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You take him on an exhibitionist adventure.


This was a demanding number for both singer and dancer, Casper appreciate the arts as well as sex. Sarah and Karen knew that their talent was one of the reason they got preferential treatment.

Sarah began her dancer slowly as Karen's beautiful voice trembled softly. Though they were loath to admit it, each enhanced the others performance. As the red head singer's voice grew in pitch, Sarah's dance became more animalistic and her kicks higher. After 10 full minutes the performance was over.

Casper clapped in appreciation. They bowed to him and to each other.

'Now strip," he commanded.

Sarah removed her white lace, while Karen took off her black silk.

Their Master picked up a crop, "Since you both did so well, only 10. Karen kiss it.

The tall red head obeyed. "Bend over Sarah."

'Yes Master."

He began with her left cheek.

"Thank you Master."

"Now I don't expect you to like each other.," as he whipped her. "But I do expect you to act professionally." He completed the ten. "Now change positions." Sarah now licked the still warm crop."

"Karen assume the position."

'Yes Master."

After her 10, their handsome master removed his clothes. He was in fine shape, Sarah thought, she would fuck him for free. Casper went to the bed. "Karen began on my cock. "The redhead began her oral ministrations. "Sarah up here."

The blond joined him and kissed her full on.

"Forceful are you." He teased.

"I try Master."

An alarm started blaring, "What the hell." Casper rose. "Screen."

He saw hooded armed figures going through the brothel.


His head of security responded. "They broke through the secreat entrance. They are killing guards and freeing the slaves."

"Karen, Sarah go through the bolt hole." He looked around, "Karen?"

"She ran out, "Sarah informed him

" You should go too ,"Casper told her.

Sarah shook her head, "I am your slave for 2 more years, I honor my service."

"Then you will obey my commands."

Sarah reluctantly made her way out, "Its locked. That bitch!"

A loud explosion rocked the main door.

Casper grabbed a long staff as two sword wielding assailants entered the room.

Like a Kendo Master, the naked man fended off his assailants. But they were also skilled. As Casper finally hit the larger of the two in the head, the smaller darted in and struck his wrist. He dropped the staff.

"Casper, "the woman began. 'You will now die for your crimes."

" I must act, "Sarah thought. Kicking with all of her ability right at the mask women's pussy

The masked female doubled over to meet Casper knee in her jaw knocking her unconscious.

Sarah rushed over, "Master are you all right?"

Casper nodded, "My thanks slave, grab some toys for our two friends here. "You may have the male."

She went to the chest, grabbed a neck and wrist restraint along with a cock leash.

She had dommed last week to one of the richer clients, so was in practice. Sarah stripped the unconscious muscle man and restrained him from behind. As he groggily awoke. She gave him a hand job to attach the leash easier.

"Let me go bitch!"

Sarah yanked down as the man howled "Silence dog!" She placed her heel on his throat.. "Perhaps I should squash like the insect you are!"

"I see you know how to control a man," Casper commented.

Sarah turned to see that her Master has stripped the woman except for her hood and had used deliberators on her arms and legs. "Lets see who you are." as he removed the mask.

"Jessica Branch!"


"Well this is an interesting situation, "Sarah noted.

"An understatement my dear.," Casper noted.

They had both dressed.. "A rich do gooder has invaded my business and killed several of my people."

"She was always a self riotous spoiled bitch!"

"A story there."

"Yes she and her clique always treated me like garbage."

Cane came in" What is the status?"

"4 dead, 3 injured. We have 4 prisoners, all female."

"Have you identified them?" Sarah asked.

Cane frowned, "You forget yourself."

"Not at the moment, "Casper interjected. "This one saved my life."

His security head was subtly admonished,"

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