suddenly dry. It took him a few tries to answer.

"Very long." He said, his voice a dry whisper. Lucille smiled and stroked his arm with smooth warm fingers.

"So what would you do to be able to cum with me my pet?" Professor Munroe struggled to come up with an answer. His mind swam with the enormity of her question. It had been so long since he felt he had a choice when it came to her that he found he could not think of a single thing to say. Lucille laughed at his silent struggle. "Don't worry. I was not expecting you to have an answer for that. Just tell me you will do anything."


"Yes my pet. Agree and you will get to orgasm here this afternoon in my presence, instead of all alone in your car. Just tell me."

"What?" Professor Munroe was trembling now. Whether it was fear or overwhelming lust he couldn't say right then.

"Just agree to do anything I ask of you today."

"O... Okay."

"Say it."

"I agree to do whatever you ask." Lucille sighed in approval and stepped back.

"Very good.

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