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A chance encounter with Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Within moments her second orgasm wracked her body and Miss Maria could see the drool escaping from the corners of her slave's mouth as her head fell back and she tried to scream. Katy felt the crop strike her thigh.

"Hold your head up slut so I can see your face." demanded Miss Maria, "If you're going to be a slut, at least you can be a proud slut."

Katy felt it harder and harder to stay kneeling straight as the orgasms came faster. She forgot to count after the fifth. She didn't even feel she should care anymore as each succeeding orgasm became more intense than the last until she felt that she could not catch her breath any longer. There was wetness on her cheeks and chin that dripped steadily to her chest and ran down to mix with fluids seeping from her pussy. The dampness was already almost to her knees. She could feel her body swaying in a circle just before she screamed through the gag and gush of fluid spewed from between her thighs and all went black.

Miss Maria watched and counted, as her slave's orgasmic shakes became closer and closer. After the second she was drooling around the gag. By the forth, she could see the tears flow from beneath the blindfold. She watched the two fluids mix and run down to the slave's hairless crotch and shivered at the sight. By the seventh orgasm, Katy was having continuous convulsions and the wetness between her thighs was very apparent from the sheen stretching to her knees caused by the light.

What fascinated Maria the most happened on Katy's eleventh and last orgasm. First Katy ejaculated spaying a thick, foamy cream from between her tightly clenched thighs splattering behind and in front of the slave to puddle around her knees and all over Miss Maria's patent leather pumps. Katy then screamed and shuddered once more before falling forward into Miss Maria's legs and slid to the floor like a boneless mass. She had never seen a female ejaculate before and the experience gave the mistress a shudder of pleasure.

Reaching down she undid the blindfold and then released the gag so her slave wouldn't choke. Then she turned down the vibrators to their lowest settings. After removing the suction cups from her nipples she reached down loosening the wrist restraints freeing Katy's hands. She couldn't help but to scoop some the dampness from between Katy's thighs and tasted it. It was sweet and thick so she scooped more and rubbed it into her upper thighs and on the crotch of her panties so her slave could have a treat after she was made to clean off her shoes. Then she sat back and looked down at her slave and watched the young body quivering while she relished in the feelings of pleasure Katy's ordeal had given her and waited, planning her next pleasure.

Ten minutes later the slave began to stir and groan. She awakened feeling totally drained and realized she was lying in puddle. A wave of embarrassment washed over her thinking at first that she had lost control of her bladder. As she tried to raise herself she realized that the liquid was thick and sticky and it didn't smell right to be urine.

"Look what you have done slut."

"I'm sorry Miss Maria," Katy pleaded, "I don't know what happened. I'll clean it up, I promise."

"Don't worry dear, you will." Miss Maria stated throatily, "But first you can start with this."

Miss Kary held her foot in front of Katy's face. She knew what to do and started to clean her cum from her Mistress's shoe. Taking her time, making sure she had not missed a spot of leather on uppers or the soles before stopping to look at her Mistress for more instructions.

"Are you enjoying your snack cum pig?"

"Yes Miss Maria."

"I'm glad because you will have more." Miss Maria sneered, " Take off that one before you start on the other tramp."

"Yes Miss." Katy replied softly.

She watched as Miss Maria slid her stocking covered toe into the puddle around her knees.

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