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The author's path to womanhood.

when you are giving us stress relief?"

"I heard that."

Ellen was pulling on a tee shirt as she came into the kitchen, but stopped and instead took off her bra. The finest tits in Colorado marched across the room and into my chest.

In her best silky voice, she whispered, "Yes, Lucas, when I'm just about to come and the alarm goes off, then what?"

Bending, I took a ripe nipple in my mouth and worked it over for a moment, then responded, "Why, of course, I give you a terrific swat on your ass, you scream, and the alarm stops."

A voice from across the room said, "Lucas, that is not the right answer." Lyn was standing in the doorway, dropping the last of the clothes she had just put on. "You haven't touched us in days, and the three coming this afternoon are sure to attack as soon as they arrive. Isn't it time to demonstrate that you are not totally useless?"

The others were staring at the athletic body and reaching for their buttons. Oh boy, I'm in trouble. These were the bodies that were going to destroy me on the hill in a few more weeks.

"Wait. Hold on. You are absolutely right, but I'm not screwing anyone in this miserable rented house. It looks like a nice fall day. What about a lunch with benefits?"

Heads nodded and clothes went back on. Ellen kissed under my ear and asked if I was going to chase her and take her in the forest?

I mumbled, "We need to talk."

Her fingers pinched the front of my jeans, "Not before my benefits!"

During the morning, it was decided that I was the lunch mule, and Richard was asked to guard the machines so that C-M could come along on the hike. The four women disappeared up the trail in a hurry, showing their pentup energies. I guessed that I was supposed to be conserving my energy for the benefit part of lunch. All the plants along the path were brown with frost, although the sun still warmed us in the midday.

When I arrived at what was now known as the WIL official log, they were topless and giggling.

"Lucas, this is so much fun after that nasty attack business. Are you really going to do us?"

Two blankets and a tablecloth made a cozy spot. I passed out sandwiches with throaty growls which didn't intimidate anyone. I sat in the middle and feinted with them. Mely tried growling back and was pulled into my lap for punishment.

"You want to be first? You are going to ride me in front of your friends? I thought you were a woman with standards?"

My ears grabbed fiercely, she applied a torrid kiss as others made my shorts disappear and stroked what they found beneath.

"Lucas," she hissed, "I'm wet as can be. You are going in there right now!"

We had hardly gotten tight when she howled as loudly as she could. "Yesssss!"

I pushed her back and attacked the dusky Italian boobs, not sparing my teeth. "Yes, yes, yes. Ahhhh!" She shuddered her climax as Lyn elbowed her way ahead of C-M and pushed Amelia to the side.

"You don't mind if I am happy-bouncy, do you? I just love the way you look after your architect, Lucas!"

Her not very tan jock body was in constant motion. I was about to come with this treatment. The friction on my cock was unbelievable. I leaned forward and finished her with a flurry of missionary thrusts that put me over the top at the same time she screamed her own release.

Minutes later, Catherine eyed the limpness of my slimy weapon and declared a recess. "He's finished for a while. Needs to recoup. Let's eat and talk about getting to Thanksgiving."

Five naked bodies munched and relaxed in the sun. Ellen announced, "Lucas, I'm taking my benefits tonight, so you only have to deal with C-M here. I realize that is a challenge."

Marie, my original lover, stared at me with a knowing look. Invited to her bed after climbing Rainier together and never looking back. The fierce French woman who made things work by talent and force of will. I pulled her tight and kissed her ear.

Arm around my neck, she said, "We don't have to do this here. I'm not like that young kid who was bouncing on you."

While Lyn was complaining loudly, C-M was raised in my arms and lowere

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