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Day 3 of working with Trista.

We continued like this for many minutes until I felt her buttocks clench and tighten and wave after wave of shuddering orgasm gripped her lower body as I kept licking and probing with my tongue.

"Stop, stop," she gasped as she pulled herself off me, her skirt and underwear entangled, and collapsed. "I'm far too, far too sensitive down there now you naughty young rascal." Her flowing vaginal juices left a trail across my mouth, cheeks and neck. Black pubic hair was everywhere. My penis was sticky with precum. Mary threw me another flannel and Martha stepped off me, her shoe scuffed my face. She disappeared upstairs to calm down, urinate and clean up

"Well Linda dear, you are the last. Are you up to it?"

"Aye Mary. Wee Davy has been doing a grand job between the legs of these strange ladies he's never met before. His naughty tongue must be ready for a rest soon I'm sure." Linda winked at me with a huge smile. Her French perfume was quite strong and it made her smell very attractive. Her oval face was framed by thick auburn hair. Her eyes sparkled behind her glasses. She wore a green tartan pleated skirt and as she stood up I noticed a thick lace hem edging her ivory coloured petticoat.

Again I had a tall Scottish middle-aged woman her shoes to either side of my head facing my feet, straddling my face with her underwear in view. Again my penis rolled to one side then slowly extended to its fully erect position across my bare stomach pointing to my navel.

Linda spread her legs further apart and noticed that my erection strained even more. She was using my penis as a barometer to judge what I liked best. She lifted her skirt, sat on my face then let her lacy petticoat and pleats drape over by face and chest. Trapped under her ivory coloured loose-legged lacy knickers I nosed myself firmly between her inner lips and allowed her to take control, my tongue ready for her climax. Ten minutes of furious rocking and bucking ended in Linda screaming the house down as she orgasmed over and over again. My face, including even my ears was were covered in slime and I could hardly breath as our combined sweat had created suction between our bodies.

"Oh my, Oh my, Oh my" she wept, shaking but laughing. Her hair was wet across her face and she looked very flushed. She then limped off to the bathroom holding her crotch.

"Another cup of tea anyone?" Said Molly who had entered the room to investigate Linda's screams and to draw the curtains. Molly again appeared red-faced as she looked at me and my penis and I noticed Mary admonish her with a curt expression.

"Well Davy, you've done well, all the ladies seemed pleased. It's been a lovely afternoon, thank you laddie." Martha and Yvonne nodded approvingly over their teacups. "Now I think it's you who needs to reach a climax don't you?"

"Well I could basically do with a wank," I said as eighteen-year old boys are usually to the point. "OK Davy, would you like me to 'wank you' as you put it?" "I can think of nothing better, Mary," and grinned insanely at her.

"OK, we need some help." She said standing up.

"Molly, what have you got on?"

Molly turned a deep shade of scarlet and said "The usual, Mrs. McAllister."

"No I mean what have you got on underneath your skirt girl?" With that she strode over to the nineteen year old and lifted her skirt exposing net petticoats and various other white frilly things which I couldn't quite make out.

"Yes, yes they're fine now just go over there and stand with your feet on either side of Davy's head facing this way so you can see what I am doing to him.

My penis jerked into life and squirmed into full erection mode.

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