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Chpt 9: strip tennis turns to sex.

w and said "morning PT tomorrow Gunny?"

With a loud and guttural voice Gunny let her have his best "Ooooh Rah" she waved out the window and laughed as she pull off.

Gunny was excited to know he was going to see her in the morning but right now he had to do something about the raging hard-on in his shorts. He turned and double-timed back to the hotel and straight to the shower where he spent 20 minutes under the warm water stroking his shaft and thinking of Ashley and that ass of hers.

He spent the rest of day thinking of what he would say to Ashley in the morning and ignoring the calls from Angie. By two in the afternoon he headed to the liquor store for another bottle of bourbon when his phone buzzed he started to ignore it thinking it would be Angie again but this time it was Lizzie. Without hesitation he answered "Hey honey, are you ok? What's going on?"

In her usual rapid fire burst Lizzie replied "Daddy where have you been? And why aren't you answering Mom's calls? She is really freaking out and has called me like 5 times this morning while I was in classes."

"Lizzie honey, your Mom served me with divorce papers at dinner the other night after we moved you into the dorm" "So I really don't give a shit if she is freaking out" After a few seconds Gunny said "Lizzie...you still there?"

"Yeah Dad I just can't believe she did that." " I had no idea."

"Well she did and so I packed a small bag and left."

Lizzie sobbed into the phone "Where are you? What are you going to do? What about me and Drew? Does he know? You need to call him and tell him Dad."

"Slow down baby, I needed a few days to wrap my head around things and then I was going to tell you both." He continued "I will call Drew when we hang up. As for what we are going to do I will figure that out but for now I am at the Hampton Inn in town and I will be here at least through the weekend."

"Dad I've got to go to class but I will drive home this weekend and I will pick you up at the hotel." we need to go home and talk through this with Mom she can't do this."

Gunny replied "ok Lizzie listen get to class and have fun at school as for talking things through with Mom we can talk to her so you can hear everything from her but as for me I am done. I love you and will see you Saturday" Bye, Baby."

"Bye Bye Dad I love you too" she said as she ended the call.

As promised Gunny called Drew and he offered resistance to the idea of a divorce similar to what Lizzie had. He wanted to know why? What had Gunny done to make her do this? Gunny remained patient and assured Drew he did not know. He also let Drew know that while it was not his idea there was no going back. Gunny's mind was made up.

He bought his bourbon and returned to the hotel. He spent the afternoon watching re-runs of Law and Order: SVU and stroking his cock to thoughts of Ashley and her incredible ass.

0445 up and dressed ready to go Gunny left the hotel and started his run towards the park. As he neared the park entrance Gunny felt that stirring in his loins as his cock began to stiffen at the thought of Ashley and their run together. Gunny was stretching in the parking lot when the white Nissan pulled in. It was the third car to enter the lot this morning and with each set of headlights Gunny's prick lurched with the excitement of seeing that beautiful ginger again.

As she pulled into the space next to where Gunny was stretching he could hear the radio blasting country music. Gunny thought to himself she got better with every new detail he discovered about her. She turned the car off and popped out and to Gunny's surprise she was wearing the tightest black compression shorts with a sports bra that for the first time revealed her ample breasts and cleavage. Apparently the previous two days she had really strapped those puppies down and covered them with baggy t-shirts. As Gunny drank in the sight of her he noticed the running shorts had formed a nice little camel toe outlining the lips of her pussy.

"What do you think?" she said as she did a model like spin in order for Gunny to see all of

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