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Co-eds on a distant planet learn about their role in nature.

We have something that we need to talk to you about. My mind raced. We? I prayed for the time to pass quickly and met my brother-in-law at our favorite after-work watering hole. Neither of could admit to the other that we were nervous about this mysterious summons but we threw back three or four drinks, then got in my car (since we car-pooled) and headed to his house.

Dave's split-level ranch was unlit inside except for the creamy glow of the porch light. A piece of paper waved in the wind and neither of us could restrain ourselves as we dashed to read it.

The door is open. Leave your shoes outside. We are waiting upstairs.

In bare feet, Dave opened the door and we both entered the house. At first, nothing but silence welcomed us and darkness blanketed the bottom floor save a single candle guttering in a dish on the living room table. Then, I heard it. A faint cry, like a cat or a baby.

"Hear that?" I touched Dave's arm and we stood stock still. The sound came again, a little louder this time. A wail ... a wail of pleasure? Obviously, we hurried up the stairs and just stood in the doorway of his bedroom, our mouths hanging open. My beautiful wife, Dina lay on her back, her eyes closed and her head lolling back and forth as her twin sister ate the fuck out of her pussy. The sounds we'd heard downstairs, the sounds of pleasure, were coming from her and grew louder as she approached her orgasm.

My cock awoke and began to angrily press against the seam of my trousers in response to my wife's cries. She opened her eyes and saw us, a tiny smile forming as she ground her hips into Trina's face. With a long, drawn-out cry, she came and I gave my cock a squeeze, imagining the sweet juices that her sister was now licking up. She panted for several moments, then pulled Trina up for a long, deep kiss, before turning to us.

"Hello, boys."

Dave was as speechless as I was. The twins had always been knockouts with their black hair, blue eyes and 36C breasts but covered with sweat and hair mussed, they were absolutely, unbelievably hot.


"Welcome home, honey." She nuzzled my wife's breast, giving the wet knob a hard suck. "Hi, Marty."

"Hi, honey." Dina paused to kiss her sister again and my cock twitched. "Trina and I have something to tell you."

"Let me guess. You fuck each other."

"Guilty." Trina giggled as her sister's caress traveled over a ticklish area.

"And you've been doing it for some time."

"Guilty." Dina answered me. "Since we were thirteen." Both sisters sat up and I couldn't help but notice that my wife's thighs were shiny with cum and I licked my lips.

"That's why we wanted to talk to you."

"To confess?" Dave asked incredulously. The smile on Trina's face faded at the tone of his voice.

"Yes. We don't want to be separated." Dina said, throwing her arms around her sister. Now I understood the reason for the confession. Dave had said something to me a few days earlier about entertaining the idea of putting for a promotion that would take Trina and him to Phoenix.

"We can't be separated." Trina stated tearfully.

"So we want to offer a compromise. We want you both to join us." Dina's eyes met mine and I could see tears building in her eyes. "As long as you don't separate us."

I had no problem with the arrangement but it wasn't up to me. Dave was the one that wanted to move. He looked over at me and I shrugged. "What do you think, Marty?"

"I love Trina like I love Dina. I don't have any problem with them having sex with each other. I don't even have to be involved. But you're the one that wants to move, Dave. It's not up to me."

Dave nodded, thinking about what I'd said for a minute or two, then he turned to the girls.

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