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Joe's humiliation continues as he is naked at another party.

..I.. oh fuck you!" Mom yelled. "I'm a married woman and I've already done my best to make you cum."

I don't know what shocked me more, my sweet mom swearing or admitting she tried to make him cum.

"But you didn't, that was our deal. Come on Mary it's not like I want to get inside your married pussy. Just make me cum however you can."

At that point he leaned forward and a visible bulge in his pants was pushing on her soft stomach. I saw his hand go inside the sleeve of her dress and paw at her breast. From how much she squirmed and how much the smooth globe of her tit flattened, I guessed he was being really rough.

Again I had the compulsion to run there, but mom squirmed a bit then pushed him back staring up into his eyes for a minute seemingly trying to decide something. The next thing she did blew my mind.

She extended her delicate hand and pulled his zipper down. She looked around and I ducked down hastily.

"We can go to my house if you don't want to do it here," Mr Jones said , standing still but leaning on the car again.

"Fuck that!" Mom said obviously drunk, "this ends here you creep!"

I saw her hand disappear inside his trousers then come out wrapped around his thick cock. Even from here I could see it was literally huge. Her other hand was on his shoulders as she struggled to remain upright.

Her eyes were closed now, her breathing heavy as she pumped his cock furiously. I sat there dazed watching and getting hard despite myself. Her delicate, white hand made a stark contrast with this thick veiny monster. It seemed that out of the three of us, only Mr Jones was unaffected by this. He just stood there, very still, staring down at her. I was praying silently it would all just end soon.

Suddenly mom's eyes were open as she raised her head.,"Why... why aren't you coming?"

Mr Jones didn't answer but wrapped his hands around her waist almost lifting her off her feet. Then he pushed his mouth on hers. Mom wriggled in his arms a bit, but soon her arms were around his neck and I could see his tongue pushing between her lips as if trying to penetrate her, exploring and prodding.

Mom tried to talk around his tongue slurring, "Mmmm wait a sec," and managed to push him off her again. Mr Jones just stood there staring down at her.

"I don't understand," Mom told him sounding confused.

She reached forward again to get hold of the monster, but he grabbed her wrist. He slowly raised his free hand extending his finger. Then he slowly pushed it inside mom's mouth. She just stood there shocked and surprised, her lips staying still, as his finger pushed in and out slowly. She slapped his hand away and almost fell over trying to do so.

"Is that what it takes?" she asked meekly finding her balance.

I saw him nod.

"Ok, ok dammit, but you'll let my son off the hook if I blow you?"

He was silent again as he nodded his head. Then he put his hands on her bare shoulders. He must have been pushing her down because I saw her head slowly moving lower. As her knees touched the ground he threw his hips forward, his thick cock sliding across mom's cheek.

She cried out, "No! Not here!"

It was Mr Jones' turn to be nervous as he looked around to see if anybody was watching. Then he opened the door roughly pushing her in and drove off. I ran to my car to follow.

I couldn't let that happen. I couldn't. Dad had said to look out for mom and I was pretty sure "looking out for mom" included not letting my fat Principal's cock go inside her mouth. The most unnerving thing was she had agreed to it. I couldn't believe I had heard the words "I'll blow you" from my innocent, prudish mother, but I knew she was just doing it for my sake and not because she wanted to really blow this obnoxious guy.
They had already parked on his driveway when I arrived. It was to the left of the house and the main door was on the right. Now what was I supposed to do?

Instinctively I left my car a few houses away.

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