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Looking back at His pet's first submissions.

e splattered down there, awaiting their next victim?

"What is it?" Jenni said excitedly, pushing in.

"His cologne, it's..."

"Yuk," Jenni said, snorting over Harry's neck. "It reminds me of old dishwater."

Well, what a defining moment, Harry decided. That indicated a possible significant difference between then apart from height, weight, boob size, butts, hair color, personality, lips and - yeah, that will do. Their sexuality was different!

That really interested him because the label on the after-shave bottle, shaped more like a quality jam jar rather than a piece of exotically designed glassware, read:

Danger. This fragrance can severely turn off a certain class of female yearning for Romance.

Harry's intellect had screamed 'Bullshit' at the time he read it but in his heart he was now prepared to believe. Of all the women he knew - and that not being restricted to carnally - only three he could say with conviction needed to heed that danger warning - his mother, Pru and Sierra.

"Are you all right darling, you appear transfixed?" Nurse Jenni worried.

Harry blinked and shook his head clear.

"Yes I'm fine but why are you two wearing overcoats. It's been a hot day?"

Jenni nodded to Sierra who dropped the flowers on to the bed and walked backwards to stand alongside Jenni, also unbuttoning her coat. Jenni nodded again and they both shouted "La-de-da-dah!" and threw open their coats, revealing they were dressed in nurses uniforms, purchased obviously from a sex shop, and digging into their coat pockets pulled out cute nurses' hats screen-printed with a big red cross.

Danger, Handle with Care Toxic Bodies, Hazards Ahead signs flashed before Harry's eyes and he went stiff as a board, his penis also. He pleaded silently looking at them horrified: Don't do this to me, not to a red-blooded, bed-bound guy.

"A bed bath do you think Nurse Sierra?"

"Oh for sure. I'll fetch your bed shorts Harry."

"No it's not necessary; I've just showered," Harry croaked.

"But wearing shorts won't be to regulation standards, nor will your shower," Nurse Jenni growled.

Harry pulled the sheet over his head and clipped My Best Friend over the head sharply and gratefully felt him return to normal flaccid state.

Half an hour later the bed bath was over, the women having a wonderful time with the partly terrified Harry relieved that his anxiety kept My Best Friend dormant - miraculously even when being sponged and handled to dry.

"Isn't she awful - she put me up to this," Sierra said, attempting to look innocent. Jenni had left the room to order pizzas with salads.

Sierra went to his dresser and found a pair of silk bed shorts his mother had given him, blue and overprinted with red roses.

"These are sweet," she said, holding them against herself which made her appear almost dressed, as the hems of their uniforms only just covered her thong which was narrower than the straps holding up the white stockings.

Sierra found a dressing gown in the wardrobe and said, "Stand up please Mr O'Hern. I'll dress you and you may join us at the table for dinner."

Caught by surprise Harry stepped off the bed but was unable to control My Best Friend.

Sierra just smiled as My Best Friend rose to greet her. As she helped with the change of shorts she held the erection against his belly as she pulled up the rose patterned shorts, smiling gently.

Harry concluded she'd behaved magnificently and fancied he'd seen a glimmer of interest but at this moment he would prefer her interest in him being intellectual.

They had wine with dinner and performed as a really happy trio.

"When do you think you'll be running again Harry?" Nurse Jenni asked.

"Monday week. Will you be joining me?"

"After that invitation, how could I refuse," she smiled, and glancing at Nurse Sierra added, "I'll bring a surprise with me."

Nurse Jenni said she must go and urged Sierra to stay and look after their patient.

Harry smiled at her not attempting to conceal his admiration for her being so considerate and Jenni flushed.

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