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She realizes her biggest fantasy with a BBM.

" I need to catch my breath as well.

When we had the energy, we crammed into my shower. We soaped up each other's bodies, getting hard again in the process. He kissed down my neck. Afterwards, still showing hardness, we dried each other off. We lay next to each other on the bed. We sort of dozed, I let my hands roam over his body slowly, I fell asleep.

I woke up alone. I took a moment to orient myself. "Genie, are you there?"

"Yes, Master." Genie appeared on the bed near me.

"He was fantastic. I mean beyond belief. You have got to remember him. I'll want him back."

"Of course, Master. I could tell you were really enjoying yourself." Genie said.

"Holy fuck. What a body, and that cock. What can I say about that cock? I lost count how many times I came." I put my hands through my hair.

Genie reclined on the bed. Or seemed to. He wasn't physical here, so it was really an illusion. "Tapped out, are you?"

"I sure am. I'm going to crawl out and get some breakfast and coffee." Genie followed me, making coffee appear for himself once we got into the kitchen. I got some cereal and coffee, sitting at the table to chat. I had had enough sex so that I didn't want another man for a little bit. My cock, ass, and sex drive needed to recharge.

Genie and I chatted. We got along easily, so I was enjoying having a roommate. I had had roommates before, but I was enjoying his company more than any of them.

I decided I needed to do some housework. Genie popped in and out a bit while I took a few hours taking care of things, running to the store, and so on. Once I had my chores done, I sat down in a chair. Genie appeared on the coffee table.

"I'm sorry I can't help out. But it didn't seem too hard." Genie said.

"It's not, so nothing to be sorry about." I thought for a second. "Say, could you get me a houseboy to do all of this if I want it?"

Genie looked at me for a moment, deep in thought. "Hmm, yes. I could get you a houseboy. Good idea. Do you want one now?"

"Not yet. I've just finished up. Nothing for him to do. We'll do that next time." I replied.

"Of course, Master." Genie said.

"Then I'll fuck him." I laughed a little.

"He'll be your houseboy, that's what houseboys are for." Genie laughed with me.

"I do have a wish for this afternoon." I said.

"Yes, Master. What can I get for you?" Genie seemed to like fulfilling my wishes.

"All service for me." I smiled. "Will be interesting."

"All service, so you just want to lie there?" Genie asked.

"Yeah. I want to get serviced, just serviced. A guy sucking me off. A guy on my balls. A guy to kiss me. One on each foot." I just grinned at Genie.

"Oooo, that does sound interesting. What do you want the men to look like?" Genie was getting into it. But me getting pleasure made him feel good, so of course.

"Errrr. Bel Ami models. I want them to look like Bel Ami models. Those guys are hot." Being the center of attention of 5 Bel Ami models would be great.

"Of course, Master. Do you want go to into the bedroom?"

"Sure." I said, stripping as I moved to the bed. I lay down on my back and looked at the door in anticipation.

Five naked men appeared through the door, all smiling, all hard. They were Bel Ami models. I recognized them. Five of my favorites, in fact. I wondered how Genie knew. But he was a magic genie, so I guess it made sense.

They came into my bedroom with that happy, almost bouncy gait that was in so many of their movies. They piled on my bed. The one I like best, my favorite star from the site, bent down to kiss me. Just that was worth the wish alone. And he was a good kisser. I felt a nuzzle on my balls, then a lick. The man there got going on my balls. Hands wrapped around my feet, massaging them. Then their mouths joined the hands. Finally, lips went around my cock. My cock was hard, of course. I'd sprung up when I got kissed, getting harder when the other mouths started working.

I was right, this felt great.

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