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Sad Stories and Turning Points.

She slid back on the bench until her back was against the wall. Her legs moved wider apart as she put her heels on the edge of the benchtop. She ran her hands over breasts, cupping them and gently squeezing as I watched on. She followed her gracious curved down to the end of her dress and pulled it up to her waist, so that her panties were in my full view. Her thighs were perfect, so smooth and just the perfect tone. She put the palm of her hand onto her panties and slowly rubbed her pussy through them, sighing a little each time.

She once again put her hands around my neck, but this time she lowered my head down onto her panties, closing her thighs around my head. I put my hands on her thighs and slowly stroked up and down, feeling the wonderful texture. I moved my head about so that my nose could stimulate her clit, she sighed and rubbed her firm thighs on the sides of my head as I excited her. She opened her legs wide and put her hands on the back of my neck, pushing my head further into her panties. I could smell her juices starting to boil.

"Pull off my panties" she screamed out a little too loudly for our surroundings, the giggled softly as she realised what she had done. She was getting turned on at the sensation of being caught with me here, it excited me as well. I ran my hands from her ankles to her hips, feeling her contours. I pulled off her panties and dropped them to the floor. She beckoned me back as I lowered my head into her hot muff. I kissed her lips and she once again opened her legs wide, opening her pussy and letting small amounts of juice trickle out onto the bench.

I blew lightly inside her cunt and watched her squirm about in ecstasy. I kissed her lips again, longer this time, tasting her juices as I slowly slid my tongue up into her. As my tongue slid in deeper I put a hand over her clit, to stimulate her and get her even more randy. My tongue licked the walls of her cunt as it slid in and out, her hips rocking back and forth in time with me as she moaned and panted, making her pussy even more wet and delicious.

I started humming into her cunt as my fingers went faster and faster on her clit, her thighs were getting sweaty as I ran my other hand up and down their length. She couldn't take it anymore. Her entire body tensed up in her orgasmic display of pleasure, while moans shot out of her mouth for all to hear. Her puss was gushing with juices as my tongue dashed in and out. She rubbed her sweat coated breasts as she rode out the last of her orgasm, signing in pleasure as my head pulled out from her soaking wet vagina.

She looked deep into my eyes as we listened if anybody was coming. I sat up on the bench as she mopped up her juice with her discarded panties. As she mopped up the last of her mess and dropped her panties back down onto the floor, she noticed the length in my pants was at full attention. She kneeled down on the floor in front of me, smiling at me for what I had given her. She rubbed my cock through my pants, putting her palm on it to feel me throb.

She slowly undid my pants and pulled them down just enough so my cock could spring upright in front of her. She wrapped her right hand around my manhood, squeezing gently. She slid her hand back down to her cunt, rubbing her lips until her hand was coated in her own juices. She wrapped her hand back around my cock and slid it up and down a few times, the moisture almost setting me off there. She moved her head towards me as her other hand disappeared out of sight. She slowly wanked me, not to fast to get me off, she wanted to taste my cock and suck it long and hard.

I watch as her tongue came slowly out of her mouth and licked my head like a lollipop.

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