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The love of his life is his big sister's best friend, Summer.

Her eco hemp t-shirt that called to protect the whales came over her head and revealed her black see through bra. Her legs were tall and slender. Her skin was extra white as Snow White's. Her naval had a ring piercing. And, her shoulder had a star tattoo.

With the unofficial leaders in the nude, everyone else had to follow. And, lastly the boys followed as well. There were only three boys in the group, because theatre in our college was mostly a girls' thing. My biggest worry was getting a boner from all the nudity around me. What turned me on the most was seeing all the little girlish panties rolled in a bunch on the floor. They genuinely called sexy, while the naked girls' faces transcended the explicit nature of the moment.

My own clothes were briefs that my ma had bought me. The rubber band had worn out, so that they often slipped down my butt. The t-shirt had been worn for two years now. The socks had a hole at the bottom that I was careful to conceal. My idea that socks could have holes because of shoes had failed today. My ding-dong had shriveled to its smallest size, where the balls almost seemed larger. I hoped that it would stay this way.

"Ms. Donnel is so brave to teach us this risky theatre technique," said Roni into my ear, while the first dialog was held on the stage. Roni was my secret dream girl friend. The two girls on stage were talking fast to get through their part. Ms Donnel, ever patient, corrected them and had them retake. The college maintenance supervisor was watching on from a respectful distance, while leaning on his seven feet wide broom.

Dave was a stud. His pecs and abdominal muscles clearly showed their definition. His light brown hair was like a powerful lion mane groomed with hair product. His brown eyes twinkled with confidence. His pubic hair was shaved. Emma next to him blushed with red cheeks. Her body jerked from nervous laughs, when her eyes did not glance down at Dave's jewels.

The corrections from Ms. Donnel threw the two back to the beginning of their lines over and over. Dave's feet stood wider apart with increasing pride with each repetition. Emma on the other hand needed many reminders from Ms Donnel to take a deep breath. When Dave offered to massage her shoulders, her face only grew redder like a melting nuclear reactor. However, her body relaxed. And, with joy, she was allowed to jump down the stage and take cover in her clothes.

Andrea was an entirely different case. Andrea had to say a monolog. Andrea stood on the stage with one hand covering both boobs and the other covering her vagina. Andrea had very long dark hair. Her hair reached below her butt cheeks. Undoubtedly, some of that hair must have gotten stuck between her tiny butt. She was of small stature. We always made fun of her undying love for horses. Her face had the big jaw and nose of a horse as well.

"Andrea, before you do your line, I really want to you feel the freedom of being out of clothes. Stretch your arms out and dance around the stage as if you were bird of prey soaring in the sky," encouraged Ms. Donnel.

Only a tear started rolling down her face to drop on her breast. Then, she plopped down on the ground with her knees against her chest. That's when I saw her vagina lips for the first time. In between her ankles, I could spot the vagina between her pulled up thighs. My breathing turned long and controlled to avoid sporting an erection.

With much love and encouragement, the bird of prey slowly stood up and stretched her wings. Andrea's face filled with joy and pride, as she had a psychological breakthrough. Her jumping and soaring arms took over the whole stage. Like a flower opening, Andrea was happy to own her experience of being naked, being seen, and taking up space in this world. Ms. Donnel clapped with a face glowing to be alive.

Andrea's arms reaching out to the audience and her purposeful bow during the monologue were so much more dramatic than all the other students' acting. Maybe, she had the breakthrough to become a theatre star.

Mine was the final part.

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