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Danny's adventures get even more interesting.

My ex-girlfriend Stacey Ramirez, a fiery Latina who stomped all over my heart by dumping me for my former friend Roy, dressed up as Hawkgirl. Everyone thought Stacey and I made a cute couple. Too bad the bitch was evil. Anyhow, Ledina cleared her throat loudly, snapping me back to the present.

I looked at Ledina dumbly as she asked me who I was for Halloween. I hesitated, and then reached into my backpack. I bought a cheap blue Captain America mask at the Dollar Store inside Saint Laurent Mall and figured I'd take a few pictures in it and post them on Facebook. I'm not exactly Mr. Popular on campus and can count my friends on one hand. No Halloween party invites for me. Well, you should have seen the way Ledina's eyes lit up when I pulled the mask. Smiling, I put it on. Ledina grinned and took out her cell phone, and next thing I know, this gorgeous, at times scary blonde chick took a couple snapshots of us together. Well, guess who's thrilled?

That's why, when Ledina invited me to a Halloween party organized by her friend Rachel, I was all smiles and nodded so vigorously my head almost popped off like a bobble-head. In my excitement, I took out my cell to take a couple of snapshots with Ledina but guess what happened next? Ledina must have thought I wanted her digits for she started dictating them to me. Well, I was surprised but acted cool and punched the numbers in my cell. I got my coffee, and Ledina got herself an ice cap, and then we parted ways with a half-hug. Quite a turnaround, eh?

The end of October 2015 came, and I went to Ledina and Rachel's apartment in Barrhaven for the party. I wasn't Captain America. Nah, I decided to be someone much cooler. I dressed as Blade, the Vampire Hunter. The first Marvel superhero of African descent on the big screen. I grew up watching Wesley Snipes character Blade killing vampires in the Blade Trilogy. The apartment was full of people, almost all of them white, save for a couple of Asian chicks, and I was very relieved when Ledina came to greet me at the door.

Ledina's eyes lit up when she saw me. Granted, I looked more like the Blade from the 2006 Spike TV series than the Wesley Snipes version, but Ledina came to me, all smiles, hugged me and told me I looked hot. Ledina was still dressed like a clown, only this time her striped outfit was multi-colored, and her hair was dyed bright red. The sexy clown makeup was on, and Ledina was smoldering. I hugged her tightly, thanking her for inviting me. Yeah, I'm not the cool as ice type of brother. I'm the friendly and at times emotional one. That's why a lot of chicks don't dig me. Ledina did, and that's what counts.

Ledina gave me a tour of her place, and I greeted her roommate and best friend Rachel, a plump brunette, and exchanged handshakes with Rachel's boyfriend Lloyd, and this dude named Tobias whom I'd seen around the campus library. I marveled at the size of Ledina's place. A four-bedroom apartment in suburban Barrhaven, with a living room, a washroom, two closets and a kitchen. Man, compared to that, my one-bedroom place in Vanier Parkway near the Saint Laurent Mall wasn't much. I smiled and thanked Ledina for inviting me, and the tall sexy blonde purred like a kitten.

The party got to a slow but nice start. Everywhere people were dancing and smoking weed while Linkin Park music played in the background. I surprised everyone by requesting to Tobias, the apparent DJ, to play the cool new song "Coming For You" by my favorite band, The Offspring. You should have seen the way the white dudes and chicks stared at me when they found out I was into this type of music. Apparently, as a brother, I'm only allowed to like Rap and Hip Hop. As if!

Ledina took things a step further and played the music video on the big-screen TV, and then she danced with me.

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