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A mysterious legendary character.

please...don't stop..." I cried pressing myself tightly against his mouth riding his cock hard. Without warning my cock sprang to life seeping strings of precum against his chest. Not only was he hitting my sweet spot with his cock but his mouth on my right nipple and his hand twisting my left nipple had me writhing to the point I didn't know how long I could hold out. The pleasurable-pain was taking me to places I'd never been before.

Lolly was matching me stroke for stroke as I bucked against him. The lube he had used had him sliding in and out of me so easily with a erotic feeling I had never experienced before. Lolly let go of my nipple to catch his breath giving me the opportunity to move freer against him. I leaned back slightly and drew my hips up the length of his cock then plunged back down again. Letting out a loud moan Lolly begged me to do it again. Happily I repeated my actions again...then again and once before he grabbed me and pulled me to him.

"I can't hold out any longer." He cried pumping his cock one last time in me. I pressed my full weight down on him just as his cock detonated. Wave after pulsating wave jetted into me and still he didn't stop. His whole body was trembling as his orgasm took over every fiber of his being. His back bowed and his head was thrown back as he expressed his pure unadulterated joy with a deep, loud groan that rang throughout the room.

"Come away with me right now, leave everything behind...please we are so good together." He gasped trying to catch his breath. Somehow we disentangled ourselves and made it to the bed. Lolly was lying on his back. I was on my front my head lying across his chest.

"We already had this conversation Lolly." I mumbled almost too tired to speak.
"That was before..." he said.

"Before?" I lifted my head, resting my chin on his chest looking into his dark eyes.

"You can't tell me you have this same passion with Al..."

I was startled by his words. Once again the conversation was getting too deep, something I wanted to stay away from.

"Lolly I don't want to talk about this anymore. I enjoy being with you...but I am not going to leave Al. End of conversation." I moved away from and got up from the bed. Lolly's eyes followed me as I moved around the room. "I'm going to put some clothes on and get something to eat, would you like something." My tone was curt, letting him know that I didn't appreciate his possessive attitude towards me.

"No, I'll just take a short nap." He rolled onto his side and the conversation ended.


Things went quickly downhill over the next few hours. Al was insanely jealous when he came home and saw the marks that Lolly had left on me. Not only did I have his large mark on my neck but my nipple was bruised and swollen from his less then gentle playfulness.

I gave them their space for their evening prayers went and laid down in one of the guest rooms. I had hoped that if Lolly and Al spent some time together in prayer that maybe Allah could mend the fence that was down between them.

Unfortunately that wasn't to be the case. The meditative sounds of their recited prayers were quickly replaced with shouting and incessant bickering between the two of them. For two very masculine men they were acting like two little queens that each wanted to have their way.

Finally after two hours of listening to their asinine behavior I burst into the room ready to read them the riot act. I found the two of them were buck naked, each obviously turned on by the other, standing in the center of the room shouting at each other. If I wasn't so angry about their unmanly behavior I would have burst out laughing.

"ENOUGH!" I yelled in Russian.

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