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A good friend's erotic adventures.

They even got to see you cum!" she explained as she continued to tease me through the thin fabric.

"And all of their friends have seen your naked ass and cock too... in photos at least. They liked the pictures so much, Katie practically begged me to bring you here." The elastic was now just below the head as Sara continued to run her fingernails just below the exposed tip of my cock.

"Mmmmm, so what should I do with this?" Asked Sara as she once again squeezed my impossibly hard erection.

"Oh god" I paused before replying "Anything you want baby"


I nodded.

"I need you to say it" she whispered.

"Yes - you can do anything you want baby, anything at all."

Her whole face lit up as she smiled "I'm so happy to hear you say that".

She continued to stroke me "First, I'm going to finish stripping you completely naked. Once I do, you are not to make even the slightest effort to cover yourself. Not until we are done playing and I give you your clothes back. Do you understand?"

"Ye... ye... yes" I once again stuttered as she continued to stroke me, and more pre-come oozed from my swollen cock.

"Good!" exclaimed Sara as she moved around my side while keeping her fingers hooked under the waist band of the boxers. Just as I looked up at the rest of the room, she slid my boxers down to the floor and off - setting them aside with the rest of my clothes.

Whistles, cat calls, and applause filled the room as Sara swept my arms behind me to ensure I kept my promise not to cover up. The entire room as staring at me, smiling, and clapping as Sara grabbed my dick and pulled me by it toward the center of the room.

She walked confidently as she pulled me to a padded ottoman and told me to lie down.

I couldn't believe this was really happening. My girlfriend had just stripped me completely naked in front of a room full of girls, and I willingly complied. My dick was so hard it hurt and as I laid down on the ottoman, Sara continued to squeeze and tease me - releasing me only briefly as someone handed her a bottle of baby oil.

"Just relax baby" Sara cooed as she drizzled the baby oil over my erect cock and balls, gently rubbing it around to make sure she didn't miss anywhere. Once I was slick with oil, she set the bottle aside and started to work my erection with both hands.

By now I was completely out of my mind, only barely listening to Sara as she apparently demonstrated various cock teasing techniques to the room full of women. They had crowded in closer, surrounding the ottoman on all sides to get a better view as Sara continued to stroke and play with me while answering some questions.

"I love how he looks shaved - does he always keep it smooth for you?" "How long can he stay that hard?" "Does he always like his balls teased like that?"

Sara really seemed to be enjoying the attention, and so was I!!! Occasionally she would stop for a second and release my dick to watch it bob in the air or let someone snap a close up with their phone - each time generating another round of applause and compliments. There was a steady trickle of pre-come leaking from the tip, and she could tell I was dying for some relief.

"Are you ready, baby? She asked softly after what seemed like an eternity of teasing.

"Please" I begged

"Please what" she teased while once again slowing down her pace

"Please make me cum!" I pleaded

"Of course baby!" Sara exclaimed, as she now began to stroke me in earnest while fondling my balls. I felt myself starting to tense up as I attempted to hold out just a bit longer, but it was no use. My balls exploded, shooting a massive first blast in the air. Sara kept going - milking five or six more bursts before I collapsed back against the ottoman exhausted.

The room practically erupted like the finale of a fireworks display - with "ooohs" and "aaahs" and applause.

I was still recovering when Becca walked up and handed Sara a towel "That was a great show - thanks for sharing Sara!"

Sara couldn't stop smiling - she was beaming, as she started to gentl

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