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"I'll give it to someone special..."

In my mind, I had gone up to Simon's room and the two of us were clawing passionately all over each other. I worked the dildo into my pussy imagining it was his cock burying into me. I reveled in the feelings of being stretched out and filled up - wishing that his body was attached to the cock that was fucking me...wishing that his hands were grasping my hips and pulling me down harder on his cock... wishing his lips were on my breasts, nibbling and teasing my nipples... I started bucking my hips as I pushed the dildo in and out of me - working faster and faster with each stroke.

And then the phone rang... typical.

I thought about letting the answering machine pick it up, but then remembered that my friend told me she would call me to finalize some weekend plans. Thinking I would quickly ask her about swapping shifts at work with me, I put a hold on my ministrations and picked up the phone.

"So, what does a lovely lady like you do once you get home from a long day at work?" asked a deliciously deep, manly voice. I definitely did not expect Simon to call so soon.

"Oh, this and that," I said, trying to sound nonchalant. "What are you up to?"

"Well, after that kiss, I think you know what I'm up to." Right then, I heard the sound of a zipper being undone.

Normally, I would have hung up on a guy who I just met pulling a stunt like this, but I was so attracted to him and the thought of him pumping his cock while I masturbated was one of the most erotic things I'd ever experienced. I slipped the dildo back into my pussy and imagined that the cock he had in his hand was being guided into me.

"I'm sorry! Have I turned you off?" he said, sheepishly. "I just thought, that... err..."

Snapping out of my reverie, I quelled his fears. "No, Simon, I was waiting for you to tell me what to do with this dildo in my pussy."

He moaned slightly at that and then we guided each other through a set of orgasms that left us both speechless. We were spent after about an hour of our "talk", and changed our plans from "dinner" to "lunch with an extended dessert". I was amazed at how bold I had been - usually preferring to keep my masturbation and toy collection a secret from the men I sleep with, but it just felt so natural with Simon. He didn't treat me like I was a sex-crazed pervert for enjoying myself the way I do, nor for participating in the phone sex we just had. And, as I fell asleep, I realized how happy I was that I met someone that I felt comfortable enough with to share that part of myself.

The time finally arrived for our lunch date, and the two of us met at a very lovely restaurant. I was, again, taken by his good looks and charm, but what really struck me was that our conversation didn't at all seem to be strained or forced in any way. I wasn't even embarrassed at all about seeing him face-to-face after he heard me cumming over the phone the night before. Even though we were both definitely looking forward to the adventure that awaited us, we were genuinely interested in each other enough that sex wasn't the only motivating factor for our date. I had never met a man who held my interest much beyond his erection, so the experience was definitely a new one for me.

After a nice, leisurely lunch and a walk through the park, we eventually made our way back to the hotel - this time making it past the elevator and up to his suite. By the time the door shut, we were practically devouring each other while fumbling with zippers, buttons and shoes.

Taking off my bra while kissing me, he guided my hand down to his cock.

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