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We end up fulfilling several fantasies.

I slid my hands up the delicate satin to the top button. I fumbled for a moment, my eyes trained on his face. I had to untuck my blouse to reach the final button. I waited until he glanced over from the road to part my shirt and slide it off my shoulders. I was glad I'd worn my sexy black lace bra. It presented my tits perfectly, barely concealing my stiff nipples. I felt his eyes slide over my creamy curves and I shivered.

He looked up, meeting my stare. "Pull your tits up and out of the bra, but don't take the bra off." He looked back at the road as he smoothly changed lanes.

I slid my right hand down inside my left bra cup and lifted the firm globe out of the lacey cup. I did the same with my other breast. The shifted bra pushed them unnaturally high. My rosy nipples pulled on the surrounding skin as they struggled to extend further.

Eager for his attention I said, "Like this?" He looked over again, but at my eyes. He held them there to show me I couldn't dictate where his eyes would go. My breathing deepened as I waited for him to look at my exposed body. Finally, his eyes traveled down to my bare tits. I pulled my shoulders back, sticking my chest out further.

"Now play with your tits. Show me what a naughty little cunt you are." His aggressive words made my thighs grow hot. I wrapped my hands around the soft mounds and squeezed them. I stroked my thumbs gently over my hard nipples. A moan escaped my lips as I touched the sensitive nubs. My tits had always been my most powerful erogenous zone. Now, sitting in a strange man's car and touching myself for him, I thought I might be able to orgasm just from this.

The nameless man beside me laughed at my reaction. "You are a horny slut aren't you?" I noticed a bulge forming in his pants. "Pinch your nipples. Twist them. They'll need to get used to rough treatment."

I did as I was told - pulling, squeezing, rolling between my fingertips. I followed his gaze to see he was watching my hips rock. I hadn't even realized I was doing that.

"Push your skirt up to your hips." My panties were now in view, set off by my pale thighs and lace-trimmed black stockings.

"Pull your panties to the side and show me your beautiful cunt." I felt the dampness on my fingers as I pulled the sheer material aside. I started to rub my clit.

"Did I tell you to touch your cunt?

"No." I bowed my head, not wanting him to get angry with me.

"As punishment for that, it will be a very long time before I let you cum. If I decide to let you cum at all, that is." He unzipped his pants. "Now get your lovely mouth over here and suck my cock."

Wanting to please him, I quickly bent over and grasped his hard shaft. My fingers barely met around his girth and as his cock came into view, I was shocked by its thickness. I gently kissed the head, his pre-cum salting my lips. I ran my tongue along the respectable length.

Firm fingers threaded through my hair. "Suck it bitch." I felt one of his hands press down on my head. I amusingly hoped the other hand was on the wheel as I parted my lips as much as I could. His cock slid along my tongue like silk over steel. I couldn't take much into my mouth and began pumping my hand up and down the base of his member.

The car jerked to a sudden stop and I almost rolled off the seat from the force. My cry out was muffled on his skin. He grunted, "Red light." That's when I realized we weren't on the highway anymore. We must have been getting close to where he was taking me.

We started moving again as I bobbed my head up and down on his shaft. I tried to take more in, relax my throat, widen my mouth. He was too thick, so I satisfied my lust for him by swirling my tongue around his cock. His fingers tightened in my hair, hurting my scalp. Just when I wanted to cry out from the pain, he released my hair. My hand slid up and down, my mouth sucking, my tongue licking.

I moaned as his free hand grasped my hanging breast. He massaged it for a moment before playing with my needy nipples.

"Oh yeah, suck it slut! You love the taste of cock don't you?" H

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