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Crises lead them to each other.

After getting much more interest than I ever imagined, I connected with a guy that was on board with the idea. I gave him info on where she shopped, ate, got coffee, etc so he could keep running into her. He would complement her on things I told him to, being interested in similar things I let him know she liked, and have many similar background items that I let him in on to further their connection. They struck up a "friendship" and she even "introduced" me to him once while grocery shopping playfully calling him her personal neighborhood stalker buddy.

Once he had told me she was texting him regularly, I figured it was time to give a shove so right before I was leaving for a overnight conference I started a stupid fight with her over clothes and shoes she had bought and how stupid she was to waste money like that. It was so out of character for me she was in tears and distraught in no time. I left without saying goodbye and let John as we'll call him know it was time to test our work. He texted her soon after jokingly saying he was going to get coffee and not to follow him, she quickly texted back asking if she could join and vent. He told her yes, and they met up. Needless to say John was understanding, caring, and wanted to see her happy. When she said she could use a glass of wine or 3, he invited her back to his place and after some initial hesitation she agreed.

Now I would like to tell you they fucked like rabbits that first time, would make a better story but the truth is the truth and all that happened was a bit of kissing and some over the clothes touching. But that was a big step for a wife who months before had condemned one of my best friends for cheating, so I knew we were on to something.

When I returned home I tested her again by apologizing and taking all the blame for stupid fight, and while she accepted it and I could tell she wanted to tell me something she didn't come clean about her make out session with her black friend. I was so hard from knowing she was hiding something from me I practically raped her right there tearing her clothes off in what she assumed was awesome make up sex.

John and I decided next time I traveled we'd go the helper route, and knowing he was an electrician I threw some breakers that my wife wouldn't know how to reset early the morning I was leaving. I told her why didn't she call her electrician stalker friend, he had told me what he did when she had "introduced" us to come take a look, maybe he could give us a deal.

She did and he came over, pretending it was a much bigger job than it was. This time we had decided we would press our luck since at this point we were close to 4 months in and was time to see if the effort would pay off. John brought up the night at his place, how he had thought about it a lot. She said she had to but also felt bad about it. Without giving her time to think he kissed her, saying how he had thought so much about her lips and wanting them on hers again. She resisted at first when he moved in again, but then relaxed and responded. He said when he moved his hand to her pussy it was so wet it was dripping. He quickly got her to our bed, got get naked, and put all 9 inches of his black cock up inside my wife. He said she came almost immediately, and came on him 5 more times over the next couple of hours. My wife had always been a one and done cummer, so clearly she was turned on. He said he would have fucked her more but ran out of condoms. Over the week she let him come fuck her 3 other times while I was gone, stopped making him wear condoms by the 3rd time when he asked for her bare.

That was as I said before about 2 years ago.

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