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Daniel makes a startling discovery.

One time I got in trouble with him, and he taught me how to take my punishment. He said he has to punish me cause he loves me so much, and he doesn't want me to turn into a bad girl.

So when he caught me masturbating, what he did was pull down my panties and rub my bum with his big hands. I said 'daddy what are you doing?' and he said 'shhhhhh, I'm doing this for your own good. He kept rubbing and rubbing and rubbing and then he said 'I'm getting you ready, little girl." then he started slapping my bum really hard, over and over again. I made little yelps, and he just kept saying 'shhhhh' and rubbing where he stung me.

And then he said 'honey girl, I'm gonna give you a big hug now. Want to hug daddy? want to make your daddy feel nice?'

OF COURSE I wanted to give daddy a hug and make me feel better for the pain. I started crying and put my arms all the way around daddy's big chest. He rocked me back and forth and back and forth on his lap and I wrapped my legs around his waist, squeezing him close to me.

Suddenly it started feeling really good. 'Shhhh, it's okay honey girl. Daddy's gonna make you feel really nice okay.' He just kept rocking me in his lap, and he started watching TV and ignoring me while I cried on his shoulder.

"Good girl, that's right. Just hug daddy. Good girl. Yeah honey girl, just like that, back and forth, bounce in my lap just like that honey. MMMmmm yeah. Uhh. Uhh. Uhh."

I started giggling at the noises daddy was making. It made me feel weird in my tummy. He kept rocking me and watching TV and saying weird stuff like 'right there baby right there' and then suddenly I felt something hard like a pole between my open legs.

"What's that Daddy?" I said, still feeling weird in my tummy.

"It's okay honey pie. That's daddy's special present for you. It's daddy's dick honey. Just relax and I'm gonna slip it up inside you okay?"

WHAT? I squealed and daddy grabbed my waist so I couldn't escape. He started touching my hair and yanking it a little. NO DADDY NO NO NO NO---I started bouncing up and down to try and get up but daddy held me down and started moaning 'Uhh Uhh Uhh Uhh UHH UHH UHHHHH' again .

'You don't realized what you're doing to daddy' he said over and over and over, pushing my hips down and I could feel the hard thing pushing against my panties.

He put his hands up under my skirt and got a look on his face like he was really really mad at me, but then he just kept rocking me. It felt so good- I don't know how to describe it, I just didn't want him to stop.

Suddenly he said 'Okay sweetie pie are you ready?' and pulled me close to his chest. He pulled his dick out of his boxers and pulled my panties to the side.

'Close your eyes Natalie. It will hurt, but you need to be my brave girl, okay?'

I was scared, and I didn't want to move, so I hugged daddy tight while he pressed his dickhead against my little pussy hole.

'Get ready honey girl. Here it comes. Here it comes.' He said it gently and kissed my cheek.

I held still while he pushed it inside me and I felt pain pushing into my body.

'Come on honey relax. Just take it. Take it like a brave girl, okay? It's time for daddy to get his prize. Just relax and let me take what's mine. You're mine honey girl, Uhhh uhhh uhhh feel that? Uh huh? You like daddy's cock inside you okay? You like it, stop crying honey. Mmmm MMmm Mmm yeah just like that. Yeah, ride it back like that girl, come on. Just let it fill you right up. I need to fill you up little girl okay? Mmm hmm MMmmm hmm."

When I started riding it I felt so so so so good. I can't even explain it, I never felt anything like that. It's like you're filling me all the way up Daddy! DADDY DADDY I LIKE IT I LIKE IT NOOOO DADDY DON'T STOP. MMM. MMM. I LOVE DADDDDY'S COCK DEEP IN ME. I'M GONNA CUM ALL OVER DADDY'S COCK!!

"No honey," he said. "I need to get something else first. Then you can come." He flipped me over on my belly and pulled my butt up into the air and folded my skirt up, rubbing and rubbing and rubbing.

"Okay sweetheart, daddy's gonna

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