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You are quite something, Bill Orton ... and yes, I'm very sure."

He moved toward her and she reached out to him. They kissed and held each other for a moment. "I guess it's time to show you the bedroom then."

She turned and walked ahead of him down the hallway. The bedroom had been decorated in muted colours and as with the other rooms, it was spotless and tidy. The bed had been made and covered with a homemade quilt. Everything about Bill and his living quarters gave her a sense of confidence. She wondered, however, if this was truly his first date. What would he be like as a lover? Was it his first time? He didn't act like it. He didn't stumble or stammer. He seemed to be in control. Perhaps the first date story was just that, a story.

Bill was nervous, but not for the usual reasons. He was uncertain how this had all come about. It was a first date and she was offering herself to him. Was she that loose that she would have sex with someone on a moment's notice? She didn't seem like it. She had talked about the poor quality of her dates and almost despaired that she would find someone. Then, the next minute, she was inviting herself into his bed. Little warning bells were ringing in his head. He was, after all, a cautious man. Where was his cautiousness now?

Zena stepped out of her shoes and turned to Bill. She loosened and then removed his tie. Bill had already hung his coat on the bedpost and had removed his shoes. Zena was now unbuttoning his shirt and running her hands over his chest. It was an erotic gesture and it was quickly bringing Bill to attention. Soon his shirt was draped over the end board of the bed and she was loosening his belt.

Bill reached out and smoothly brushed the slim straps of Zena's dress off her shoulders. As she stepped closer to him, he felt the heat of her body and she was running the palm of her hand over the lump in his pants. She was unzipping his fly as Bill was unzipping her dress. The dress dropped to the carpet first, followed quickly by his pants. Zena was braless. Her breasts were small but perfectly formed with bright red nipples and small aureoles. Her nipples were extended, indicating her arousal just as Bill's cock was pushing through his shorts to prove his readiness.

Zena dropped to her knees and removed his socks and then pulled down his shorts. She was delighted with what she saw. The thickness of his now rigid member was greater than she had ever experienced. She anticipated how it would feel as it filled her and she began to sense her arousal flooding her center. She reached for him and brought her mouth and tongue to his glans. It was leaking as well and she enjoyed the taste of his pre-cum. She licked and kissed and sucked and generally made love to his swollen cock. She could barely get the head into her mouth. He was so thick and her mouth was so small. She had to content herself with bathing him with her tongue and lips.
"Zena ... it won't be long now. Do you want to stop?"

"No. I want you to finish. I want you to come. I'll make you big again," she said with confidence.

"Not long now," he said with a strained voice.

He was right. With a grunt and a groan, he erupted into her face. She quickly put her mouth over his glans, but not before she had been splashed with semen on her cheek and chin. She stayed with him until his pulses subsided and then looked up at him and grinned. She took her fingers and wiped the sticky ejaculant from her face and licked it off her fingers.

Bill pulled her up and kissed her. He had tasted his semen before and he knew that it was a sign to his lover that he would share their experience completely. Zena held him tightly to her as he kissed and licked the sticky surface of her face. She had never experienced anything like it before and she was amazed that it was happening with this man. He continued to surprise her and delight her at the same time.

"Your turn now," he said quietly and gently pushing her back on the bed.

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