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A kitten gets hunted down for being a tease.

And while she did let the photographer put his cock against the entrance of her pussy and she screamed to him to fuck her pussy with his hard cock and fill her with his cum, she only thought of how much she wanted Matt to enjoy this show.

So while she deliberately licked the large black vibrator clean of her juices, she pushed back so the photographers large cock plunged deep into her lovely soaking wet, married pussy. As she wriggled her ass with the cock in her pussy, she smiled and laughed and moaned with pleasure at the thought of Matt seeing her on her hands and knees, wearing a little sexy cheerleader outfit while the photographer pumped her pussy from behind. Soon after that the photographer emptied his cock into her pussy, and she had lost count of the times she had already brought herself to orgasm with the vibrator in her, she lay on the bed panting and exhausted covered in sweat with the photographers cum still dripping from her pussy down her thighs.

After a moment the photographer suggested she clean up and she wiped that dripping cum off her thigh with her finely manicured fingers and licked them clean for the cameras, the photographer asked, or perhaps told her that she wanted to wear a blindfold like she had asked earlier, and even though she couldn't remember asking, she got really excited at the idea and knelt on the bed shivering in excitement as he put the tight, heavy blindfold on her and whispered into her ear, but again she didn't really make out what he said.

The photographer had been great with this photoshoot and this she was sure was the best boudoir photo session ever. Susan was convinced it would turn Matt on like nothing before had ever done, but it just needed something else and she said so to the photographer "How about a couple of male models pretend to fuck me" she joked. Then in a more seriously manner, eagerly asked "Seeing me with two men might really turn Matt on, can you arrange it?"

She heard him leave for a moment and return with someone, he told her that he had with him two of his professional male models from another photoshoot and even though she was just an amateur, they had agreed to allow her to pose with them. She heard him bring them in and stand them on either side of her as she knelt on the bed, she could feel their presence looming over her and without thinking about it reached out tentatively with her hands and ran them up each guys leg on either side of her, until she found what she was looking for, their large, rock hard cocks and she began to slowly stroke them as she felt her pussy tingle in anticipation as these guys were huge.
She knew the photographer was snapping away with his camera and she shivered when each of the guys placed a huge strong hand on her and pulled her top down and played with her now exposed breasts, she began to moan as they kneaded her breasts and twisted and stroked her sensitive nipples.

She was panting with lust when she felt one of them pull away and lie down beside her, and the other lifted her as if she weighed nothing with strong powerful arms. He positioned her above his buddy and she knelt on either side of huge hard muscled legs and supported herself by placing her hands on his hard chiselled chest. She knew just from running her hands across his chest, that the man was massive and well muscled, then she felt what had to his wide cock head resting at the entrance of her pussy and felt another large cock press lightly on her lips. She had never felt so aroused or filthy in her life, Matt would love seeing this she thought to herself.

The photographer took a few shots from angles and she was sure she heard him say something, but then he added that these where great and it definitely looked like she was about to get fucked.

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