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Robbie realizes the Vacation House saga is just beginning.

Stephan looked slightly younger than his age, and was tall and gangly, with an unkempt goatee.

Bear went on, 'And this is my little brother Tom, down from university for the weekend, who has seen far more pornography than is good for him, but very little that doesn't have a staple through it'. Ah, that explained why I felt I recognised Tom. He had his brother's same rich chocolate skin and features, but without Bear's muscles.

'And this, gentlemen, is my flatmate, Christine, the most innocent looking complete slut you are ever likely to be lucky enough to meet in your life'. I could see Tom's brow furrow as he prepared to leap to my defence, and I had to cut in.

'Why thank you, kind sir', I said, and curtsied, using the hem of the t-shirt and flashing my knickers. I giggled and settled myself onto Stephan's lap, before leaning back, giving him a peck on the cheek and breathing 'Happy birthday' in his ear. He blushed, which I thought was terribly sweet.

Bear got up and put on the video. Where I was Stephan wasn't going to be able to see much, so lay down across the sofa of them. The two newcomers didn't know what to do with their hands, and held them uncertainly in the air, so I grabbed Stephan's free hand and placed it on my thigh. 'It's okay', I said, 'I'm not china'. Tom slowly followed suit, resting his hands on my legs.

Bear came back and lifted me a little to get into his seat. Now I was laid across the three of them, my head resting on the arm, my ass in Stephan's lap, and Tom with his arms folded across my legs. Quite comfortable, I settled down to watch the video.

It was pretty much what I had been expecting. Terrible acting, poor excuse for a plot, took simply ages for anyone to get their cock out. There were lots of shots of naked breasts bouncing up and down, which did make me uncomfortable as I am never that confident about the size of my own breasts. I was a little bored, to tell the truth, and despite not being much of a beer drinker I was getting through mine fairly fast.

I only really started to get interested when I became aware that the guys were beginning to get aroused. Tom was absent-mindedly stroking my legs, and Stephan was doing the same ever so slightly with the tip of one finger at the hem of my knickers, as if to try and not be noticed. Bear was slowly coming to life underneath my arm; he kept shifting himself to try and get comfortable as his huge member uncoiled itself in his pants.

The girl on-screen was now naked, and the camera zoomed in to take a close-up of between her legs. That was more like it. Bear's cock twitched beneath me. Stephan licked his lips, and took another swig of beer, not taking his eyes off the screen. Now the girl on screen was being fondled, a hand moving aside her pink cunt lips, and fingering her opening slowly. Even through his jeans I could feel the pulsing of Bear's cock.

I put down the empty bottle on the floor and wriggled down the sofa. Now my cheek was resting against it. It also meant that my t-shirt was pushed up just under my breasts. Stephan slowly moved his hand to rest on them casually, and Tom's were now resting on my knickers. I stayed that way, quietly, not moving a muscle, for a while until I was sure they were still watching the video. The guy on-screen had his dick out, and the girl began to suck it noisily.

I could do much better. I moved my head back onto Bear's stomach and slowly, link by link, pulled down his fly. Then I quietly reached in my hand and pulled out his cock, finally coming out with a jerk and slapping me on the cheek as it came back down. Bear made not a sound.

His cock was even bigger than I remembered it.

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