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SMITH hooks up with his new neighbour, a big bear of a man.

A minute later my finger was completely in her ass and I was moving it in and out slowly.

"Oh I like it babe, but I think it works better if you use oil on your finger," she said.

I grabbed the oil bottle and applied some oil to my hand and her ass. She was right. The oil made it much easier and she soon had 3 of my fingers in her ass.

"Oh wow, this feels both good and bad. I like how it feels, but I also never imagined letting anyone near my ass" she said with a smile on her face.

"I like it too, I never had anal sex, but I always wondered about trying it".

"Yeah? Let's just do it."

"Sure, let's do it, there is no better time than this," I said and put some oil on my dick which was not very hard at that moment.

"I am not hard babe. Let me see what I can do to make myself hard" I murmured.

"What if you lick my feet? Maybe it helps?" she replied.

"Okay," and I started to lick her feet and wow, I was hard within 20 seconds. What a cool trick! I positioned myself and slowly slid my dick into her virgin ass, just the first inch.

"Hold on hold on," she said with a painful expression, and after a few seconds gave me the green light to push a bit further. After a minute or two, my dick was completely in her ass, but she still needed time to adjust and get comfortable. Then she told me to start moving back and forth slowly.

"How is it? Still hurting?" I asked.

"It hurt before, actually it feels okay now. You can slowly go faster" she replied.

This was the first time we both were experiencing anal sex and it was an experience beyond words. We were both mentally and physically overloaded with pleasure. The vaginal sex felt very good, but anal had a different feeling to me and I absolutely loved it, not to mention it felt very intimate to do it with Nova. She seemed quite into it and started moaning harder and louder than usual.

"Oh God, Oh God, This feels so fucking good. I love your dick in my ass, fuck me harder" she screamed as I was pounding her ass faster and harder. The good thing about Molly was that it prevented me from cumming and I was able to keep going.

Several minutes later, I finally had to stop. I slowly took out my hard dick and I saw Nova's ass hole staying open for a few seconds. It was a very erotic view and I loved it.

"Damn, anal is super nice. I cannot believe how good it felt to be inside your ass. How was it for you?" I asked while breathing hard.

"Oh, it was fantastic. I never imagined how good and erotic it would feel. I always thought it would feel painful and wrong. I want it again. What about you?"

"What about me? Of course, I want to do it again."

"No, I mean do you want to see how it feels to have something in your butt?

"Hummmm, I think not. I will take your word for it." I replied with hesitation.

"Come on babe. What do you have to lose? I want to try it with you. Just one finger. Please" she insisted.

"Just one finger? Okay, but we stop if I don't like it. Deal?"

"Deal", she jumped and grabbed the oil and lubricated her index finger and ordered me to get in a doggy style position. I was curious, excited, and yet hesitant, but I decided to go with the flow. After some rimming, she slowly started to rub my anus with her oily finger and then started to gently push it in. I felt a pressure followed by an odd feeling that I did not quite like. But after a minute and some back and forth, when her finger was completely inside my ass, I started to realize what she was talking about. It actually started to feel pleasurable and I did not mind it anymore.

"How are you feeling hon? Is it hurting" she asked.

"Well, not now, I am okay now."

"Do you want me to use the second finger?"

"Yeah, but go slow."

She said okay and after lubing up her second finger, she inserted both fingers into my ass.

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