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Beastly ways, has beauty stunned.


"Up the stairs; second on the right." Susanna rose and opened the door, indicating the staircase in the middle of the hall. Steve stood up gingerly, trying to hide the evidence of his arousal as he made a hasty exit. In the bathroom, he splashed cold water on his face. Calm down, Steve! He thought. Get a grip.

When he was sure he had himself under control, he made his way back down the stairs and walked into the sitting room.

"OK, let's have another g..." Steve's voice tailed off as he took in the tableau before him. Susanna and Emily were together on the chaise as expected, entwined in an erotic pose, ready for Steve to sketch them. But both women were naked. Susanna reclined sinuously, arm behind her head, back slightly arched to thrust her heavy breasts upwards. Her legs were spread, exposing her smooth, bare vulva to his gaze. Emily knelt by her side, one hand spread over Susanna's stomach, fingers appearing ready to slide down towards the bounty between her legs whilst her lips hovered over the stiff, rosy peak of her left breast. Her back curved up to the smooth roundness of her bottom, her thighs spread slightly, unveiling a glimpse of her red pubic tangle; glistening droplets clung to the titian bush and the scent of feminine arousal was heavy in the air.

Steve's self control hung by a thread. Feeling the blood rush to his cock, he knew he would struggle to remain detached enough to sketch and yet he couldn't force himself to leave. On shaky legs he moved to the edge of the chaise to pick up his sketch pad and then turned to sit in the high backed chair that Emily had vacated. He placed the pad on his lap, hiding his obvious erection and closed his eyes.

"Everything ok, Steve?" Susanna asked; the amusement was evident in her voice.

Steve opened his eyes to find the two women watching him. He tried to answer, but his mouth was dry again; picking up his glass, he took another gulp of wine. Clearing his throat, he responded, "Yes...yes, I'm fine. Thank you." He grabbed his charcoal and stared down at the blank sheet on his lap for a long moment, trying to clear his mind of the fantasy that was unfolding in his head. Then, taking a deep breath he looked up at the erotic scene before him and froze.

The tableau had changed. Emily had captured one of Susanna's pebble-like nipples between her teeth and her fingers had drifted down between her legs, spreading Susanna's labia while her thumb lightly massaged her clitoris. Susanna's fingers curled into Emily's hair, gently encouraging her to take the peak further into her mouth as she moaned softly.

Steve was mesmerised. Slowly, deliberately, two of Emily's fingers slid into the silky wetness of Susanna's pussy and began to push deeper inside her. Susanna's hips lifted, working against the invading fingers, urging Emily to move harder, faster; each inward thrust drew a ragged gasp from her lips as the probing digits stroked over the sweet spot inside. Releasing the swollen nipple from her lips, Emily looked across at Steve.

"Care to join us?" she enquired impishly.

Steve was torn. He was still desperately clinging to the last flimsy threads of professionalism, but it was obvious these women had other designs in mind for him. As if reading his mind, knowing he needed another push, Emily added huskily, "I need your tongue in my pussy, Steve..."

He needed no further bidding.

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