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She voted and was surprised at the extra benefits.

Small chunks of scat plopped on the floor below me as some of the soft mass squeezed out of my panties.

Exhausted, I got on all fours as I had done earlier this day. The puddle of urine had formed a pond on my vestibule tiles. I lowered my face to it and smelled the strong odor. I instinctively lapped up a mouthful and squeezed my asscheeks together. The shit in my panties squeezed out around my cheeks, held by the tight panties. I gingerly put my right arm back to the outside of my panties where the huge load was wedged. I pushed my hand into the center of the gooey mess and nearly melted from the sensation of feeling it under my palm. It was warm - almost hot - to the touch. I smeared the mess inside the panties all over my ass while I played with my clit with my free hand.

I laid down in the luke-warm piss puddle and smeared my darkened hand over my bare breasts, gently pinching my nipples with soiled fingers. I reached back down and went inside the rear of my panties and extracted a generous handful of hot scat. I pushed it into my open mouth and rolled it around with my tongue and fingers, swallowing small pieces and chewing some of the larger pieces. I was in heaven and so sexually excited that I was afraid I might pass out as my heart pounded a tom-tom beat in my chest.

"Oh, Theresa." I said aloud to myself, my mouth still partly full of my own feces. I rubbed my shit-stained hand over my face and covered my cheeks with traces of my disgrace. "More. More." I breathed as I dipped my hand back to my filled panty and retrieved another generous handful of poop. I licked the small pile with my tongue and then pushed my filled palm against my open mouth, pushing it into my pie-hole.

"Fuck, eat shit, girl." I mumbled to myself as I broke it apart with my tongue and swallowed as much as I could. I rolled over to lap up more piss from the floor and suck it down my throat. The saltiness of the urine countered the weirdly flat, metallic taste of the shit. I took a moment's breather and rested, moving my thighs around to keep feeling the moving mass in my panties against my ass.

I began rolling the panties down my thighs, raising my knees to get them down my calves, then maneuvered them past my high heels. I had the messed panties in my hand, heavy from the large shit pile they still contained. I looked down and saw my formerly gleaming white summer high heel pumps were smeared with my excrement. I laid the filled panty on my chest between my breasts, looking at the evidence of the load I had pumped into them. The smell was strong and intoxicating. I began to turn the panty inside out so the shit pile was mounded into a small pyramid that I could examine from my supine position. Then I brought the panty up to my face and pushed the remainders of my awesome bowel movement to my mouth. I pushed the shit filled panty material into my mouth and ate from it as I got my thumb and forefinger on my clitoris and rubbed myself towards sexual release.

"Unh-unh-unh." I repeated as I began to bring myself to climax while I ate more of my own ordure. "Oh, fuck!" I cried, perhaps too loudly, as I crashed into orgasm and swallowed a large lump of my own shit.

A soft knock came at my door, just inches from where my shit-stained high heels were planted as I came.

"Jeezus! What the fuck?" I thought in panic to myself.

Another soft knock at the door. Then a faint, tentative voice. "Theresa? It's Jazz from across the hall." The voice said softly but urgently.

"Sorry, Jazz, I can't come to the door right now." I answered in a gush of emotion.

"Theresa." Jazz said and halted. "I know."

I remained silent. What did she mean? "I know."

Jazz' voice came softer but sultrier. "Theresa, I can smell it." She whispered through the thin apartment door.

"What?!" I asked in return not realizing the strain in my voice.

"Theresa, let me in. Please." She scratched the wooden door with her fingernails.

"Jazz, I really can't right now. Maybe tomorrow." I answered dumbfounded.


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