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A bi encounter with a new couple.

She wrapped her legs around my waist and her small tits jiggled and I reminded her that I wasn't wearing a condom so I either had to stop and put one on or I had to pull out.

"I really would like to have your baby Danno, one day," she sighed, "But his time you can cum in my mouth. Tonight I want to feel you cum in my ass, would you like to fuck me in my tight little ass Danno?"

"I would love to pump your tight ass full of hot cum and make you cum at the same time," I said eagerly.

"Oh Danno, I love it when you talk dirty to me... Ahh faster Danno, I'm cumming again soon..." she cried, so I increased my pace as I wanted to cum shortly after her.

"Lock your hands behind my head," I told her then I lifted her up, turned and stood up and gripped her hips so that I could push and pull her onto my cock quickly. Her ass slapped against my thighs rapidly and her eyes opened wide.

"Ahh! Danno, fuck meeee... Ahhhh... faster!" she cried as she came, wetting my balls with her juice, while I pounded faster, nearly there... nearly there... and I pushed her hips clear and sat her on the bed and pushed my cock into her open mouth and face fucked her for a few seconds.

"Ahhh! Suck it Ali! Suck that cum! Mmm, good girl," I said between gasps as she swallowed it all, while looking up at me with her happy big brown eyes and I melted.

"Am I a good girl Danno?" She asked innocently.

"You are the best girl in New Orleans and I love you dearly," I replied happily.

"What about Mom?" she asked.

"She's the best woman in New Orleans and I love her dearly too," I said equally happily.

"That's good Danno, because although she has been very sick for the last few weeks, she is, as you put it some time ago, 'A tough old bird' and don't tell her I said so," she explained "So you don't have to baby her, just treat her as you normally would tomorrow and fuck the shit out of her."

"I will take great pleasure in doing that," I said with a grin. "Now tomorrow night when you skype Maddy and Carmen I want you to make sure it is only them on the other end, I've got a little surprise for them and wouldn't want Stella to be watching, okay"

"Sure Danno and you're not going to tell me either are you?" She asked. I shook my head and smiled.

"Oh and I will be shaving your Mom tomorrow at siesta after she's had her bath," I said with a straight face but she just grinned. "Now let's just have a nice cuddle before we get dressed."

We sat and watched TV until Caroline appeared from her siesta, smiling.

"What's funny Caroline?" I asked.

"After listening to Alicia for a couple of minutes, I decided to have my own siesta but could still hear her so out came my Danno toy for its first use since before my operation," she explained.

"Oh Mom, you could have joined us, I wouldn't have minded," Alicia told her.

"I know my dear but this is your time, I am happy to wait for mine," she replied and Alicia ran to her and hugged her.

"Can I have a bit of that too?" I asked, Caroline laughed and we hugged, kissed and I gave her ass a good squeeze too.

"Anytime Danno, anytime..." she sighed.

"Are there any little jobs that you would like me to do while I am here, I may be good but even I cannot spend all my time in bed with you gorgeous ladies," I asked, smiling.

"I'd love you to try..." mumbled Caroline, then she said "Actually there are a few odd things that we would appreciate you fixing for us, that we cannot do ourselves and would cost a lot more in call-out fees than the job itself," I smiled and she showed me the jobs, like the bulb in the light on the stairwell needed replacing with the use of a ladder.

A couple of faucet washers to replace and a loose tile on the family bathroom floor. Everything I needed was in the double garage so Alicia showed me where to find the washers, light bulbs and the tile cement and the tools to go with them and I got on with it and in an hour everything was done and the tools put away.


While I was busy, the girls were preparing dinner so I

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