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s we are the police!"

Kristy bridled. After all she'd done to escape her tawdry beginnings, she was now being taken for the very type of person she had hated so much. She still vividly remembered the taunts and sneers aimed at her by hookers loitering on street corners as she made her way home from school. Sneering because her family didn't have enough money to buy her new clothes and she'd had to dress in cast-offs. There and then she had determined to make something of herself and leave the misery and humiliation as far behind her as she could. The conversation of the police officers brought it all crashing back to her.

Head bowed, her shoulders shaking slightly in reaction, she nevertheless refused to let the officers see how much their comments were affecting her. Closely watching her on the monitors, Maddox nodded to herself. Yes, she had been right about this one. She was a perfect candidate. She picked up the phone.

"You were right," she said to the person on the other end. "She should be perfect for your needs!"

"Very well," the voice said, "Go through the motions of charging her with supplying & distributing drugs. I'll post the bail and send it down by courier. Once you receive it, bring her up to the house."

"I get right onto it," Maddox assured her contact.

Without further ado, Maddox strode down to the cell block.

"Bring the prisoner to my desk," she told the officers. "She's to be charged with supplying Class A drugs."

"But I told you who I was!" Kristy protested.

"Listen lady," Maddox said, "just because you're carrying a business card doesn't mean you're not also a drug dealer. You were caught right next to several kilos of cocaine and in my book that makes you guilty! So shut up and get your ass up to my desk!"

Still sniggering, the officers unlocked the cell door, and cuffing Kristy's hands behind her back, shoved her up the stairs in front of them.

Kristy couldn't believe what was happening to her. In the space of one evening, she had gone from the peak of triumph to the humiliation of being arrested and jailed as a common criminal! In shock, she sat down at Maddox' desk and numbly answered the questions put to her. She didn't even have the energy to protest when her fingers were inked and her prints taken. Suddenly the phone on the desk rang. Maddox picked it up, listened for a moment, said "very well," and replaced the receiver.

"Well Ms McCall, it seems like you have a benefactor!" she informed Kristy. "They've just posted your bail, no small feat considering it was set at $250,000!"

Kristy felt faint with relief. Finally things were turning around. It had to be Carlos! Finally, the bastard was doing something right!

Maddox rose from her seat behind the desk and pulled Kristy to her feet.

"Come with me," she said, pushing Kristy ahead of her.

Caught momentarily off-guard, Kristy allowed herself to be steered out of the station and into a waiting car. An officer tapped Maddox on the shoulder. "We found this evidence in the hotel suite" he said, handing over a small package. Maddox thanked him and entered the car.

Finally becoming aware that the car was speeding through the dark, but not in the direction of her hotel, Kristy turned her head to Maddox, who was sitting next to her.

"Where are we going?" she asked.

"You'll find out in due course" Maddox informed her impassively.

The car eventually drew up in front of a pair of finely wrought gates. Maddox rolled down the window and typed a code into the number pad set into the pillar. The gates smoothly and silently swung open, allowing the car to pass through.

Kristy was now starting to worry. She had left the relative safety of the police station without protesting, assuming that she was being taken home. Now she was handcuffed and at the mercy of Detective Maddox, being driven to an unknown house where the woman was obviously either expected or a regular visitor!

The car drew to a halt in front of an impressive mansion house and Maddox stepped out and then turned, obviously expecting Kristy to follow.

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