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Neither can resist the chemistry between them.


Drew rolled his eyes. "Don't remind me."

"He's actually been all right. Seems a lot happier. Says hello in the hallway. I heard he moved out of his father's house into his own apartment."

"That's a step in the right direction."

Conversation continued to flow as gently and easily as the liquor. On top of the wine I'd had at dinner it didn't take long until I was buzzed.

Eventually there was a lull in our chatter. Drew pulled his shirt out of his jeans, yawned and scratched his stomach. I found myself staring at the strip of taut, hairy skin that he was exposing, as well as the healthy bulge in his denims. Not long ago I'd had that body for my own. For the first time that evening I was envious of Anton.

Drew caught my eye just then. He smiled at me, then cast a glance across the room.

"Excuse me. Nature calls." Anton got up, a bit unsteady, walked into the bathroom and shut the door.

"Jesus, it's hot in here," Drew said. "Mind if I get a bit more comfortable?" He kicked off his shoes. Thinking he was going to stop there, I was flabbergasted when he unbuckled his belt and began to peel off his jeans. I stared as he stripped down to a pair of skimpy, well-filled briefs.

"What the hell are you doing?" I demanded. Suddenly the front of my pants felt awfully tight.

Drew smirked. "Getting more comfortable, like I said."

"You do remember we're not alone, right?"

Before Drew could reply I heard the toilet flush, and the bathroom door opened. Out came Anton, carrying his clothes. I gaped at his glowing, muscular form, and what I saw between his powerful thighs.

They glanced at each other, then looked at me, wide grins on their faces. I said what we all already knew.

"You guys planned this."

Drew stood up and came over to my bed. Both he and Anton climbed onto the mattress and descended on me.

"We're going to ravish your body," Drew said, then caught himself. "Only if you let us, of course."

"Please, Dr. Reynolds," Anton said. "You are a most attractive man. I would be honored."

His courtly tone made me chuckle.

"Far be it for me to turn down a Harvard man," I said. I pulled him toward me and got my first taste of his full, sensual lips. As we kissed I stroked his wiry hair, cropped close to his head. His smooth tongue slipped over mine as if they had been made to fit together. His breath was scented with scotch and garlic.

After that it was easy for Drew and Anton to relieve me of my clothes. Drew chuckled approvingly when he saw my own minimal underwear-I'd given up wearing boxers.

"Fucking hot," he said as he peeled the briefs down my thighs.

When all three of us were naked we flopped on the bed in a writhing tangle of limbs, mouths, and cocks. A part of my brain was aghast at what I was doing, but it didn't have the power to stop me.

My mouth enjoyed the novelty of having a choice of cock to suck. I did Anton's while jacking Drew's organ with my hand, then switched. A fleeting thought crossed my mind as I took Drew in my mouth that it would have been nice for us to be alone, but it was lost in the mounting frenzy of our lust.
"Now it's our turn." They laid me out on my back, Drew sucking me while Anton straddled my chest and shoved his cock down my throat. Soon they changed places. I felt Drew lift my legs, and a minute later I was eating Anton's ass while being rimmed myself.

After a while Drew reached into the pocket of his discarded jeans and pulled out two condoms. He and Anton hooded themselves and I knew what was in store for me.

I lost track of how long my ass was filled with cock that night.

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