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I catch my roommate and his friend in a compromising act.

From this angle, his cock felt immense, and every ridge and vein rubbed every nerve-ending inside me, setting-off even more fireworks inside me.

I dropped down onto my chest, holding the bedclothes as he pounded into me, the angle now so acute that I felt I couldn't take any more since my pussy was already stuffed so tight. Andy obviously felt the same, quickening his stroke as he hammered into me, his breath hitching and gasping, while orgasm chased orgasm through me, one after another.

When he came, I swear my tummy bulged with the force of his ejaculation; I thought he'd filled me up earlier, but now I felt his cock swell and jam inside me as thick jets of spunk blasted into me and ran out along the sides of his cock, drenching my inner thighs as that enormous volume of spunk filled me to overflowing.

I slumped down, utterly mind-warped by what he'd done to me, tremors shuddering through me as the aftermath of my orgasm took me. Andy stayed stock-still above me, his hands taking his weight on either side of me as his cock twitched and pulsed inside me, the last remnants of his spunk draining into me, and when he slumped down next to me, I rolled on my side so I could hold him close and once more feel his soft mat of chest hair tease and tickle my throbbing nipples.

Andy held me close as he gasped for breath, while I burrowed against him, lost in his smell, the silky feel of his chest-hair as I gently licked him, savouring the feel of the long, soft hair against my tongue, and the strength of his arms as he hugged me close, his big hands once more gently roaming over me, touching and exploring, squeezing and fondling, just as I was doing to him.


When I woke, dawn was breaking, and the new day had brought me new insight. It was all clear to me, now; whatever I had been thinking and pondering before, the part of me deep inside that did the joined-up thinking had made a decision, and I knew it was the right one. Andy was still fast asleep, but a slight movement from me was all it took to snap him awake, then smile that lovely, slow, sweet smile of his.

"You're awake early, Princess..." he murmured, pulling me closer into his warm chest. I hugged him back, but he twigged I wanted to say something, so let me go, instead pulling the bedclothes into a warm nest around me.

"What is it, Lindy, problem?" he smiled, and I shook my head.

"Not a problem, Andy, but I've come to a decision..."

He cocked an eyebrow, waiting for me to continue, so I took a deep breath, and plunged ahead.

"When you go back to Edinburgh, I'm coming with you. No, please, let me finish!"

Andy subsided, and waved me on.

"Go on, Lindy; if you're bound to do this, you need to be sure about why; please, go on."

I took a deep breath, and unravelled my thoughts as best I could.

"I don't know why I'm going to university; I have no real career mapped-out, and I'm doing a degree because that's what you're supposed to do; PPE feels like something to do while I'm waiting for the right size trust-fund to come along and marry me, and I can't do that; I already have you. I think I should let my place go to someone who actually wants and needs it; if I go to university, all I'll be doing is marking time and turning into a dilettante, with no plan, and no future. The future I have is with you, I know that now. Does that make sense?"

Andy held me closer while I cried a little, but I knew I was right; I wasn't just having an episode of infatuation. My parents were wasters; if I went to university and took up space for three years studying for a pointless degree I'd never use, wouldn't that make me just as big a waster? At least this way my place would go to someone who wanted a proper career and would take the degree seriously; they deserved it more than I did.

Andy held me and crooned to me while I sniffled against him, but eventually my tears dried up, and I was able to talk and think coherently aga

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