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Even crazier than the first!

Dr. G didn't even notice my mom looking at him with a horrified look on her face; I don't think he'd care even if he did.

She drops something she's carrying and couldn't utter any sound, finally I shut this plastic bitch up, twenty one years of your nagging is really fucking with my libido. I smile and enjoy the ride.

"Oh fuck Dr. G, give me all your milk!" I squeal.

He grabs both my arms and holds it behind me, he starts pounding, and he's close.

"Oh yeah, baby, you're so tight, you're my bitch. You're my bitch!"

"Ugh!" He releases inside me. He's still hard, he keeps fucking me after he's done, emptying his cock in my tight hole.

"Oh my god, what the fuck do you think you're doing to my son!" My mom screams!

Dr. Gonzaga finally looks up from my sweat soaked body, realizing he'd been caught.

"Ms. Santos! What are you doing here!?"

He still hasn't pulled out of me yet, his brain must've still been on that sexual high. I can feel him realizing the outcome as his dick slowly withers to his every thought.

Fast forwarding to my house, don't worry you didn't miss anything other than a bunch of screaming, and half-assed excuses from a soon to be retired therapist.

Coming home, my mom walks into the kitchen, grabs a Smirnoff and drinks it like we just came from the dessert.

I'm in my normal clothes now; I still had make up and lipstick on though. We rushed out of there kind of quickly; I didn't get to change all the way. I was clutching my bag which had "Roxcii" in it.

I sit down at our dining room table. She sits down.

"What do you want me to do, what do I have to do make you change?" She pleaded.

"Mom, this is who I am, I'm a bitch, a slut, I have the gift of foresight and your incredibly big butt." I sigh "This is kind of your fault for giving these fuck fest genes of yours."

It was actually, I'm 21, 5'8" I barely have any muscle, and my ass is huge.

"How about going to the gym?" She wondered.

"I tried, the guys in the locker room just looked at me like they wanted to rape me, right there and then."

"Do you even want to change?" She asked half heartedly.

I said "If there's a way for me to be normal, I'd take it."

Mom sighs, she always sighs, after the sighing part comes her planning part though.

"Go to your room, and for god's sakes clean your face up!"

I sigh, going up to my room; I am so not going back down until Armageddon.

The next day, afternoon I wake up to the sound of my mom's voice calling me down. Groggily I comply, how could she possibly make things any worse.

Down stairs was a man dressed in a brown military outfit, old, probably around mid 50's. I could only guess where this was headed.

"This is Col. Payne; we were just talking about your recent interest in joining the National Guard over in Reno." Mom said, with a plastic smile of course.

"Uh, near Reno ma'am, the base is outside the borders of the city, as to prevent unnecessary temptations." Col. Payne states.

"I understand that you are very much interested in enrolling your son here in the strict 6-week training program, your step-father and me are good friends, I personally came down here to recruit you son." He said, looking at me intently.

"His father isn't always around. Always away on business you see, and we'd like him to have more of a masculine role model John." My mother was lying; her husband was going around the country fucking random women for all we know.

"But is this what you want young man?" He was looking me up and down now, I haven't showered actually, and I must look like a mess. I was wearing only short shorts and a big gray sweater, loosely fitting over my tight body.

Col. John was a handsome older gentleman, looking at his physique really turned me on. I haven't released since Dr. Gonzaga fucked me! Gosh, my mind really starts wandering during such important times.

"Yes sir, I'm willing to do anything for you." I said coyly.

Apparently, Col.

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