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Emmy begs Yogi Jacob for release.

It was a breathless kiss. Actually it was more of a last draw of oxygen than a kiss. Finally she pulled away breathing hard.


She smiled embarrassedly. And then for what seemed like an eternity we just sat there, fierce electricity crackling in the roaming shadows. The blue light flickered across Katy's face illuminating her pale fractured complexion her soft brown eyes a bottomless pit of despair. Suddenly she reached for her cardigan pulling it on as she slid out the booth.

What? Clearly I'd misjudged this one. I slumped back in my chair feeling all that pent up energy and anticipation dissipating into the musky air. Even my member sank his head in disappointment.

I reached for my gym bag but as I did so Katy's hand grabbed my arm.

"Katy! What is it?"

She motioned for me to follow her. I yanked my bag up off the floor and hurriedly followed behind as she almost floated down the long winding velvet carpet to the crack of light blazing its trail in the seemingly endless distance.

And then there was light.

So not that endless after all. I had expected it to be a lot darker but inspecting my phone I saw it was only 7.30. It was bloody freezing though. Looking at Caf__ de Florentine from the outside you wouldn't even notice it if you walked past. It blended into the other buildings like it was a block of flats. Come to think of it where was the name? Or the entrance for that matter? I shook my head. How did I even find the place? I had told Katy that I'd found it some weeks ago but when? My head was a mess. The hot, sweetly scented air that permeated Caf__ de Florentine hung tantalisingly around us. Us. Where was Katy?

I turned and saw her hailing a taxi. Well thanks for telling me! I jogged over.

"Hey Katy - "

I broke off. She held the door open beckoning for me to get in.

"Come on mate."

The taxi driver's voice broke my trance. I jumped in and sat opposite Katy.

"Ok where do you wanna go?"

"Narrington Avenue p-please" Katy stammered shakily.

"Alright then."

The taxi sped off into a haze of amber streetlights visible through the steamy windows. Should I have told the driver to drop me off at the station? No. Drop Katy off and then worry about that. I'll probably get lumbered with the fare as well. Sigh. As per usual the meter had started to shoot up as soon as we started moving. What pissed me off more than anything was how it never started at 0.00 but something like 3.80. Unbelievable.

I looked across at Katy. She looked anxious fretting over nothing in particular her gaze swivelling awkwardly to avoid mine. I touched her knee gently trying to calm her down. She flinched pulling her knee away. I sank back dispiritedly.

I stared out into the misty night with a sigh. Where had I gone wrong? She had a partner of course but that was a loveless coupling if there ever was one. And a kid. Yes that was true. Maybe it was for the best. But what about her? Does she have to wait until her kids grow up and leave home to finally be able to be happy again? How do you resist those urges for that long? What do they manifest into?

Absent-mindedly I turned my gaze back to her. She looked straight back at me blushing as she did so. She bit her lip nervously. She opened her legs apart a little causing her skirt to rise up her thigh. My member uncurled slightly. Ever so slowly her dainty little fingers unbuttoned her cardigan one by one leaving the last one. Her red vest was moist with perspiration. She trailed her fingers along the striped hem of her cardigan lifting it barely an inch to show a flash of skin. My member began to unravel. Her fingers danced lower down her waist to her skirt. I breathed out slowly. Her fingers eased down further reaching -

"Alright that'll be __24 mate."

Fuck! Katy jolted upright grabbing her bag in such a rush that her purse fell into the seat next to her.

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