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Interviews with Literotica authors, #3: soppingwetpanties.

Thighs that were mature but very firm. The top of the robe draped over her upper leg, splaying further and further open, higher and higher as the splay widened. I just stood there watching, seemingly powerless to speak or move away, but engrossed in the sight. When she had finished with that leg she leaned back again, uncrossed her leg and without holding the robe the two sides fell wide across her lap. I could see further up her thighs, a sight that held my attention as if I were hypnotized. Maggie was surely looking at me, at my face, watching as I was mesmerized by her sight. She shifted very slightly, moving her knees just very slightly apart, the robe opening up further. As I stared at the sight she parted her knees just enough that I caught sight of the darkness of her womanhood. Dark hair. Dark pubic hair. I stared. I don't know how long she let me look, but in a moment she closed her knees, pulled the robe closed and stood up from the bench seat.

"How long will you be here, Derrick?"

"Oh, ah," I was stumbling to speak. It was as if I'd been in a fog, invisible as I had watched voyeuristically at this magnificent specimen of a woman, "I'll be here a few days. I'm, ah, taking, ah, um, pictures of sunsets, waterfalls, that kind of stuff." I felt hot, embarrassed. Caught.

"Well, Derrick, maybe I'll see you as I make my evening walk around the loop. Bye." With that she smiled at me, touched me on the arm, and stepped out of the stall.

"Yes, ma'am, I look forward to it." Boy, that sounded stupid. I was embarrassed, and wanted to jerk one off right then and there. That's when my horny mind began a fantasy trip, envisioning Maggie walking to my campsite right after dark, us climbing into my tent, getting naked and making love for hours. I grabbed my things and got out of there before anyone else showed up.

As much as I wanted to jack off, as horny as I was, I held off. My fantasy mind won out over reality and I talked myself into believing I needed to save up for tonight, that Maggie would show me the ways of love making, teaching me how to please and satisfy a woman that knew the joys and pleasures of sex. Pathetic, I know, but a horny mind can warp even the most level of minds.

I hit two waterfalls that day but the sky was clear, without any hint of clouds. Clear skies make for less intriguing sunsets. Besides, by that time I was on a mission. I drove back to the campground, made a fire, tidied up my things in the tent, filled the lanterns with fuel, then started cooking something to eat. As darkness came over the campground I cleaned up the supper things and with no sign of Maggie I passed it off as a lost opportunity, that she'd either come to her senses, or had her fun toying with the younger dude just to bolster her ego, or had found better things to do with her husband. I stirred the fire some, added some logs, and grabbed a jacket for the chill settling down like a blanket covering everything.

The evening was growing late and I readied my camera gear for the next day as well as checked the directions and description for the areas I wanted to hike the next morning. After stowing the food items in the bear box and watching the fire die to a feeble flicker I unzipped the tent door and sat down to take off my boots. About then I heard something rustle in the bushes just outside my site, out of the illumination of the flickering campfire. Damn, I really didn't want to deal with a bear, skunk, raccoon or any other critter on the prowl for easy food pickings tonight. As I reached back for my flashlight without turning my head away from the direction of the sound, I sensed movement.

Maggie was wearing all dark colored clothing and was inching along slowly. She appeared to be looking around, making sure she was in the right camp. Without switching on the flashlight I spoke to her.

"I thought you were a big ole bear coming around for food." She relaxed, stood more upright, eased in her approach.

"Not a bear, but can be bare if you'd like." My cock was tingling.

"I'm glad yo

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