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Jack and Kathleen get friendly at university.

You deserve more after all your work today," she said as she cleared the table. I didn't argue.

After dinner I finished watching the game and fell asleep on the couch. I woke a few hours later feeling groggy and on edge. I hadn't meant to drift off. From down the hall I heard the sound of the shower running. It turned off as I stood up and checked my watch. It was after 9:00.

"Oh, you're awake," said Mom suddenly appearing in a knee-length robe. Water was still dripping down her large chubby legs, and she hadn't bothered to close the robe fully enough to conceal the cleavage between her big, sagging boobs. Her hair was up in a towel, and without any makeup on she looked noticeably older than her 48 years.

"Yeah, why did you let me sleep for so long? We missed getting the rental truck back," I said sharply. Her face fell and her eyes went down to her feet.

"I'm sorry. You just seemed so exhausted. Besides, you can sleep here tonight. You're too tired to go anywhere now."

"I don't think so. This couch has already broken my back enough times today, I'm not going to give it the satisfaction," I said, rubbing the ache in my lower back.

"That's all right honey, you can take my bed. I'll sleep out here."

"Your back is worse than mine."

"I know. God, I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking."

"Yeah," I said, and her face flushed and she stared at the floor again. With that pouty, guilty expression, her cheeks still red from the shower, she looked like an overgrown child.

I started to look around for my jacket when she came out with: "It's a big bed. Just sleep in there with me. There's plenty of room." She gave me a big hopeful smile, and though I wanted to argue I couldn't. I was beat. After the nap, my muscles were aching so much the last thing I wanted was to drive across town to my hotel.

She made up the bed while I took a quick shower. I didn't have any clothes to change into so she lent me her robe once she'd put her nightgown on. As I got into bed she thanked me again and apologized once more for all the trouble she had caused. She went on for a couple minutes like that until I couldn't stand anymore.

"I know, I know, you're sorry," I said, cutting her off mid-sentence. "You want to make it up to me right now? Please shut up and let me sleep. I'm sore and I'm tired." I rolled over and faced the wall.

"Oh, ok," she said in a tiny, embarrassed whisper.

I felt bad for being so abrupt so I reached back and patted whatever part I came in contact with first. I think it was her stomach.

"It's all right. It's been a long day. Just get some sleep," I said. It seemed to ease the embarrassment, if not the guilt, and I could feel her roll over and face the other wall.

"Good night," she whispered.

My dreams that night were fleeting and wild. Mom and Dad were back in the old house, only they were happy -- it was like an episode of the Donna Reed Show, if Donna Reed was fat. I was there, too, a toe-headed kid with freckles and a cowboy hat. Then suddenly the house opened up into an enormous outdoor arena, kind of like the Roman coliseum. I was alone in the stands, and Mom and Dad were sitting higher up in the emperor's box. They descended smiling to the track together where some young men were waiting to fit Mom with a saddle. She smiled to the crowd and then to Dad as she got down on all fours and let them buckle it to her back, and she kept smiling as Dad dropped his long robe and climbed into the saddle. Slapping her hind quarters with his scepter he rode her in little circles on the track. It was like a bull ride, if both rider and bull were on sedatives. After a couple of minutes he put his hand over his eyes to shield the sun and looked up in my direction. With his scepter he beckoned me, and I quickly made my way down to the track. He had dismounted from his steed, and Mom, whose face had been all radiant smiles, suddenly looked afraid.

"Your turn," said Dad, handing me the reins, but not the scepter.

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