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Jen gets cocaine from Tyrone

I picked up a chair and moved it so that I could sit a few feet away from her and have a good look.

My gaze traveled up from her polished toenails, lingered for a moment on her bountiful thighs, and then came to halt. She was wearing a lilac-colored thong that looked almost white against her dark skin. Tufts of her pubic hair were escaping around its edges (when I saw this unexpected delight, my cock came abruptly to life, straining against my pants.) The thong bulged outward from the plumpness of what lay beneath it, and most significantly, it was clearly wet. I had not expected this. There was a dark patch running right along the promised land. "Why, Selene!" I said softly, "Is your pussy wet?"

"No," she said sullenly.

"Are you quite sure?" I asked. Then I demanded, "Touch it."

She looked daggers at me, and I thought for a moment that she might refuse. Then, with an air of resignation, she brought her hand up and traced her second finger along the damp spot. I could see that her hand was trembling. She ran it slowly back and forth along the outside of her thong, which looked as if it were getting darker and wetter. And I saw that the movement of her hand was growing more agitated.

"You may stop, now, Selene," I said. Again she glared at me, perhaps because I was giving her orders -- or perhaps because she didn't want to stop? I pulled my chair closer. Her arms went rigidly to her sides again. I brushed my face lightly against her now-soggy thong, which was thrust forward by her awkward position. I looked up at her and she refused to meet my eyes. I noticed that the air was now suffused with the hot smell of her aroused cunt. I leaned forward and licked the outside of the thong, tasting the thick, syrupy wetness that had soaked through it. I dragged my tongue along the wet patch, and then opened my mouth wide, so that I could massage her vulva and clit through the fabric with my lips and tongue. I heard a strangled sound as she tried to suppress a moan.

I sat up in my chair and announced, "OK, Selene, you can make yourself cum." Selene looked at me and her eyes widened. Then she looked quickly away. A cloud of confusion passed over her face, and then slowly her face turned to a mask of concentration as she reached with her left hand to pull the thong aside, and her right hand went to work on her pussy.

Her cunt was exquisite. Her lips were dark and plump and hairy, and the hair was matted with her juices. I felt like I could cum just looking at it. Her fingers slowly plunged inside her lips, and then she withdrew them and, with fierce determination, began to attack her clit, her buttocks slowly clenching and her hips involuntarily bucking. And then, without warning, a spash of liquid emerged from her pussy. We both cried out at the same instant, as I fell to my knees, burying my face in her steaming cunt and struggling desperately to lap up every drop of it. Then I pulled away. We were both trembling now.

I took my seat once more. Selene looked at me uncertainly and then, summoning her resolve, she asked, "Are you quite finished?"

I thought her tone seemed a bit insolent. "No," I snapped. "Stay where you are." I rose to my feet so that I towered over her, and then walked toward her. She tried to withdraw her foot from ottoman, but quickly lunged toward her, seized her calf, and held her in place. She raised her hands as if to ward off a blow. I looked at her sternly and said, "Stop that. Be still." She stiffened, her arms once more at her sides.

I was having no more of her nonsense.

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