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Tai 'meats' her Black neighbor.

On top of all of that, she was wearing a 'wife beater' shirt, with barely, and I mean barely, a hint of breasts that could be seen.

"Yeah, I get that a lot," Bootsie chuckled in response, "I'll be nineteen next month and, yes, I'll be glad to show you my driver's license if we wind up getting together." laughing some more.

The other thing about her was that she reminded me of someone, but I couldn't quite put my finger on who.

"So, Bootsie, you're okay with our age?" Marni asked, her voice a bit low so's not to be overheard.

"Prefer it...that's what caught my attention," She replied with a smirky smile.

"Why's that?" Marni pressed.

"No bullshit with older chicks...all about the get-off, not about ego-trips like younger gals are," She replied.

"You're a younger gal," I observed.

Snorting, she replied, "That's the only thing I have in common with chicks my age, I assure you," her tone a bit derisive.

"Rooney Mara," I almost shouted, interrupting their conversation, "that's who you remind me of, the girl in 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo', the movie."

"Yeah, I get that a lot, too," She laughed, adding, "while I do have a couple of tats, they're on the small side, nothing like she had in the movie."

When she found out that we hadn't made a hotel reservation yet, she recommended a hotel near the campus, "Only a five minute walk for me to there," She had explained, "and, right next door, is a good burger joint if you want to grab a bite of something other than me," that said with a bit of a leering tone, complete with a leering look at her computer screen.

"Want me to Skype or call you when we check in?" Marni asked.

She did and gave us her phone number then signed off because she had a class in twenty minutes. That was fine because we were through with our lunch and ready to get back on the road, both a bit anxious, I'm sure, to get to Eugene and our last 'kink-night' of our vay-cay...

Back on the road for the remaining three or so hours until we reach Eugene, I settled into driving and Marni settled into her IPad, checking emails and stuff.

"Kinda' like her 'look'," I mused aloud.

"Me too...loved Mara's character in the movie, really hot," Marni observed.

"Not a lot of boobs it appears," I said further.

"Well, you know the old saying, 'More than a mouthful is a waste'," She joked, "Wait...does that bother you?"

"Uh-uh, kinda' hot thinking about sucking on small, girlish tits...does that make me a perv?" I remarked.

"Not unless she's lying about her age, it doesn't and, if getting hot thinking about her itty-bitty-titties makes you a perv, then I'm right there along with you," chuckling after saying it.

"You're right, you know, about what you said a few days ago, about you and I having a bit of 'kink' going on with us," I observed.

"Yeah, I know," She laughingly replied with a smile turned to me...

"Fine Arts with minors in Art History and Literature," Bootsie said in answer to Marni's question about her studies.

We are at the burger place next to the hotel that Bootsie had recommended. Marni called her when we checked into the room and I was in the shower. Plans were made to meet for a bite and if all was well among the three of us, return to our room for fun and games.

She was wearing shorts and a tee, as we were, and was waiting on us when we arrived at the restaurant, she having arrived a few minutes before us.

"So, you're what, a second-semester freshman?" I asked between bites of a really good burger.

"Second semester sophomore," She answered, wiping a bit of catsup from the corner of her mouth.


"I graduated High School a year ahead of my class and started here at the U the following fall," She interrupted me to explain, "Pretty much, I'm a wickedly smart chick...smart like Lisbeth, Mara's character in the movie, but not as anti-social."

"That's a good thing, right?" Marni joked.

"Oh yeah, that bitch was cray-cray," Bootsie laughingly agreed.

Our server brought our check and when Bootsie r

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