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When I was younger I went travelling around the states...

.. Leslie and I and form a three-some. We don't have to live together, but could do so if you preferred it. Or you could live with me or Leslie so others might see you as a couple with me a close friend and no suspicions would be raised."

'A three-some!' I thought. 'My god, was she serious?'

I asked her if she was serious.

"Of course I am. Shall I call Leslie and have her confirm all this?"

I waved her off. "No, I believe you. I believe all right, it's just... difficult to accept. I mean the entire concept..."

"It's true enough," she added.

"Does Gwen know about...?"

"No, but it was her idea of getting us together. She fully believes that I'm in need of a good man."

Maggie laughed. "Well that's partly true. I am in need of a good man. And you are indeed a good man. Gwen's got it wrong about my wanting to settle down with a guy. I don't... well I do, but in the way I've described to you as a three-some."

"Tell me something, Maggie," I said.

She waited for me to go on.

"You say you're interested in forming a three-some with Leslie and me, but for how long? A week, a month?"

"Oh, no. I mean indefinitely. Years, perhaps forever. But it won't last, I know that. We're not meant to live that way, so it would be a matter of time before we dissolved the relationship. Perhaps one of us will leave and the others will find a replacement or continue on as a pair. I don't know. But we'd have each other for a time, just how long a time is an unknown factor."

"What about financial matters between us? For example if you and I live together and Leslie is perceived to outsiders as a friend and we live together for several years, or long enough to be considered man and wife? Who gets alimony? Is there alimony?"

"Strictly speaking, we continue with our own respective careers. What we earn, we earn and it is ours, not shared, unless we want to share, for example, I buy you a present, or you take us to dinner. Umm, acquisitions like furniture, I don't know, perhaps we can have something drawn up like a nuptial agreement."

"Maggie, I want to be with you. I want you to understand that I truly believe that as of this moment I love you. And because I love you and want to be with you I accept this... this arrangement. But I will always be hoping that we can make it together and that marriage is a possibility for us somewhere down the road."

She released a long pent-up sigh of relief.

"So you... agree to go along with us?"

"I do."

We both smiled at the use of those particular words to cement our 'relationship.'

"Oh..." I said.


"Will there be others involved with us?"

"I don't know. It's a possibility of course; we don't know what lies ahead."

I was still absorbing the details and what they represented when Maggie squeezed my hand and said, "It's been a delightful lunch. I was afraid it might have been a disaster, so... my place around six?"

"I'll be there with bells on."

"If anything's on, I hope it's a hardon." That said she got up came around to me and kissed me hard on the mouth. I returned the kiss and when we separated all the men were applauding us. I paid the check and we went our separate ways.


I was at her door at the stroke of six. To prove my willingness to go along with

the three-some scheme, I had my cock out and made sure it was stiff and hard when I knocked on the door. Leslie answered and when she glanced down as women do so surreptitiously, she gasped in pleasant surprise.

"He's up for us, Maggie dear!" She said and reached out to touch me there.

"Umm, I mean, really up for us!"


"We are so sorry we treated you the way we did," Leslie was saying after a light dinner and several glasses of wine.

"That's right," Maggie chimed in, a little tipsy and wearing a fake pout. "We want to make that up to you."

"Make what up?" I asked having had two martini's under my belt and half way through a third.

"Don't worry 'bout a thing, darling," Maggie purred, her words only slightly slurred from the wine.

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