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Have you ever been read to?

It was just a win-win situation.

To be frank, they could have told me they shovel dog crap all day and I still would have joined them. The fact that there were people my age there and women, oh gosh the women were just too fine; I was sold. So I gave my notice to my old boss and planned to start my new job at the beginning of the next month, May.

I showed up for my new job and started shaking hands again and introducing myself. They were expecting me and even introduced me to the division at a meeting the day before, but most people just referred to me as the New Guy.

I met Pam, I am pretty sure that is her name, at about ten and she seemed polite enough and even a bit flirty. I was not much for being shy, so I likely flirted back in my own macho way. She told my boss she'd love to take me out to lunch with her group today and he promptly agreed and thought that would be a great idea. I had no idea why I needed to go to lunch with Pam, but she was pretty hot for an older lady and so were some of the girls that reported to her.

Pam came to my desk around noon and told me she needed help with something in her office. I always jumped to help a woman in need; I guess I always felt like it was a man's job to help a woman, no matter the problem. Pam led me back to her office that seemed to be in an odd corner by itself. I was about to ask what she needed help with when I felt her body press up against me and her lips pressed to mine. A million things ran through my head at once, like lawsuits, being fired, fucking the hell out of this hot ass lady, and wondering if she was married. When I felt her tongue and a little sucking on my lower lip, I caved and gave into her control. After all, if I would have walked now, it would have been impossible to hide my hard on.

She pushed me into her large office chair and as she started to remove her thick brown rimmed glasses, she commented I was about to get very lucky. I didn't know what to think or say, but lucky my cock was thinking for me and I heard my self tell her to leave the glasses on.

She asked if I liked the librarian/teacher look and I just nodded my head. She opened the top few buttons of her blouse so her cleavage could be shown off a little more and got down on her knees. She had my slacks around my ankles and pulled my boxer briefs over my hardening cock. She reached up with her left hand I found out quickly she was, in fact, married. The huge rock on her hand complemented her red lips very well as they engulfed my cock and she sucked me down my full length without missing a beat. She bobbed her head a few times and I saw her messaging her pussy through pants with her right hand. When she came up for air she smiled and commented on the size of my cock. She said we didn't have much time and if she was going to get off, she would have to get fucked. I was almost ready to drop a load in her mouth, so I was more than happy for a quick nooner.

I stood up with my hard wet cock bouncing in front of me and she quickly bent over her desk and dropped her pants at the same time. Since my cock was already inches from her pussy, she just reached between her legs and slid me in like I was just another sex toy. Her pussy was very wet and the smell of wet pussy just filled her office. She kept her hand tight around my cock not letting me push all the way into her until she was ready. Fucking her hand and her pussy just seemed to be the perfect combination. Her pussy provided the lube and her hand the tightness that I needed to get off. She loosened her grip on my cock and allowed me to finally get it completely buried in her pussy. I held it deep inside her for just few moments so she could get a sense of how much cock was buried in her. She turned her head to me and instructed me to give her a good hard fuck.

I pulled out and slammed into her hard enough to make her nice ass cheeks shake a little.

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