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Jesse continues to explore and discovers girl-sex.

A short time later we're in a booth and making ourselves comfortable. Found a good movie and began to make out. The sexual energy was almost arcing off our bodies. It had been years since we were this turned on and scared at the same time. It felt like being 17 again! Eventually, we broke our embrace. If we didn't, we would use up all our lust and never get the fantasy started. It was time to stuff her mouth with a "stranger's" cock.

I stepped into the hall, leaving my disheveled and horny wife to close and lock the door. I decided to take a little time to straighten my clothes, steady my breathing and get my cock calmed down. After all, it was the slut's job to get him all excited. After a few minutes I stepped into the booth next door, found a great movie with a big boobed woman (just like my wife) who was busy taking turns deep-throating big black cocks. (Another fantasy for wife to fulfill someday.)

I was getting horny and ready for the roll playing to start. I made some noise to let my wife know I was there. The plan was for her to give the "fingers-through-the-hole" signal that she wanted to suck my cock. No fingers. It suddenly dawned on me how loud it actually was. Movies in every booth, the unmistakable grunting of someone getting fucked a booth or two over. I made some more noise ... nothing. I began to think she had gotten freaked out and decided she wasn't going to play. I got down on my knees and looked through the hole. I was going to reassure her this would be fun. What I saw was more than fun ... it was fantastic! But not what I expected either.

My wife was fulfilling the fantasy. Apparently there were two glory holes in this booth. The one I was at and one in the adjacent wall. Someone else had gotten her attention before I did and she was sucking like a woman possessed. My cock was raging hard and my mouth stunned into silence. I wanted to say something, to warn my wife that she was blowing a real stranger. But my cock wouldn't let me speak. It was clearly enjoying the show. I started beating off like a madman. I don't think I was even blinking ... the show was too good. She rubbed this guys cock on her face, licked him like a lollypop, deep-throated, sucked his balls and finished him with a furious hand job. She opened her mouth as wide as it would go and the cum just started flying. Cum spurted into her hair, on her face and even a few in her mouth. When he finally stopped she began licking him and her lips clean! She was an awesome mess.

It was then that I realized something was wrong. She had cum on her tits too. Where did that come from? I quickly got to my feet and walked to her booth door while pulling my pants up. After what felt like an eternity she opened the door and gave me a half-serious, half-playful punch in the chest. Before I could say a word, she asked who the hell the second guy was that she sucked off? My response, "what second guy?" Pointing to the glory hole I was watching through, I said, "I was in this booth. I have no idea who you were sucking off."

It turned out that a few seconds after leaving our booth a cock appeared through the hole. She assumed it was me and I was ready to roll. "I" came fast and surprised her. "My" cum didn't even get to her face, it sprayed on her tits. Shortly after a new cock appeared. She was still super horny and now a little pissed. She assumed I set her up to suck off some real strangers. She then told me, "Well, if he wants me to be a glory-hole slut, I'm going to be a glory-hole slut!" She went with total abandon and that is what I witnessed when I looked through the hole.

At this point we were both fucking horny as hell again.

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