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Young teacher is shown the tribal ways.

"If I were your age, I wouldn't give up an opportunity like that."

She smiled quietly and closed her eyes, easily drifting off to a peaceful sleep in her father's arms. But her dreams began to take a dark, mocking turn and when she awoke, shivering and anxious, it was nearly pitch black all around her. She shuffled about, feeling for the reassuring presence of her dad and clutched his arm tightly when he had rolled over closer. She was on her back, staring up into the darkness and trying to shake her thoughts loose. 'No more Brian and Amy,' she silently scolded herself. She didn't want to feel all of that right now. She just wanted to enjoy being held, to be wanted. No one was going to steal her dad away like that. She gripped his arm to her chest and kissed his bicep, thinking, 'why can't I find a boy like my dad? I just want one that's kind and handsome that will love me, is that really too much to ask?'

Her dad mumbled something in his sleep and wriggled closer, hugging Tabitha protectively. She stifled a gasp, then chuckled quietly as she felt something prodding stiffly at her thigh. Apparently her dad was having a good dream. She tried to roll away, but he just pulled her back closer and she felt her body responding to this simple male possessiveness. Her neglected pussy was tingling and twitching, a frustrated reminder that she had made plans and it still wanted played with. She pulled at his firmly muscled rump and wriggled her hip against his sleepy grinding. 'Dammit! I need fucked so bad. I wish he weren't my dad right now. I wonder how good a dream he's having. What if he fucked me in his sleep? There's no way he'd sleep through that, is there?'

A naughty grin crawled across her lips and she rolled onto her side to push her plush bottom back against him. 'This is so wrong, but, damn is he sexy as hell!' He made another noise that was almost a word and sleepily thrust his hips forward to wedge his hardness far between her plump ass cheeks. He was easily twice as big as Brian and she marveled at the size. 'Fuck, that's huge! How does mom take the whole thing?' She arched her back and flexed her thighs, trying to shift him into a better spot so he wasn't poking uncomfortably against her tailbone. Her pussy was feeling lonely and ignored since the earlier incident had left her wanting and perverse thoughts about what it would feel like to have a man this big inside her teased through her mind.

She moved his hand onto her boob and imagined her dad was awake, touching her body in the darkness like a lover. He responded unconsciously, years of marriage habits making his hand lightly grope and hips buck gently against her as he snoozed. She lifted her leg and reached down to get hold of him, desperate to feel his thickness rubbing against her needy parts. A bit of adjustment, a little wiggling and his full length was resting along her wet slit, the knobby head tickling at her twitchy little button. She sighed contentedly, and thought, 'I wish I could have let you take my virginity, daddy. You'd treat me right and not run off with some other girl. Well, there's mom, but we can share. You wouldn't leave us.'

She rocked her hips, rubbing her clit back and forth against him and smearing her slick juices along his rod. She was so turned on, she wished her dad would wake up and climb on top of her, hold her down and fuck her hard. Never in her life had she been so aroused before. 'It sucks I didn't get laid today. This is driving me crazy!' Her aching snatch needed filled so badly it almost hurt to be this empty. 'Maybe just the tip?' She bit her lip and slid a hand between her legs, trying to angle the head down to slip it inside.

It was like trying to fuck a baseball bat and Tabitha struggled to relax herself around its girth.

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