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Aliens kidnap girl for breeding purposes.

y time if you are not happy"

"Please don't, Keikosan. I will do as you ask"

"Excellent". Suddenly I felt her hand gripping my buttock. "We understand each other, don't we?"

So this is why she sponsored me I realised in fear. She had me trapped.

"Yes Keikosan"

I heard her put the glass down and open a drawer.

"Take your pants down, but keep your head in the oven"

I complied, feeling very exposed

"This is to remind you of our relationship. You are nothing more to me than a serving girl. We are not lovers, and you will not speak of this to anyone"

Whack!. She brought an egg lifter down on my cheek with some force. It hurt, and as I pulled back from the pain she commanded "Keep your head in the oven"

Whack! Whack! Whack! My face pressed into the grease tray as the blows continued. I'd never been spanked or hit before, and eventually I couldn't stand it anymore. Tears started to flow from my eyes. I couldn't believe this was happening. How had I got myself in this position

Eventually the blows stopped.

As I knelt shuddering in the oven, I heard her pull up a chair.

"Stay where you are", she said. She seemed out of breath.

As I knelt there on all fours, my face and arms in the greasy oven, I felt the toes of one of her feet start exploring around my painful cheeks, as if admiring her handiwork. I could hear another sound faintly. Was she masturbating? Her toes even pressed against my anus, rocking me forward against the oven. Eventually I heard sharper breaths being forced from her nose.

I heard her stand up and drink some more, then she hit me hard with one last slap.

"Clean yourself up", she said," then finish cleaning the kitchen"

The next few days, she acted as if nothing had happened, while I dealt with my feelings of humiliation, shame and fear. Why had I let this happen? How had I got into a situation where this woman controls my fate? Maybe if I'd been stronger or resisted, but I couldn't afford to risk being sent from the country. What more would she want of me?

I was to find out when she came home late from a business function and was drunk again. I heard the wineglass smash in her bathroom. I pulled on the silk dressing gown they had given me, and I got my sponge and shovel and knocked on her bedroom door.

"Clean this up, I'm getting another glass", she said. She walked past me to the kitchen. She was wearing nothing but a bra and panties and her body was stunning, flawless and well proportioned. I was on my hands and knees again, picking up glass when she came back into the bathroom. Ignoring me, she started removing her makeup in the mirror, stopping to drink more wine.

"We had the American head at the dinner tonight. The pompous gaijin expected us to laugh at his jokes and kiss his ass", said without looking at me, her voice full of bitterness, "our section has outperformed them in every quarter."

"Do you think that's fair", she said, her eyes flicking down to me in the mirror, "that I should have to kiss his ass? He should be doing it to me"

"No, Keikosan", I said.

"What the fuck would you know! You sit around here all day and do nothing. You have it easy. You should be kissing my ass each day for letting you stay"

She seemed to be deflecting her anger onto me. I kept cleaning the floor, hoping her anger would fade.

"Did you not hear me, shoujo? Do I need to remind you again like the other night", she threatened. "I said kiss my ass and thank me for letting you live in my house"

I couldn't believe what she was asking me to do. She continued to stare at herself in the mirror, posing slightly and running her hand lightly over her breast.

I put my sponge down and shuffled behind her on my knees. Leaning forward I placed a kiss on her buttock and mumbled "Thanks for letting me stay in your house"

Whap! Whipping around she hit me across my face with a sharp slap.

"You call that asskissing! Do it properly or I swear you are out the door tomorrow, you good for nothing.

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