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Things get playful between four friends - agreements are made.

Laura slid her fingers down again and eased them between the now parted thighs.

"Oh shit! Take off my shorts, please." Laura raised her mouth from Rebecca's breast and glanced toward her fingers searching for the zipper, then pulling it down. The button easily slid free. Leaning down she grasped the tight shorts and jerked them off those slender thighs. As she lay down again Laura spread her fingers over the cotton panties bunched between Rebecca's thighs and pressed into the waiting genitals. Rebecca propped her head up with the pillow and watched Laura's fingers moving over the cotton, this time following the contours of her lover's engorged clit. Again Rebecca's hips began heaving off the mattress. Laura eased up.

This was a most delicious dance they were sharing together on Laura's bed. Reaching up Laura eased her fingers inside the cotton panties, quickly sliding through the dense curls of pubic hair and over the prominent mound until they found the tender folds of flesh sheltering Rebecca's genitals which were moist from those preliminary caresses. Her fingers moved slowly from side to side over the folds. Rebecca moaned. Laura withdrew her fingers again. Reaching up she began sliding Rebecca's tank top off. Rebecca seemed anxious to help, grasping the garment and quickly stripping it off her body. Those incredible breasts were completely naked, the firm mounds sticking straight up from her chest. If Laura didn't know better from touching them, she'd have guessed this temptress had had silicone implants. But these beauties were real! Her hands slid over both breasts as she leaned over to lick first one nipple, then the other. Rebecca's hands were clutching her arms and she could tell the girl was really getting into this scene.

The cool breeze from the open window was wonderfully refreshing. They lay next to one another, both young women completely naked after frantic fingers stripped clothes from heaving bodies so tender, sensitive places could be soothed. Now hands slowly moved over lush curves, lips pressed together, tongues exploring. They lay close to one another, slowly kissing. With their first orgasms behind them they slipped easily into this more leisurely lovemaking, the kind that new lovers need to learn one another's body, one another's secrets.

Rebecca turned to offer room for Laura's right hand caressing her breasts, loving the gentle touch, the knowing touch. Then Laura rolled on top of her, wedging her warm body between Rebecca's parted thighs. Hips thrust and the delicious pressure grew in her loins. She marveled at how many ways there were for two women to make love. First Laura's fingers, then her lips and tongue between Rebecca's legs. Now she was being stirred by her lover's entire body. Glancing down she saw Laura's breasts atop her own, nipples touching nipples. Her pelvis turned toward her lover, lifting her genitals against the bony mound wedged between Laura's thighs. Oh yes! This is it! She moaned again, her body giving up another sharp orgasm.

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Bridgit pulled her black hair into a tight knot in the back. She knew wearing her hair like that highlighted the delicate porcelain features of her face. Dark, thick eyeliner surrounded her deep blue Irish eyes. A thin silver ring extended from her left nostril, similar silver rings surrounded the lobe of her left ear. Extending her tongue she saw the round silver knob laying almost magically in the saliva, waiting to tease cock or clitoris. She was black Irish and proud of it. She was also a kinky bitch and was proud of that as well. Her tight black net shirt stretched over her perfect little breasts. The nipples were visible through the satin undershirt. She tightened the wide black belt and turned to peer at her bottom in the dirty mirror. The tight black denim hugged the round cheeks of her bottom.
She knew her ass was her best

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