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Abby and crew take rest at the beach. What could go wrong?

He then took me deep into his mouth and swirled his tongue around my prick, nibbling with his teeth and the wrapping his tongue where the teeth had bitten. This was an experience that was new and exciting; you could not fail to respond to the artistry of an expert in the lovemaking of men.

Another finger was inserted into my anus and it started it's own dance, independent of the other finger already at work in there. The excitement was now getting to the stage where my body was trembling with anticipation, and each muscle was jerking as they were touched and tickled, stroked and caressed. Very smoothly he rolled me over onto my face and propped me onto my knees. He slid around my body until his prick was against my anus and he slowly inserted himself into me. He was about halfway in when he reached the part that had not been breached before, I had to this point not been in pain as Howard was wider but his four and a half to five inches was his maximum penetration of me. John then started to put both his hands onto my lower stomach and push his fingers deep into the sides, just above the groin. He forced his fingers in hard and my sphincter muscle opened up as if it were a flower spreading itself wide open. As it opened so he thrust the rest of the way into me and I felt no pain as he entered me to the hilt. As he had already had one cum with Howard he was capable of lasting a long time, so he started with a steady rhythm, to fuck me, as he wanted to.

He worked his prick in and out of me at various speeds and at many angles; he turned me onto my back and thrust into me very deeply. He pulled right out of me and just inserted the head only into me so that my sphincter muscle closed tightly onto his prepuce. Then he decided it was time to really give it to me so he speeded up, thrusting his whole length into me faster and faster. My prick was as hard as a rock but as it had been held back for so long there was no sign of me cumming, that was until Howard decided to join in and stick his mouth around my throbbing cock. As soon as he started sucking me hard I blew cum down his throat so hard that he gagged and rolled away. I still kept shooting my cum all over the place until John moaned and thrust very deeply into me, shooting his jism deep into my belly. As I felt him cum in me my muscles started to contract milking him of his load whilst he stayed deep within me. After that session I was easily persuaded to go down to the docks and meet his sea daddy, an event that was to change my way of life.

That weekend we left the town and headed for the big city and the dock area. I did not know what to expect, and I still had that nagging doubt about whether I really wanted to completely enter the gay scene. I still had yearnings for girls, and I never got excited or erect seeing a naked man, but I always did when I saw a woman, even if it was only a flash of her panties. I certainly lusted after the ladies, so I remained not really knowing what I was doing hanging around the gay scene. After we got to the docks area we met up with John's sea daddy Dave, and a couple more of their friends, so three guys became six very quickly. John's sea daddy was a very commanding man who was both handsome and appeared to control everybody around him. It later emerged that he was the ship's first mate and was used to command. We were taken to their local bar and our glasses were kept full at all times, Howard and I were not drinkers, so it was not long before we were pretty merry and past the point where you stayed on your guard.

At that stage Dave told John to take us back to the flat and he and the others would be along in a little while.

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