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Deviancy runs amok in the Rogers' household.

I had brought my car that day and asked if she does not mind I can drop her, she said okay.

I told her she was looking very good today and this lightened her mood a bit. On the way we were talking and laughing as usual, I shared that I had started playing the keyboard again, she was amazed. She jokingly put her hand on my and arm said when will she get to hear, this made a current go through my body and various thoughts started playing in my head, but I kept mum. I asked her does she still want to pick up the stuff, she said that she had to and I can drop her at Forum she will pick-up and then take a cab and go home. I said that I can help her, she said that I should go home my wife and kids would be waiting, I told her that they were out of station and only coming back tomorrow. She smiled and said okay, I think I sensed that she was happy to be in my company. After we picked up the stuff we were quite hungry, I asked dinner and she said that she doesn't mind. We went to Firangi Pani and then had a good meal, she was very happy now and was laughing her heart out. I told her that is the best evening I was having in a very long time and she said she is enjoying my company as well.

We left the mall and I held her hand till we got in my car, I thought this could be my chance. When we drove out I asked did she still want to hear me playing the keyboard, she said yes but how, I said we could go to my place. She thought a bit and then said okay we can but she can't stay long as she had to be home by 9:30, it was already past 8. Suddenly her phone rang, it was her husband and he said that he won't be home till midnight, she said its okay. My house was not far we drove there and went up.

I asked her if she does not mind that I change as the trousers were not very comfortable, she said sure go ahead and asked me that she can make coffee. I told her where the stuff was in the kitchen and then went to change, I quickly also relieved myself to prepare for what I had in mind. I sprayed some mild perfume on and then came out in shorts and t-shirt. She was finishing in the kitchen and I was glancing at her, she noticed and asked me what I am looking for. I said nothing just that how well she is able to do everything. She changed the topic and said okay you have coffee and asked me where the restroom is. I couldn't help compare how my wife would expect me to do stuff even after coming back from work and here she is a guest in my house and made coffee. I must admit I felt like falling on my knees and proposing to her at that moment.

When she came back I was already playing on my keyboard, I was playing "hello" by Lionel Ritchie she had washed her face and her hair from the front were a bit wet and she was looking out of the world. She sat next to me and was swaying to the music and hitting our shoulders to each other enjoying the melody. She clapped and I gave her a soft bow. Then she asked me if I could play Arijit Singh's "ae dil hai mushkil", I said I can try, I had practiced that song for a while so I knew I was good at it, then I played some more soft romantic songs and she was immersed in the music and she just kept her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes.

I reciprocated by putting the palm of my hand the top of her palm which was kept on her thighs. This was the start of something that was passing between me and her, there was a sexual tension in the air. I stopped playing and generally circled my finger on top of her palms

Meanwhile, she got her head closer to my shoulder ... And her lips and her breath almost touched my neck. . I was trying to play with one hand but thought let me just chuck it, I just played some soft music on my phone.

I moved my face downwards and our lips met.

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