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Aggrieved wife gets revenge, and then some.

They're big flirts, disguised as good girls gone wild."

Janie laughs and puts her arm around Sally, "He sees right though us. We're harmless!"

Snooki grins and wraps her arm around Ernie, "Yep...harmless!"

On the 5th floor, Ernie shows Sally how to open the freight elevator adding, "In case you need a quick getaway!"

Sally looks at them as they stand there is the hallway of her new home. "Thank you for distracting me in the elevator. I guess kissing is a cure for claustrophobia."

Janie and Sally grin and, on cue, say, "That what friends are for!"

"Did you rehearse that?" Sally asks.

"Nope!" Snooky giggles, "We just think alike...it must be those vibrations from the planet Lesbos." And winks.

"Yeah right!" Sally laughs, her eyes shinning at their good humor, at their efforts to distract her from her fears in the elevator. A little risky...what if she had reacted badly and pushed them away?

They take a tour.

"Let's start with our more palatial accommodation," Jane says, "that would be Ernie's room and our shared kitchen. It's the only room with a fridge.

"This is our cozy couch where we like to gang up on Ernest. Show him what's hot...we like to keep him on edge. We want to be mysterious and glamorous even when we stumble in here at all hours to use the fridge in our ratty nighties."

Sally surveys the big room, the high ceilings, and the tall north facing windows. Glancing speculatively at the couch, she wonders how cozy cozy is, before turning her attention to the kitchen. She sees the glass doors of the big fridge and what looks like a fancy hot plate surrounded by bottles. She sees all kinds of sauces, even piri-piri, a favorite, and that old standby, fish sauce, something she remembers from her grandma's shelf. Little pots of spice, turmeric, white and green pepper, cumin, curry, cardamon, and dry peppers. She smiles thinking she might like to try her hand at a dish her two, see if her new friends are up for Caribbean, sweet, strong and spicy...like me.

Janie grabs her hand. "This is where we meet for breakfast and other treats. I'm thinking it'll take a while to declutter the other rooms, so maybe we could have a girl's dormitory next door in our room. Of course you could just sleep with Ernie. We'd all be jealous but we'd get over it at least by the time we graduate...sigh!"

"We'll get over it as long as you share." As Snooki bats her eyes, a swooning Southern bell, twirling a bit to catch their attention, resulting in laugher and a hearty tickle attack.

"Ok! Ok!" Sally says after the giggles die down, "No sleeping with Ernie, so sad, so sorry. BUT no sleeping with girls!"

As though rehearsed, Janie and Snooki, sidle up to her arms out to engulf her in a mock tender embrace, "The sisterhood of deviant divas will miss you but we respect your decision and offer our humble flat for lonely but uninterrupted sleep. We'll show you after you're done drooling over Ernie's kitchen."

"I'm not drooling," Sally smirks, "just wondering weather you all are up to some hot and spicy Caribbean."

When the girls surround her and peck her cheek, she realizes her mistake adding while playfully shooing them away, her favorite butterflies, "I am not the meal, just the cook! Cool?"

"Hot! Hot!" The girls say, "Just a tasty bite..." And take her hand, "Come on, Princess Hot and Spicy, we'll show you to your quarters. You can come too Ernie, we're all family."

All family? Sally thinks, a warm feeling taking away lingering jitters. Maybe my lesbian girlfriends will be just that girls to like and be friends with, not always easy to find, if I'm honest.

Hand in hand they cross the hall to Janie and Snooky's room. By now much of the junk has been cleared out, a sprawling couch, a long dinning table, and there in the corner the huge double bunk, the bed where Janie and Snooki consecrated their long awaited love.

"We have family dinners here because this is the largest table we could find.

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