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Charlene risks her career to get Amy off.

Then he pulled on the chain a few times; sending a series of shocks through her.

"Get me another drink." He demanded as he sat at the end of the bed admiring the site.

Her chore complete, she stood in front of him engulfed in her own vulnerability. Anxious for whatever was about to happen.

He stood up, and then switched places with her. Now he stood in front of her and ordered her to remove his belt and slacks. Again, she did as she was told.

"May I touch your cock please, Master?" She asked as she stared at it growing right in front of her.

She wanted to grab a hold of it with both hands and slide it right down her throat. She wanted to feel him harden and throb inside her until the spasm of its release filled her mouth.

"Then she heard his voice reply, "No you may not. You have not earned touching." He teasingly touched and played with himself in front of her. Slowly stroking then he leaned in just close enough to her lips to cause them to part, only to deny her again. He did not continue this for very long. He wanted to show her what he expected from his servant.

"Lay back on the bed with your arms and legs out."

Disappointed, she complied.

He tied her limbs to the straps and finished by sliding a blindfold over her eyes.

Now she lay there, no way out except to do as she was told and take whatever was about to happen to her.

The first sensation she felt was soft going across her belly. It was slowly moving upward and over her still pinched, now bright pink nipples. The soft slow brushing and the pain of the clamps made her shiver, visibly.

Her chest raising and lowering as her breaths deepened. Some shocks were to tense to ignore and caused quick twitches and slight pulls on her restraints.

The soft sensation was replaced by something not so soft. She felt something hard being run up the inside of her legs. It was small and did not feel familiar.

Then she felt it approach her pussy. It lifted and smacked down causing her hips to rise off of the bed. She realized it was her riding crop he had chosen for his next toy of torture. The first quick smack was followed by several more little but fast smacks. Her entire body was squirming against her ties; only encouraging him to keep her going.

Then she heard his voice, "Now you are ready. That pussy is nice and wet but I want to see just how wet you can get for me. Let's see how close I can get you without cumming. I will let you know however that after you give into that first orgasm, they will not stop. I'll see how many I can get you to before I stop for the evening. Do you understand, slave?

"No Master. I need to serve you. I do not want to cum. I want to make you cum. Please!" She tried to argue.

"We might get to that; if you are good enough. Now let's begin."

He positioned himself next to her on the bed first, facing away from her. He reached over and ran his fingers down the lips of her wet pussy. He separated her and rubbed all over her labia, her clit, and her hole. He only rubbed. He did not enter her slippery hole, yet.

The smacks with her crop had her extremely sensitive. His fingers rubbing against her almost made her cum within minutes. She managed to fight off the first wave of build.

He could tell she was fighting her body and started to focus more on her clit. He circled it slowly, then fast. He flicked and tapped it over and over again. He pressed and rubbed, repeatedly.

She continued to hold back. "Please Sir," She begged. "Please let me touch and serve you."

"Silence slave!" Was all he said.

She felt him move between her open legs.

He continued his finger play this time sliding a finger into her wet hole, then another.

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