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Playboy's Fate.


Dennacor turned to Syanay. "Don't you think I'm aware of that."

He sat facing Syanay. She felt the disgust and anger rise, but there was nothing she could do now. The guard and General would kill her before Dennacor's body hit the floor.

"Now," Dennacor said softly. "The General wants me to ask who sent you to kill me?"

"No one sent me," Syanay answered. "I came of my own accord."

"Liar," The General said before the words were out of her mouth.

Syanay and Dennacor turned to him. Dennacor opened his mouth to scold The General for his outburst, but before he could utter the first syllable, the door to the room was thrown open. The four quickly turned to the door to see a woman dressed in a long grey cloak walking in. The General knew who this woman was as soon as he set eyes on her.

"Cree you evil hag," he spat.

Cree pushed the hood of the cloak from her face and smiled at The General. "I'll consider that a compliment coming from you General."

Dennacor stood and stepped in front of The General and the guard. "What are you doing here Cree?"

"I have come to offer my services to you Lord Dennacor," she said as she closed the space between them.

"At what cost?" The General asked from behind Dennacor.

"That can be discussed at a later date," she answered smiling. She reach Dennacor and stopped. "But as for now, you seem to be have come to a difficult decision," she whispered so only Dennacor could hear.

"What decision?" Dennacor whispered back.

"If I could have but a moment of your time, Dennacor," she said louder. "I will help you through this little dilemma."

"Very well," Dennacor said and turned away from Cree. He started for the opposite side of the room where they could talk privately and Cree followed. She paused a moment as she passed The General.

"If you so much as lay a hand on the woman, you will feel my wrath to the harshest extent," she whispered to him and walked away.

The General glared after Cree as she and Dennacor crossed to the far end of the room.

When the two were out of ear shot of the three, Dennacor stopped. "What is the meaning of this Cree?"

Cree's smile never faltered. "You must decide what is to become of this young woman, and soon."

Dennacor looked past Cree to Syanay.

"She has come to kill you, but there are two things you must consider."

Dennacor turned his attention to Cree. "Which are?"

"Number one," Cree started. "You are fascinated by her."

Dennacor's heart raced. Yes he was fascinated by her, and he had tried so hard not to let it show. "And the second?"

"A king needs a queen."

Dennacor stared at her in disbelief. "She came here to kill me. There is no way she will become my queen."

"Then you must persuade her. Give her no choice."

"I'll not trick her into this," Dennacor growled.

"Then persuade her with the truth," Cree said urgently. "This must be done."

"Why are you so anxious about that woman becoming my queen?" Dennacor asked. This was strange, even for Cree. She had to have something up her sleeve, but what. "What do you have to gain from this?"

"The only gain I receive from your union with this woman is the loss of something very dear to myself," Cree said.

This only confused Dennacor more. There was more to this then Cree was making evident, but he was also intrigued with the woman. She was beautiful and he yearned for her like he had never done before.

"Very well," Dennacor said. "I will do as you say, but you shall owe me."

"As you wish," Cree said bowing to Dennacor.

Dennacor pushed past Cree and crossed back to the three. When they reached the couch, Dennacor sat facing Syanay once again. "General, take this guard and Cree and leave us alone."

"But my Lord, what if she..."

Dennacor turned quickly to The General. "Don't disobey me General."

"Yes my Lord," The General said bowing.

"She is unarmed, I shall be perfectly safe," Dennacor said turning back to Syanay.

The General turned and led the guard and Cree out of the room.

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