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Emily ends up in a misunderstanding with the popular girl.

That was better. Then he continued to strip in a completely perfunctory way. I watched.

He stood before me, naked, not saying anything. I did the same, except with less to remove. I took one step towards him and put my hand on his stomach. When I touched him, his eyes softened and he pushed forward in to my hand. He slid his hands up my arms and shoulders bringing them to my face. He brushed my lower lip with his thumb, parting my lips a bit before sliding it in just a little and continuing to swipe across. My senses were in overdrive and I tilted my head to one side. He leaned in to kiss the exposed side of my neck. I moaned and felt my nipples stiffen. The bathroom was officially steamy and I was ready to feel the warmth of the hot water.

I turned around and walked in to the shower, glad that it had two shower heads that soaked my hair right away. Luke followed. He grabbed the soap before I did and rubbed it to create a lather between his hands. The water was falling over my shoulders and down my back. He brought his soapy hands to my breasts and massaged them, his fingers gliding over them, my nipples squeezing between his index and middle finger, accentuating their stiffness. I let him play. It felt amazing.

He leaned down and took one breast in his mouth as his hand continued to massage the other. My hands moved up his body and I ran my fingers through his wet hair. When he finished sucking and licking my breast, he returned to kiss me, our tongues swirling together and occasionally he playfully bit my lip. Whenever he did that, I felt a throb between my legs.

His hands again found my ass, his fingers sliding up and down between my cheeks as warm water flowed over his hand.

"Your ass is perfectly squeezable," he whispered while fondling me. I felt his dick growing between us and I fully admit to being even more turned on by the fact that I aroused him.

I turned around and jokingly flaunted my ass in Luke's direction. I did like how much my workout routine had both firmed and lifted by tush, but it still had some bounce. He responded by spanking it playfully, which took me by surprise and I fell forward a bit, catching myself with my hands along the shower wall. But it was a good surprise.

Then he gripped my waist with a rather firm squeeze and bit in to my shoulder. The bite wasn't hard, but it felt like he was intentionally holding back so as not to step over a boundary. I had hoped my groan would indicate I was open to more. His hand once again slid down, stopping between my legs. He used his foot to push my legs apart at the ankles, my feet sliding across the warm, wet tiles. I wasn't sure if he'd be able to tell what was water and what was my own dampness.

Leaning down from behind me, he spoke in to my ear, "I love how fucking wet you get," and he started to slide his fingers firmly forward and back between my pussy lips, squeezing my clit between his index and middle fingers, as he'd done my nipples before. I instinctively humped his hand back. He had a knack for making me tingle inside in a way I couldn't describe. Like an itch I couldn't scratch, maybe?

He began to speed up, rubbing me a bit harder. I felt his free hand release my hip and could see over my shoulder that he was starting to rub his cock. I took my hand off the wall and reached for him. He tapped it away and put it back on the wall.

"Just focus on what I'm doing to you.

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