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Of course, she might not have known that she had exactly the same effect on John. He found it nearly impossible to keep his hands off her, just a brief touch was all it took to get him hard; his fingers could feel the heat pouring off her body through the thin material of her dress. They inched lower, hoping to sneak a touch of her legs.

She just laughed and grabbed his hands up and walked over to a section of the store featuring cocktail dresses. She had just yesterday bought a pair of red pumps, and now she needed a dress to match. Though this trip to Vegas was mostly for business, she and her husband would be attending some parties as well. She felt so sexy wearing those shoes, the heels just high enough to give her a sultry sway when she walked; the right dress would certainly make hers a package no man (nor woman) could possibly resist. It didn't take her long to find one, a slinky little thing that would bare her shoulders and show off her legs.

With the dress in one hand and John in the other, Katie made her way to the dressing rooms. She started to push John down into the chair outside the entrance, but he had other ideas. With a quick glance around to make sure that no one was watching, he followed Katie inside the room. She smiled at him and quickly closed the door behind them.

Like most dressing rooms, this one had mirrors on each wall. It was like looking through a kaleidoscope of John and Katie. She played coy, holding up the dress to her body, trying to get an idea of what it would look like on her.

"What do you think?" she asked, "is this the dress I should get?"

John just laughed "Hard to say, baby, I really think you need to put it on."

"Okay, but close your eyes 'til I tell you to look." Katie doubted that John would listen. She lifted her summer dress up over her body, and could hear John gasp as her supple little body came into view. A matching set of lace panties and bra were all that covered the smooth skin that he coveted so much; he reached out and brought her closer to him.

They both admired the view presented to them in the mirrors; Katie looked tiny in his arms, her almost-naked body pressed against his suited bulk. John's hands wandered, his fingertips traipsing lightly along her velvet skin. Down lower they went while his lips enjoyed nuzzling her neck. She moaned when she felt his touch sneaking up under her lace. She shook her head sharply, trying to get control of herself once again, telling John that there was no time for that, she really needed to try on the dress and leave for the airport.

John just chuckled, bringing the finger that had been inside her to his mouth, slowly savoring her taste.

Katie took the new dress and slid it over her body; of course it looked perfect, clinging to her curves, hiding just the right amount of skin, and more importantly, showing off the rest. The straps of her bra, however, distracted from the full effect.

"Can you unhook me, baby, and take off my bra so I can see what it's like without the straps?" Katie asked, knowing full well there was no way John could refuse a request like that.

His hands reached up under the dress, unclasping the bra and sliding it down off her body. But they didn't leave things there; John cupped her breasts in his hands, feeling those perky nipples stiffen under his touch. He pulled Katie close against him, leaning down again to kiss her neck. His fingers pinched and teased, this time she couldn't get that wonderful feeling out of her head. She merely moaned and pressed her body against him, enjoying the rough, hungry touch of his hands and lips. Her eyes were closed, she felt one hand leave her breasts and reach up to her head, turning it so John could kiss her.

"Oh God!" she thought, "I don't want this kiss to end."

Their tongues tangled together like a pit of snakes, twisting and turning, saliva dripping down their chins.

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