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Salesman needs to train a younger man.


I said "That's good, now what is behind you?"

Without moving at all she said "A stairway going up."

That was just where I wanted her, which is where I had left her the last time she was under. I said "Tara I want you to start having pride in your body and be more willing to show your legs by wearing shorter skirts. Plus Tara I think you should wear tops that are not buttoned to your chin anymore. Perhaps you should leave 5 buttons undone on the tops you wear. Do you understand what I am saying to you?"

She said her soft yes and I went on saying that she needed to shopping for new clothes that would be less restrictive and more revealing. I asked if she understood and once again her soft yes was her answer.

I thought maybe I should bring her a little bit more out of the dark ages and said "Tara, tonight when you get ready for bed you will find it stimulating to not only undress with the lights on and in front of me and to sleep from now on in the nude, other then the days when you are having your period. Do you understand this as well?"

Her soft yes was her response. So I brought out from her trance and she said "You know I hate wearing this thing." Pointing to the robe she had on. I was hoping I could burn the thing cause having my wife covered up like a mummy did nothing for me.

Between Christmas and new years we close the saw mill down and do repairs or up dating to the machinery. But I still needed to go in to keep a eye on the work being done and lend a hand when needed as well.

When I got home Tara met me at the door wearing a skirt that was half way up her thighs and a kind of sheer blouse with the top 5 buttons undone. I couldn't believe the change in her, I mean I did put the thoughts in her head but I didn't think she would go this far that quick.

I took one look and said "I'm taking you out for dinner honey."

She give me a sly look and said "I don't know if I could wear this to dinner, its shows way to much, don't you think?"

I said "Green white clouds." Putting her back in her trance. Then said "Honey you have a very sexy body and you want to show it off to make the other wives jealous they don't look as good as you do."

I then counted to 5 to bring out of her trance she said "I'll get my coat, are we going to that new place by the river? I hear the food is great there."

I was very proud the way the guys could take their eyes off her and I did see some dirty looks being given by the guy's wives as well. I would've love to taken her dancing but she don't really dance very good so I took her to a movie instead.

I put my arm over her shoulders half way through the movie and let my fingers go under her blouse playing with the tops of her breast. Tara said "Your being a bad boy and I don't think you should be doing that here where someone may see us."

I removed my hand and respected her wishes, for now anyway. Once we got home we went into the bedroom and I laid on the bed watching my wife undress in front of me for the first time ever. When she climbed between the sheets she asked if I was just going to lay there with a dumb grin or come to bed. I got undressed making a bit of a show out of it, and she asked what got into me to make me act so silly tonight. I didn't say a word but climbed in beside her taking her in my arms.

I started kissing her with the passion I felt for her and when she ached her back to push her beasts into my face I was overjoyed that she was let her body respond to me. As I sucked on her very hard nipple she took my head in her hands holding me to her.

But when I started kissing my way down I could feel her tensing up and said "Tara, relax honey, just let your body feel the pleasure I'm giving you."

She calm down and when I started licking around her pussy she seem to be getting into it. But when I give her erect clit a long slow lick she jerk up banging my nose with her pussy. Tara said "Sorry but it felt like a lightning bolt going through me."

I laughed and not having a lot of experience to rela

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