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A trainee shows her love of anal dildos and pissing.

He left the rope on her wrists, knowing she would want them off so she could touch Him. He would not as part of her punishment for being a brat.

He parted her thighs and without telling her, He slid His erected cock into her pussy. She yield to Him offering herself to Him. she wrapped her legs around His waist bringing His cock deeper into her. her body shook as He took what she offered Him. she felt so good as His cock was sliding in and out of her.

Making her His. He lowered His head and licked her nipples. He bit each nipple making her wince. she enjoyed His sharp teeth bitting her there.

Shadowstorm thrusted His cock deep into her making her moan with the pleasure of being taken by her Master. she moved her hips as He fucked her with the power He had. she arched into Him allowing Him to bring His cock as deep as He could into her wet, hot pussy.

her moans filling the room as well as the sound of His cock hitting against her. Pushing her over the edge again and again. her legs holding Him close to her, as her body was bucking underneath Him. He was ramming onto her so hard she was feeling sore yet at the same time a pleasure that seemed to take over her body.

"Please Master take what is Yours i am so close to releasing." she told Him.

she spoke in a shaky voice for she could not control the ecstasy of her body. The feelings she had when she was with Him.

"No my little pet, you disobeyed me and now you must wait to release until I say you can." His voice was stern yet caring.

How would she hold on when she was so close. she did not want to displease Him. So she waited, she controlled herself as much as she could. He was quick and held such a strength.

He moved off of her and rolled her over. her head was turned sideways on the pillow and she was on her knees arched like a cat when its stretching.

He got off the bed, walked to the closet and brought along with Him a crop. He moved behind her and lifted the crop. He started slowly hitting the crop on her ass cheeks.

her body jerked with the first slap. It was a torment to be in that position without being able to move, her hands were under her still held by the rope.

He hit her harder, the crop leaving long lines along on her skin. The rythym of His hand on her moved steady. her ass felt as if it was on fire. she screamed with each whack of the crop. Soon she had tears that were spilling from her face as she screamed when the final blows hit her ass hard with the force of His hand.

He saw her ass was red now and welts forming from the crop against her skin there. He moved both hands one on each side of her ass, gliding over the area. his touch was soft but she was so sore that His hands felt heavy upon her cheeks making her scream even more. she was crying more as well.

He spread her ass and knowing she was sore and dry, He slid His cock in her tight hole there. she screamed feeling as if she was being stretched and opened wide by His thick cock.

His long hard cock moving steadily in and out of her ass. The pain was hard to withstand. He didn't use lube this time and she knew it was part of her punishment.

He was grunting now feeling the tightness of her, massaging His engulfed cock as He slid in and out of her harshly. His pet pleasured Him in such ways that each time He became closer to her. Knowing she could handle Him, that nothing He didn't ask of her, she would not do.

her body was convulsing as He fucked her ass moaning with wanton. The pain was replaced with delight that made her pussy so wet. she wish He would let her hands free.

He knew her well and pulled His cock out and undid the rope from her wrists letting her free. He was on His knees on the bed and she was in front of Him in the same position, except this time on her back laying against the bed. she leaned into Him and kissed His lips hungrily.

His hand moved her head back as He kissed her neck.

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