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Fucking in the chapel while discussing a threesome.

"Tell Becky how you got your job, cunt", I said, my voice emotionless, and my face still impassive.
She was almost sobbing now, as she said "T....this c..c...cunt is too stupid to d...do her j.j...job properly, Miss Becky. S...sh....she had to fuck her wa....way there".
I decided that Annette had had enough direct humiliation for now, so I twisted,, took a handful of Becky's long, blonde hair, to the accompaniment of her swiftly indrawn breath.
"You are overdressed, slave", I said, evenly, as I pulled her down to her knees. "Strip".
She hurriedly began to unbutton her deep blue shirt, almost ripping buttons off in her haste, revealing her pert, B cup breasts, unsupported by a bra, before attacking the zip of her skirt, and then, finally, her lacy black G-string.
I walked around her, and as I crossed the point directly behind her, she lifted her ass, pushing her face further down, as I'd trained her too. I could see the black base of her plug poking out of her ass. I stopped and pressed sharply on the plug, to her accompanying groan.
"How long has this been in, slave", I asked, mildly.
"2 hours, Master", she promptly replied. "I inserted it just before I left work as usual.....oh god. I'm so sorry Master. Please, forgive me".
I smiled, and not a nice one, as she babbled. She had standing orders to plug herself for her ride home from work, but for the last week, she was supposed to wear the plug for an extra hour, as a punishment.
I looked down at my babbling slave, Annette ignored in the entryway, and said, quietly, "Silence, slave".
The begging cut off instantly, and I said, still in that quiet, smooth voice,
"Kneel up".
She pulled herself up, pushing her small chest out, and spreading her knees, her eyes downcast, her arms behind her back.
I picked up the marker and wrote "CUNTLAPPER" across her chest, where I knew her downcast eyes would read it.
I then pointed across the room at Annette and said,
"well, cuntlapper, there's your first assignment. Off you go".
Becky looked up at me, a hint of pleading in her eyes, but I kept my own eyes iron hard, and I gestured again at the kneeling Annette.
"Crawl over and ask to lick her cunt, cuntlapper", I said, coldly.
With a whimper, she started toward Annette, on her hand and knees, stopping, still crouched on all fours, before the kneeling girl, and asking,
"Please, Miss...urinal, may I lick your cunt".
Annette looked down at her, with wide eyes, and whispered, "Yes".
Becky moved closer and slowly pushed her head to Annette's crotch. Her nose wrinkled a little at the smell, Annette hadn't been given the chance to wipe after her bucket display, and her cunt was coated in dried piss and smelled accordingly.
Slowly, at first, then with increasing speed, Becky's pink tongue darted out and flicked against Annette's clean shaven sex.
After the first 2 minutes, Becky had mostly cleaned Annette's cunt, and was now starting to play with her clit, licking up and down her slit, and twirling her tongue around that sensitive little nub of flesh.
Predictably, since she had been kept in a state of high arousal for hours and denied any semblance of release, Annette was soon having a very hard time holding off her orgasm, moaning and gasping, especially when she looked over at me, and saw me watching, not her wanton display, but Becky's cute little plugged ass.
Idly, I wondered to myself if Annette was going to remember that she was restricted from orgasms.
I guess not, I answered myself about thirty seconds later, as Annette had a shattering orgasm. As soon as Annette's shudders receded, Becky turned and looked at me, a wicked light glowing in her eyes.
She knew, even if Annette hadn't remembered, that they were restricted.
In my head I smiled at the cunning way Becky had tried to regain Alpha status even as my face stayed blank. This was going to be fun.
I sat and considered my two girls.
Becky was still looking at me, waiting for my reaction, and Annette was still coming down from her orgasm.

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