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Wife is cheated on and gets political revenge.

She dispensed with his belt in a pair of rushed tugs, popped open the button, and unzipped his pants. Not pausing in the slightest, she roughly shoved his jeans and underwear down far enough for her to wrap her hands around his hard cock.

A sexy combination of a growl and a moan escaped her as she stroked his erection.

Clint stomped on his heels in turn, allowing him to kick off his shoes, but made sure she had no trouble holding onto his cock.

"Been a while since I felt a cock this hard," she said.

"And I've never seen tits that big for real," he said while trying — and failing — to lift a leg and remove his sock. The encumbrance of his pants at his thighs and his refusal to move away from her soft hand stroking him made it impossible.

"You do love hooters, don't you?"

"I'll show you."

Alice put a hand on his chest, preventing him from fulfilling that promise. "Let me help you out of those pesky pants, first."

He wasn't going to argue with that.

She pushed his pants down, making a show of wiggling her ass and shaking her tits while doing so. Once they were down to his knees, she straightened and said, "Sit down."

Clint looked behind him, located the other chair on the mini beach, and stutter-stepped back to it. As he sat down, Alice sank to her knees in front of him. She jerked off his socks, quickly followed by his pants, and then looked up into his eyes.
He growled in approval when she hefted her right breast and sucked the nipple in a thoroughly sexy display. She then leaned in and rubbed the moistened nub over the head of his cock. The slippery tickle was enough to make him ooze a drop of pre-cum. Alice didn't miss that, and scooped it up with her nipple, which she was quick to bring back to her lips and suck clean with a loud moan.

She followed that up by letting both globes hang on either side of his erection, and then bouncing it between them. When she squeezed them both around him, his hands joined hers, with his thumbs over her nipples.

Alice moaned as she rocked, stroking him in the warm nest of her breasts. What little moisture remained from her dip in the pond evaporated quickly, leaving him skin on skin with her. He rubbed and flicked her nipples with his thumbs, loving the sight of her continuously manipulating those big tits to keep him tightly squeezed between them.

"Oh, I'm getting so wet," she said. "I need to be touched. So bad. Please."

The thought of going down on her hairy pussy aroused him far more than he ever would have expected. Every woman he'd been with had been shaved bare, save for a patch on the mound, at most. Shaved pussy had always been his preference, but he was rapidly reconsidering as he throbbed between her tits.

"Please," she said again, her voice carrying hints of desperation.

The moment he let go of her tits, she did the same. She sat up over her knees, looked over her shoulder, and snatched her towel from the back of the chair, sending his shirt tumbling to the sand in the process. While he rose out of the chair, she gave the towel a snap, spreading it over the cropped grass just beyond the miniature beach. She didn't waste any time reclining on it.

Clint settled on his knees in front of her. She gave each of her knees a quick brush, removing most of the sand from them. He ran his hands over her shins, removing the sand there as well. Then he slid his hands behind her knees, pushing them up and out.

Alice breathed hard and fast in anticipation — her hands gliding over her breasts and her eyes alight. Though his curiosity and excitement for diving into her hairy pussy was building, he wasn't done with those tits yet.

She let out a pitiful whimper when he dropped to his hands over her, rather than between her legs.

Clint quickly changed his stance, supporting himself on his elbows, freeing his hands.

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