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The lessons begin.

She just reached out her hand for mine and told me, "come on silly!"

We walked half a block and turned into an old musty antique store. The proprietor must have been a friend of Lainie's because he just handed her the key after she introduced me, and with a grin, walked out the door. She locked the door and I became even more puzzled. "Hummmm," I thought, "guess we'll just let the hair go with the hide and see what happens." She told me there was a room in the back with old clothes and that she wanted to try some on.

I figured I would let her go do that and walked around the front of the shop looking at the old furniture; some of it restored and some in its original condition. I raised the top of an old roll top desk and marveled at how easily it opened. I felt the deep soft leather of an old wing chair. I lifted a letterbox to examine its markings. All the time wondering how she would come out dressed. After fifteen minutes or so and Lainie had not returned, I decided to go looking for her. I turned into a door and saw her standing over in front of a mirror trying on a hat. The mirror was turned so I could not see her face. I was almost stunned. She was naked except for a small pair of panties, and the hat. I stood there in silence, my eyes playing over her wonderful body. She continued to adjust the hat and I thought she didn't know I was there. I could not turn away as my eyes took in her beautiful curves. Her rounded breasts stood out as her arms lifted to adjust your hat. Her bare back was smooth and almost iridescent as it curved into her hips. Thin straps that did little to hide her firm little butt held up her panties and her legs were like alabaster in their firm, slightly parted stance

"Do you like my hat?" she asked, startling me.

"Ahhh, yes, very much" I said trying to recover. She turned to face me and I tried very hard to look at the hat, but my eyes woandered as I stood there motionless. She had her hands on her hips now and it was obvious that she was proud of her body as she looked at me. I watched her breasts rise and fall slightly with each breath. My eyes played down over her tummy curving down into the small triangle of her panties and down her long shapely legs that ended with her pretty bare feet. "A wonderful hat," I managed to choke out after clearing my throat. I walked over to where she stood not saying anything. I felt a warm sensation begin deep inside me as I reached out to put my hand on her back. She pressed her body against me, her arms around my neck, and pulled me to her lips. We kissed passionately for several minutes. Words were not necessary to express our emotions. My hands slid down her back to cup the firm little cheeks and pull her tighter against me. My cock had become rigid and was now pressed hard against her stomach. I kissed first her ear and then her neck as she removed my tie and unbuttoned my shirt. I knelt down before her and began to kiss between her soft breasts as she threw my shirt on a chair. Her hands caressed my hair as I kissed and licked her succulent breasts, feeling her nipples harden under my tongue.

My hands held the back of her legs and softly slid up to cup her firm little butt again.

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