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She enjoys his attention, or does she?

A few times she seemed to concentrate on Lynn's hand, while other times she focused on Dave or Lynn.

After watching for another minute, Lynn felt a sudden impulse to intervene. She stood up, walked over to the couple's table. She leaned over. As she did so, she realized that her dress fell away far enough to give them both a view of her breasts. Lynn watched as both the man and his wife seized the opportunity to gawk. She paused a minute, to allow the tension build.

Then, she leaned closer to the woman, breathing hard into her ear and whispered, "As you know, my husband and I are watching you. You have made us both incredibly horny. I am so wet it is running down my leg and I bet you can see the precome staining my husband's pants. We both really want to watch you cum."

The woman wasn't sure what hit her. She started to quiver. Her lip twitched and her nose scrunched. She was controlled enough to avoid making much noise, but Lynn knew she had just driven the woman over the edge. Lynn left a scrap of paper with her hotmail account on the couple's table and returned to Dave.

"Let's go. I have another surprise," she whispered in his ear.

As they walked to the car, Lynn thought about the last time they'd shared an unexpected night away. Dave surprised her with a trip to the tropics. They'd made love on the balcony, watching the sunset. It had been both romantic and dirty.

On the drive over, they were both aching for release, but Lynn told Dave he had to wait. When they reached the hotel, Lynn explained that she wanted to add more spontaneity to their lives.

"You are not the only one who can plan a sudden night away," she chided.

"Very nice. But where's the balcony?" Dave asked coyly.

"Well, if you really want to do it out in the snow.. ." Lynn laughed, tackling Dave in a snowbank.

The kiss was quick, but instantly brought them both back to the throbbing state they had been in at the restaurant.

When they got up to the room, Lynn began to implement the next part of her plan. For some time, she had always wanted to tell Dave about the stories she wrote. She shared everything else with him, so she felt a little guilty about "her little secret." But there was a little doubt in the back of her mind about how he would react. She didn't want to hurt him. Maybe tonight would be the night. She knew that they both got off driving people crazy with desire, so she had high hopes for the evening, whether or not she decided to come clean.

As Dave hit the bathroom, she opened the curtains. Across the way was a man, in his late 30s. He was sitting in a chair and holding up a newspaper. It was clear, however, that he was really looking at her. They were close enough that she could see his brown eyes. They looked warm. His brown hair was wavy. He was definitely not going to be a model, but he was cute enough. She assumed that had to be David. She had called the room to be sure he was really there. She hadn't really planned to talk to him, but he was essential to the plan.

Watching David's face light up as she made eye contact, she felt another surge of sexual energy. She knew she was turning him on, and it made her pussy twinge.

Dave returned and immediately began kissing her. He started at her ear, worked his way down her neck, going incredibly slowly. Lynn could feel her skin tingle at his touch. As he worked his way down, she glanced out the window. To her surprise, another light turned on, in the room immediately next to David. A young couple, perhaps college kids, were there.

"Wow, this could really get interesting," she thought.

Dave grabbed a chair.

"Sit here" he said. "I want you in the window so everyone can see how beautiful you are."

He slipped the red dress slowly down off her shoulders.

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