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The family cum closer together.

She swirled her tongue around the crown, and kissed it again. "One week. It better be good." Then she took me in her mouth, and I sighed.

"I promise. One week."

* * *

The Saturday birthday party was a success, although I doubt she was surprised. It was hard to keep any secrets in our town, impossible really. Still, she acted surprised when about 50 close friends and family ambushed her as she returned from the mall forty miles away, with Mom and Peggy.

I know she was caught off guard when her parents greeted her. I'd flown them in for the weekend. I'd even brought in two of her best friends from college.

She thanked me repeatedly that night, and the next morning, until I was afraid my poor cock was going to fall off. She spent Sunday morning with her family and friends. I took her parents to the airport, where they thanked me effusively for flying them in. Beth spent the afternoon getting caught up with her girlfriends, and I snuck into work for a couple of hours, to continue my machinations toward completing my efforts to become less of a workaholic.

* * *

I was 33, she was 29. My world ended.

Monday I traveled into the city to complete the patent deal. There were three, actually, but one was key. What I expected to take an entire day, took less than an hour. No surprises, no last minute changes. I signed the papers, and accepted the check with seven digits. The first number was a two. The patents, as with all of mine, were owned by Honor-BB LLC, not the main business. I'd formed Honor-BB LLC back before my first patent, and I was the sole owner. We agreed to license the patents back from them for six weeks to shut down our use. I even transferred the board designs and firmware drivers that made the magic happen.

They were happy. I was ecstatic.

I drove straight home, to give Beth the exciting news.

There were cars in the driveway, but that was no surprise. There always were. Beth was a social animal, and more often than not, someone was over visiting.

No the cars were not a surprise.

Finding Beth in the living room, riding Fred's cock, while his brother was sitting nearby stroking his own erection, now that was a surprise.

She was going to town, her back to me, bouncing away merrily to some tune blasting out of the stereo, while porn was showing on the TV. Fred's brother Dale was seated facing my wife, his hand moving rapidly.

Looked like my cousins were giving her their birthday presents.

Happy 29th birthday, Beth.

I guess I wasn't interesting enough to capture their attention. I stood there for a few seconds, in shock, my mind no longer functioning.

They weren't talking, no damning words about my performance, or their love for each other, nothing like that. She was fucking him. The brother was waiting his turn. My life was a shambles.
I stepped back outside and closed the door. I didn't take pictures. I didn't care to. I didn't go in and beat anyone up. She was obviously doing what she wanted, not coerced or forced.

In a daze, I walked slowly back to my car. I debated going back in and confronting them. I wondered how long it had been going on, how they'd kept it a secret, in a town our size.

Mostly I wondered how they could betray me like that. My wife. My best friend. The mother of my children. My right hand man in business. Forget Dale. He was an asshole, and single. Fred was married with three kids.

They had destroyed my life.

Doubt gnawed at my gut. There were no secrets in Bedenton. I picked up my phone and made a call. "Mom?"

"Hey Honor, how's business in the big city."

"Great. I'm already on my way back. I couldn't get hold of Beth. You wouldn't know where she is, would you?"

She didn't even hesitate. "I'm pretty sure she's with Peggy, getting a makeover. She left the kids with me. When are you going to get back? I'll let her know when she calls for the kids."

Alarms were going off in my head. "Never mind. I'll surprise her. I got some big news today."

Mom responded pretty quickly.

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