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He then stalked to the bathroom door and paused, his eyes greedily taking in the sight before him.

Stewie stood in the shower, water cascading over the honey-tinted, lithe body making the young man look like an exotic water nymph. Jaze relished the glorious nudity of the form before him, knowing he would never tire of the sight. Although heat pooled in the older man's groin and his flesh tightened and twitched in appreciation, Jaze was in no hurry to become re-aroused. He had plans for after dinner and getting aroused again, so soon, could interfere with those plans. With a fortifying breath, Jaze quickly stripped off his clothes and squeezed in close to his beautiful young lover. Both men relished the intimacy, touching and caressing each other freely. Jaze resisted the temptation to minister to Stewie's half hard flesh. Instead, he kissed the smaller man before urging them out of the shower to dry off. The men simply donned sleep pants and tops once dry and headed to the kitchen.

Stewie's culinary skills were non-existent, but Jaze enjoyed cooking. He directed Stewie into dicing up salad to accompany the already prepared home-made lasagne. Allowing Stewie to chop happily, Jaze left the younger man to continue saying he would ensure the fire was fully built up before preparing garlic bread. As Jaze had predicted, Stewie was so engrossed by the task allotted to him, he failed to notice the additional activity Jaze engaged in when tending to the fire.

Returning to the kitchen area, pleased with his preparations, Jaze waited for a suitable opportunity to put his arms around Stewie's trim waist. He rested his head on the smaller man's shoulder and sighed with contentment.

"I love you," he murmured quietly. "I know it's just been a few months but I can't envisage life without you."

"Same here, lover," Stewie agreed putting his hands over Jaze's, loving the way his older lover surrounded him. He tilted his head in silent offering and Jaze kissed his way up the proffered throat and then the lush lips. He wanted a slow, gradual build up of sexual tension.

They teased and bantered with each other and throughout the meal, they trading caresses and kisses that grew more heated and prolonged. By the time they had finished eating, Stewie's bright blue eyes were darkened with the same desire that smouldered in Jaze's hazel orbs.

"Put the dishes in the sink, love," Jaze directed. "Then join me by the fire."

Stewie complied with his lover and then came round the settee to join the older man. As he gazed down, his breath caught and his expressive eyes widened. Unconsciously he licked at suddenly dry lips. Jaze lay naked and hard in front of the fire, his eyes so dark as to be black as he slowly stroked his impressive length. Stewie felt saliva flood his mouth and he wanted to taste the bigger man. To Stewie, Jaze was the epitome of masculinity. Dark hair covered the broad chest and through which two prominent, dark pink nipples peeked. It then dusted over the toned abdomen. Beneath his navel a trail of dark hair led to a lush dark pubic pelt of curls that framed the solid shaft that beckoned to the younger man. Next to Jaze's raw maleness, Stewie often felt like a boy pretending to be a man, but recognised that Jaze truly loved him the way he was. His slender physique belied his strength. His slender, hairless chest boasted twin dark discs that Jaze found totally irresistible and Stewie had never known could be a source of such erotic pleasure. Stewie's slender rod was already jutting proudly from its small nest of blond curls.

"Your body is perfection, love," Jaze purred seductively as though reading the younger man's mind. "Absolutely gorgeous, come here, lover."

As soon as Stewie took another step forward, he froze again and gasped with unexpected pleasure.

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