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"Don't. Please Gilraen. I have to think - to clear my head. He didn't want me then and how is he to want me now when he doesn't know me. To him - I am just his voice - not his daughter."

Madrician turned away, opened the door to the King's chamber and left Gilraen alone. The sole heir to the L__inw__ fortress moved slowly back to her father's side. She peered into his eyes, and wiped at the tears that had fallen there. Once more she was envious of her sister, and wished with all her heart she had been blessed with the gift her sister had been given. "I will speak with my betrothed. He will know what to do." She kissed her father's brow and left the room, her sole purpose was to confront her mother, but she knew she would need the strength of the one man that had somehow become a constant companion to her thoughts.

Once she learned from the guards where she would have the best chance of finding Turgon and gave them orders that no one but Turgon or herself be allowed into her father's rooms, Gilraen made her way to the stables. Her betrothed had planned a race with her father's men and several of his own, each riding their finest steeds. She hurried toward him, her body tense, and her mind going in a thousand and one directions.

Just as she reached Turgon's side, she noticed her mother fast on her heels. She saw the hate rolling off her; Gilraen's insides twisted with disgust as she turned to face the woman. Her back felt Turgon's steady gaze on the two of them.

"How dare you! Who do you think you are to deny your father the care he so desperately needs? Do you think that because you whore yourself out to him that you now are the leader of my people?" E__r__n__ voice was pitched so high that the horses stomped their feet and shook their heads. Her eyes drilled into Gilraen as she stepped closer to the Princess.

Turgon moved to stand between them, only stalled by Gilraen's hand. "I gave the order after learning of your treacherous ways," Gilraen turned to her betrothed, "Madrician, as you recall was with me when we made our visit."

"I don't know why you felt it necessary to force your sister to see the man that never was a father to her," E__r__n__ muttered, "and now - now you work your wiles on Lord Celebrindal, in hopes to what - kill your father?"

Gilraen stared back at her mother, disgust evident in her gaze. "Madrician has a gift, and she believes father has been poisoned, and has been since just after his accident."

E__r__n__'s face paled, but then her cheeks grew bright red, as she lifted her hand to strike Gilraen. Turgon's fingers were there to stop her. He gripped her wrist and twisted it back. He called for C__rdan, who seemed to appear out of nowhere. E__r__n__ was pushed toward him. "Escort the Queen back to her chambers, place two guards at her doorstep and no one is to see her. I will listen to Gilraen's accusations against her mother. Please call my father, as well as Priest Huro to the library, they will find us there."

"And Madrician?" Gilraen asked.

"Yes, find the young princess. I have a feeling she has a tale that has waited 13 years to be told." Turgon sighed heavily, looked down at Gilraen's face and wondered at the pain she had to have been feeling. Turgon instructed several of the elven that had gathered for the impromptu race to continue on with their celebration of Hrive 'Isia while he saw to the matters of his betrothed's house. A few mummers were heard in regards to there finally being a male elf to lead the house of L__inw__, and others grumbled that Princess Gilraen had once again overstepped her boundaries, but she was Lord Celebrindal's problem now.

The Princess and Turgon left together; his arm was wrapped possessively around her waist.

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