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A fictional biography of a contented man.

I then made my way back up the stairs to the room to change into my next costume while the Joanne was on doing her spot. I think she was really pissed off because she is normally one of the rudest girls you could come across in the business. She is known for getting guys to stick their fingers up her cunt and I can tell you she gets really wet into the bargain. Due to her operation she was told to rest for a while until her cunt healed up, then she could work as normal..... in the meantime I agreed to do "blue" shows until she was able to.

I had just got changed into my next outfit a fantastic creation of stiff, black lace and silver sequins, when Dave the organiser knocked on the door. "I've come to pay you the money for your show, and I'd like a bit of business with you myself" of course I knew he meant he'd like to fuck me himself before I went down to perform my grand finale with his lads downstairs. He undressed himself and I instructed him to make himself comfy on the bed, he was slim, muscly and sun-tanned, I lay down beside him and began stroking his cock it didn't need much encouragement before it was really rising to the occasion. I took it in my hand and began wanking it slowly, downstairs Jenny's music was finishing then I heard the applause I kept on wanking him slowly, condom at the ready. Next thing the doors burst open in walked Jenny, naked, sweaty and randy as well; Christ did she look envious when she saw me straddling over his face holding onto his cock with both hands. She just couldn't resist coming over to the bed and taking his erect cock in her mouth. The silly thing was the he didn't even realise that it wasn't me! He started writhing in pleasure, his breathing grew heavier and deeper his stomach was rising in ecstasy I reached for a condom and hurriedly slipped it over his prick then mounted him, in two strokes he came, groaning and wailing as if it were the last fuck he was ever going to have.

I ended my second spot by sticking my stocking up my sopping wet cunt ....... I had unzipped a few of the guys flies to have a look at what they'd got, I had lined up one of my own, but the organiser and the assembled audience had someone in mind of their own. A stupid-looking nerd of about 25 years old, dark hair, and equally dark clinic glasses - did he look a tosser or what?

I entered the room for the "blue" spot dressed in tight pink lycra swimsuit; I went straight for him, pulled him by the arm to stand up. Then I promptly removed his shirt and pulled down his jeans while he struggled with his trainers. I lay him on the floor for all to see he was obviously the butt of everyone's jokes, anyway it was too late now. I started stroking his prick which amazingly grew to an incredible size, much to amazement of the audience. I quickly pulled a condom over his cock and then sat on it, up and down I bounced so they could all see his cock going in and out everyone was shouting and he fucked faster and faster and so did I - believe me I was so randy! The next thing the guy groaned and opened his mouth wide in delight as I squeezed on his penis deep inside me. I lifted myself off him and removed the condom I started to wank his cock within seconds he shot his load all over my tits his mates went wild at the show we'd put on were dead sick because they'd thought he'd be a nerd and mess it up. Of course by now a few of his mates fancied their chances also - they asked me to perform again - I was feeling so horny I had no hesitation!

I went back up the stairs to wash my pussy and get changed I could hear all the other guys queuing for the bathroom which was next door to the room I got changed in - they

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