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El recuerdo de un ecuentro sexual.

She is certainly hitting the sweet spot with me. The lipstick tube pressing against her moist lips is an intoxicatingly sexual vision.

Continuing to watch her, I awkwardly shift my stance and posture-I am not able to remain calm throughout this. She is affecting me. I glance back at her and she purses her lips in a virtual kiss, making sure she has full coverage with the warm red lipstick that she's selected.

After making her purchase, she puts her sunglasses back on, pauses a second to glance in my direction, then turns, and walks out through the revolving doors and onto the street. Her expressionless and mysterious persona has intrigued me to the point that I feel I cannot resist following her to see where she goes next.

I settle in walking a half block behind her. She is walking deliberately, not turning around. I feel that she must know she has me "on the hook". She is a ways ahead of me, but her fragrance is heavy behind her. Is that pachoulli or some other earthy scent? In any case, I am enveloped in her sexy mystery and love where I am now. She pauses at the next corner and lights a cigarette. She glances back my way and then turns down the cross street and out of my view for a few moments. I hurry my pace a bit as I come to the end of this block, hoping that when I turn the corner, she will still be in sight.

My heart jumps as I turn the corner and see her half way up the block ahead. I can smell her scent trail and I continue to pursue her. I then see her take a piece of paper out of her purse, lean against the side of a building, and write something down. She then walks to the entrance to an apartment block and walks into the building. Once again, I hurry my pace, but lose her, as she's disappeared into the building and the door has locked behind her.

Then I notice a scrap of paper on the pavement of the entrance porch. It is an advertisement, but has the words, "PLEASE WATCH ME" scribbled on it. It appears to have been written in red lipstick. Putting the paper up to my face, I can smell her on the note-it smells like her earthy scent.

Dejectedly, I walk down the steps away from her building. I decide to just lean against a tree in front of the entrance and watch for any other signs of her. Several minutes go by and I, again, fiddle with my phone to calm my nerves. Lights turn on in several apartment windows. I scan them to see if she might be visible in one of them. After a few more minutes, the blinds in a lower level apartment draw open and there she is. I do not believe that she sees me outside at street level, as she turns away from the blinds quickly. From my perch against the tree, I am actually looking down into her apartment window. My view is of her living room and her white leather sofa.

I feel amazingly creepy and lecherous standing here, spying on this woman. Her note clearly asked for this, however. I will ablige as long as I feel there is nothing going on that is improper or threatening. With that in mind, I take a quick scan of my surroundings, looking for anyone else that might be around with bad intentions.

I see her emerge from an inner room to her living room. Standing, she reaches back and finds the zipper that unzips the back of her black dress. Slipping her arms out of the dress, she is wearing a leopard print bra. My insides stir a bit (I have always had a thing for sexy women wearing animal print anything!) and then churn as her dress falls to the floor and I see her matching panties. I unconsciously look around me to see if anyone else is around, but find that I am alone with this woman. She is giving me an immense sexual spark. I am not even sure that she is aware that I am outside.

Her body is wonderful.

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