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Katie discovers a new way to pay the rent.

Snow had pushed me back against the wall almost effortlessly, and I found my lips claimed by his in a fierce kiss. I tried to catch up and figure out if I was actually into this, but my body had already made that decision for me. My arms had wrapped around his back, pulling him in tightly to me, and one of my legs had even wrapped around his by the time I realized what I was doing.

While my back was pressed flush against the wall and preventing retreat, Snow pushed his tongue forward and into my mouth. My mind had decided to go along for the moment, and so I opened up enough to allow him in. His tongue moved around, as if to claim my mouth for his own. I wasn't going to give it up without a fight, though, and I pushed my own tongue back at his, trying to push my way into his mouth.

But then it was gone. I blinked as I tried to refocus on the world. Snow's face was barely an inch from mine, and his eyes caught mine as I refocused. "Let me take a wild guess here," he said, and I once more got the sense that he was looking straight into my mind. "You like it rough, don't you?"

I blinked a couple times, as I felt a rush of warmth in my chest. Damn, was this really happening? "Er... hold on. I mean yes, but wait..." I half expected him to take me as soon as I said that, but by some miracle, he actually did wait. I didn't know how long he'd hold off though, so I scrambled to get out what I needed to say. "Okay, safe word's 'red.' I say that, you stop. You say that, I stop - and you'd better be prepared to need it. I don't plan to give up easily. And two, your swollen head is going to need protection or it's no go."

I didn't see any sign of objection from Snow, and so as soon as those words were out of my mouth, I dove back in to capture his lips in a kiss of my own. I hadn't been able to get my tongue into his mouth in our first kiss, and I wasn't planning to let him hold that over me. I reached my hand up to grab onto the back of his head and pull it in tight as I shoved my tongue forward, managing to push it into his mouth so I could claim it as my own. The element of surprise served me well here, and his mouth was mine with almost no resistance.

Snow, however, seemed to have other plans in mind. While I was preoccupied with kissing him, his hand reached down to grasp my ass, squeezing in firmly on it. Ah yeah, that's how you do it... I then sought out his lower lip in my kiss, and I pushed forward so that I could bite down on it, letting out a growl from the back of my throat. His hand squeezed in even more firmly on my ass in response, and he began to feel it up in earnest.

He'd ceded the kiss to me, but he was winning out when it came to feeling me up. Well, no reason two couldn't play at that game. I brought both of my hands down to his ass, cupping a cheek in each of my hands and giving them a good squeeze. Just as I'd hoped, this prompted a growl from him, and he pushed me back up sharply against the wall. His free hand came up to my shoulder and held it back as he pulled away from the kiss.

"Bedroom," he said simply, his eyes once more locked with mine. "Where is it?"

My lips curled up. "What, not strong enough to do it against the wall?"

A low chuckle came out of the back of Snow's throat. He leaned in and brought his lips to my ear. After a quick nip on my earlobe, he whispered into my ear, "For what I've got planned, you'll want to be lying down."
Oh damn... I breathed deeply as I tried to control the flood of heat that was spreading through my body. "Just down the hall, door at the end. But don't think I plan to make it easy for you to get me into bed."

Snow had to have been twice my weight, so I knew he had the advantage here.

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