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The girl in his clutches.

It wasn't very clever, but it did surprise her, which was funny all on its own, or at least she thought it was funny.

The rain was gone when they exited the library. The sky was several colors at once, blue, pink, orange, and purple. Ana noticed that the car Mr. Dalca got into wasn't a red car. It was a dark taupe color. Was it an Aston Martin of some kind?

Oh well. They had a restaurant to hang out at.

When they were seated and waiting on food, Ana unleashed all her spleen, well ... as much as she could without being rude to the other customers. No yelling, no fist shaking, no table punching. Just intense word usage and unfiltered opinions.

He didn't look at his phone.

He didn't say things pointless things like "uh huh" and "sure."

He kept his eyes to hers and occasionally said something like, "I agree," or "I disagree" or even, "Here's my opinion."

But mostly, he let her say whatever she wanted, vent any spleen she had in her throat.

Everything has an end, however, and her voice was one of those things.

Ana thanked him for his time and put her share of the bill on the table. Then she said goodbye and walked away.

But ... even though she didn't want to be warm ... she felt warm ... and she turned back to look at him, standing for a moment, her fingers tangling with themselves.

He was looking at her too. His smile was tranquil. His eyes were content. It was as if he was the one who had been allowed to vent the spleen.

Everything was so warm, even her ears.

But it was late and she needed to go home.

Ana nodded and turned away.



A phone call from Mr. Williamson. She didn't want to answer, but she did anyway.


"Ana! How are you?"

Ana sat down on her living room couch and sighed. "I'm fine. Thanks. Do you need something?"

"I'm having a birthday party in a week!"

Looking at the tiny ridges in her fingernails, Ana said, "Oh, happy early birthday."

"The party will be at the Fair Orchard. Cake, ice cream, music, the works. Do you want to come? I've already invited your parents."

"I'm not sure. When will you be having the party?" The moment after he told her, Ana immediately said, "I don't think I can come. I'll be pretty busy."

"Oh, really? That's disappointing. Let me know if you change your mind, alright?"

"Okay. Goodbye."

Her thumb tapped the red hang up button. Then she picked up her sketchbook and made a few light strokes with a pencil. Soon, she had a rough image of a woman ready for a ball in early Victorian England.

And her stepmother's phone number soon twinkled at her, coinciding with a ringtone. Ana nearly dropped her phone as she answered it.

"Hi Ana! How are you?!"

"I'm okay. What's up?"

"We just got invited to Henry Williamson's birthday party! Are you coming?" She sounded very excited.

"Well ... no. I don't think I can go."

"Oh, really? But it will be so much fun!"

Damn it, Kennedy!

God damn it!


Slowly, her long, silver colored fingernails grazing against the sleeve of Mihai's silk shirt, Jennifer put her hand on his arm and gave him a bleached grin. "I'm so happy that you came. I know it's hard to fit in sometimes, especially when you're the new kid in town. I know, I had to move all the way from California, and everyone laughed at my accent, but I've learned how to speak to people. I'm practically a native!" She patted his shoulder as she looked up at the younger man's cordial expression.

"Oh, you think I need to change how I speak?" Mihai's patient eyes and calm smile told Jennifer that he wasn't upset with her.

"Maybe only a little?" She leaned in and put her face rather close to his. She would have lowered her voice, but they were in a loud environment. She wanted him to hear her. "But maybe not. You have a very sexy voice."

His face cooled into something blank.

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