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Great sex in the tropics.

He carries on the foreplay a little long for my taste, so I get closer to him. I rub my crotch against his cock, helping it to stiffen all the way. While he is busy playing with my breasts, an activity I don't much care for but certainly don't mind when it gets my intended fuck all hot and bothered, I slip my hand between us to clutch his balls. I grope them, squeezing and manipulating them with vigor. I draw his tongue into my mouth and suck on it as a promise of what another bodily organ can experience shortly.

He grasps my hips with purpose and tries to bend me over. I have another plan for this man, however. I pull away and put a finger to his lips as a signal to be quiet and do as I suggest. I lean close to his ear and whisper "deepthroat." He nods enthusiastically at the idea. Surely he didn't expect in his wildest dreams to be propositioned by a stranger not only for sex, but for deep-throating. I wanted it, however.

I whisper again. "Give me a minute to get used to you, then fuck me as hard as you can, until your cum is down my throat and you feel satisfied." I squeeze his cock for emphasis, receiving another nod in response. Before doing anything else, I reach into the pocket of my pants and pull out a green, unflavored condom. (We are strangers, after all.) I kiss him and undulate against him as I roll it on, hoping to make the experience less sanitary so that he doesn't mind having to wear it.

I lay down across the bench and reach into the pocket of my pants, which are now on the floor. He kneels over me with his bold erection, waiting expectantly. I open my mouth, sticking my tongue out just a little to entice him. My hips move up and down, and I feel blazingly hot in my velvet shirt. He finally takes the plunge, slipping his cock into my mouth. He seems nervous at first, probably hoping not to offend me. I grab his hips, however, and pull him forward. He plunges deeper next time. I tug him forward again and again, until he finally buries all of his 8 inches into me. He stays that way for a moment, making me gag on it.

"Are you ready?" he asks in a quiet voice. Having no other way to answer, I get my hand in his line of vision and show him a 'thumbs up.' This man turns out to be more of a power horse than I had anticipated, and for a moment I question my rash decision to have him fuck something so near my delicate trachea. I soon enough get used to it, though, and enjoy the rough ride.

He slips his fingers below the shirt, feeling up my skin as he pounds against me. I want to gasp as he slides a hand along my thigh, bringing it slowly closer to my cunt. He doesn't manage to find the magic spot where my clit is hiding, but his touches are wonderful anyway. My wetness has covered my labia, and also made its way down my ass, leaving me comfortably damp. Two fingers slip in me while his thumb rubs against my clit. His balls lay against my face as he rests his cock completely in my throat. The walls of my cunt tighten, my hips lifting off the bench as he draws me nearer to orgasm. I ride his hand while he whispers encouraging things to me.

"That's it baby, suck it. Suck that cock and suck my fingers with your cunt."

He curves his fingers to hit my g-spot, which drives me wild. I reach for his arm, just wanting to hold it while I experience this pleasure. He begins to make some minimal thrusts to my throat again, moving very slowly.

"Squeeze my arm when you're about to cum," he says. I like the forcefulness in his voice. I've been the bold one so far, and now here he is, fucking me mercilessly and telling me what to do. He has figured this all out pretty quickly, and I am quite pleased.

I enjoy his fingers awhile more before the rapidly approach of orgasm makes itself known.

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