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It's time for Mary to show Jeff what she's learned.

My cock was making a big tent of my boxer shorts and I had a tough time not tripping. Bo rushed around in front of me and sat on the couch as I approached. I stopped only inches away from Bo's face. The tent in my shorts was only an inch from his mouth. I could not think of a time I was more turned on. I kept glancing at Bill. He was licking Bobby's balls and stroking that big boner as Bobby backed into a chair. I watched as he reached for Bills obvious hardon bulging in his pants. All this happened in minutes.

Bo placed his hands gently on my ass and very slowly and gently sorta nibbled at the head of my cock through my shorts. I felt him hold my cock and balls at the same time through the leg of my boxers as he continued to suck and nibble me through the material. It felt wonderful. I reached down and pulled my shorts over enough for my cock to pop out thru the opening. Bo licked at the head like a lollypop. My cock bounced up and down as he massaged my balls at the same time. GOD was I hot!!! I whispered to Bo, "Please Bo, suck it....please suck it....suck it...suck it."

Bo responded by engulfing my cock almost completely. His nose was nestled in my pubic hairs and I could feel the head of my cock press against the back of Bo's throat. I couldn't believe it. Bo actually continued to push and I felt my cock actually enter his throat! I had never learned about deep throat before....I could feel my cum starting to boil in my prostrate. I said, "Oh fuck Bo I'm gonna cum if you don't stop.......God Bo.......honest stop!!" Bo reluctantly slide slowly off my cock and kissed the tip as he looked up at me.

"God Damn it Rick, you have one of the sweetest cocks I have ever sucked." Bo smiled and patted the couch next to him for me to sit down.

I said, "Wait a minute, I really want some more beer....OK?"

Bo held me down and said, "Fuck that shit Rick.....do ya wanna try some weed? I have some good shit."

I had never tried any type of drug before and the beer was affecting me more than experienced drinkers. I knew about Pot but never really had the opportunity before. I jumped at the chance to try it. Bo pulled out a cigarette case and popped the lid open. There were 5 or 6 neatly rolled joints in there. He took one out and lit it and inhaled deeply. I figured it looked easy enough and put the joint to my mouth. I sucked in....not having any idea what I was doing and proceeded to choke to death!!!! My throat closed up and my eyes started watering. I coughed and coughed as Bo patted me on the back. He laughed and said, "Shit Rick, ya gotta take it easy if you never smoked before......damn just little puffs and inhale slowly...like this."

Bo demonstrated his instructions and handed me the joint as my coughing fit subsided. I really didn't want to do it again but didn't want to look like an ass, so I took a very small amount into my mouth and inhaled very slowly. It still burned but it was controlled this time. I managed to get it down. I knew I was supposed to hold it in....I saw that in movies. Bo was patient. I had actually sorta lost my hardon from the coughing attack. Bo said, "Go ahead puff on it a while......I'll get your cock back into action."

Bo started to stroke my semi-hard cock while I inhaled several more puffs of weed. It got a lot easier. I started to feel a weird warmth and the room seemed a lot brighter to me. Sounds were louder and more distinct. Bo's hand on my cock started to feel electric. My cock hardened like steel and I noticed I was leaking precum a lot more than I normally did. Bo rubbed it all over the head of my cock and his hand became slick. I couldn't believe how sensitive and how unbelievably good his stroking felt. Bo leaned down to suck me but I held him back. I said, "Oh no....it's my turn." The beer and drug ad hit me.

I felt like there was nothing in the world more important than sucking Bo's cock.

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