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On the road I enjoy time with MILFs that are older and wiser.

He did the same with my nightgown and exposed my bare ass cheeks.

I thought to myself , "Why didn't I put panties on last night." Not that it would have done any good. I hardly ever wear panties to bed anyway.

I tried to resist him, but his hand was pushing my thighs apart again only more brutally than ever. My legs were fighting, trying to keep closed, but his strong hand wouldn't let them.

"You are gonna pay you fucking whore." I knew by the tone of his voice that he meant it.

He let go of my hair and shifted his weight. He was now sitting on my arms and I could tell his ass was facing my head. That was when the first blow came. It was so loud that I was sure my neighbors could hear the force of the slap. Another one and another one, they hurt so badly. My still sore body quickly remembered the pain. His hands covered most of my ass as he slapped first one buttock and then the other. Sometimes he would slap them both at the same time. I flinched uncontrollably with each new assault. I lost count of how many there were. I wanted to drift, drift to sleep to escape the brutality. I started to relax a little; I was going inside myself to escape him. I guess he could tell that my body had gone limp. His movement around and his grabbing my hair was so swift I didn't realize he had done it in my haze until I felt the force lift me off the bed so far that my breasts were dangling off the bed. He twisted my head and I went back down again.

"Wake the fuck up slut, you are gonna be awake for this." He released my head then. He didn't have my arms anymore, but I was too weak to move and he knew it. I heard him unzip his pants and shove his cock into my pussy.

"Take it bitch," was all he said. He raped my sore, swollen private place. His whipping was so brutal that I couldn't move. He did what he wanted and I couldn't do anything to stop him. I felt like he was tearing my insides apart. He kept thrusting his huge organ into me again and again. It wouldn't stop and he wouldn't cum. I wanted him to cum. Why wouldn't he cum.

He pulled his cock out of my pussy. I heard him get undressed, and go to the bathroom. I heard the water running. He came back and laid a cold washcloth on my burning hot ass. "Is that better?" he asked in that 'quieter' voice. It felt so good. It was so cold. The relief was wonderful. Was the other one back, the nicer one?

"You were a good slut for the most part there, so you get a little reward. I know I was hard on your ass, but you shouldn't have run from me. Don't fight me anymore, it can get much worse." I knew his words were truthful.

He laid down beside me and I could feel his rock hard dick on the side of my thigh. Why wasn't it going away, or at least waning a little? I didn't ask, the fear was overwhelming and I didn't want to provoke another attack. "We're gonna be here a while," he said. I didn't know, nor could I comprehend what he meant.

He rolled me over and took off my robe. I knew better than to try to stop him. Next my nightgown was off. I tried to fight it, but a vocal whimper came out of my mouth. He put me back on my stomach and took the washcloth. He got up again and I heard him walk away. I heard the water running again. He must be refreshing the washcloth; at least I hoped he was. I know my burning ass absorbed all the coolness out of it in a matter of seconds before. He came back to the bed and I felt it shift as his weight pressed upon it.

"Your ass is so red baby." And I felt the wet washcloth slap it hard. I jerked upwards and back from this new type of whipping. I thought the nice man, the kinder man was back, but I was wrong. He whipped me with the wet washcloth repeatedly. My body continued to jerk, but he held me down with his free hand. I fought back the cries. I knew that if I let them go there would be a worse fate for me.

"Please stop." I managed to say. A handful of hair and he twisted my body sideways so my face was on my left cheek.

"Didn't I tell you to keep your fucking mouth shut bitch?" was the cold whisper that came so close to my

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