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She meets him in a club, he takes her home.

Per introduced Yvonne to Odette' and explained that he wanted her transformed into his house slut.
Odette turned to Yvonne. "Are you prepared to be his house slut? Are you willing to do this of your own accord? Because, if you are not prepared for this role, I cannot be successful."

"Oh, yes maam. Definitely!" she answered.

"Good!" Odette responded. Odette continued by explaining that first they would find a couple of outfits for Yvonne to wear around the house. Then they would focus on clothes for going out in, and then finally move into the naughtier clothing. She sent Colleen into the dressing room with some guidance on what to start with, and had Per take a seat on the lounger, and Yvonne sitting next to her on a couch.

The first outfit Colleen modeled consisted of slacks and a top. The slacks were very tight through the crotch, clearly outlining the shape of Colleen's mound and pussy lips. The top buttoned down the front. Per Odette's instructions Colleen wore no bra underneath, and had only buttoned the bottom couple of buttons, providing ample viewing of her cleavage. The material was silk, and as it rubbed over Colleen's nipples they hardened from the sensuous feel of the silk.

Colleen strolled around the room as she had been instructed by Odette, pausing in front of Per and doing a pirouette allowing him to see the complete impression.

"I think I'd like to see her legs," Per offered.

"Go put on the short shorts with that top," Odette ordered.

Colleen did as instructed, changing into a pair of pink short shorts. The waist was low cut, and the bottom revealed a considerable portion of her ass cheeks when viewed from behind. They were tight, and Colleen adjusted the crotch, per the previous instructions from Odette, so that the crotch of the shorts slipped between her pussy lips, allowing the labia to be completely visible outside of the shorts. In this position, as Colleen walked, the material rubbed her pussy lips and her clit, causing the intended reaction. Her already moist pussy responded by getting even wetter. As hot as she was, she wanted to finger herself to an orgasm, but she knew that Odette would not approve. She smiled inwardly reflecting on how her most erotic of fantasies were all occurring on this trip to Amsterdam. And, she didn't want them to end. She was hoping and expecting to have several orgasms that evening, but she knew that they would occur whenever and with whomever Odette dictated. The thought caused her pussy to moisten even more, and her juices started oozing around the thin material of the shorts. She touched up her makeup and as she did so she wondered which of the three she would be having sex with. Per was extremely handsome, and he just oozed power. And Yvonne was innocently cute, and boy was she hot. Realizing that she had become very bi, Colleen moaned at the thought of lapping at Yvonne's cunt. And it would be so hot to do it in front of Odette and Per. Maybe one of them would fuck her while she was doing Yvonne.

Colleen sashayed back into the display room, and imitating the best runway walk she could do, she walked straight toward Per. She could feel her juices start to drip down her inner thighs, and she knew that all of them would know how wet she was. As much as she wanted to look him straight in the eye and see his reaction, she had to behave as a slut, which meant keeping her eyes down and submissive. When she was one step short of bumping into him, she stopped. Keeping her eyes glued on the floor, she struck several poses, starting with more natural poses, but quickly moving to naughty poses. When she turned away from him and bent over, making the short shorts stretch tightly over her asscheeks, he reached out and stroked her ass.

"May I, Odette?" he asked.

"But, of course, the usual house rules apply. I assume the same goes with your little slut as well?" Odette responded.

"Absolutely!" He continued, "Now, Yvonne, the house rules are that any of our guests can touch our toy in any way they want with the

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