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They never expected this.

My tits are cold too and I feel my nipples hardening while the touch of the fabric on their sensitive points inflames me.

We are in a district full of whores, and I know that anyone seeing me will understand exactly what I am. I fit right in. Maybe that's what Will wants me to understand. He is telling me all these thoughts of collecting money and buying myself a place in a better area they are just whore dreams. This is me now, this is what I am and this is where I belong.

We sit at a table in the pub. Will tells me not to cross my legs and the ironwork under the table leaves no place to hide myself. He makes sure I am seated opposite the entrance to the pub, so that everyone as they walk in will see me, their eyes drawn to my nakedness, see the fresh marks still red on my thighs. He is putting me on display and I can see from the guys as they come in that they want me. To my abject shame I am getting turned on by being made to sit there with my gin and tonic and let the neighbourhood ogle me. I don't make any attempt to bring my legs together but love the way their eyes travel up my thighs into that dark triangle and wonder if I have any panties on.

Will is surrounded by a group of guys all loud and back slapping. I feel neglected as I sit behind him while he chats with his mates. One of them leans in to Will and whispers to him. He nods his head in my direction. They are talking some time and then Will comes back over to me.

"Eric here wants to fuck you. He's a mate so it's on the house."

That was it. That was all he said. I know he expects me to get up and take Eric back to my flat. I know he expects me to let Eric fuck me and then return to the pub. Yet he has no need to spell any of this out to me. I know. I feel sick, dirty, a slut as I stand up and walk over to Eric. I take his hand. I am in a kind of daze. I find this place where I go with the punters. Somewhere where I don't need to acknowledge to myself what I am doing. Somewhere where I don't feel it, I don't cum, I don't get aroused. It's just business.

Eric and I walk back to my flat. His hand is under my dress, on my butt even as we walk through the street. He doesn't show any reticence or concern that I may object to his very public and possessive handling of my body. He is not even paying me for it, it's on the house. We move in a kind of swagger as he leans into me and I have to fend him off. I worry that at any moment he will just press me up against a wall and fuck me. He is, of course, drunk, but then I am just the whore.

When I get back to the pub Will is chatting with a group of guys. I go over to him, for protection mainly. I don't feel safe in this environment. The guys can all see I am a whore and they all know I have just serviced one of them, and they have been drinking so their inhibitions are down. Will turns and smiles. He puts his arm around my waist and buys the guys some more drinks. He is celebrating, and he is my protector. The guys are careful around him not to be too rude about me. I know what they are thinking though, I can see it in their hungry eyes as they furtively snatch a glance at me. Before long one taps Will on the shoulder and his head tilts towards me. Neither of them say anything but Will turns to me.

"Can you help Simon out?" I pout and take Simon's hand.

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