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A sequel to She's A Strange One.

When she was finished, she looked at herself in the mirror. She giggled when she saw her lips and surprised at how much better it looked with her new style.

"Here she comes," said Ralf. They had pulled up sun beds next to Alexa's, Jeff on one side and Ralf and Zack on the other with Zack closest to her. "Play it cool guys, we don't know what she has done. No laughing," said Ralf.

When she came closer and they saw what she had done they smiled. "Do you like it, she said?"

Alexa had left a tuft of hair just above her slit and the rest was soft as a baby's ass. "I love it, and I'm sure they do too," said Zack. He could feel his cock harden slowly and it didn't take long until it stood up and then fell over against his stomach.

Alexa had seen it and said. "What just happened?"

Jeff had seen it too. "I guess Zack got a bit excited."

"Why? I'm his sister."

Ralf was having problems with his cock too. As he watched helpless, it swelled and he said. "Look at mine, it's doing the same thing."

Alexa watched in amazement how her brother's cock began to harder. It grew longer at thicker, then the foreskin rolled over the glans and when it was completely exposed it turned dark red. "Wow, that is amazing. But, I don't get it. Why would you guys become excited by me?"

"Sit down," said Jeff. When she had sat down on her sun bed he continued. "You are a woman, and even though you are our sister we haven't seen you in over ten years. I think our bodies are reacting to what we see, and not so much as to our bloodline. If you feel uncomfortable let us know, and we will put on some clothes." While he had been talking his own cock became hard. The three of them now had full erections and no way to release the growing need to have sex.

Alexa looked at her brothers hard cocks and said. "Does it hurt when they are hard?"

"Not really, it's just a bit uncomfortable when you know you can only jerk off to make it go away," said Ralf, looking down at his cock head where a droplet of pre cum glittered in the sun.

Alexa felt a warm feeling between her legs. It was nice, but also a little uncomfortable, like she needed to scratch something. Then her nipples grew hard and that hurt a bit. She lay down on the sun bed. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. What she was about to say she would never even have dreamt about saying twenty four hours ago, but things had really changed. She had seen a porn movie, or at least part of one. For the first time in her life she had seen naked men, and their cock. Even though they were her brothers, they made her curious. How would it feel like to touch one? Was it smooth, even though hard? The glans looked like velvet, but was it soft like it?

"Why don't you jerk off then? To release the pressure I mean," she said.

No one said a word for a long time. The question hung in the air, making the men uncomfortable. Then Zack thought, fuck it. We have gone this far, so we might as well go further. "Why don't you help us?"

Ralf closed his eyes, and waited for the explosion, he was sure would come out of Alexa's mouth. Jeff just shook his head and wondered what was wrong with his brother. Alexa, thought, why not?

"OK, what do I do?"

The three brothers sat up as one and stared at her. "What did you say?" asked Ralf.

She stayed where she was with her eyes closed. "I said I would help. Who wants to go first?"

Zack raised his hand. "I do."

She sat up and turned to him. "What do I do?"

He lay back down again and said. "Take my cock in your hand and slowly move the skin back and fourth."

Ralf and Jeff swallowed hard and moved their sun beds so they could get a better view of what was going to happen.

When Alexa took her brothers hard cock in her right hand she giggled. "Wow, it is really hard and so smooth." she gave it a few tugs.

"No, not like that, do it slowly," said Jeff.

Ralf looked down at his own cock and saw a long string of pre cum hit the ground. He grabbed his cock and squeezed out another drop. "God, I am horny," he sighed.

Alex turned her head and saw the little drop on th

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