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Mother's visit surprises Lilith and Mary in bed.

rying to use mom's room too! You're the gross ones!"

We both laughed. Tyler only just waking up.

"What's all the commotion about?!? I'm trying to sleep here!" He complained before kissing me good morning.

"Oh shut up and go back to sleep asshole!" Brad joked with Tyler.

"Damn, salty!" Tyler pulled the blanket over his head and went back to bed.

Brad made us all a fuck ton of pancakes. Shortly after breakfast, everyone started leaving but Brad, Megan and Tyler hung around to help clean up the house.

Megan and I were in the living room. "So..." Looking around to see if the guys were around, "Details!" I giggled.

"OMG Katie! You know how much of a crush I've always had on your brother right? Well... I just about died and went to heaven last night! We were playing beer pong together last night, just having a lot of fun when Maria told me that he'd been checking me out all night so I flirted and he flirted back and when midnight broke, I kissed him and he kissed back. He took me upstairs and I think he had all honest intentions to just cuddle and sleep but we started making out and things got hot and heavy."

"I can't believe he made such a big deal out of me and Tyler at first and now he's messing around with my friend, that bastard!" I joked as we both laughed.

The guys walked in at that moment, "What's so funny?" Brad asked.

"You, doofus!" I joked.

"Turd!" Brad responded.

"Are you ready to go?" Brad asked Megan.

I turned to Megan and smiled with a curious look.

"Brad's taking me home, I rode with Kelly yesterday but I told her to go on without me this morning." Megan explained.

"You two be safe!" I said shutting the door behind them.

Tyler jumped on the couch, cutting the tv on and putting his feet up.

"Any space for me on that couch?" I flirted.

"I got a place for you to sit, right here." Tyler gently tapped his crotch area.

"You're such a pervert!" I laughed as I moved to walk over to the armchair.

He grabbed my wrist, pulling me onto him. I was now laying on top of him, facing him.

"What do you want from me?" I smiled.

"Nothing, I just want to look at you and feel you close to me." He brushed the hair from my face and tucked it behind my ear, "You have beautiful eyes!"

I blushed and kissed him, "I'm going to get in the tub, keep yourself busy!"

Getting up and heading upstairs, I received a text from my best friend, "Check this out, gimme feedback, no judging!" With a link attached.

I got in the tub, poured in some bath salts and sunk into the water. I opened up the link, "My Extreme Experience" was the title to what looked like a short story on a website.

"What is this? Did she write this?" I asked myself.

As I went onto reading it, the characters fit the description of her and her boyfriend but the names were obviously different. After reading the author's note, I quickly realized that this was an erotic story.

I went on to read about the night they celebrated one year of dating, they went out on the town, she got a bit drunk, getting back home they pulled over on the highway and made love in the back of his car then getting home, he wanted to try something different.

It read, "He always had a kink of wanting to tie me up and dominate me but I never agreed to it til that night. He instructed me to strip for him then tied my hands together and raising them above my head with his belt and tying it to the bed's headboard."

She explained in detail how he made her cum multiple times, eating her out, fingering her and using sex toys. He made her beg him to let her cum every time. He fucked her mercilessly, choked her, slapped her, bit her, made her his slave.

Although this was too extreme for my personal taste, I was so turned on. She explained how amazing it was, every time she came it was like dying and going to heaven. She described it as the best sex of her life!

I was so wet.

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