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Father discovers his daughter desires.

Licking my lips, I begin at her feet and kiss her toes, licking her baby toe. Her eyes are wide as I go up her leg, kissing and licking. I don't touch her sex but lick up to her breasts and capture one nipple in my mouth while I pull on the other one. She is moving. I slap her hip and say, "Don't move, just enjoy." Sir turns off all the lights except one lamp. He sits in a chair and starts stroking his cock. He watches as I lie on her body and grind my pubic area into hers as I kiss her sweet, sweet lips.

"Pet, get down between her legs. Little Jennifer here needs to see what a real man's cock looks like."

I go down between Jennifer's legs and as I put my tongue in her pussy and begin to lick, she comes. Damn that was quick. I lick up her juices and start to suck her. "Jennifer look at me." Sir says and her eyes really go wide as she sees his huge dick. "Yes, dear Jennifer, it will fit in your tiny pussy. He says before she can ask.

"Open your mouth my sweet girl and take my dick. My pet will make you come again and again and then I will fuck that pussy." Sir says and sucks her nipple. Jennifer opens her mouth and he eases his dick into it. She sucks him. She's very inexperienced and Sir is really holding back. He is watching me eat her pussy. He takes her head in his hands and starts fucking her mouth. She can only take half of him before she gags. He gets over her body. He brings my face out of her pussy and kisses me. "Lick her slit while I tongue her clit." He orders and I do it. Jennifer feels the two of us sucking her and she goes crazy, moving her legs. I hold her down and Sir really fucks her mouth. Her hands are tied so she can't move. He fucks her mouth and she gags.

"Relax Jennifer. I'm going to come soon and you will swallow it all. Right now I'm going to make you come." Sir says and he flicks her clit with his tongue. She wants to scream her pleasure but she can't with his dick down her throat and she comes. A few seconds later Sir comes and he empties his load. Jennifer is swallowing as fast as she can but some still ooze out.

Sir gets off of her and she is choking. He unties her hands and she sits up. "You've dropped some." He says, "Clean it up." He holds his dick where there is come still on it. Jennifer bends down and licks his cock clean.

"You will be punished for not swallowing all of me. Pet get me the ruler." He says and I go into his bag and fetch it. "Pet lie down on the bed and Miss Jennifer is going to reciprocate by eating your delectable pussy." I take off the panties.

I lie down and Jennifer kneels on the bed. I pull her head into my very wet snatch. She is tentative at first, but she gets into it and soon I feel quite wonderful. She's a fast learner. Her ass is in the air and Sir lands the first blow on her buttocks. She stops licking and gasps. I pull her head back in, "Lick my pussy or he will make it harder." I say and Sir rubs her butt. He kisses her bottom and runs his tongue down her crack. Jennifer wiggles her butt and Sir hits her on her right butt cheek with the ruler harder this time and she cries into my pussy, but she keeps licking.

Sir feels her snatch and our dear Jennifer is very wet. "You like me spanking your butt, don't you?" Jennifer lifts her head and says, "Yes Sir." And she goes back to eating me. I am almost ready to come and I look at Sir. "Please Sir, may your pet come?"

"Not just yet, but very soon.

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