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Really she thinks that it is just for fun. She enjoys talking to her online lover, finding out what excites him. Sometimes after one of their online sessions she wishes she could crawl in bed with her husband and have wild passionate sex. But after working outside all day, she knows that her hubby is snoring quietly and dreaming away. It is ok though, she knows their sex life is great. She has come to learn that when she wants something specific all she needs to do is ask and he will comply with her request.

She does get excited when she turns on her computer and him name pops up that he is online also. This in itself is a rarity because they both have busy schedules. Even if he just left a message when she was not online her heart beats faster knowing that he was thinking of her, if only for that one moment. She knows eventually their paths will cross and they can once again cum together. In a way their connection is wonderful because she is generally a shy person. Online she can talk about sex and turn herself on.

Tonight when he kissed her she knew what he wanted. It was like an electric line from one person to the other. Just after that one kiss she wanted him to tell her what he needed. His self-release was more important to her than her own. That one shared kiss had already made her wet, thinking about the words he would type to her.

After kissing him she ran her hands over his muscles while he leaned down and placed his lips around her nipple. When his mouth landed on her nipple she rolled her head back and sighed. For just a few minutes she let him suck each of her nipples into his warm mouth. They were tingling as his breath brushed across her chest. If he kept this up it wouldn't be long before her hand would stray to her own pussy and she wanted him to have some fun also.

She pushed him back and kissed his chin. Running her hands down his sides she felt for his cock. He was already hard and wanting her. She stroked him a few times, felt the pre-cum and leaned down to lick it off the end of his cock. He moaned as she did this, so she took him full in her mouth. She could feel the vein on the underside of his cock throb from her attentions. All she wanted now was to know that his hand was on himself stroking his cock. Deep down she wants to know that for their brief encounters, for that time that his mind is on her and what she could do to him. Just to know that her words alone can make him touch his cock and bring himself to cum.

As she is telling him what she wants to do to his cock, her hand goes into her panties and she feels how wet she has become. Naturally she lets him know that she is wet and warm, she tells him she is putting her finger on herself. That she is rubbing her clit it is so wet and warm that it makes it easy to lightly at first touch herself. She lets him know the faster she rubs her clit the closer she is to cumming. With her fingers she spread her pussy lips wider and puts more pressure on her clit, rolls her head back and moans. She slowly types that she is very close now. He lets her know that he is still stroking his cock and thinking of her mouth replacing his own hand. Her release is there; she rubs her clit while she cums hard. She types to him that she is cumming right now. He types back that he is now very close to cumming himself. She tells him to lay back and she crawls over him and rubs her clit on his cock. Teasing him a little. She leans over and kisses him lightly on his lips. Trails kisses down his neck and lowers her pussy onto his cock. He rocks his hips up to push his cock into her further. She lets go and slides all the way down on his cock, slowly rocking her hips back and forth. She knows soon that she will be rewarded with his cum splashing inside her. Just as she suspects, soon he is typing that he is cumming. She smiles knowing they are familiar enough with each other to help find a release.

Even two days after their last chat, when she is finishing this story she

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