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There's a new woman in Bill's life.


"As I recall, that's on the no touch list."

"As I recall, that's on the no fair list also."

"Dinner, now.

"Yes dear."

Adam sat down at the table and began eating.

Laura took off the apron, went to the refrigerator, took out a chilled glass, and a bottle of his favorite beer. She walked up behind him and stretched out both arms to put the glass on one side, and the beer on the other.

It did something else that made Adam choke on the piece of steak he was chewing on.

Laura's breasts encompassed his ears. She pulled back slowly to let the friction last as long as possible. She walked around the table, sat down, and began eating her salad, as if nothing happened. She looked as innocent as a baby lamb.

Adam was still choking.

"Drink something Adam; it will help it go down easier."

"Baby, after what you did to me, it might never go down."

"Me, what did I do? I just gave you a glass and a bottle of beer."

"You also nearly caused me a heart attack."

"I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about."

"I'm sure if I shoved my dick up your ass I wouldn't know what you're talking about either."

"That was a very unkind thing to say Adam."

"I would have had sex with you, and you would remain a virgin, technically."

"Wouldn't that hurt?"

"While I am at work go online and read up on it. With the proper preparation, every type of sex is fun."

"May I fuck you up the ass?"

"If it turns you on, yes you may."

"Can I do it to you first?"


"Where would I buy one of those things?"

"One of those things is called a dildo. You go to any local sex shop, and they have them on the wall or on display somewhere in the store. You can pick one out by size, shape, length, color, texture, or your favorite porn star."

"You seem to be an expert on these matters."

"I have been in stores like that before to buy gag gifts for a friend's birthday, or for a bridal shower for a woman I know. I am not a babe in the woods, I've seen my share of pornographic movies, but I have never paid for sex."

"I should hope not, that would be disgusting."

"There is nothing disgusting about it, unless you are some lowlife picking up a trick on some corner. Many high-powered executives use exclusive services that can cost $5000 or more for an hour of a woman's time. They use these services, because they are very discreet. Do you remember the story about the Beverly Hills Madam?"

"No it must've been before my time."

"When the police handed over her client book to the district attorney, he would not release any of the names. It had so many senators, congressmen, local, and state politicians, Hollywood elites, high-powered bankers, lawyers, foreign dignitaries, and other extremely important people, the ripple effect would have caused the stock market to dive 1000 points or more.

Would it surprise you to know that some of these women are very happily married, but they find themselves in the same positions as the men they service? They are young and beautiful, but their husbands are very successful, and goal oriented. They travel for weeks at a time leaving their wives alone. They join these services, and either work on a schedule, or on call, if a client wants a particular type of woman."

"You have to be making this up Adam. No married woman would do that to their husband."

"I love you so much Laura, but you are so na__ve. It is so prevalent in this country, and around the Western world, they made a movie out of it."

"Are you finished eating?"

"Not really, why do you ask?"

"I need a shower, now."

"Never let it be said I didn't want you to be clean."

"Wipe the steak sauce off your mouth please, it's very distracting."

"I can't see it, why don't you wipe it off?"

"How is your neck Adam?"

"Don't touch my neck; I can finally turn it from side to side. I will wipe my mouth, and you can check it to make sure it's clean."

Adam turned, took Laura's apron from the countertop, cleaned his mouth thoroughly, and started running towards the bedroom.

Laura screamed as she chased him.

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