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She played on Earth Day.

Kissing and caressing my way up and down her legs, so lovely. I was in a trance as she purred with delight. Kissing my way down her inner thighs, wandering slowly towards her fountain of life. The edges between her thighs and her groin are perfect for the tip of my tongue, a snug fit. her skin still salty from the water. As I kissed my way around her sensitive spot she grabbed my hair, more and more trying to direct my movements. As she put her legs up on my back I could no longer object and lying there I kissed her luscious lower lips with as much fire as I a few moments ago kissed her mouth. The tip of my tongue an eager explorer into her many wonderful mysteries. My hands wandering all over every part of her that I could reach. My hands never getting enough of her, always hungry for more. Licking her up the tip of my tongue circled her rosebud, brushing up against it to test her excitement. Her juices were already flowing like a torrent, leaving me with a wet chin. So firm was her rosebud that soon I was sucking gently on it, leaving her shuddering, moaning.

She held my head, my face, tighter and tighter against her hungry lower mouth. Almost insatiable in her desires. As she started convulsing more and more my hands sought out her breasts, my fingers playing with her swollen nipples. In the back of my head I wondered what the local wildlife was assuming from her animal moans and groans. To be the cause of such pleasure is an enormous boost to ones ego. There are few if any things that even comes close to compare to it. With her grip so tight that it was like she was trying to push me inside and her thighs pressing against my cheeks she started shaking, I pushed her over the edge and into the abyss. She climaxed with her whole body, pulses that even I could feel travelling all the way up and down her body. Her shaking hands rubbing my face in the mess I had made as I struggled to keep suckling her clit. By the time she was calming down most of my face below the eyes was wet from her juices. All I could do was to lick my lips and smile.

It took a while for her to come back to earth, she pulled my head up as if to kiss me but then instead asked me with a smile to wash off. So I went down to the water, leaving her looking like she had just run a marathon. Panting and sweating, she looked like she had been hit by a hurricane of lust. She was mind-numbingly beautiful, almost as beautiful as she was at the very instant that she came. Waded in until I was about waist deep, scooping up water in my hands and splashing my face. In the end I went a bit deeper and got rid of the sand that had stuck to my chest as I had been lying there licking hard. Going under a few times. After a while I looked back up at the beach. For a moment I panicked, she wasn't there. I looked up and down the beach but she was nowhere to be seen, my mind was starting to spin in all kinds of different scary directions. Had she left me? No, that wasn't her type of humour. Had she been taken? No, no sign of anybody else anywhere near. Then I felt something touch me under the water, I turned to look and there was that smile again.

She kissed me and I felt a surge of relief, as well as excitement. She led me towards the shallower waters, taking my hand in hers. She led me to where it was only a couple of inches or so of water when the waves came crashing in. Kissing me and then kneeling before me she told me it was time to return the favour. Running her fingers down over my chest, all the way to my groin. Continuing down my inner thigh. She let her fingers explore all around my staff, rising up under her inspection. Playing and touching all over my most sensitive skin. A few light kisses and she had me shivering with delight, knees trembling. She gripped me more firmly, pumping me. Feeling impatient I pleaded with her to just take me.

She helped me lie down on the sand, my feet sticking out into the water which reached all the way up to my bottom at it's highest.

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