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Wild west lady seeks help from Miss Kitty.

I then looked at Bruce and said, "OK, you're on."

Bruce smiled and offered me more wine and suggested we take short break before we start and I agreed nervously. As I sat naked on the coffee table facing Bruce, I could feel the wetness below kicking into full gear. As Bruce sipped his wine, he pulled out six one hundred dollar bills and placed them into my duffle bag next to me. Bruce then toasted my glass with his and said, "Here is to a multitude of orgasms." As I drank from my glass I realized there was no agreement on how many orgasms and how long he would use my two vibrators on me. I also realized there were two vibrators and I had no idea if he would elect to place one in my ass, after all it was anything he wanted, he just couldn't use his penis.

Bruce broke my thoughts by taking the glass from my hand and then asking I stand and backup to him again and spread my legs just as wide as before.

As I got into position, with my legs spread wide apart and my hands firmly planted on the coffee table, Bruce brought his face right up between my ass cheeks and I jumped and let out a little whine as his lips met my asshole. Bruce then kissed it several times and then began to lick. God it felt good and I closed my eyes taking in every sensation that it was giving me. He then licked lower across my wet pussy and I moaned out loud and shook just a bit. I then heard a buzzing sound and before I knew what was coming, I felt a finger that was just lightly vibrating, touch just the very tip of my clit. I looked down and could see Bruce had reached below his chin with one of the vibrators and held it pressed between his forefinger and thumb, causing his finger to lightly buzz as he gently touched my clit with the tip of his forefinger. It didn't take me long to realize as I started to moan uncontrollably, that Bruce was a pro at this and I wasn't going to just have a massive orgasm and be at worst, off to the next. Instead he was taking full control over my body and soon enough my mind, as this could quickly become a form of torture.

Bruce let me moan and drop copious amounts of nectar from my pussy onto his tongue for the next ten minutes or so, every so often removing his vibrating finger from my growing clit and then replacing it until my body would again give away all of its intentions and then he would again remove it. I was just getting ready to beg when he stopped licking my lower pussy while keeping his finger either on or close to my clit. Bruce then took the other vibrator and slid it easily into my pussy, in fact it went in so easily I became slightly embarrassed and said out loud, "God....., you're making me so wet......", as if to explain why. I groaned a little louder as Bruce spun it around and moved it side to side rather than in and out. Before I could even get going at all on it, he removed it and placed it at the door of my virgin asshole.

Now I say virgin, but I only say it in the sense that I don't usually and haven't for a long time had anything in my ass, so as he pressed it forward and my asshole began to expand, I did get a little verbal. Bruce being the master he was, headed me off at the pass and pushed the other vibrator that was humming away between his fingers, into my pussy and pushed it to the front against my G spot. As I moaned and my body headed for a much needed orgasm, the vibrator at the ring of my asshole was pushed into my ass to the depth he desired while at almost the same instance, he pulled the one in my pussy out and turned it off.

I groaned partially to frustration and partially to the full feeling inside my ass as Bruce then raised the vibrator that had been in my pussy to my clit and rubbed it gently saying, "You'll get it back, I promise.

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