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All mine." And then he closed his eyes and fell into a deep and peaceful sleep.

As for me, I lay in his arms for many minutes, watching him as he drifted away, marveling at the bond that had formed between us and listening to the sounds of the life that was now so much a part of my own.

"You're mine." He'd said, claiming all that I was, all that I would ever be. But he was mine as well.

Did he know it?


Chapter 5

Already it was morning, for at this time of year night was but a fleeting occurrence. I should have taken myself off to begin preparing for the day to come, to set our breakfast on the stove to cook, but I couldn't. I could not bring myself to part from the warmth of Aiden's embrace, from the heady scent of his maleness. We would have to live on love, I smiled, for this morning nothing else interested me.

How much of our lovemaking had been real, I wondered, and how much had been the fulfillment of fantasy? Had my perception been heightened by the moment, or had I been accurate in my remembrance of the evening past?
Once more I thought of the hardened outline of his penis, of the massive proportions that had driven me to heaven and back. Surely my mind had been playing tricks on me, for our coupling could not have taken place if my memory of his stature were accurate!

Curiosity battered at my senses, demanding an answer until cautiously I moved my hand over his still, sleeping form and found the object in question.

Oh! Could it be even larger this morning? Could it? Guiltily I searched Aiden's calm repose. What if I woke him? Would he be angry at my trespass if he caught me? I knew I shouldn't, I knew, and yet I found it impossible to stop.

Slowly, gently I tried to circle the girth of his sex with my

thumb and forefinger, but it could not be done. Then, employing the whole of my hand I repeated the measure, and still my fingers failed to meet. I must see this impressive probe, I thought. Here, in the morning light, I must see the object that had taken my virginity. I must!

I noticed then that the covers lay askew across his left leg, baring his flesh to mid-thigh, beckoning me to encroach upon his person. I was lost! If I had harbored any reserve over what I was about to do, it vanished instantly.

Heart pounding, I lowered myself on the mattress, carefully focusing my eyes on the darkly tented opening between his legs. Could I see within? Could...he stirred and instantly I backed away, red-faced, toward the foot of the bed.

But no, he still slept, and in a few moments I grew bold enough for another attempt. This time the covers had slipped even higher, exposing now the sight of two furry orbs which lay heavily atop the mattress. I hadn't noticed those last night, so concentrated was my attention on their jutting partner.

Once more I peered into the darkness between his thighs, searching the cavern for that which I so longed to behold once more...but it was too dark. Perhaps his member lay upward across his belly, I thought, resting from its toil of the previous night.

I should have given up, should have respected Aiden's privacy, but I couldn't stop...not then. Cautiously I moved my face closer, closer, my finger inching the covers upward with each heartbeat until finally I spied my prize.

It was beautiful! In the low light of the room it seemed exactly as I had remembered, long and thick, rigid and eager with a massive, mushroom-like head that defied description! I had to see more. I had to move closer yet!

And so, closing the gap once more, I tossed caution aside until I could smell the maleness of it, investigate the tiny smile that crowned the angry red mushroom it bore as its masthead.

"Taste..." he said softly.

I jumped!

How long had Aiden been awake? How much of my indiscretion had he observed? I was so foolish! Immediately I began to pull away, to recover at least some modicum of dignity.

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