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Husband wants to get wife into swinging.

Being married to the same woman for so long can make you think on along the same lines. I was terrified. If she planned on giving away my little 'secret' I knew I would be mortified. I knew anything could happen. Andy could go off on me. I danced with him. He held me like a lady. "Oh god." I thought. "This man could kill me."

"We all have our little fetishes don't we?" She asked.

"Sure we do." Andy replied. "For as long as I can remember I knew that you never knew about what went on behind closed doors." He laughed. "I guess everyone is a little different in the things that turns them on."

"Even Mr. Straight lace himself can get a little kinky now and then- isn't that right Richard." She said as she smiled up at her lover.

I didn't like where this conversation was leading. I wanted to get up and run out of the restaurant or at the very least bury my head in my hands and cry. But I just sat there waiting for it to be over- well actually I waited for Andy to stand up and punch me in the jaw.

"Well let me just come out with it. Kristy here- well she's a boy."

Andy turned a little red and his mouth fell open. I think at first he didn't believe her but soon realized it must be true because I wasn't defending myself.

"No way." He said, as he looked me up and down. "There is no way she could be a guy. I mean look at her. Even her breasts are real." Andy continued. "Any guy would be lucky to be out with a girl like this." He said and then winked at me.

I was completely relieved. It appeared that not only was Andy not angry he seemed a little comfortable at the thought.

"He is most defiantly a guy- I know because I dressed him this morning." Loraine laughed.

Things seemed to get a little easier. I was a little less tense about my woman voice so I started to open up a little bit more to my date. The rest of the evening was spent with me laughing at his jokes, touching his leg and hinting that I wanted more!

"I was thinking- would you and Richard like to finish this evening off at our place?" Loraine asked.

Both boys jumped at the chance.

Loraine went with Richard in his car while I went with Andy in his. And even though we had just been through some open and frank conversations both of us seemed to be at a lack for words. I think maybe it was the fact that we were alone for the first time.

"So- um, you are really a guy under that makeup?" He questioned.

"Yep, really a guy."

"Are you gay or something?" Actually yesterday I would have went to my grave arguing that I was straight but something had changed since yesterday. The question didn't even irritate me. "I'm bi actually." I replied "At least I think I'm bi."

Andy put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me more toward the center of the seat. I found it natural to rest my hand on his inner thigh.

"Well I guess it doesn't matter but I think you look really like a woman. I hope you don't mind me saying so."

I didn't

I put my head on his shoulder as he concentrated on driving. My stomach felt a little funny. Don't get me wrong- it was a good kind of funny. Slowly I worked up the courage to run the tip of my finger along his inseam. "I hope you don't mind but- I kind of like you." I smiled up at him.

He didn't

His cock began to show itself underneath his slacks. I resisted the temptation to take it into my hand. I figured there would be plenty of time for that later.

When we all arrived home Loraine excused herself to the kitchen to get us all some drinks. I quickly became embarrassed when I noticed Andy staring at me. I recognized his glassy-eyed glare because I had, had that look myself plenty of times. It was lust.

"Seems you two are hitting it off." Richard replied as he took his drink from Loraine.

"I think so." Andy said and then moved in a little closer to me. I was beginning to pick up on the signals that men give. Even after only a short time I knew that Andy wanted to kiss me.

We were like animals, our hands explored each other's back, ass and we kissed each other like any newfound love would.

"Oh- I wanna' watch.

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