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Office friendship turns into affair that guilt ends.

Do you have any comments, or questions about the item?"

"She likes getting fucked hard. But try out her ass so I can decide if I want her to have that bodysuit."

I watched as Vito spat on Jo's rose bud and inserted one finger, then two and twisted them around effortlessly.

"That's enough, Vito. She's ready." I said.

Vito pulled out of her cunt, his cock covered with creamy cum and placed its head at her opening and pushed forward easily until the head plopped through her sphincter muscle when he stopped to let her get used to his cock.

Jo started backing into him so Vito began riding her forcefully as she screamed, "Omigod. This is wonderful. Fuck my cheating pussy. Fuck me harder." Jo screamed with an orgasm.

Vito slapped her ass which got Jo to fuck faster.

Vito dropped the phone and it fell under Jo's hips with the face part up capturing his cock jack hammering her ass with his balls slamming against her pussy. I don't recall seeing Jo from this POV; it is very erotic.

Just then my personal assistant, Janet, knocked on the door and came in.

"It's quitting time and I'm going home, Michael. What are you doing?"

"Jo's shopping and sent me a text asking my opinion on a body stocking."

"I bet it's very sexy." And she came around the desk and saw me with my cock in hand."

She went and quickly closed the door saying, "I didn't know you did that in your office, Michael," pointing to my cock."

"I didn't realize I was doing it", Janet." And moved to put my cock back in my pants. "I'm very sorry you caught me."

Janet Connolly is a 25 year old natural redheaded divorcee of 3 years from Paul who drank, cheated and stole her share of a large inheritance and fled to Sweden. She was a literature major in college and began working at Buckley Reinsurance Company as an underwriting trainee and wound up in Human Resources and then became the executive assistant for the Vice President of claims, Roger Mudd, my predecessor.

I sort of inherited her when I was promoted to Claims Manager and VP of Claims and saw no reason to have her replaced having worked with her previously. She knew her job and had strong connections with many employees of the company in other departments.

She always dressed and acted professionally at work and after hours. She was exuberant, intelligent and made friends easily and her work ethics impressed her superiors.

My phone was lying on my desk with FaceTalk still on and Jo could be heard screaming, "Fuck me. Fuck my ass."

I was beet red and reached for the phone but Janet picked it up first and just listened and watched the screen and occasionally looked at the front of my pants.

She put the phone back on the desk and crossed her arms looking at me.

"I knew Jo was flirty with those great tits she has. But this is a side of you that's all new to me, and I don't know how to react."

I attempted to get up but she pushed me back into my chair shaking her head, "No".

She stood up with her hands on her hips.

"I don't know what you want me to do, Michael. Are my skirts too long for you?"

Her darkpleated skirt came to about two inches above her knees and I said, "Your skirt is fi..."

"...Or would you rather they be shorter like...this, maybe?" She said turning under the waistband to her skirt and exposing another three inches of her long legs. She had on sheer black fishnet stockings which were perfect for her legs.

"No, they're fin..."

"...or like this?" she said while turning the waistband under some more exposing the top of her thigh highs.

I was mesmerized at the sight of her and watched as she unbuttoned her jacket and letting her boobs fall out magnificently. She has large, firm breasts with puffy areolae, that I have a fetish for, and erect nipples.

"I can wear shorter skirts if you like, but then my pussy will be exposed when I bend over...like this," She continued, while turning to face my credenza and bending over.

I could only watch with my mouth agape as her skirt rose above her pantiless rear-end showing the roseb

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