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A couple goes on vacation and both of them grow up.

So I brought in a proxy of sorts to see how that works." Allan was trying to digest everything he had heard, his wife was telling him he was going to get to spank this pretty brunette with her permission? Marie kept smiling at him and went on, "There are only a couple of rules. First, tonight you are our Dom, we are both your subs, while you can use whatever tools and toys on Shayla you want, your cock only fucks me." Allan's eyes popped open painfully wide, his wife was crazy, and he fucking loved her for it! "I agree to all terms, and I fucking love you wife!"

Marie smiled as her husband squeezed her tightly, "I fucking love you husband, now let's take advantage of this sexy thing in front of us shall we?"

Allan didn't even know where to begin, so much was racing through his head. He watched his wife slip out of her little dress and Shayla scoot closer to his wife in the booth. He continued to watch as his wife slid her hands down Shayla's shoulders, pushing the straps of her nightie off and letting it fall off her nice plump breasts. Marie stuck out her tongue and slowly licked a path from Shayla's earlobe, down the side of her neck, past her shoulder, and he watched that little pink tongue slide down to Shayla's soft nipple. Marie's tongue flicked that brown sugar nipple and then sucked it into her mouth and he heard Shayla moan in pleasure. His erection was straining against his pants and becoming quite uncomfortable, and he just felt in shock with the whole thing.

Marie saw the shocked look on her husband's face and smiled to herself. She loved being kinky, naughty and all those fun things, but sharing him with another in any way is not something she has done before. They had played together with another couple through a video chat on their computer, and had gone to some clubs and watched others fuck then went home and attacked each other, but they had never shared each other like this. Marie sucked gently on Shayla's nipple and slid her hand down the side of her hip, across the front of her thigh and slid her small, soft hand in between Shayla's thighs. She teased the woman, feeling that she was already wet with anticipation. Marie licked her way up Shayla's chest and whispered into her ear while she nibbled on her earlobe, "I think Allan needs some encouragement from us, why don't you help him off with his pants and see what his cock tastes like." Shayla' moaned at the thought and quickly moved around Marie to get to Allan. Marie watched as Shayla pulled Allan off the bench and knelt in front of him.

Marie smiled and nodded her approval when Allan glanced her way, still unsure of the details of the rules Marie had asked for. Allan allowed Shayla to undo his pants and slid them and his boxers completely off. His cock sprung up in front of her face and he saw her actually lick her lips. Marie watched as Shayla slowly teased her husband's cock with her tongue, cupping his balls with her long fingers, his eyes closed in pleasure. Shayla opened her lips and Marie watched Allan's cock slowly disappear into Shayla's mouth inch by inch. She was good, within a minute or so Shayla was deep throating Allan making him clench his hands with need.

Allan felt his need mounting and did not want to waste his load yet, he wanted more, so much more! "Shayla.

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