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Middle-aged bi guy has his first Craigslist hook-up.

When Joe was lying next to her, she moved against him and their lips met. Helen felt his erection prodding her belly as she snuggled close to him. Her hand slid between them and she gripped the hot wand, evoking a gasp from Joe, making him shudder. She stroked him, loving the way it felt, anticipating how wonderful it would feel to have the swollen shaft she held in her hand plunging into her.

"Take me, Joe!" she moaned, "Please, Joe, take me!"

Joe rolled on top of her, his bulk pressing her against the bed. His erection slid between her legs and nestled against the folded flesh of her vagina. Helen experienced sensations so fantastic that she feared she might faint with joy before he was in her.

Joe raised his hips and felt the tip of his cock slide between his partner's vaginal lips. Then, slowly, carefully, he lowered himself and felt his cock start to slide into her willing body.

Helen couldn't believe how wonderful making love with Joe was. Slowly, ever so slowly, he moved his hips, making his cock slide deep into her. Then he pulled it out, driving her wild! Thrills coursed through her like a runaway train. Then, without warning, it happened: "Ahhhhhhhh!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!" she screamed, "Joe!!! Oh, Joe!!! I'm commminnnngggg!!! Oh, Goddddd!!! Oh, Goddddd!!! Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhh, Goddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!"

"Me, tooooooo!!!" Joe roared, "Ohhhhh, yeahhhhhhh!!!!" He erupted powerfully, driving her against the bed with wild movements of his hips. He felt Helen's hands clawing his back as she shared ecstasy with him. Then, suddenly, she went limp.

Joe, concerned, held himself over his lover on outstretched arms and looked down at her. His cock, still hard, remained buried in her magnificent body and her vaginal walls were still rippling around it. Helen lay there, her eyes closed, her chest rising and falling evenly.

Joe pulled out of her and rolled onto his side on the bed next to her. Propping himself up on one elbow, he watched her carefully. After a few moments, Helen's eyes flickered open and she looked confused. Then she turned to look at Joe and smiled. He kissed her softly and she returned the kiss, pressing against him.

"Never!" she gushed, "It's never, ever been like that for me!"

"It was fantastic for me, too," Joe replied, wrapping a massive arm around her and pulling her against him.

They lay gazing at each other for a long time. At last, sated, they slept.

Joe was sure he was dreaming. And in his dream, someone was giving him the most fantastic blow-job he'd ever had. He felt his cock swelling as his dream lover ministered to him with her lips and tongue. She was doing a fabulous job, too. His pecker was so hard he thought it was going to burst, yet still she continued, her tantalizing lips and tongue working on him.

When he opened his eyes and realized he was awake, he was confused at first. The dream didn't end when he woke up. "Where in hell am I? Who the hell is doing that to me?" he wondered groggily.

Then, as he awakened fully, he remembered. Helen! He raised his head, looked down at his groin, and saw her lips surrounded his erect organ, which disappeared, then reappeared as her head began to move up and down.

"Ah...Hi," he gasped, finding it extremely difficult to speak because of the excitement pulsing through him.

Helen looked up, letting his penis slip from her mouth as she did. She still held in in her soft, warm hand. "Hi, yourself," she said. "I wondered how long it would take to wake you up." Her lips were shiny, her eyes bright with excitement.

"I'm awake," he said. "Am I ever! Now what?"

"How does this feel?" she asked. She slid up and straddled him, her knees on either side of his muscular body; her warm, moist trench trapping his erection between them, caressing it as she rocked her hips. She leaned down and their lips met in a sizzling kiss.

Helen raised her hips, reached between them, gripped Joe's erection, then she guided it to the center of her soaked opening.

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