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Gemma Arterton clashes with an extra.

oing to sit down civilized and tell me what happened or are you going to drown your miseries in that bottle?"

"Fine." He said setting down the bottle on the counter. At her stern cough, he sighed dejectedly and replaced the bottle in its proper cabinet. "You'd think I was still 5 the way you treat me."

"You act like you're still 5. Now get to the living room and relax."

He went and sat down on his recliner and grabbed his glass and slammed it down. When she returned into the room he smiled. She looked the same as the first day he met her, minus the grey hair, which he was pretty sure he put there. She was 5'4, smile lines around her eyes, and mouth, and her grey hair tied up in a bun. She'd been his caretaker for so long, he was pretty sure it was just natural for her to want to take care of him now.

"How was dinner with your mother?"

"How'd you know I had dinner with my mother?" she chuckled and shook her head as she took a seat on the couch, with a cup of tea.

"You came in here earlier rushing around and you left like the hounds of hell were chasing after you. And now you're back drinking. It only means dinner with your mother. If it was with both your mother and father, you'd be drinking, swearing, and playing that loud violent music." He laughed a bit self depreciatingly. "So what did she do this time?"

"Oh, the usual. Told me I nearly wrecked the company by not marrying Kristina. And embarrassed a new employee and her friend."

Darcy's head shot up when he said her.

"Her you say? Who is she, and why did it upset you more than usual?"

"I swear Darcy, you should have been a shrink with all your questions and mumbo-jumbo answers." He looked down into his empty glass wishing it would fill up and as if on command Darcy handed him the bottle and sat back down.

"It's not mumbo-jumbo dear, it's the truth and facts. You seem to think anything you don't want to hear is mumbo-jumbo. Dare I remind you of Kristina?"

"Ugh God no." He didn't want to think about Kristina and he didn't want to get into what he thought about Kayla. The emotions he was feeling he couldn't describe and he wanted to keep them to himself.

"So whose this girl?" He groaned.

"You are not going to let up are you?" She shook her head and smiled.

"She's a new employee I hired today. An interior designer in fact to help do some redesigning." Darcy smiled as he continued his monologue. She hadn't been sure he like the chit but with all his unneeded rambling she was pretty sure he did now. He was still talking when she cut in.

"So she is very pretty I take it?" He blushed a bit and refused to answer. "So I take that as a yes. So what does she look like?"

"Jesus you're persistent."

"Yes and you know I wont leave till you tell me, or should I leave, and send Becca here tomorrow to get it out of you?"

"No. Don't do that. Besides wouldn't you want to be surprised when you meet her?" He asked smiling hoping to stall her questions. To his surprise her speculative look cleared from her face and a smile broke out.

"Of course dear." She got up from the chair and patted Alec on the hand. "Sleep well, I'll make sure she comes later." She leaned in and gave him a motherly peck on his forehead then turned to leave. Alec's smile faltered from his face. Did she just say she?

"Darcy don't call Becca. For the love of all that's holy." He called after her too tired to get up and follow. The only response he got was laughter and the shutting of his front door.

Several glasses later Alec found himself stumbling up his steps half-heartedly. He pushed his way into his bedroom kicking his shoes off to the side. He managed to take of his dress shirt before he collapsed to the bed drunk and exhausted.


Alec slapped his face as something rubbed across it. He wasn't about to wake up yet, it was his first Saturday off in months. Yet the itching-tickling sensations continued, and he reluctantly opened his eyes.

"Ahhhh holy sh... fu... . JESUS." Alec scrambled back into his headboard. "F..." he grabbed his head as he smashed his head against it.


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