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Two lover's first meeting.


The service at Bruno's was pretty good and it didn't take too long for their food to arrive. Her dad acknowledged that Trisha was right about the cheeseburger, it looked mouthwateringly delicious. As the waiter placed their plates on the table, her dad helped to move the cutlery on the table to make room. He "accidentally" dropped his fork and knife on to the floor.

"Oh! Silly me! I'll get it," he said, apologetically.

"It's okay, Sir. Don't worry about it. I'll pick them up and give you new ones," the young waiter assured him.

"That's very kind of you, young man," said Trisha's dad while quietly kicking the fallen cutlery closer to his daughter's legs but slightly deeper inside the booth. The table did not have legs as it was bolted directly to the adjacent wall.

After placing their drinks on the table, the twenty-something man knelt on the floor, trying hard to find the silverware.

"Let me get you some light," Trisha's dad volunteered. He placed his cell phone under the table and shined the flash light straight across, and not on the floor. Trisha could see the beam of light on her thighs and her dress. She looked at her dad, her face full of questions.

Under the table, the waiter would have to be blind not to notice Trisha. Her dad was beaming his cellphone light on her legs. She had her legs slightly parted and the waiter was in a good position to have a great view of her bare pussy. He had his eyes glued on it as he was feeling his way to find the fork and knife.

Trisha's dad whispered to her, "Come forward...sit at the edge of the bench."

She knew her dad was up to something but she sensed the urgency in his voice. Trisha knew she had to react quickly and she obeyed, trusting her impulse and most importantly, her dad.

"Slowly...part your legs wide...really wide."

Again, she did exactly what he told her.

He then switched off the cellphone light, and placed his hand back on the table.

"Keep that position. Now hold my hands tight."

Trisha had each of her hand lapped on her father's, her fingers dug deep into his muscles just before his elbow.

"Good girl...the 'bait' has been set...we'll just wait for the 'fish' to bite."

There was hardly any movement or sound from below the table. Trisha's heart was pounding and she knew she was very wet. She was sitting at the very edge of the bench and her pussy was now positioned out of her sight, under the table. She can feel that her short dress were no longer or hardly shielding her pussy. The waiter wasn't coming out from under the table and there was hardly a sign he was still down there. However, Trisha felt like he was silently contemplating his next move. He probably had his head between her spread legs. Was it his breath she felt on her wet pussy? Not able to take the suspense, Trisha closed her eyes.

"No...no...I want to see your reaction when he takes the bait. Trust me, he will," her dad assured her.

Trisha opened her eyes and looked at her dad. She was biting her lips, her face showed a mix of emotions, more anxiety than excitement.

Trisha felt warm lips kiss her quivering pussy and her body jumped spontaneously upon contact. His lips immediately left her. She kept her legs spread and moved another inch forward until her anus too was beyond the edge of the bench.

"Contact made?" her dad asked.

Couldn't speak, Trisha nodded.

"What is he doing?"

"He kissed me once...but stopped," Trisha whispered.

"No tongue?"


The waiter kissed her again. She gripped her dad's hands harder and he knew the guy under the table had made contact again. Trisha was gasping and taking deep breaths.

"What is he doing now?"

"He...he's planting soft kisses."


"On my.........pussy."

"Still no tongue?"


"Keep the commentary go..."

Before he could finish, Trisha lets out a soft moan.


"He's now kissing my inner thighs...both thighs...and my pussy too...oh god!"

"Liking it?"

Trisha nodded.

"Are you wet?" her dad continued the questioning.

"Soaking, actually. Wait...oh my....aaaahhh..."

"What's happening?"


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