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Back in England for a Hen Party.

Getting in to my Fury I rolled the windows down and began to cruise. Guy's in flashy cars are a dime a dozen on Mill Ave, but I was hoping that in my classic I would stand out.

Sure enough I got noticed. As I rolled up Mill I saw lots of conversations stop as I rolled by. As I got farther down Mill I started seeing the women stop to look at me. I did a little waving and basked in the moment. Then I saw her, the one I wanted. A cute little Asian girl with long piggy tails. I waved at her as I rolled by and she never took her eyes off the car. I made it all the way up Mill and turned around.

As I rolled back down Mill I had one goal in mind to find my little girl with those wonderful piggy tails. I spotted her talking to a guy and pulled up by them. The guy gave me a mean look but the girl was defiantly interested.

"Your chariot awaits milady." I said gesturing at the car.

She didn't even think twice.

"So long loser," she said brushing off the guy and heading straight for my car.

Three quick steps and she was at the door.

"Hey dude, where you headed?" She inquired.

"Well little lady where did you want to go?" I replied.

She just laughed and opening the door she climbed in. I hadn't really noticed before the short school girl skirt with the long stockings and black shoes. She slammed the door and we were rolling.

"Ok big guy lets find someplace with a lot less light.." She stated.

I was happy to oblige and before you knew it we were in Papago park. It's only a couple of blocks from Mill and it's almost like a different country it's so quiet.

As we parked my little school girl wasted no time, she slid across the seat and pursing her lips kissed me soundly. I was a little surprised that she was so quick on the trigger but I leaned back into the kiss and we made it something lasting. She tried to scoot into my lap but the steering wheels on these older cars are huge, so she didn't quite fit. I scooted over to the middle of the seat and then she was able to get into my lap.

She perched up there and made use of her height advantage by tilting my head back and continuing to kiss me. As we got deeper and deeper into each other my hands began to roam her body. I could hear her make little noises as I ran my hands down her back and over her legs. I loved the feel of her soft skin.

As she began to stroke me back I placed my hand on her knee and slowly began to slide it up the inside of her thigh. I felt her thighs part to accept my hand and I slid my hand all the way up until I was caressing her silk encased pussy. I could feel under the silk that she was shaved. My hand continued up too the top of her panties and pulling out the waistband I slipped my hand inside to caress her bare skin.

I felt her rise up against me as she moaned. Her kisses became more frantic and she locked both hands in my hair to pull me into her. My fingers started rubbing her sex as she began to slide back and forth in my lap. Her breathing became more and more ragged as I aroused her. I was a little startled when she pulled back to look me in the eye.

"So stud do you want me?" She whispered.

Talk a bout a rhetorical question! "Yeah I want you."

"Well I'm kinked so if you want to have sex with me you have to play my game."

I'd like to say I was able to draw this out some but my dick was so hard I'd have jumped off a bridge if she was waiting below.

"Ok what's your kink baby?" I breathed heavily.

"I love you guys with these older cars and there huge trunks. I want you to abduct me, strip me, tie me up and toss me in the trunk. Take me to your place drag me inside and rape me."

"I can do that, you're a very naughty girl, aren't you?" I asked

"She leaned back and in a very sultry voice said. "What are you going to spank me?"

"You're going into the trunk with a very red bottom girl."

She grinned at me and scrambled out of the car.

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