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Tommy abandons the cowl & interrupts Power Girl at work.

If Beth was having her altering clothing I could only guess what the alterations would be.

Saturday, 8 am., I kissed Linda and took all my gear and loaded up the truck. I drove past Mike's house and parked in the woods and ran down to the house. Mike handed me a cup of coffee as Beth walked in.

"OK, what's the plan?" I asked nervously.

Beth smiled, "I you don't like the plan just say so and we can cancel and Linda won't be the wiser. OK?"


Beth began her run down," Linda and I are going to alter some skirts and dresses. You and Mike are going to be in the laundry room off the family room. You'll be able to see everything through the louvered doors. I am going to try, without her getting suspicious, to get her to try on some of our alterations. When I feel I have her in the right dress and the right mood some friends of ours are going to accidentally stop by looking for Mike. I'm hoping that because I'll have a couple of drinks, and a joint or two, in her we'll get a party going. If that happens then Mike and you can join in. The end result is to loosen up your wife and we'll all have a good time. What do you think, Lee?"

I was already hard. I patted my jean covered cock and said, "What do you think?"

Beth patted my dick, "I'll take that for a yes. Now take your places because I told her to get her at 9."

Mike and I took a piss and grabbed a beer and went into the laundry room and closed the doors. Through the louvers we could see that Beth had strategically placed the futon and chairs facing the doors. Also, we would be able to see whoever sat at the bar. All we had to do was wait.

Linda was right on time and for the next half hour or so we were bored with girl talk. Linda finally ask what clothing Beth wanted altered. Beth showed her a knee length black skirt, a knee length red dress, and a knee length wrap around gray skirt.

Linda looked at the clothing and asked, "What do you want to do to these, they look fine to me."

"I want to shorten them and bring them a little up to date."

"Not a problem, put one on." Linda answered.

We watched as Beth took off her jeans and stood there wearing a white transparent thong. Her cunt lips were quite visible under her shaved mound. She wiggled into the black skirt. She showed Linda where she wanted the hem and Linda told her that she would have to cut a lot of material before she could hem it.

"Cut away, I want to wear these and feel free."

For the next half hour we watched as they cut and pinned Beth's skirts. Linda picked up the red dress and asked, "Isn't this my dress?"

"Yes, that's the one I borrowed last month. I can't wear it. I'm taller and the top is made for your big tits. It just kind of hung on me. Hey, why don't we alter it for you then we'll both have a come fuck me outfit?"

Linda gave Beth an impish smile, "I don't know, where would I wear it?"

"Anywhere you want. I'm sure Lee would love to see you show off some skin. Put it on and we'll make it so hot that guys will be creaming their jeans."

Linda dropped her jeans and stepped out of them. She was wearing a pair of red lace bikinis. Then she pulled her sweater over her head and I heard Mike gasp as her 34D tits encased in red lace came into view. She stepped into the dress and started to pull it up.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Beth asked.

"You're right, I can't wear the bra with this."

Mike grinned at me. Linda unsnapped the front closure and shrugged it off. Beth stared at her tits shaking her head. "I'd gangbang the geriatric unit at the hospital to have a set like that."

Linda grinned and pulled the dress up. "Let me look at you." said Beth.

The dress was fire engine red.

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