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Sister spanks brother in a 1984 fantasy world.

Emotion started to fill her. Breathe deep, she reminded herself. You're his. Submit in this. She turned her eyes down to the floor.

After a few tense moments of silence, she heard laughter and Etan saying 'no, Bryndis. You need not prove your choice. Or hers.'

She felt rather than saw Bryndis relax a little bit as Etan continued.

'How much does she know about what's to come?'


'Do you take this on yourself or would you prefer we explain?'

'I will take her to the Hall after we finish if you can arrange for Kata to meet us there.'

'Very well; she will be there in half an hour.' Etan turned, walking back to his seat. 'You have fourteen days. The ceremony will commence twenty-one days hence. You may leave. Goodbye, Annis.'

She didn't look up, merely following Bryndis after his muttered command out of the room.


They continued down the hall, moving quickly. Annis had felt totally comfortable nude with Bryndis in the cave and the forest, but was finding it hard to keep from blushing whilst walking down an ornate hallway with plush carpets wearing nothing but thin panties and keeping her arms behind her head. She felt much more exposed here than she did when they were alone in the cave and he was staring between her spread legs. The thought of that simply made her wet again and she could feel the dampness spread over the thin fabric of her white panties, already damp from standing before the Board. She sighed and scurried to catch Bryndis up.

They turned a corner and Bryndis motioned her into a small sitting room, closing the door behind them. Not an ornate room, it had a few chairs and a sofa in it. Annis didn't have too much time to wonder or look around her as she still stood with her hands behind her head, standing quietly, eyes down.

'Open your legs wider, Annis.'

As she did so, without any hesitation Bryndis noted, he slipped one hand between them and ran another over the cool skin of her left breast. The wetness of her pussy surprised him. 'Hmmm...,' he thought, 'perhaps she likes the public eye more than she thinks.' That made him a little relieved. If that had been a hard limit for her, he wasn't sure she would have been able to get through this, not to mention enjoy it. He bent and quickly nipped at both breasts, smiling up at her. 'Good girl,' he said, giving her a quick smack on the ass. He removed the panties by the simple expedient of pulling the ties loose and put them in his pocket. She looked up at him then, smiling, lowering her hands to rest around his waist, leaning lightly against him despite the bruises on her breasts.

'That was okay, then?" she asked. She thought she'd done everything right and she was certainly glad Etan hadn't used the belt on her for whatever reason, but she wanted to gauge Bryndis' reaction.

'That was perfect. You were perfect.' He ran his hands down her back. 'Thank you for starting to trust me.' He sat down in one of the nearby armchairs and settled her across his lap, facing him.

'It's easier now,' Annis explained. 'If you hadn't have told me the other day that I said I trusted you but acted like I didn't, I'm not sure if I ever would have seen it. I was being a hypocrite to myself. You showed me and it's been easier since.' She snuggled against him, happy to be alone with him again.

'Annis, there's something you should know before we discuss anything else.

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