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Leann Wants More.


I didn't have to ask twice and after he spoke to his friend I led him up the stairs to my room.

Inside the room he pulled me to him and kissed me quite passionately. As our tongues met I felt him take the weight of one of my breasts and heard him murmur "I have been wanting to grope those since I first saw you, your breasts and nipples are absolutely fabulous."

I opened the buttons on my shirt to let my boobs dangle free and he was soon groping them, before starting to suck on one nipple. Running my hand between his legs to cup his cock and balls I was pleasantly surprised to feel he had a good hard and quite thick erection and I thought it could be an interesting night.

He moaned "I really want you."

And I felt one of his hands go up my skirt to claim my uncovered shaven pussy. I have a very prominent pubic mound and it got the reaction it gets from most guys who feel or see it i.e. that it can take a lot of cock. He grated 'That is a fantastic big cunt I really want to ride you."

It was good to see the reaction, I had got from this guy who originally had been a bit of a pompous prick to Bob and me and while it was flattering to see his reaction now I wanted to keep control of the situation.

A knock on the door broke the sexual tension and Callum opened it to let David in with two bottles of champagne on ice. I think David hoped he might get an invitation to join us or at least have more time to admire my exposed breasts, as he asked did we want him to open a bottle and pour us a glass.

I said "No its Ok, Callum was just about to measure measure me up for my new skirt."

David looked a bit crestfallen as he left the room, while Callum took out his tape measure and smiled when I took off my jacket and shirt and wriggled out of my skirt to leave him to measure me in my stockings and suspenders. He made a grab for my pussy but I said -- "No, measure me up first. I want a short flared skirt about 14- 15" long that will swing when I walk."

His face was a picture as he lusted after my big bald pubic mound and then my big bare jutting buttocks which he measured at 43". Seeing his discomfort, I suggested he measure my waist and chest as I thought I might be getting him to make more of my clothes! He measured my bust at 40" and my waist at 31" and murmured "You have almost a perfect hour glass figure."

To tease him further I smiled and holding my boobs up said "I suppose if I wore a bra with these, top and bottom would probably measure the same. But guys seem to prefer me braless. Do you?"

I had teased him to breaking point as he grabbed me to kiss and grope me quite roughly.

I broke free and said "Easy, we have all night let's get you out of your clothes while I pour some drinks."

I was pleasantly surprised as he was actually quite a good build and had a good looking thickish cock which was standing to attention. I kissed him and as he fondled me I fondled his cock, which was like a steel rod, and murmured to him "Sorry for teasing you a bit but I think you are going to enjoy tonight as everything you might want is on the menu."

When he looked uncertainly at me I stood back off him and running my finger across my lips then down between my boobs to my pussy I murmured "You can ride my mouth, my boobs and my pussy." And half turning round I ran my hand over my hip and said "And if you are specially good and please me you can have my ass."

We tumbled on to the bed kissing and fondling each other and I ended up on my back with his head between my thighs. He was good with his tongue and possibly I was quite excited by playing the femme fatale and I knew I was nearing a climax. So I moaned and said "I need that big hard cock inside me." As I guided it in to my waiting gash I was pleasantly surprised that for an older guy he had such a hard erection, In fact that is what I like about younger guys their really hard erections.

He obvious wanted me a great deal as

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