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His pride nearly destoyed him, but...

I think I stunned him because he just stood there.

So, I took of my clothes and lay on the bed. After a couple of minutes, I heard him get on the bed and get on top of me. It still hurt a little when he stuck it in but not a lot. Again he was fucking me like a wild man.

This time though, I paid attention to my dick and it was indeed getting hard. It was starting to hurt being pressed against the bed at a weird angle. The harder he fucked me, the harder my dick got. Once again when he finished, he got dressed and left.

When I turned over, my dick sprung out and was stiff as a board. My butt was burning but it felt like a good burn. Again I jerked-off while thinking of the feeling in my ass. It was great!

I let my cousin butt ass fuck me 5 or 6 times more, each time after I would have a massive blowout. When we finally stopped playing our "games", I tried other objects to stick up my ass to try to recreate that feeling but nothing worked.

I still hadn't refine my technique so I finally gave up and went back to just masturbating. Don't get me wrong, I still love to masturbate and sometimes I try to remember what it was like to have something stuck in my ass.

Today was no different; here I was, sitting in the back seat of my parent's car in the grocery store parking lot. My parents went in store leaving me in the car. It was a warm sunny day and I could feel the sweat running between my legs.

As my mind was wondering, I noticed a mom and her daughter walking across the lot. Both were wearing short blue jeans skirts with tight tops. The mom was tanned, long brunette hair, long legs, and a nice set of tits. The daughter seemed to be my age. She also had long brunette hair but she wasn't tanned and her tits were small but firm. Watching them walk across the parking lot made my cock get hard in my shorts.

I started rubbing my cock as I imagine the mom and daughter. The more I rubbed; the ache to jerk-off was overwhelming. I unzipped my pants to release my now rock hard cock.

As I rubbed my cock, I caught a glimpse of the mom's panties as she leaned over her trunk to put the bags in the car. Her panties were riding up her crack, being sucked in both her ass and pussy. In an instant, my mind was flooded with the feelings of having my cousin and other objects in my ass.

My ass started burning and my dick was twitching. I had to get relief even if I got caught. Not knowing when my parents would return, I hurriedly release the full length of my cock and balls from my shorts.

I had learned over the years to take my time when masturbating to increase the pleasure but time I did not have at the moment. I started stroking my cock with a furry. My ass was burning and those feelings fueled my stroking.

I closed my eyes, remembering the mom's panties riding up her ass and the feelings of having anything riding up my ass. I lost track of time because all of a sudden I was exploding out gobs of cum, shooting all over my shirt and hitting me in the face.

That's what woke me from my thoughts. As I licked any cum that was around my mouth, I took my shirt off and finish wiping my face. I saw my parents leaving the store so I tucked my cock and balls back in my pants and zipped them as fast as I could.

When my mom got in the car, she asked me why I had my shirt off and what was that smell. I knew it was my sex smell she was smelling but I just told her I was hot and she probably smelled my sweat, which wasn't too far off from the truth.

As we drove home, my ass was still burning as I thought about what just happen and knowing I wanted something up my ass next time. I wanted to try something when I got home but it turned out that everyone was in the house.

That night in bed, I had a great 30 minute jerk-off while thinking about earlier that day.

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