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Her husband makes one of her fantasies come true.

Rachael gave another soft moan, and he slipped his tongue inside. Rachael felt her knees buckle at the sensation of him penetrating her. He probed gently at her tongue, feeling it with his own, and Rachael couldn't help but respond in kind, pushing back at him in order to explore his mouth. She was rewarded for her efforts with a moan, and the man pulled her in tightly, pressing her against him.

He moved his hands upward, to touch her shoulders, but found wings instead. He withdrew and a handful of feathers followed. Rachael barely noticed. It didn't hurt; there was the barest sensation of pressure as the soft white down dislodged itself from her wings.

The man was feeling her breasts with his fingertips, spiraling towards her nipples in ever-tightening circles. Rachael whimpered in anticipation. "Patience, love," the man said, tweaking her nipples before sliding his hands back down to her waist. Rachael leaned in and began kissing up the side of his neck in retaliation. The man stood stock still as she worked, and she was rewarded by the heavy sound of his breathing.

"Anxious, are we?" he asked. He gathered her into his arms and deposited her gently on the ground. The waiting sand was as soft as an embrace.

The man stopped for a moment to run his hand over Rachael's stomach, up towards her breast. His calloused hands against her soft skin left trails of electricity that seemed to flow straight to the pit of her stomach. She watched him intently, breathing with quick, sharp breaths through her mouth. The man looked up at her parted lips and dove in towards her, forcing his mouth onto hers, pressing her down into the sand.

He pulled her legs apart roughly and rubbed up against her, and was rewarded as she arched her back up against him and gave a loud moan. He kissed her deeply, propping himself up with himself up with left arm. His other hand inched lower and lower down; though he never relented with his passionate kiss. Rachael shivered as he touched the top of her thigh, every nerve burning with need. He cupped her left thigh in his hand, running his hand up and down the length of it a few times. Rachael groaned with impatience. He gave a small chuckle and reached over to nuzzle her neck and nip gently at her ear.

But it was nothing compared to the feeling of his finger as it brushed up against her swollen sex. Rachael felt another rush of heat and reached up to cling to the man's back. She cried out as he rubbed gently at her inner lips, feeling the ecstasy of friction. He added another finger, tracing up and down both sides of her wet slit until she was squirming beneath him. When she was close, he pulled his hand a bit higher and began to rub in quick, gentle strokes against her clitoris. He quickly brought her to the edge and then withdrew. Rachael whimpered. Her body ached to be full of him, and she thrust up towards him with her hips.

But the man was no longer there. He was slipping downwards, trailing kisses along her stomach. Rachael gasped as she felt his hot tongue pierce her. He thrust his tongue against her for a few moments before withdrawing, dragging its tip up Rachael's slit. She moaned in pleasure, moving her hips to try and get him to hit then sweet spot. But firm hands settled on her hips, keeping her motion to a minimum. The man caressed her with his tongue, paying lavish attention to every part of her except the one that Rachael longed for. He raised her to a fever pitch and then withdrew again, leaving her still unsatisfied.

He moved to kiss her again, and Rachael bucked against him, but it did nothing to ease her burning desire. She tasted the sweetness of her own sex on his mouth and buried her fingers in his hair, trying to press herself into him hard enough that they could merge.

The man quickly reached down and Rachel cried out in anticipation, sensing his intention.

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