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A Spinster in Training...

"God, you are so huge. Keep fucking me. Fuck me hard with that hard cock."

Urged by words I had never had a woman say to me, my pace quickened like a jackhammer. I could feel her channel squeezing my cock as she grunted into my ear, "You fucker, I'm going to cum. Harder. Harder."

As her orgasm started, she stopped her movements and held me like a vice and buried her face into my neck to muffle her scream. I not hold back a second longer as my cock swelled and burst a hot load of cum deeply into her cunt. My big cock filled her pussy with so much of my sperm, it began spilling out around both our legs in warm rivulets.

We stood motionless until my softening cock slid out of her pussy with a wet "plop". She picked up her panties from the ground and wiped as much of our juices from her legs as she could.

During the whole experience, I had not said a word only to grunt like an animal.

"I have never experienced anything even close to that. I can't believe this happened to me", I muttered breathlessly.

As her shaking lessened she looked at me. "You have just given me the greatest fuck of my life. I thought I was going to split in half at first, but you kept working deeper and deeper into me as my pussy wetted and widened for you. Can I please see you again? Call me any time you want. I'm yours for the taking. I MUST have you fuck me as much as you want."

I held her closely and told her not to worry.

"We will be together again. I promise."

"Tomorrow night?" she pleaded.

Pulling her lips to mine I replied "yes" into her mouth.

We were married as soon as I graduated from medical school, and sex remained as hot as ever.
After my residency, I was hired into an established practice by an old fraternity brother, Dr. John Harkens, who had played tight end on the college football team. He was about six-six and two-hundred and forty pounds of solid muscle. Sometimes after a tension-filled day, we would go to the club and unwind with a couple of games of handball.

He was all power and I was finesse so our games were very competitive. In the shower, I took a quick glance at his cock. It was freakishly huge, swinging halfway down his long legs. I could not imagine any woman who could accommodate him.

One Friday night, I invited John to dinner at our house. At the age of thirty-three, was still trying out woman after woman and still had not found one he liked. Until he found my wife.

During dinner that night, I couldn't help but notice the eye contact between Lisa and John. I knew had begun to spring an erection as he squirmed uncomfortably in his seat, heaping his napkin would work as a cover.

As soon as dinner ended, Lisa jumped up to clear the dishes. I watched her lean over John, revealing the cleavage of her firm, large breasts. He made a gallant effort not to look, but the temptation was too much.

"Let's go into the den for a brandy, John"

I wanted to see how he would try to hide that giant pole in his crotch. As soon as he got up, he turned his back to me, hurrying into the den, and pulled a cushion over his lap as he sat on the sofa.

When Lisa returned from the kitchen, I noticed that she had removed her bra, allowing her large nipples to poke stiffly against her thin sweater. After a furtive glance, John kept his eyes on me for the rest of the evening. Finally Lisa yawned and said she was turning in for the night. She then went over to John and placed a tiny kiss on his cheek. She swung her hips provocatively as she strolled out of the room.

From that time, John came over to our house at least twice a week, and I began to worry as the looks between Lisa and John grew longer and more obvious.

One Friday, John said he was taking the afternoon off and asked me to cover his patients for the afternoon. I told him I'd be glad to, but there was a nervous thought eating away at me. What if he and Lisa? No. No way would either of them do something like that to me.

I usually don't get home in the evening until seven or so after I made my rounds at the hospital.
Today, however, I t

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