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Very old story of Mine.

Her own thoughts imagined how those

hands would span her waist, or cup her round breasts. Whew!, she thought to herself. It has been WAY too long since I have enjoyed the company of a handsome, eligible man! His dark coloring appealed to her, as did his strong mouth and long legs.

Strangely, the hours passed quickly. The attraction Charles felt was growing, and he couldn't help feeling it was mutual. There was no overt talking of romance or sex or seduction, but at some level of communication, Man and Woman were very aware of each other. He watched the curve of her full lips as she talked and laughed, and noted the fullness of her breasts. This was no Social x-ray with breasts and hips like a pre-adolescent boy, this was a WOMAN, with tits and ass and the whole box of toys, Charles laughed to himself. What I would give to be the boy with that toybox!

He noticed that she smelled fabulous, wearing an unusual scent that was definite, yet not cloying. He complimented her on it, and she told him it was something called Bois des Iles, by Chanel. It was only available at the flagship store in Paris, was one of the older, original perfumes, and had been a gift from a grateful client.

Charles, for once in his life, was uncertain how to proceed. He was aware that all too soon this flight would be over. He knew, without question, that he wanted to see her again, and soon. As much as he was tingling with base animal hormones, he had a feeling that whatever was cooking between them had the potential to be profoundly more significant than a simple tumble into bed. This was not a woman to be trifled with, and she turned him on in ways he wanted to explore more. Physically, she was just right for his 6 ft 2 in. frame. No wisp of a girl, she had curves and hollows that would give a man hours of healthy pleasure. She made him laugh, and they had a surprising congruity of thought, socially and politically, intellectually curious, nothing pedestrian about this girl. He knew he was unlikely to be bored, in or out of bed, he laughed to himself.

Melissa, for her part, was basking in the warmth of his attention, his quiet but clear attraction, and the awakening of a sizzle that had for far too long lain dormant in her body and mind. She too was hesitant as to how to proceed. This was a serious man, and she was not one for casual flings or meaningless sex just to scratch an itch. But she sure was feeling the urge to scratch, she observed to herself, wryly.

This man was temptation, just within her reach. No schedule set in stone, Melissa had a few tentative meetings to firm up upon arrival, and an invitation to visit a friend's beach house in the Balearacs over the weekend. She had no one to answer to but herself, and found the possibilities and the desires spinning in her mind.

Too soon, the lights came up, and the dull chores of landing and collecting luggage and Customs and Immigration had to be dealt with.

She decided that the best thing to do was to just give him her business card, and said, "Charles, please look me up when you get back to the States. I have enjoyed tonight and would enjoy seeing you again."

In the ensuing hubbub of deplaning, Charles lost sight of Melissa. She had rushed off, not wanting there to be any awkwardness now that the strangely intimate interlude of their overnight flight was over.

Charles resolved, as he tramped along the jetway, that he would call Melissa as soon as he returned. He was a little disappointed in himself that he had not, somehow, seized an opportunity tonight that seemed so special, laden with possibility and desire. He felt an ache that was more than just unsatisfied lust in his groin.

As he trudged along, lugging his briefcase and overnighter, Charles was surprised to hear the clacking of high heels on the tiles and a woman, calling his name. He turned. It was Susan, the senior stewardess.

"Charles, I'm so glad I caught you.

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