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A dominant teases and torments you.


Jessica could sense that this would become part of the deal.

"I can ... feel you inside me ... so hard and deep ..."

"Say cunt."

"...in my ... c ... c ... cunt."

Jessica almost sobbed the last word out. She felt even more shamed than before.

His hands rose to Jessica's breasts, rubbing and squeezing them. His fingers found her nipples and, pulling them, twisted hard. Jessica felt even more humiliated when the traitorous buds grew to their full size. She tried to defocus her mind to will them back to non-turned on levels, but to no avail.

His fingers moved away from her breasts, only to be replaced by his mouth. While he sucked on one tit, Jessica felt his hands cup her ass, pulling her up and then pushing her down. After switching to her other breast and suckling on her nipple, Fowler pulled his face away and extended his arms to his sides in a reclined manner over the back of the couch.

"Now fuck me," he ordered.

Jessica couldn't believe the shameful situation she was in, but she did as she was told. She realized she needed leverage and so put her hands on Steed's shoulders lifting herself up. When she thought his cock would slip out, Jessica reversed direction, sitting back down on his lap. Then she lifted up again.

She was fucking this two-bit-cheap-show slime ball.

And he was letting her, willing her on. Oh sure, he was encouraging her but she was the one moving. It was she who was doing all of the work. She was fucking him! That was humiliating enough, but she was further shamed by the feeling inside her pussy. She had never felt so full and her sensitive folds of pink, parted flesh were letting her know how good it felt.

Her thrusting got faster.

Fowler watched Jessica's face change. Having started out with a great deal of shame and emotional pain, her features were now contorted with lust. He knew she was enjoying his cock. It's not that she wanted to fuck him, but her body was receiving pleasure from their coupling in spite of the fact that she was being manipulated against her will.

Steed Fowler brought one hand between their bodies and located Jessica's clit. As he began to rub, Jessica's eyes shot open and stared at him in attempted defiance. But she kept moving up and down, impaled upon his shaft, and he kept rubbing her clit. Soon he felt her fingernails dig into his shoulders and her movements became so rapid that his finger lost contact with her clit. Jessica let out a moan, arched her back and cried out like the lost soul she was.

Lonely, abandoned by her boyfriend and manipulated into humiliating herself Jessica Weston climaxed.

A long, hard, lust-filled, sobbing orgasm.

Fowler waited for Jessica to open her eyes and he watched gleefully as her gradually returning awareness brought with it acute embarrassment and a reddened face. But he was not yet done. Not yet spent nor satisfied so he ordered her to continue, and Jessica once again began fucking him.

He had waited for her to climax, but now he wanted to cum. He grabbed her firm buttocks and guided her up and down his cock. She cried out at the heightened feelings of drying sensitivity following her own orgasm. He forcefully pulled her down onto his lap, jerking his hips up while holding her in place. Then he erupted.

Jessica sat on Steed Fowler's cock feeling his hot sperm flow freely into her pussy. Tears ran openly down her cheeks. She had never before felt so violated, but the fact that she had climaxed first in manifestation of her own undeniable enjoyment was even more disturbing. She felt Fowler's penis throbbing, spurting sperm into her, until finally, with Fowler well and truly spent, the torrent subsided.

Jessica sat, silently shrouded in embarrassment, while the bastard recovered his breath. She felt his cock shrink and then slip out while she sat on his thighs. In her spread position, Jessica immediately felt his thick juice leak from her gaping pussy. But she was afraid to move, not knowing how this awful man, her manipulative, blackmailer would react.

"Fuck me that was good babe.

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