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He vists Desire and she brings company.

I lay motionless and didn't say a word. I kept my eyes open and looked straight up at the ceiling, pretending like my 'heart attack' was fatal. Aunt Meg walked over to me and then stepped over me so that her feet were on either side of my ears. My eyes followed her inner thighs up to her crotch. My heart fluttered with joy when I saw she had no panties on. I stared at the clean shaven skin of her pussy where both her outer lips met in the middle, concealing the entrance to her tight vaginal opening. A large patch of pubic hair was visible just above the folds of her smooth outer labia. I felt like my chances of sex after dinner seemed to be better than I had originally anticipated, considering my aunt went commando after her shower.

"Maybe I should call 911. My poor nephew seems to have had a fatal heart attack." Aunt Meg continued with her sad charade of concern for my well being.

I sat up and slid both my hands up Aunt Meg's robe and tee shirt. She shrieked, with surprise. I grabbed both her tight butt cheeks and squeezed. She jumped back, lost her balance and fell flat on her ass.

"It's a miracle! Seeing your heavenly pussy cured me!" I exclaimed, while I laughed hysterically.

"Heavenly pussy?" She asked as she laughed out loud with me. "You are so funny Anthony. Thank you for the laugh. Now help me up so we can eat."

I jumped up, walked over to her, and held out my hand. She grabbed it and I pulled her up. We walked over to the table and sat down. I grabbed the bottle of wine I was fiddling with before my fake heart attack and popped the cork. I poured Aunt Meg a glass of wine and then attempted to pour myself a glass as well.

"What do you think you are doing young man?"

"Pouring myself a glass of wine."

"Oh hell no. She said as she grabbed the bottle from my hands. "You are not of legal drinking age and you will not be drinking alcohol in this house."

"So let me get this right, I can have sex with my aunt, but I can't have a glass of wine?" I asked, trying to sound like I was annoyed.

"That's right. And if you want to keep having sex with your aunt, with the occasional threesome of me and Jasmine, you will not let me catch you drinking, ever."

"You drive a hard bargain." I retorted as I got up, walked over to the fridge, and grabbed a bottle of water.

"That's a good boy." She said when I sat down, next to her.

Aunt Meg grabbed a large serving spoon and filled it with with some baked mac and cheese. My mouth started watering. It smelled great. I waited until she served herself and then we ate. It was amazing. I scarfed down my food and helped myself to seconds. Aunt Meg was only halfway down with her first serving.

"Slow down Anthony. Make sure you leave room for dessert."

I stopped chewing and looked up at her. My heart started beating hard in my chest. Was I going to get lucky after all?

Aunt Meg gave me a dirty look. She pushed her chair back from the table, loosened the belt around her waist and opened up her robe, so that it dropped off her shoulders and fell halfway down her back. Her arms were still in the sleeves, so the robe did not completely come off. Then she reached down with both her hands and lifted her tee shirt up to her midsection, exposing her entire lower body and half of her rock hard abs. I eyed her from abs to knees, and admired her incredible physique. She was so sexy. It didn't take long for my eyes to lock onto the patch of strawberry blonde, pubic hair just above her crossed legs.
"Did you forget about your strawberry shortcake?" She asked seductively.

"Uh-uh." I murmured with a mouth full of food, while shaking my head side to side.

My eyes remained glued on my aunt's crotch until she lowered her shirt.

"Good." She said as she pulled her seat toward the table, not bothering to fix her robe.

My eyes moved up to her chest.

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