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A chance encounter involving a purple skirt.

When he moved out, she let him ogled her legs. His eyes crinkled and told her that nothing was wrong underneath and the car was in tip top shape.

He rose to his feet and brushed both his palms and their eyes locked.

Ooze shoved in the gas nozzle into the chamber hole and pumped in the gas. They exchanged meaningful glances.

"It's always lonesome out here, often times I was just idling around here and that magazine which was left here by one traveler gave me the hots to..." his voice trailed as he shook his hands after washing it from the tap water.

"I'm curious as to what turned you on in particular with the girl you're looking at in the magazine."

"Would you get offended if I told you that the girl I was looking at in that magazine was you?"

"Me? No kidding! Can I see it?" Her curiosity took the better of her.

They went inside and Ooze picked up the magazine and showed the page to her where she was posed there baring all her nakedness. Her eyes grew owl-like.

"It's a beautiful body but o-oh it's not me," she said shaking her head. "I didn't pose so lewdly like this and definitely it's not my body. I don't wear a ring in my navel. Body piercing is not my cup of tea. This is a fake and so are the tits. I'll show you."

Cameron raised her dress up to show her navel sans any ring. "See, no ring-a-ding-ding. This is the real thing, Ooze," Cameron said with her alluring charm. Ooze almost jumped up on his toes as his eyes swept up and down her delectable figure plus the thong that hugged a wicked fit at her crotch.

Ooze rubbed his chin. "Yeah, I agree with you," he said eyes glinting with lust.

"Anyway, I interrupted you awhile ago, maybe you should continue it now and maybe I could give a helping hand considering that you bring my car back to life," she said lowering back the hem of her silk-knit halter dress.

Ooze sat on the edge of the seat of the pick-up van. The DJ on the radio announced that he's playing a song from The Mamas and The Papas called California Dreaming. The song jangled on and Ooze cranked up the volume a bit, as the sound was so captivating. Cameron drew herself to him and her hands pressed lightly on his eye-popping biceps then held up his hands.

"That's a pretty ditty, would you care to dance?" Cameron asked. She felt nervous at her boldness but she couldn't help it. He was a sex magnet. Ooze obliged despite telling her he wasn't any good in dancing. But he felt good and happy with his awkward movements and Cameron was more delighted of him.

The song was followed by another 60s' hit called 'Time of The Season' by The Zombies. The gasping beat fueled their desire and their bodies were so close together, their lips a breath away. Ooze could smell her jasmine-smelling breath and his heart was practically pounding out of his chest as her upright breasts were pressed against his. Cameron half-closed her eyes feeling his hardness pressing her thigh. Ooze ran his hands up her thighs and grabbed her bottom sneaking his fingers under her panty leg.

As quick as a flash they started kissing like long lost lovers. They kissed lengthily, wetly, lips and tongues in frantic tangle, pausing only to gasp for breath. After a while she drew her lips away from him and looked around and said: "Where?"

Ooze eyed the big tool box covered by a thick flannel blanket. She smiled with quick understanding. Cameron slipped out of her dress revealing her foxy breasts, no larger than a cupped palm with light brown juicy nipples.

Ooze quickly grabbed her and nuzzled his face on her breasts and took the taut nipples in his mouth one after the other.

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