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Cassie gets into a mock fight with her girlfriend.

A tingle of excitement ran through his body. A couple of years ago, Steve had helped convert an old railway carriage into sleeping accomodation, and 1a was the largest of the six berths, a double room no less.

Kat opened the door and turned on the light, its dim rays illuminating the dark wooden panelling and the deep red of the plush carpet. As Steve gently closed the door behind them he saw Kat kick off her shoes and lay back on the bed, giving him a come-hither look that bypassed his eyes, his brain, and went straight to his cock.

Instantly hard, Steve stepped slowly towards her. She raised a finger as if to scold him. "No boots on the bed," she said mockingly, "it's the rules, you know."

Steve reluctantly stepped into the tiny washroom and with some difficulty removed his dusty boots. He sighed as he slid the tight pants down his legs, brushing his stiff member as he did so. He took off his trousers and unbuttoned his shirt, and as he stepped back into the bedroom he saw that Kat was now face down on the bed struggling with the full length zipper of her dress. Steve straddled her, one knee either side of her round bottom, and slowly eased the zipper down.

He kissed her shoulders, and softly brushed her hair aside and began planting soft kisses on the back of her neck. As the zipper went lower, he followed with his lips, teasing and brushing her skin. "Ohhhh..." whispered Kat as he sent a shiver down her spine.

As the zipper reached the bottom of the dress he gently eased both sides apart and began running his hands over her naked back. Kat wasn't wearing a bra, and her black g-string gave Steve a first-class view of the soft curves of her bottom. "That's a fine ass you've got there," whispered Steve. Kat turned her head round and as Steve leaned forward to kiss her, she felt his hard cock press into her, and she thrust backwards, applying firm pressure which made him sigh before their lips melted together in a frenzy of passion.

Steve rolled off and lay on his side as Kat shrugged the dress off, and turned to face him. She grabbed his hands with hers, and firmly placed them on her breasts. Steve felt the soft flesh under his palms and squeezed gently, before leaning forward to kiss Kat firmly on the lips. Before she had a chance to kiss him back, his lips moved on, across her neck, before gently nibbling her earlobe, as he drew in a breath, he caught a whiff of her perfume, stronger than ever, and mixed with the fresh scent of her hair, and the warm glow of her near-naked body, it made his whole body twitch with love and lust for her. As he exhaled, Kat felt the cool sensation on her ear and neck and shuddered with pure pleasure. Her fingernails raked Steve's back as his mouth moved lower. She grabbed his butt with both hands, squeezing hard as he cupped her soft breasts, before gently drawing one of her nipples into his mouth.

As he gently circled her breast with his tongue, he felt her nipple harden so he rolled his tongue around it, then kissed, licked, and gently nibbled his way across her heaving breast and slowly circled again before gently suckling the other nipple, which was now erect, pushing into his mouth as his eager lips devoured her. "I love you Steve," she whispered, almost breathlessly as he moved his lips towards hers. He kissed her quickly and then drew away.

"I love you too, Kat," murmured Steve, as he began to unbutton his shirt.

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