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Bethany goes shopping & meets friendly assistant manager.


"No...!" I cried, twisting against my restraint. My brain, meanwhile, was only just grasping the magnitude of his plan. //My God,// I thought, //he's going to knock me up, then blackmail me into keeping his baby!// "Oh God, Ken," I screamed, "please don't make me do this! I'll suck you off -- I'll make it good -- I'll make you come!"

"Indeed you will, Sis, in due time. Now just shut up," Ken said, pushing my knees apart. Practically feeling the bulls-eye on my womb, I watched him bend over me again, then start to kiss my tits and belly. I went wild, well aware that my cunt was drooling with hunger. He rubbed my pussy again, then lowered his head between my legs to suck and lap at my juice-slathered hole. I'd never allowed Jack to eat me, rightly fearing the loss of control I was feeling right now. With Ken, I had no choice. "Ah, fuck!" I cried, helplessly as his tongue took me over the edge to a climax. Like a raging fire, pleasure swept through my pelvis and abdomen, and I tried to thrust my hips against his face, even as he ate me to orgasm after orgasm. Finally -- thankfully -- he let me rest.

With his face wet with my cum, he looked up at me triumphantly. "Wound up enough, little girl?" he taunted. "I think I can lose the handcuffs ... you're not going anywhere." A moment later, he unfastened the cuffs, then returned to my pussy. I was startled -- I didn't think he'd go at it again. Involuntarily I wrapped my legs around his head, clawing at his hair with my fingers. "Oh, fuck! Oh fuck!" I screemed; "you're making me come...!" My climax was all the harder knowing a camera was watching us -- watching a sophisticated young lawyer reduced to a rutting woman getting just what she had denied so long she needed. I wailed as his tongue stabbed into my overheated pussy, and nearly passed out from one long continuous orgasm.

While I was still recovering from my fourth (?) orgasm, Ken slid around so his hips were over my head, and I soon found his cock in my mouth. It was nice -- a seven-inch baby-maker, bigger than Jack's, and oozing pre-cum. I could feel its warmth when I started to suck it, something I hadn't done for a man since Jack and I were dating. Feeling my lips and tongue on his shaft, Ken humped his hips to fuck my mouth. I wondered if I could sate him or make him incapable of knocking me up. I hoped so and gave him all I had, bobbing my head up and down beneath his dangling shaft, and trying to pull all the dangerous sperm from his heavy-hanging nut-sack. He gave me as good as he got in the meantime -- licking and sucking at my puss -- but soon I could tell he was going to come. "Oh, fuck," he said, stiffening; "swallow it, bitch -- if you don't want Hubby to find out."

Suddenly, I felt him start to come -- squirting across my tongue -- and I winced as I tried to keep sucking him. I really did feel like a slut now -- rivers of spunk poured into my mouth, creamy-thick and bitter -- and I finally had to take his cock out of my mouth so I could swallow his load. It felt slimy, sliding down my throat, but I swallowed every drop, holding his still-oozing cock off to one side.

"Not bad, for an amateur cocksucker" Ken commented cruelly, looking down at me. "Once we've got that little tummy of yours nice and round, we'll have to make this a regular thing." Spent -- for the moment -- he went back to sucking my pussy. My hopes rose, but his mouth on my sex was so arousing I hardly realized I was playing with his cock, making him hard again.

Yet another orgasm flooded over me and when I opened my eyes Ken had turned around to lie down beside me. "Like this," he said and pulled me over on top of him. "So there'll be no doubt you wanted me to make you a mommy," he laughed, helping to lift me up on my knees. I was still giddy from the drugged sherry and my orgasms, but I managed to guide his cock-head into the mouth of my pussy before I sank down on top of him, letting the shaft sink suddenly deep inside me. "Oh, you're so big, so hard!" I whimpered, starting to hump him.


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