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Felix takes her punishment.

His fingers bounced off and on the keys, clicking rhythmically. He didn't notice his dried out eyes or cramping hands.

In the otherwise dark room, the glow of the screen outlined him, creating a silhouette from behind. Far from a world with time or restrictions, he paid no mind to the clock on the desk changing from 2:51 to 2:52. Where he was, was a world with no school in the morning; no social hierarchies. It was a place defined by the stream of consciousness plugged right into his fantasies. On the other end of the channel, words flowed from his finger tips mixing fantasy with fiction, and landed on the screen in front of him. His fingers hit the keys at an uninterruptable pace, no longer delayed by the analytical mind. No... his creative river was too strong to dam now.

If he was a little more lucid to the physical world, he'd have noticed the light on the back deck being on. To his right was a window that overlooked the back of the house, and if he were to have looked out it at that moment, he'd have seen his mother's shadow cross the deck. Paying no mind though, Sean continued typing away steadily, rearranging words like they were bricks and he a literary architect.

Heather locked the sliding door behind her and headed towards the kitchen. She wore sweat pants and a t-shirt and her auburn hair was pulled back into pony tail. She put her glass on the counter, flipped a few light switches and headed into the living room towards the stairs. A few more light switches later she was climbing the stairs towards the dimly lit hallway above. The stairs had plush blonde carpeting on them. It was the kind that felt like feathers between your toes, and hid the creeks and cracks of the hardwood underneath. Heather wasn't one to buy lavishly or covet material objects. She was quiet and modest and didn't flaunt what she had. Occasionally though, Heather would take a minute to look around and revaluate the comfortable life she worked so hard to provide for her and her son, and give herself kudos. Some things, like feeling the plush carpet between her toes as she climbed the stairs, reminded her she deserved it.

As she climbed the steps she lost herself in thought. She thought about how Sean would be getting up to go to school in a few hours, and just for a few more days. A her son's journey so far, about how it seemed like just yesterday she was picking him up from kindergarten. She was having trouble digesting the fact that Sean was a week away from graduating high school, and only a summer away from leaving for college.

She reached the second floor and instead of absentmindedly turning left towards her room as she normally would, she turned to look towards her son's bedroom. She was still in a daze of nostalgia, so it took a second for the world to come back into focus. When it did, it hit her that Sean's door was cracked open a little, and the rarity of that happening. She debated her options for a moment before deciding to take a peak. Knowing it was three in the morning, she expected to find a dark room and her son asleep, snoring away. When she reached the door though, and took a look through the slim opening, she was surprised and a bit confused at what she found.

Inside the dark room, there was a white light casting long shadows. Right in front of the light she could see her son's silhouetted head and shoulders. It took her eyes a moment to adjust, but when they did she was able to see that Sean wasn't wearing a shirt. In fact... she was pretty sure... "Is he butt ass naked" she asked herself in confusion. "What is he doing?"... she thought to herself. She was having trouble processing the oddity of the situation for a moment, but in a few seconds she started making some deductions


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