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Intense bondage with young master and middle aged BBW.

" She turned and left his office to let him clear his mind.

As Louise drove her father-in-law to the barber shop, neither of them mentioned a word about what had happened the night before. Every time they made eye contact he turned his eyes away from her and pretended to be interested in something along the street.

As they were walking back to the parking lot, Louise said, "Isn't Barbara a beautiful young woman?"

"Yes she is," her father-in-law responded. They seem like a nice young couple.

She then shocked him by asking "Have you ever made love with a black woman?"

"No! he responded, "I have always been faithful to my wife."

Louise had learned through a friend that her father-in-law had a mistress for a while about ten years ago. "What about Marsha Long?" she asked. Her father-in-law suddenly looked like he had seen a ghost. As she hooked her seat belt and pulled up her skirt for him to see her thigh she said, "I have a lot of surprises for you on this weekend." When she pulled the car in the garage and closed the garage door, she unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra. Taking her father-in-laws hand she guided it to her breast.

She kissed her father in law on the lips and then got out of the car and adjusted her clothes. As they walked through the kitchen she said "Welcome to the modern age Dad."

They were greeted by Jeremy and Marie who had just taken a shower together and were dressed to spend a day touring the Island. Jeremy had his camera equipment over his shoulder. Louise made a pot of coffee and warmed up some coffee cake. As they discussed their day, Louise said she had a scheduled appointment at the gym. She was really enjoying her gym membership with special attention sexual attention not only from the owner, but also a muscular young trainer at the gym.

"I am sure you will want to spend some time with George this afternoon, Marie said to George Sr. "Jeremy has promised to take my photographs at different sites around town and in the town park, so I can prove to our friends back home that I have been in Hawaii." Jeremy had shown her the pictures he had taken of Louise including the provocative nude beach shots. Jeremy and Marie got in the convertible that Jeremy had rented when he returned the luxury van. With her hair flowing in the breeze, Marie felt like she was twenty years younger.

As they had been getting dressed, Jeremy had asked Marie what type of bathing suit she had for the beach shots. She showed him a very conservative one piece bathing suit.

"That would be way too much cloth covering your body," he said as he put it back in her suitcase. "We will do a little shopping on the way." As they drove into the city, they stopped at fountains and gardens, with Jeremy shooting dozens of shots to get just the right body language, hair blowing in the breeze and expression. He even talked her into taking her shoes off and stepping into a fountain with her skirt pulled well above her knees. He kept shooting pictures as the policeman arrived and helped her out of the fountain. The policeman was about to write her a ticket for trespassing on public property when Jeremy fed the policeman about being from a huge magazine that was doing a story on Hawaii. He even got the policeman's name so that it could be included in the story.

"You almost got me locked up," Marie said as they got back into the car. "However, that was great fun."

They located an exclusive women's clothing store where the woman who welcomed them looked puzzled when she saw the age difference and the camera.

"We are looking for the bathing suit that will show off this beautiful body." Jeremy said to the saleslady. She led them to the swimwear department and took Marie's measurements to get just the right size. She then handed Marie a conservative bikini. As they were waiting for Marie try on the bikini, Jeremy turned the camera on the saleslady who focusing on paperwork on the counter. When she heard the camera click, she asked what he was doing.

"Just picturing that beautiful body in a bikini," Jeremy answered.

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