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Maryam suffers the fate of a captured foe.

I should also mention that we agreed about six months ago to a little sex game. This agreement insures that Roger is always very attentive in our lovemaking, and that I have a massive orgasm before he may enter me, and cum only when I am fully satisfied. Due to his abstinence he is always hard as a rock and eager for some relief. Thus he is never permitted to masturbate or cum without my permission. As I slowly fondled his massive erection, he asked me if I would remove my nighty so he could see all of my sexy hot body while I stroked him. I agreed but we must add a twist, he had to agree to have his hands tied behind his back with the velvet ropes we keep in the nightstand. This is so he would not be able to come inside me or get off before I'm ready to let him, which would ruin the tease.

After I tied his hands behind his back, I made sure he could not touch himself or position himself to enter me. I mentioned to him how hot I was and how good it would feel to have his big cock throbbing inside me. This caused his cock to spring to attention and a drop of pre-cum to appear at the end of his purple swollen head. What happens next even excites me, which is part of the tease twist. After slowly licking and sucking his cock for a while, I lay on the edge of the bed with him standing in front of me only inches from my spread legs and hot moist pussy. The look on his face was amazing as I worked my tease which included plenty of taunting and saying "do you want me?" and giggling every time he tried to maneuver himself to enter me. Just as the tip of his cock started to enter my pussy, I moved just out of reach of his poor boner, which just hung there twitching and straining for relief. After about 20 minutes of this tease and denial technique, I was so horny, I jumped off the bed and had to put on my favourite lace panties, otherwise I may be tempted to give in and let him fuck me into oblivion.

When I returned, he was still tied with his hands behind his back and begging me to fuck him or jerk him off. Once again I sat on the edge of the bed in front of him so he could gaze at my pert swaying tits and horny pussy, and decided to squeeze some lubricant on his now desperate cock. This was to make sure he did not get enough friction and ruin my tease. Slowly I stroked his well-lubricated cock making sure not to go to fast and spill his precious load. Just when he was about to squirt, I took my hands away. Roger was now hornier than he has probably ever been in his whole life. I then flashed my green eyes and grinning face at him and said: "poor baby do you want to cum?" Again his cock sprang upward and was now leaking a massive amount of pre-cum. Instead of grabbing his cock, I gently ran my fingernails over the most sensitive parts of his boner, concentrating on the sensitive underside base just above his balls, which drove him almost insane. After a few minutes of this slow torture, he was once again nearing his orgasm and desperate to cum, just as I felt his cock spasm to shoot, I stopped touching him and tickled and held his swollen balls saying wow these are really full you must really need to cum. He was now thrusting in mid air trying to get any contact and relief. Just then the clock radio came on and I jumped of the bed to get ready for work. He turned to me with his puppy dog eyes with tears streaming down his face and whispered please get me off, I just gave him a peck on the cheek and told him he would have to wait till tomorrow, after all its only Friday not date night! Then ran off to my shower and to enjoy the sensation of our shower massager on my horny love nest.

Of course being the cruel tease that I am, I made sure he awoke on Saturday with another raging hard-on, which was again seeking relief after our teasing session on Friday morning.

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