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College guy poses for pretty painter.

My dad sold people living people like cattle. He bought my mom. She was his slave and now she is mine.

I look up at the beautiful woman I called mother for eighteen years and something dark and perverted clawed its way to the surface and my ten inch dock got rock hard in my pants.

I put the letter down on the table and say "So that's why he didn't leave you anything."

My mother nods slowly and say "I am apart of the property he left you."

"So your marriage was all fake?"

"No, no your father and I fell in love but that doesn't change the fact that I am a slave and you are his son and his heir." As she says this she slow gets on her knees "So now I am your slave and your mother you are master of the house and every aspect of my life is yours to command."

Here I was looking at my sexy forty three year old mother. Even under the robe her curves were deadly and her huge breast and fat ass could not be hidden. Yes, something dark and perverted came over me.

I stand up and walk to her still on her knees my crotch lined up perfectly with her face and I say "Unzip my pants and suck my dick."

I don't know what came over me at that moment I didn't see my mother I see only a beautiful slave. Without pause she reaches up and unzips my jeans, puts her hand in and pulls out my huge cock.

Her eyes go wide as she sees the size and she slowly wraps her pretty red lips around it. There we go with one action we have crossed the line of mother and son and we are now master and slave. She slowly moves her head up and down on my dick taking more each time she goes down.

I put my head in the air and moan my satisfaction as she sucks me like a pro. She obviously had a lot of practice with dad. I run my hand through her bleach blonde hair and suddenly wonder was it her idea or just another order given by her previous owner.

Suddenly she pushes herself forward taking eight inches of my cock down her throat and forcing me to yell "Oh fuck." As I cum down her throat and into her stomach, I could believe it my mother just deep throated me like a ten year hooker.

I'd pull myself out and stare at her. Could this really be the woman who use to read me bedtime stories and take care of me when I was hurt or sick. Yes, she is one and the same and now she has a new role my totally submissive lover a role she didn't seen to mind.

"How did I do baby?" She asks in her most sensual voice a voice I never in a million years thought I'd hear from her mouth.

"That was amazing I have never cum so fast from a blow job." I can't take my eyes off her body. "Stand up and take off the robe."

Once again she doesn't hesitate. She stands up and loosens the belt on her black silk robe and let it fall to the floor. Here she stands in a black lacy see through bra and matching thong. She sees the look in my eye and without being told does a slow 360 degree spin showing me her amazing legs and her plump perfect ass. My mother is in great shape spa treatments, the gym and yoga classes all combined to make one hell of a body. In the last month she had put on some weight but it made her no less beautiful. She has done her own nails in a effort I'm sure to make herself look her best for this moment she chose red a simple color I don't like simple but it'll do for now I'll have to make sure she fixes it after. Wow where did that come from I'm starting to see her the way my father did not as a woman I have loved for eighteen years but as my possession.

"Take off the bra and thong and bend over the table." I say as I feel my dick getting hard again and I know what I want.

She does as told and takes off her remaining underwear and exposes her perfect breast and for the first time I realize my mother has breast implants. How did I miss that me being a breast man and I can see the work is flawless. Her pussy is bald and looks smooth damn dad had her trained well. She walks one the the table and bends over it with her as in the air and her pussy exposed.

I walk behind her and run my hand over her ass she giggles and says "Like father like son t

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