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Daddy teaches me a lesson.

"Don't ever vote Republican Cain. They do nothing for the worker," he complained.

"O.k, O.k. No politics at the dinner table please men." Evelyn declared and headed to the walk-in pantry. Out of the view of her husband she turned to make sure Cain was watching and lifted up her dress. Taking hold of her panties she slid them down her legs and stepped out of them. Returning to Cain with them balled in her hand she passed her panties to her son. "Be a dear and set the table for me would you Cain?" She asked casually and as Cain slid the damp underwear into his front pocket he hoped his father wouldn't notice the erection tenting out the front of his pants.

* * * * *

Cain thought of the cliche as he sat across from his mother in his usual position. Dropping a napkin to look up her skirt beneath the table, playing footsies. All options were out of the question with the glass see through table top. They ate dinner much as they always did, as they always had for his nineteen years. So many years wasted, he thought. Why did it take a topless photo of her to awaken this lust? It suddenly occurred to him he had a reason for his awakening. What was hers? What did it take for a mother to become sexually attracted to her son? He reminded himself to brooch the subject the first chance he got.

"Well since your mother made dinner Cain, you can do the dishes." Harold declared as he leaned back in his chair.

"I always do!" Cain defended himself as he began to rise, taking his father's plate and receiving his mother's.

"I'll help honey." Evelyn stated and collected the remaining cutlery. Harold made his way to the living room and switched the television on again. The sound of a game show filtered through as mother and son began the tidy up.

"You know what I was thinking all through dinner?" Evelyn asked as she stood beside Cain at the sink.

"That you wished we didn't have a glass topped table!" Cain immediately threw back at her.

She looked amazed at his mind reading skills. "How did you?"

"Mom, I was thinking the same thing." He laughed.

Evelyn moved closer to him by the sink and their bodies touched. Their hands came together in the water and soap suds and their fingers entwined. Evelyn wrapped her fist around Cains index finger and masturbated it as if it were a small cock.

"Mom I want you so bad!"

Evelyn looked back into the living room and still holding Cain's hand led him towards the pantry. With her back to the shelves she immediately lifted the front of her dress and Cain was quick to move in. His fingers combed down through her pubic hair and reached her vulva. Her labia slick with moisture, he slid his middle finger along it's length and then entered. Evelyn arched her neck back and Cain lavished her skin with kisses from her collarbone to her jaw. Kissing along her chin he came to her mouth and she greeted him with tongue.

Evelyn pulled her son closer to her. His body pressed to her naked lower half. She lifted a leg and he caught it with his free hand only removing his other hand from her pussy when she began to lift her other leg. Cupping her beneath the ass, her vagina now pressing against his own groin he attempted to balance her on a lower shelf but the action sent bottles toppling. A can of peaches fell to the floor and landed with a crash. They began to laugh and Cain lifted a hand to cover his mother's mouth.

"You making a cup of tea out there? It's about that time." Harold called from the family room and they knew they had to stop. Evelyn took hold of Cain's hand and kissed his fingers. As he slowly backed out of the pantry and Evelyn's dress fell back into place, she took his index finger into her mouth and sucked it like a counterfeit cock. His arm held out, she followed him out attached to his finger and only relinquished her hold half way across the kitchen.

Evelyn looked down at the erection, so noticeable in her son's pants.

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