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An unexpected event turns Jules' life upside down.

"Yes baby. That's right you should be crying. What a sluty little thing to do to go into a glory hole and suck off a stranger. Let alone sucking off your father! You're a dirty little slut." He said sternly his wheels turning inside his head.

Rick's cock was twitching inside his pants again the thought of his sexy little daughter licking his cock like that made him want her again. He had to have her again but how. If he came on to her she may turn him down or think he's dirty. However, this gave him an opportunity. A thought crossed his mind.

"Daddy no please it's not like that it was just a dare I swear daddy. I've never even been with a man." She mumbled out.

"Then why are you here?" He asked firmly taking her wrist.

She blushed and was unable to answer him how could she tell her father that she wanted a toy to play with. That she wanted to take her virginity with a big hard synthetic cock. She was 18 years old and the farthest she had been with a guy was playful petting she felt like such a looser. She couldn't tell him she just couldn't bring herself to.

"Well?!" He asked more firmly.

"I um..." She glanced over at Rob as if begging for help he only managed an I'm sorry sort of grin but behind it Megan could see he wanted to laugh.

"Um is not an answer." He stated more loudly Megan noticed that there were a few men scattered here and there now some of them watching her some to busy with their sexual needs to care about what was happening.

"I just was looking for something." She mumbled.

"You were looking for a big thick cock to suck?" He asked her. "Why Megan, why would you just suck any mans cock that stuck it through the whole what could possibly of made you do such a thing?" HE then glanced over at Rob. "Or who?"

Rob blushed for a moment still slightly smiling as if holding back a laugh.

"Ohhh I see you thought you were sucking Roberts cock now did ya?" Rick asked his daughter. "You want your hot little mouth around his pole and you thought he was gonna put it in there."

Megan's face was even redder she felt like her knees were going to give out. How could her dad embarrass her like this. Oh god she thought how could he say that. Oh god she thought again I just sucked my daddy's cock.

"Rob?" Rick asked "Was that what was supposed to happen? Did I take cuts?"

"No." he said then shifted his stance the way a man does when trying to hide a hard-on. "It was just a silly bet."

"A bet?" Her father asked. "What Kind of bet"

Megan could not believe Rob was going to get his own ass out of trouble and leave her to take all the heat.

"I bet Megan that she would not go in there and service a man. Actually I guess it was more of a dare." He grinned evily.

"A dare... hmmm and what did my princess win?" He smiled at Rob with a devilish grin.

"Any Toy in the store!" He stated flatly.

"Any Toy in the store?." Rick asked. "And princess why did you need a toy?"

"B-Because I I'm grown up now daddy and I just wanted one. I couldn't afford a nice one and I just thought that I'd go sit in there for an hour and then no one would come. The store was empty and Rob said that if no one showed up after an hour he'd buy the toy anyway. Then when you came in I just figured it was Rob because.." She stopped short realizing she basically just said she wanted to suck Rob's cock her face felt flushed again.

"OHHHHH." Her father said more loudly. "So you want to suck Roberts cock do you?"

A small group of men were standing close now watching the drama unfold.

"N-No daddy I just... I just wanted a toy." She mumbled.

"So you're a cock sucking slut now is you? Suck a man to get what you want?" He said his voice sounding more hurtful then he had ment it to. He didn't want to make her feel hurt he just wanted to feel her body around his cock.

"N No daddy." She said tears rolling down her cheeks now.

Rick took his hand and put it under her chin so that she had to look up at him. She stared into his eyes.


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