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Julie loses her virginity.

This young woman, so sweet, so innocent had no idea how much sexual power she possessed over me, nor indeed how sensual and erotic was her body. I was in lust, a lust I was sure would never be sated, a fantasy, a dream and nothing more. Until that day. The workout had been hard, we had both pushed ourselves very hard, drenched in sweat we practically collapsed we when were done. We joked and enjoyed each others company as usual, sipping water and taking it easy before I would have to leave. As I said my goodbyes, I leaned in, kissing first her left cheek and moving to kiss her on the right. As I moved she stopped me bringing her face to mine. Her mouth sought mine and I kissed her gently on her lips. Her first ever kiss. Innocently she asked "is it ok?" I could see she was worried she had done the wrong thing so I slowly embraced her and pulled her to my lips again, this time kissing her softly, allowing our lips to explore each others, letting her know she was indeed doing the right thing.

I felt her relax in my arms, our bodies locked in passionate embrace, her breathing grew heavier, gasping as I kissed her neck, her head thrown back, emitting sighs of sexual desire she never knew she had. Our mouths locked again and again, my tongue ventured cautiously into her mouth, met only by her own, equally intent on exploration. My hands roamed, her lower back, feeling the curve of her hips, yet not venturing further. Her sides, raising my hands barely brushing the side of her breasts, each movement causing her to gasp with new found desire. Our tongues danced in each other's mouths, our kisses deep and passionate, her sounds sensual and filled with lust. I allow my hand to draw over her breast, slowly at first, as if by accident then with more intent as I repeated her own question to her "is it ok?" Noriya breathed, more a sigh, a heavy desire filled sigh, and with a simple "yes" she gave me permission to explore her never before touched breasts.

My hands traced her delicate mounds, gently squeezing, our kissing becoming even more intense. My hand glides beneath her shirt, travelling upwards, the touch on her skin electric. I am hard, harder than steel, throbbing as I unclasp her bra. My breath catches in my throat as I slide beneath the cup, feeling for the first time her firm, delicate breast. Being touched for the very first time, her nipple responds, erect, hard, large. Surprised at its size, I find myself gasping with my own pleasure, Noriya's sighs increase in their intensity. I kiss my way down her throat, I must have her nipple in my mouth, I must see what no one has ever seen. I raise her t shirt, allowing her unclad breast to fall into my vision. My tongue traces around her areola, she pants, her chest rising and falling rapidly. Her nipple, light brown, erect and so large, so beautiful, so sensual. I whisper to her how beautiful she is as I take it in my mouth, as if an electric shock has hit her she arches her back, my tongue and lips make love to her breast, my hand traces her other breast, finding and pinching her other nipple lightly between my fingers, I twirl it, my ministrations causing shock waves thru her body.

I feel her go weak as complete surrender overcomes her.

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