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Susan attends her first hot tub party and plays party games.

hese leather heels make my feet smell really sweet and strong,"

AJ was about to fall out of his chair trying to please me. I took the first shoe off and dropped it beside him on the floor, then the other. He held my feet in front of his face like they were a meal on a room service tray.

"Can you smell them? I told you that those shoes just make my feet sweat like you wouldn't believe," I teased.

AJ lowered his nose down until it touched the top of my left foot and inhaled deeply. He shuddered in excitement, "Ohhh my God. I will do whatever you want Britt. I mean anything."

"What you need to do is get busy, pleasuring them. These pink toes aren't going to suck themselves. Go on, get going," I directed as I wiggled all ten of them.

AJ orally attacked my feet like he was a starving lion enjoying his kill. He sucked my toes and kissed every inch while he smelled and massaged them. He was very good at it because of his enthusiasm and attention to detail. I allowed this to continue for about 20 minutes while we would both periodically moan in pleasure.

I was ready when I seductively directed him further, "Ok, my little foot slave, it's time to get your cock out. Take your pants off and let me see him. Better yet, take all your clothes off."

As AJ released my feet, I held them up myself. He quickly unbuttoned his shirt, slid his tie off and when he was down to his black underwear, I noticed the front was covered in slimy white precum as they landed on top of the clothing pile. His cock was so hard and leaking profusely. It jetted up like a snake trying to look at the ceiling. After he sat down in the chair, I scooted forward to the edge of the table. I wrapped both feet around his sticky hard-on, trapping it inside my compressed arches.

As my feet slowly slid up and down on his manhood, AJ leaned back in his seat and groaned. I was getting turned on as well and fortunately he was leaking enough juice to fully lube up his uncircumcised cock. I would alternate between giving him a full blown footjob and using my toes to play with his foreskin by sliding it up over his cock head. I would also get creative and place his shaft in-between my first and second toe and stroke it like I was using tiny fingers. I sensed AJ was getting close. I teased and jerked his prick like the naughty boy he was.

I stopped and to the dismay of AJ, I decided to add a little spice to his big finish. Hopping off the table, I picked up one of my pumps while pulling my headband off.

"You like smelling women's shoes while you jerk off? Well, guess what? You are going to smell the inside of my used heel while you fuck my feet. And not just at the end, you are going to do it the entire time. You like musky feet, you are about to get a huge dose of it," I warned as I put the inside of my shoe up to his face.

With the toes of the heel pointing upward and hanging on his nose, I stretched the elastic headband around the shoe and his head until it was secured to the front of his face like a mask.

"There we go. With that pointy heel sticking out, you look just like a little rhino. A little rhino about to breed some sexy feet while he has to breathe in all my wear from the day," I tormented.

I got up on my knees on the table facing away from AJ. I put my feet together, pointed my toes and instructed him to put his slimy dick between my feet. Since my soles were facing upward, his cock would have to protrude from the top of my feet which were now facing downward because of my reversed position. AJ stood next to the table and followed my orders by sticking his cock where I wanted. He took hold of my ankles and began thrusting in and out. His breathing was labored and muffled from the inside of my pump.

As he worked up his speed, I continued to tease him, "Ah, there you go. Smell that? You are inhaling every bit of my foot aroma inside that shoe my dirty little rhino. Look at my piggies! Doesn't it make you want to shoot your load all over the place?"

AJ's grunts began to get louder and he was now fucking my feet furiously when I flipped m

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