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Lacey is a slut for the night to become a sorority sister.

Jeanna is in control (I've heard that she used to be a full-time dominatrix), with her fetish boots and horrible earrings, as she eats this woman out. Zara and Amber play with and suck on some vibrators, but what the hell is Peter North doing here? He crawls in with his sunglasses on and is soon giving the busty Latina some doggie action on the steps. They switch to reverse cowgirl, and Peter looks like he's weighing two melons as he balances her tits in his hands. There is, of course, a big facial at the end.

Zara is now at poolside somewhere with Marc Wallice. There is lots of footage of him eating her puss while she leans against a wall. She lovingly sucks him, and then humps the head of his dick before getting some doggie action against the aforementioned wall. She rides him cowgirl-style while he's halfway in the pool, which must've been hell on his shoulders. He cums on her flat belly.

We get a nice scene with Racquel Darrian and some lucky so-and-so at a fetish fashion shoot. She looks great as she sucks him, and he's ready to blow any second, judging by his clenched fists. There's some doggie style hair pulling, more screwing on stairs, and a good cumshot on her chest and face. Next is a lame scene involving Zara and some guy with a bad mullet who looks like a member of Styx painting these two cute girls. Zara also gets some paint splashed on her. There's some cunnilingus, and Mr. Mullet jacks off.

Randy "Blake" West, dressed like a country singer, has sex with Zara and the busty Latina while Amber watches and fucks herself (looking great as she does so). There's some double head for Randy, wheelbarrow and doggie for Zara, and tit fucking and a facial for the Latina. Next, Sanda Scream does a great strip tease and ends up groping with another hot blond. There's lots of hot tit grinding on a couch, and great breast and pussy worship by Sandra, but this scene is painfully short. It could've been the best of the film.

It ends with Zara in a Dracula cape having sex with Savannah. Zara does her with a vibrator, but there's no pussy eating! Savannah gives Zara the vibe treatment, but ends it just as it's getting hot. "I guess art really does imitate life," Zara says as the film ends. If this film is anything to go by, I haven't been to the right art galleries. This is one of Blake's worst efforts. Stick with Night Trips 1 and 2 instead.

Dirty Books is a short but sweet VCA film starring: Ashlyn Gere, Mike Horner (sans cheesy mustache), Tiffany Million, Ona Zee, Jonathan Morgan, and Kelly O'Dell. Ashlyn inherits a bookstore and, at the suggestion of her accountant (Jonathan Morgan), sells porn to keep it afloat. She gets hot checking out porn mags and bangs Morgan - the man who looks like a doll - while claiming that her screenwriter husband, Horner, doesn't give her enough sex. You can't help but notice Ashlyn's big earrings, but they are soon forgotten as she's sucking his balls. There are great shots of her face as he fucks her in the wheelbarrow position. She dives for his crotch and gets a sloppy facial (he didn't appear to be quite ready). In the store, we can see Ashlyn on a poster for Chameleons (Not the Sequel). Tiffany Million comes in, and is funny as a nervous customer. She decides to preview The Opening of Misty Beethoven, and grabs a vibrator and dildo on the way. Her pussy is shaved bald and she's got some nice guns (she keeps her body in prime shape). She is soon plunging both toys into her, humping the dildo on a stool, and putting the dildo and two fingers in her ass.

Ashlyn and Mike share some bedtime, and we have another man flaccid as a porn star is sucking him.

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