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Brother and stacked wife celebrate holidays with group.

"Amanda, honey, that would lead to something bordering cheating, hell not bordering it would be cheating and would possibly lead to much more and you know it."

"Come on honey, I'm buzzed and this is the only time I will probably work up the nerve to ask you what I and some of the other girls on the team have wanted to know for a while, and that is just how well hung you really are."

Chad sighed, "I wonder if later I'll regret this but alright, I'll grant your wish, let's go."

They paid their bill and rushed out to her truck. Once inside they got comfy in the back and Amanda looked up at him and smiled. "Let's see it big boy."

Chad was already at half mast and knew that once he pulled out his cock in front of her it would surely gain it's full erect stature. "Alright girl, but why don't you do the nipple sucking and teasing first."

Without a word she lifted his shirt and pulled him close, her lips closing around the erect nipple and hoop and as she tugged it with her teeth she flicked her tongue over his nipple. His hand came around behind her head and he held her there as she teased him. Amanda didn't try to pull away as she rubbed and tugged the other ring with her hand. His skin was salty from the dry sweat but it gave him that musky manly smell she loved.

She pulled away briefly and looked up at him as she switched nipples and then tugged the bottom of his shorts. "Pull it out and show me sweetie," she said as she smiled up at him. He half stood up in the back of the truck right in front of her, glad that the windows were tinted and then pulled down his shorts enough to expose his thick rigid cock and large cum filled balls.

Amanda wasn't surprised at his size, he had carried himself on and off the field like a man who had a big cock swinging between his legs. She looked up and down his shaft and couldn't resist reaching out to give it a tug.

"Hey, that wasn't part of the bargain Amanda."

Smiling up at him she just gave a simple command to him, "Shut up!" As she said this her lips came within less than an inch of his big, hard cock. She licked her lips seductively and knew that she was going to go into uncharted territory other than her husband in years. She wrapped her hand all the way around his prick and stroked it once more and then bent her head that last inch over and closed her lips around his cock. Her tongue lapped at the head, clearing it of pre-cum that had seeped out and her other hand slowly rubbed his balls.

"Amanda, we have to stop, I mean..." Chad stammered.

Amanda wrapped her arms around him and grabbed both cheeks of his ass and pulled him deeper in her mouth. She loved the way he tasted and she wanted to feel him cum in her mouth and all over her. She had something of a fetish for cum and now having this stud all to herself she wanted to drain him as fully as possible. Amanda slid her mouth up and down over his throbbing shaft, thinking of nothing else but teasing his cum from his hard cock.

Chad finally gave in completely and wrapped his hands in her hair and pulled her mouth down to the base of his shaft. He was only concentrating on the way her mouth felt around him and he wanted to get a little tit for tat. He grabbed her shirt and pulled it up and then pulled away from her long enough to get her shirt off over her head. The instant her shirt was off her head her mouth slipped back over his cock.

"Amanda, I want to lay down back here now," Chad told her.

She wasn't about to hesitate and she slowly spun around with his cock still in her mouth as he laid down.

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