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Forced early retirement brings cousins back together.

Did you know that?"

"No," you reply almost whispering.

"Well you are. I just want to repay for such a wonderful meal." I say smiling up at you.

I place my hands on your thighs and you almost jump through the roof.

"Nervous?" I ask you with a smile in voice.

You just slowly nod a bit.

"No reason to be. This is what we both want. So, just give in to what we have going here." I say.

That slow nod comes from you again.

I reach out and slowly unzip your tan slacks, revealing black boxer shorts and a bulge that threatens to rip them in two. I unbutton the boxers and I feel your hands on my bare shoulders as I release you from the fabric. You are very hard and I look up to see that your eyes are closed and your body is tense.

"Relax" I say as I kiss your cock ever so lightly, grabbing you with my hand "Just relax". You throb in my grip and I can taste you on my lips and I love that.

I gently kiss the entirety of the shaft, making your body quiver. Letting my tongue dance on the head of your cock, I make you slick, it shimmers in the candlelight. I pull down your slacks and take off your shorts leaving you with just your shirt and tie on. Sooo cute. You quickly take the rest of your clothing off and there you sit before me, totally naked, hard, waiting, and panting. You are mine.

Slowly I remove my dress, revealing the black bra and matching panties I hoped I would have a chance to share with you tonight. You stare with your mouth open as I let it all drop to your floor. I sit down next to you.

"It's your turn to make me quiver." I guide your head between my thighs and wait for you to begin. At first you're too quick and uneven in your desire to please but after a few moments you get in a rhythm and start to lick me just like I need to be licked. My legs wrap around your neck as I give into you completely. My fingers open myself up to you as much as I can as I can feel your warm breath on every inch of my pussy.

"Yes, that's exactly it, now don't stop that." I breathe heavily as I say this to you, my hands grabbing your head, pushing you into me deeper. Your hands grab onto my outer thighs as I start to breathe faster. Biting my lower lip, I feel your tongue, your warm breath, your lips, touch and enter me.

"Can you feel how wet you're making me." I whisper, as I look down at you.

All you can do is nod as you don't want to stop from what you are doing. I close my eyes and give into to you. I clutch your hands in mine tightly as I can feel my climax start to build.

My body stiffens as I see you bury your tongue in me. I can feel your mouth around my clit and my eyes slam shut as I start to cum harder than I have in a long time.


My panting and moaning only encourage you to continue. I grab your hair and arch my back as I feel my orgasm rush through me and onto your awaiting tongue and lips.

**My body spasms, my hips arch into the air. **

After what feels like an eternity, my body goes slack and I wipe the dampness off my brow.

"Your turn" I say breathlessly.

You stand up and I can see that you are still extremely hard. The head of your cock bobs up and down in midair and I can see that it is slick with your wetness, still dripping your precum down that wonderful shaft. Laying you down on the couch I want to devour you but I hold back on my desires so I can make this last. I kiss your chest and I can feel your heart racing. I smile to myself and gently nibble your nipples, watching your chest rise and fall quickly. Moving my way up to your neck, I nuzzle my mouth there, kissing, gently licking, whispering in your ear how much I want to make you feel as good as you made me feel.

Your cock is firm against your stomach, pointing up at us, begging to be touched, I can see it dribbling it's clear liquid onto your body, drop after drop.

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