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Guy gets down with the school slut.

"Miss Barbara Gordon, my name is Maven. Sorry to have kept you waiting. I assume you are here to see Selena Kyle." Barbara nodded, "Yes, is she here? I'm impatient because I've been waiting here for a while and I haven't eaten." Barbara wondered in her mind: "So she's turning me on...not the first time I've been aroused by a woman. Maybe this time I'll follow through on my desires."

Maven briefly hesitated. "Damn it her appearance is distracting me. She's so fat...it's so amazingly sexy," Maven thought. Maven finally spoke up, "Unfortunately no. So you and Selena have something in common? I am Selena's confidant, and if you told me what you wanted to tell her....". Barbara finished, "I wouldn't have to go on a second visit to introduce myself to Selena."

Maven tilted her head slightly, "Well it would be a waste of time." Barbara hesitated, "It's just...I needed someone to talk to who had the same problem I had." Maven suddenly snapped her fingers, "I've got it. A way to kill two birds with one stone. You tell me what you want at dinner, my treat. That way, you deliver your message and satisfy your hunger at same time. A relaxed, informal environment would do you good."

Barbara nodded, "Makes sense. Let's go." Maven raised her hand, "One more thing I should say, just to be sure there's no misunderstanding. I'm bisexual. Is that going to be a problem, because if it is you can always..." Barbara shrugged, "Not really. Thank you for being honest with me." "That's all I needed to know, Ms. Maven.", she thought. Mavens smiled slightly, "Ok, now that I've gotten that out of the way, let's go." As Maven turned around, out of the corner of her eye she caught Barbara staring at her ass.

Loaded Dice Restaurant

Barbara was astonished, "My God the food was expensive." Maven smiled and shrugged, "I know, its highway robbery. I imagine their food is cheaper outside of cities, but I've never seen a Loaded Dice Restaurant outside of this city. I don't think they've been terribly successful as a franchise. It's probably the name." Barbara shook her head, "Shame. It's pretty good food."

Maven couldn't help but notice something else about Ms. Gordon: her face had been red for a long period of time, her body temperature had gone up noticeably, and her clothes were soaked with sweat in several places. And it was quite cold inside. The more Maven looked at her, the more things she noticed: beads of sweat, an increased heart rate, and visible erect nipples. Maven thought: "She's clearly aroused. What worries me is that her arousal is turning me on, and that could lead to things getting out of hand."

Maven's struggle to not get aroused was becoming visibly difficult in spite of herself, and Barbara was starting to notice. Maven worried in her mind: "My heart is pounding, my breathing is becoming erratic, I must get a grip. But I can't help myself. This hot, amazing obese, well- rounded woman is turning me on, and I want her!" Maven hated it when this happened, when her hormones got the better of her. Lust was starting to cloud her judgment.

Maven's eyes suddenly became fixated on the other woman's breasts, which were now soaked with moisture. She could almost see them as if the blouse wasn't there at all. Barbara's fatness was a huge turn-on. Maven put her hand to her forehead in discomfort, her eyes closed. Maven's own nipples were painfully erect; her panties saturated with her love juices.

Maven thought: "At this rate, when I finally stand up my moisture will be clearly visible for all to see." Embarrassing, but a turn-on somewhat. And, of course, that thought made her even more aroused than before. Maven was astonished at how calm Barbara had been throughout this whole event. Maven opened her eyes, and looked right into Barbara's eyes.

They were glazed, and blazing with lust.

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