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Sarah gives birth to plant's offspring.

Shi swallowed it down. It tasted delicious.

Sue suddenly remembered something: "Wasn't there a fourth thing?"

"Yes, you wanted to meet a lot of sexy people. Well, in this place you will. Open the curtains."

Sue, in hir chocolate cat body walked over to the curtains and pulled them. Shi looked out and saw what to hir looked like a futuristic city. It was full of skyscrapers and dome-shaped buildings.

However, upon closer inspection shi noticed that the skyscrapers were in fact shaped like gigantic penises, and the domes like massive breasts. Sue also spotted huge TV monitors on the sides of the skyscrapers. They were showing porn. They were showing hard-core porn to the entire city, and some of it was rather kinky as well. Sue looked down below. Shi thought shi could see catpeople having sex in the street.

Dominique walked up to Sue and put a hand, or rather a paw, on Sue's shoulder. "My world is pornocratic. Everything here is to do with sex. We fuck all day and we fuck all night, in every way possible, non-stop. Fancy some breakfast?"


Sue entered the kitchen, still in hir chocolaty state. The kitchen contained everything shi would expect to find in a normal kitchen back in hir world; only this one contained a lot more leather furniture. There was also a litter tray in one corner of the room, but this was bigger than any other litter tray shi had ever seen. A thought then struck hir. "Oh my God," shi said with disgust, "you don't expect me to go to the lavatory in that, do you?"

Dominique was at the other side of the room, putting the finishing touches to the breakfast. Shi turned around to Sue who was pointing at the tray, "Oh that," shi said, "well, there are many differences between our worlds. This one is much more technologically advanced that yours. Also, some inventions have never been created. Toilets are one of them."

"But I just can't do my business in that!"

"Well, I think in your case, you might be right. After all, if chocolate is coming out of your arse, you don't want bits of grit going into it as well. You may want to replace the litter with something else, but you'd best keep the litter in case any guests come around. Now come on, breakfast is ready. It's quite hot so I would recommend turning back to your old self otherwise you might melt your paws."

"Alright," murmured Sue unhappily. Shi shut hir eyes and thought about hir old body for a while. When shi opened them up, shi had turned back to normal, apart from the fact she was still half-cat and had a cock and balls hanging between her legs. It was at this point Sue noticed that shi realised shi was still stark-bollock naked -- an expression Sue could now use in a much more literal sense.

"Oh Christ, I'd better put some clothes on."

"Don't worry, that can wait," Dominique told hir, "Now sit down and have something to eat."

Sue did as shi was told and Dominique placed in front of hir a blow of cornflakes and a cup of coffee. Sue tucked in as Dominique sat down on the opposite side of the table. Sue swallowed the cornflakes and said, "Bloody hell, these are good."

"Why thank you," Dominique said politely.

"I really like the milk. I hate to use a clich__, but talk about the cat that's got the cream."

"Well, seeing as it was your first day here I decided to get you the best milk around. That was milked fresh this morning."

"Really? Where from?"

"Right here."

"What do you mean, 'Right here'?"

"I mean exactly that. Don't worry; I cleaned the milking machine before I put it away."

Sue was even more puzzled, "Right, first of all, why do I have a milking machine? Secondly, if we a so high up in this skyscraper, how did you get a cow here to milk, without me noticing it?"

Dominique sipped at hir coffee, "To answer your questions," shi said, "firstly, the milking machine is one of the pieces of equipment in your playroom. All the kinky stuff is in there. Secondly, we don't milk cows here, we milk ourselves. That's my milk in that bowl."

Sue stopped eating and swallowed what shi decided would be the last cornflakes shi would co

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