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Dave and Tanya meet up with Geoff, Siân, Steve and Jan

So, as expected, he didn't like her very much, if only she knew what he was doing that very moment.

Tiffany went back to watching her show, her slave below her feet, right where he belongs. Every once in a while, Hunter would shed a tear and Tiffany would wipe it of his cheek with her big toe; never forgetting to bully him every time she felt like it. "Little crybaby!" "How pathetic." "No wonder you never had a girlfriend you little perv." were the kind of things she would say.

The chic flic came to an end. Tiffany was starting to get sleepy. She finally turned her phone off and got up. She stood over her brother and said "You can spit that out now." Hunter spit his boxers out and started panting, slightly relieved, as much as one could be given the situation. He couldn't face his sister and tried his hardest to avoid her gaze. "Look at me." She ordered. Using her foot, Tiff moved her brother's face, forcing him to face her. "You were well behaved today. For that, you get one kiss." She arched her foot and touched Hunter's lips with the part of her sole right below her toes. "Only one. Make sure you enjoy it."

With the camera off, he was more at ease, and for the first time, his cock started to get hard. Hunter's lips made a slight smacking sound as he kissed the sole of his sister's foot. A chub erupted. Satisfied, Tiffany flashed a closed lip smile and said "Good boy. Clean this up and go to bed, you have my permission to jerk off tonight. I'd order you to think only of me, but let's be honest, you'll be doing that whether I tell you to or not." She left her slave lying on the ground and walked to her room. Her pussy dripping, she quickly undressed herself, got in bed and played with her clit for a good ten minutes. After orgasming, she fell into a deep sleep.

Hunter remained obedient to his sister. He cleaned everything, went straight to bed and started touching himself while thinking of her. What Tiffany did not know, was that Hunter still had a pair of her used sock's. He had stolen them a few weeks prior. He smelled one and wrapped the other around his cock. In a few seconds, he finished, busting a giant load on his belly and immediately passing out from the pleasure.

In the mornings, their mother would come back and everything would appear normal. Only after dinner would Tiffany have free reign over her brother who obeyed her every command. The basics were done almost to perfection; washing the dishes, cleaning the table, making sure Tiffany had all the food or drink she might desire. Beyond that, Tiffany was going to push Hunter to his limits. How much physical punishment could her slave take before he has a meltdown? How many attacks on his dignity would it take to break his spirit?

Well, both Tiffany and Chloe were quite curious. Tiffany showed her the videos and both had a good laugh about it. Torturing boys was a shared pleasure of theirs; Tiffany loved being that one girl you just can't get, the shiny object you can look at, but never touch. Chloe loved sex way too much, so she got her kicks by making boys fall in love with her, then she would sleep with them once or twice and end the relationship without saying a word or providing a reason. Leaving a collection of dented hearts.

The two brats did everything together up until the last year of high school where they got separated. But now, with a new project to work on, a new man to break, it was just like good old times and they couldn't wait to start conjuring different means of degrading that panty sniffing perv.

Chloe lived nearby, she started coming over for dinner which, for starters, made Hunter have one more plate to wash. But that was the least of his concerns. The two mistresses had decided that Hunter, by default, would be naked after dinner unless he was told otherwise. The living room is where all the training was set to occur. The girls would always wear fresh summer clothes; tops, t-shirts and shorts. Sometimes barefoot, others with socks and sometimes with sneakers.

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