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My First Challenge Story, Challenged by Genus_Unknown.

Connie had wrestled with weight herself, and Sherly carried her figure well, so it didn't work against her. If Sonya was a bleached-blonde slut who fucked on the first date, Sherly looked as if it might take three or four dates before she put out. That's how Connie rated women. She was after variety, just as in real life, and if every attendant at the Soapland looked like a porn-star wannabe it would be like any other porn. And it wasn't like Sherly couldn't bend a boner; Pete's reaction proved that, so it was another good hire. Helping her cause, Sherly was okay with hand-jobs, and she'd even do so oral, if it meant more money. She'd strip naked if they wanted her to, though it didn't sound as if they would, but at a Soapland there are lots of ways to get a female attendant naked, starting with something as simple as watching her change into a bikini. Connie had three writers for the show, and whenever Jane got an idea she passed it on to them. Many of her ideas were Arlene's, who felt they had a better chance of being written into the scripts if they came from Jane.

Sherly's experience in front of a camera consisted of appearing nude in a couple of low-budget, softcore videos, and she had a role as an extra in a teen comedy; a locker-room scene where she paraded around in a bra and tight gym shorts while the main characters exchanged dialogue. Sherly left Connie's office floating on a cloud, shocked that she had been hired on the spot, without even being asked to strip.


Arlene lay face down on the bed, her tied to the bedposts. A fine mess you've gotten yourself into now, she thought. Presumably the man behind this was only weird and wouldn't hurt her. She met him at the party Jane and Hideki had at their new home in Pacific Palisades, on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Arlene dazzled in a white, sheer mini that enabled her braless nipples to poke through the thin material. Pirouetting for Jane, she asked, "how do I look?"

"Good enough to rape," which was the response Arlene had been hoping for at the time, although she was now reconsidering.

The men Hideki invited were a veritable who's who of Japanese businessmen that happened to be in Los Angeles, along with a smattering of associates of other nationalities who had business ties with him. Many of the men were married, but the word was given that this was a party to arrive stag or, failing that, mistresses only. As a provocatively dressed blonde, western woman, Arlene was quite popular, and she wasn't wanting for male attention. Moreover, she was brimming with confidence, which men of means often find stimulating.

She had just received a payment of thirty-five thousand dollars, the second installment of royalties from her sex tape. It sold well - not as well as Jane's, but she was a bigger star, though that might change because of American Soapland. Arlene hoped that her growing profile would extend the shelf life of the tape, which it undoubtedly would. Her character on the show was connecting with the audience, and being an actress on a successful series upgraded her status and heightened her desirability amongst the men at the party, many of who were consciously looking to hook-up with a blonde goddess.

By the end of the evening she had narrowed her choice down to two men, based on physical appearance and personality, for she assumed they all had money. One was Japanese and one was European. Jane caught wind of her two suitors, as did Hideki, who told Jane that they were both extremely wealthy. Jane passed the info on, and Arlene went for the elder, more distinguished man of European descent, since he wore a wedding ring and the Japanese man didn't. That may have been apropos of nothing, but Leeney wasn't looking for a husband or a serious relationship; she was looking for fun, very expensive fun. Johannes was Austrian, reeked of elegance and taste, and seemed a safe bet, seeing he was about fifty.

It was more than a little unnerving to be tied up and powerless.

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