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College senior gets some unexpected help from her prof.

We ordered another round of drinks and Clyde and Susan brought them over to us, as it was late and we were the only people there Peter told Clyde to shut the bar, if we needed any more we would help ourselves. Susan then said she was ready to retire, Peter asked Clyde to run her to our bungalow in the buggy and they left us to it.

About 15 minutes later the heavens opened and we ran for cover under the pool bar roof, we decided to end the card game and call it a night and at that the rain stopped, so I made a move and walked back to the bungalow.

The walk was very pleasant, the rain had cooled the air, listening to the sea and the rustle of the palms, our bungalow was the last one along the beach, reaching the door I noticed the porch light was off and I could faintly hear the heart beat rhythm of reggae music. I put my ear to the door listened and realised that the music was coming from inside, it was then that I saw the rear of the golf buggy partially hidden amongst the bushes further down the path.

I knew that we didn't have any reggae CDs so where? And then it hit me, Susan must have invited Clyde into the bungalow, but why hide the buggy and why was the porch light off? To this day I don't know why I didn't put the key in the door and go in. Instead I walked to the rear of the bungalow to see if the patio doors were open, they were not and the louvered blinds had been pulled down!

I started to panic, my mind working at hyper speed thinking of all the possible scenarios I would find inside, I saw a chink of light coming from a bottom corner of one door, I worked my way through the bushes until I reached the door, kneeling on the ground I peered inside.

What I saw was crushing to me, I think my heart almost stopped beating, it was if I had been turned to stone.

Susan and Clyde were dancing to the music but it was the way in which they were dancing that shocked me the most, he was standing close behind her, his hands on her hips, he was spooning her as they undulated to the hypnotic beat and there was no gap between them, they were moulded as one.

The urge to stop it was strong, I had to stop them but Susan did something to prevent me even moving, even if I had wanted to. Her hands slid up her body onto her neck and then undid the neck tie of her dress and slowly pulled the soft clinging material down her body until she got to her hips exposing her small pert breasts, the nipples already aroused and hard.

Clyde's large hands slid up her naked torso, cupping her breasts, his long slender fingers gently pulling and rolling her nipples making them even harder, her mouth opened wide, she arched her neck back against him, their bodies fused into one again, undulating in time with the music. I was like a rabbit caught in the headlights

I couldn't take my eyes of them, my mind was in turmoil, my brain telling me to stop them but my body was betraying the underlying feeling of erotica as I watched them , my own cock was hard and throbbing. Without realising what was happening to me I undid my trousers, pulled my boxers down and started to jerk myself off.

I became oblivious to everything around me except the highly sexed and erotic tableau that was unfolding before my eyes of my beautiful wife performing this highly charged ritual dance with this tall good looking black guy.

As I watched in awe Susan then peeled the bunched part of her dress over her hips and let it fall to the floor, another shock coursed through me, she was naked and had even shaved her pussy, oh my god. She kicked the dress away and parted her beautiful slim legs; Clyde needed no other invitation as he slid one hand down her undulating body, over her flat stomach and covered her naked pussy.

She reached behind her and grabbed his clothing pulling him even closer, she must have felt his hard cock pressing into her, as I watched in anticipation he then slid 2 fingers into her vagina which I had no doubt was already wet with her own juice, he then started to finger her.

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