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Non-Erotic history of the Eye of the Abyss.

He longed to feel her full, thick lips pressed against his own, and her circular, perky breasts in between his fingers and his teeth. He was tempted to pick her up and bend her over the table, spread her legs and pound her pussy away.

"Mr. Thomas." Greg smacked his cheek as he returned to the present. What is wrong with me? Today was the most important day of his career and he was daydreaming of fucking a woman whom he had just laid his eyes on with no formal meeting.

"Yes, sir?" He asked.

"Are you willing to take the position of Vice President of Operations?" This is it. Greg took in a deep breath to soothe his rattling nerves.

"Yes, Mr. President." He replied. He wanted to jump for joy at the offer, but the thought of Sylvia, bent over with her skirt up, ass and pussy exposed for him clouded his ambitious desire.

"Are you willing to dedicate your life and soul to the company?" The paper was there in front of him- the agreement that all of the executives had to take. Greg nodded once again, but in his mind, he envisioned Sylvia wiggling her ass up and down in front his face. Come on, give me a taste, you know you want some.

"Yes, Mr. President, I am willing." He stammered, quelling his nervousness down his throat. He extended his right arm towards the desk, making a grab for the pen on the edge. He was prepared to sign his life away to Ford Motors, to go through thick and thin with the company, in good times and bad. Just as his fingers brushed the tip of the pen, his hand was stopped by a tender, but strong one- Sylvia's.

"Mr. Thomas, an ink signature will not suffice." The President responded as Greg looked at him with confusion. "At this level in the company, we require something more substantial."

"More...substantial?" Greg gulped as he looked back and forth between his boss and Sylvia. The President remained emotionless and solemn; Sylvia on the other hand looked excited and was eying Greg's body through her glasses. Greg's body shook with small tremors; he admitted to himself to be attracted to Sylvia, but he didn't expect for Sylvia to return his lustful yearning. Sylvia uncrossed her legs and inched towards the edge of her seat, moving her body closer and closer to Greg. A moment ago, arousal and passion filled his mind; now it was intimidation and fear. What exactly did Sylvia have to do with his promotion?

"Yes, Mr. Thomas. This is an oath of loyalty, and we require blood." Greg paled at the President's words. Blood? Is this some kind of secret fraternity ritual? The title he wanted, the life he desired was right there in front of him. A blood oath was the ticket to a six-figure salary and private jets.

"Oh-oh-ok, sure, Mr. President. I'll be right back-" He was about to stand up when Sylvia squeezed his hand, forcing him to sit back down.

"No, no, Mr. Thomas, Miss Sylvia will do." He looked at Sylvia. "Just one bite. Don't get too carried away."

One bite? Greg thought as Sylvia smiled, revealing a pair of sharp, pointed teeth.

"Of course, Mr. President." She whispered as she stood up and hiked up her skirt, giving Greg a clear view of her round, spherical ass. She faced Greg and straddled her legs on both sides of the chair, then lowered her body onto his lap so her eyes aligned with Greg's. Slowly grinding her hips against Greg's crotch, Sylvia took off her glasses and stared into Greg's eyes. Her deep violet eyes sank Greg into a ravishing frenzy.

His hands rode up her slender thighs and squeezed her ass, letting the tender skin fill his hands. Sylvia's lips brushed his, and eventually pried them open, allowing her to sweep her tongue into his mouth. The constant gyrating of her hips hardened his cock and he desperately freed them from his pants. He rolled his head back and sighed as the tip of his cock could feel the entrance of Sylvia's wet pussy. Thrusting his hips upward, he plunged into Sylvia's wet walls and allowed her to ride him to his orgasm.

Greg kept his hands on Sylvia's ass as she bopped up and down

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