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The Geeks take control.

Would you let me do more Michael? What if I just lightly kissed my way down to your neck and ran my tongue back and forth along your collar?"

"Oh man," is all he could muster. I was seeing a pattern here. I heard in my head Stacy's exasperated voice from last night, "Oh god."

A smile stretched across my flushed cheeks and I reached over and rubbed Stacy's knee a little as she leaned back in the office chair. Having two audience members made me choose my words more carefully, seeing how far I could go with both of them.

"Your skin tastes like manly energy Michael, I like that. I am so hungry for you right now. If we were together would you kiss me on the neck too? I want to feel your lips touching my sweet soft skin, your tongue licking up to my ear and gently pushing inside. OH Michael! That's really turning me on. I can't help but slide my hand down to feel for your cock in the front of your tight pants. Oh my, I found it right away! It's hard. I have to rub it through your pants as your tongue in my ear sends waves of lust into me. What are you doing to me Michael?"

I was hoping that it was he who was getting waves of lust from the sensations in his ear, as I breathed every word across the line. I started shifting around in my seat, and Stacy noticed and gave me one of those understanding looks. She was right, I could have dropped my dainties right there in front of her. Stacy herself was looking extremely hot to me again too, no tequila needed.

Michael's total silence was perfect for now as I was just getting warmed up.

"You've got me under your spell now as I reach up and unhook my bra, letting my tender breasts fall out for you to see. I feel so exposed now Michael. Do you like them? They are soft and round, and they bounced a little when I let them out. Did you notice? You can touch them. Really, go ahead. You can feel my naked breasts, hold them . . . taste them even. Wrap your lips around my pink nipple, it is so sensitive."

Okay even I knew I was getting carried away here, but my most recent showdowns with arousal had left me with an itchy trigger finger. I wondered if he needed to get adjusted in his seat as Mrs. Perkins and Mr. Gunrudy sat close by.

Stacy actually reached up and lightly pinched her own breast through her suit jacket, her hooded eyes on me as she did. It wasn't much, just a stimulus for me as I continued.

"Oh, Michael. How does my breast feel inside your mouth? Is it hot? It feels hot to me. Can you squeeze my round cheeks in back while you nurse on my tits Michael? They are firm and sexy, right? Does it make your cock hard to suck my naked tits Michael? Can I see? Will you take your cock out of your pants and show it to me? I want to look at your cock, bare naked for me, hard as nails while I drop my sexy skirt in front of you."

"Oh my GOD Grace, what are you doing?" he asked in exasperation. I paid no mind to him. I leaned forward in my chair and spoke words directly to Stacy as she moved her hand a bit lower on her body.

"Are you surprised to see that I'm not wearing panties Michael? Put your hand down there and feel how wet I am right now, can you feel it? You did that. My god your fingers are touching my slippery wet pussy Michael. You're rubbing it now, oh my god. I am getting seriously worked up here! Now I have to hold your naked cock in my hand. OH MICHAEL . . . your cock. It's the best I have ever felt! Keep your hand on my juicy slit while I pump this naked cock of yours for you. You're soo nice and hard.

"Oh god yes," I whispered in response to seeing Stacy, who had inched her neat navy skirt up to her upper thighs, making her look very lewd and seductive in our professional conference room. Her fingers were inching closer to their magnetic goal as her eyes drilled into mine.

"Uh, oh shit . . .um Grace, hold on a minute . . . sorry," Michael suddenly fumbled into the phone, and then all I could hear was muffled talking and loud distortion as a hand or pants leg rubbed across the microphone on the other end.

I let out a sigh of anno

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