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John brings a friend.

But I must tell you, Michael is still very attractive, and I quite fancy him myself. If he wanted to go to bed with me, I wouldn't say no. And please call me Roger."

It was as easy as that. I invited him to join us for dinner the next day.

Dinner was almost funny. Both men were looking unusually well-scrubbed and neatly dressed as if they were having a first dinner with their girlfriend's mother. Or boyfriend's, I suppose. We got to know each other somewhat better. Roger was rather charming, so I could imagine him being attractive to both men and women. (I could fancy him myself.) Michael was really nervous but animated, trying to impress both of us. Roger told us about his research at the university, which sounded impressive, though it was obviously above our heads, and Michael bravely tried to ask intelligent questions, with limited success.

Finally I said, "Right, now we have got to know each other, do you boys want to take it further?" They looked at each other, then nodded very diffidently. "Well," I said. "You have my permission. Here are some condoms. Go and have fun. Roger's room, of course. The marital bed is reserved. Take as long as you want, but Michael, I don't want you staying the night, at least not this time."

Michael went to Roger's room and came back some hours later looking very happy, but with tears in his eyes. He told me I was the most wonderful wife in the world and kept kissing me. We were both kissing and crying. Then I had one question. "Did you practise safe sex?"

"Well," he started, "first Roger..."

I interrupted "I don't want to know the details, thank you. Just tell me. If anyone penetrated anyone else, was it with a condom?"

"Yes," he began, but got no further. "That's all I need to know. Wash yourself and let's go to bed."

An hour or so later, I asked if he was awake and said "Actually, I do want to know, but not too graphic, please. What did you actually do?"

He explained that they had undressed and hugged and how good it had felt to be caressing a man's body. He never knew, but this is what he had been wanting. Then he said "When I held his penis..." and I interrupted "Use the proper words. You weren't thinking 'penis' I'm sure. It was a cock or a dick, or possibly a dong if it was big enough. And don't you dare tell me you were making love. This was supposed to be about your sexual feelings, not love. Or was it?"

"No, no!" he hurriedly replied. "You're right. I do love you, only you. This was something else: nice but just sex. Anyway, when I had his dong in my hand..."

"Ah, so bigger than yours?"

"Well yes, a bit. Anyway, this was the first time I had ever touched another man's cock - actually it was a dong, really, which was good. I can't describe how nice it felt in my hand. Then he got me to mastur - wank him until he spurted, and I was so happy to see it and have caused it. Then he wanked me, which took almost no time. You've done that to me darling, so it was not something new. I started to apologise for coming so quickly, and he said that was fine, it was just to relieve me so I would last longer later."

"So we relaxed and chatted, and stroked each other's bodies. We didn't kiss - it didn't seem right. I think it was quite a long time, actually, but I was actually enjoying a male body for the first time. Then as he was fondling my balls, I began to get hard again, and he said I was nearly ready. He said that as it was my first time, but not his, that I should fuck him, he was used to it."

"I put on a condom and he lubricated me, and also his bumhole. He said that in future I might do that, but not this time. Then he lay down on his back, which surprised me, and said that yes, men often do it face to face. So I did. I fucked him till I came, feeling his cock and balls on my belly. Then I wanked him off, which did not take long. That's what we did."

We both paused, feeling a little exhausted from the story, I think. Then I asked "So will there be a next time?"

"If you agree, I'd like to, and Roger is willing.

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