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The Beginning: Deidre loses her cherry.

With out saying a word Erik reached out and pulled Nurse Candi into position and pressed his dick head against her pussy. Pressing gently he tried to ease his cock into her sopping wet cunt.

"It's not going in," he complained.

"You're so big," she replied. "Just keep pressing yourself against me. I think it'll fit if we are patient!" She was using one hand to play with her titties while the other teased her clit in an attempt to distract her from the pain that his immense dick head caused while he tried to force it into her tight little cunt.

And moments later he found that the constant pressure had allowed him to slip most of his dick head into her spasming cunt. Her walls were squeezing and pulsing around him as he continued to slowly make progress. Stroke after stroke he made slow progress. With in another few minutes he was over half way deep into her.

"God, that feels so amazing," she cried out as her hips twitched from side to side and back and forth. She was rising fast! An epic orgasm swept thru her as he worked above her. Not yet all the way in, she was getting more cock from half of his gigantic dick than she had ever been fed before. Not only majestically long, it was also thicker than anything she had ever encountered, thicker than she had ever imagined!

"Oh, Erik, you made me cum, honey! I love your huge dick! So thick, so fucking long! You're filling me up better than anyone ever has! Don't stop! Make me... UHHHHHH!" She erupted in a second orgasm. She had never cum so quickly! Or so strongly!

"Oh, don't stop, Erik! Don't stop! I love it! I love your big dick and those huge balls! So big, so good! You fill me more... I've never had so much cock forced into me! It more than I ever had and I love it! More, more, more! Don't ever stop! Make me cum again!"

To his surprise and her amazement they spent the next two hours fucking! Time after time Erik erupted between her thighs, over her substantial Double D cup tits and between her constantly thirsty lips. Every time that he came Nurse Candi thought it might be the last. And every time he rallied to another erection with in moments! She had never heard of anyone who could cum so much, so often. It was amazing. Yet he never seemed to reach a limit.

After having had more orgasms than she could keep track of she finally had to call a halt to the lengthy fuck session. She had cum too often, and too hard to be able to keep on. She had never before had the chance to be over fucked, but this was the result! She was worn out. She figured that she would have to call out sick the next day in order to recover!

The next day it was the Doctor that visited. She did not look happy.

"Well, Mr. Shaun, I admit that I run a somewhat loose ship. We work long, hard hours here at the clinic and sometimes the girls can get a little crazy. I can put up with a few pranks and some silliness. But you seem to have caused the girls to go overboard. SO, now I have to follow up and set the record straight." Erik could hear the exasperation in her voice. The DIrector's stern visage showed that she was not pleased with having to waste her time like this. She was an important person with more important things to do than to double check the work of her underlings!

She turned from the doorway and looked him over. "I admit you seem to have recovered really well. Which is wonderful!" Her smile was perfunctory.

"Now, because the girls can't seem to do them properly, I have to repeat all the exams that they were supposed to do." She sighed. "Alright. Lets get started. Step up on the scale. Okay," she jotted down the number. "At least they got that right!

"Okay, slip out of your robe.

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