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Four women begin to discover each other.

She grabs the two beers by the necks, and drops the tray by her side. Lap dancing him, his cock hardens, stiffening and then popping in to her pussy, his cock erect, stretching her pussy lips wide. She rides him like a cowgirl, head bobbing...arms out... holding the beers...afraid of dropping them...the tray waving below her waist in her other arm.

"Ohh...Ohhh..OHHhhh..." her head bobs and snaps as he forces her to ride him.

"DAyyyy-umm....mothuhfucka----sloppy seconds boys!..."

The room roars.


With a bellow, he tilts his head back and spurts cum into her with a series of explosive shudders.

Her ears ringing from the ride, she feels him soften and relax inside her. The men begin clapping and cheering sarcastically. His hands relax around her waist, and she gradually slides from his lap, in an awkward shy, embarrassed way. Her thighs tighten together to hold the cum, despite the painful chaffing of her sore red crotch.


She gasps, having forgotten the beer in her hand. Moaning, she tries to walk, wincing at the pain, feeling the dripping inside her thighs. She walks a few steps before feeling it begin to leak, hands the beers quickly to two men, and turns.


She hears Master's voice, gulps...looks at Him...sees his angry glare go from her to the man. She sees the man's cock soft, but still erect, dripping cum.

"Ohhhh....i..i'm sorry,...I forgot sir."

She pushes her hair back....and kneeling...between his thighs....still holding the tray, leans forward...mouthing the dripping cock, groaning and moaning as she sucks the scum from his cock.

The blonde's head bobbing in the black mans crotch...sucking the cum from his cock. All the eyes in the room watch her, until an exciting play happens in the game on the TV. They all roar. She feels the man's hand cup her head, holding her face down on his cock.

The buzz from the play subsides, but the man's fingers entwine in her hair, holding her face prisoner in his crotch.

"Hey you fucking whore!!! We need chips and some more wings!!"

She feels a boot kick her in the butt. Still the man holding her face to his lap will not let her go.

"You fucking selfish whore, thinking only of yourself...wanting to suck black men's cum. Get up and get us some fucking food."

Master kicks her again on the soft bruised butt cheeks.

She manages to push her face free, to stop the awful bruising kicks, her butt cheeks so bruised and sore, she is in constant pain. She pushes her self up, eyes down in shame. Her face cruelly slapped as she rises.


Her head jerks....she stumbles, almost falling on the heavy man.

"GET MORE food you lazy fucking bitch!!!"

She scurries out to the kitchen , dripping cum down her thighs, her mouth starchy and dry from sucking cocks, her butt welted and sore from His kicks, her pussy red, swollen sore and painful with each movement of her legs.

Wincing, she bends, pulling the chicken wing tray from the oven...hurriedly placing wings in bowls...feeling hands cupping her waist again. She moans.

"Don't get up," the voice sternly orders.

She freezes obediently, her face down over the open oven door. The strong hands pull her back. She feels the rock hard cock press against her anal hole. She gasps.

"Whew...are you a tight lil' bitch!"

Still bent over, afraid to move, she feels him withdraw. She holds her position bent over, afraid to move. She hears him hawwwk and spit on her anal rim. She gasps again, feeling his cock head placed again against her, rubbing into the gooey glob of spit on her rectum.

The rock hard cock presses...then...pops in. She gasps as the cock grinds inside her. The man moans, pulling her back and forth...the cock grinding inside her.

"Nice ass you fucking cunt"

Her head lolling back and forth bent over and helpless like rag doll for him.

Her head down, hair flopping around her face, she hears him laugh.

"Let's go deliver the chicken."

He lifts her up.

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