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College swimmer works out with her old high school coach.

I step back to admire and indicate for you to get in the tub. I start to strip down, watching you lower yourself into the steaming tub, lowering every inch of your body, as if in slow motion. Your smooth, silky legs; your beautiful smooth vagina, that you are attempting to hide from view shyly; your sweet sexy ass, all the way up your tight abs and further until your breasts are submerged. I can't wait to touch every inch of you with my mouth, and to have every inch of me inside you.

I strip off my pants, my cock swinging free, already growing. Your eyes lock on, following it as I walk towards you. You lick your lips as I slide into the water. The petals swirling around us as I slide in behind you. You smile as my cock rests against your back. You lean back and I lean in and start to kiss your neck, nibbling on your ear. I work on the nape of your neck; you shudder and grab the side of the tub. Already you feel your crotch getting wet, and not from the water. I place one of my hands on your breast, cupping it, squeezing gently at first, circling your nipped. You immediately start to firm up under my touch. My other hand floats down your body until it rests between your thighs. You spread wide, resting one leg over the tub, giving me permission to continue. I turn your head and kiss you, wasting no time, sliding my fingers inside you as I find your welcoming heat. You moan inside my mouth and your body relaxes at my touch. I reach inside you and find your g spot, curling my finger to caress it.

I push harder on it; your lips are so smooth and wet to my touch. I slide out of you, noting that your breathing is picking up. I slide my fingers up your slit and find your clit and begin to work on it. This gets your full attention and you reach back and grab my hair. My cock grows to full size, pressing against your back you reach back for it but I increase my speed, circling your clit faster and faster and you start to gasp. You can't believe you are cumming already. You reach down and guide my hand, looking down at my hand working your pussy turns you on and that sends you over the edge. Your shaking causes waves in the tub. The orgasm washes over you, waves of pleasure raising from deep within you . You turn around. Your eyes are full of lust and you grab at me, clenching my cock in your hands, you look down at my cock and slide under the water, your mouth engulfing my cock.

I am shocked as you suck my cock in the tub. You surface, smiling and push me up on the edge of the tub so you can have full access to me. You swing one of my legs over the side and use both your hands on me. One pumps my cocktail while your mouth sucks on my tip. Your other hand gets adventurous and grabs at my testicles, pulling and playing; your fingers walk my perineum and tease my ass. You follow with your mouth, sucking my balls into your mouth, licking under them, going for the crease between my thighs. You jump back to my cock and bury it in your throat. I'm not ready to cum yet, and you are bringing me rapidly to a finish, so I pull you off and get on top of you. I kiss you hard, hand on the back of your neck pulling you in. You sit up on the edge of the tub, lean back and spread your legs for me, granting me full access to your bare pussy. You beckon me in, begging me to eat you. I oblige... eagerly. I first hit every inch of your thighs, licking, teasing, touching. When I think you are about to lose your mind I begin on your lips, grazing them, almost impossibly lightly, pushing harder now, tasting those sweet flavorful juices. You reach down and spread your lips apart, exposing your depths to me. I lick from side to side, slowly sliding my tongue as far into you as I can, rotating it and flicking you inside with the tip.

As I slide out I move higher towards the grand prize.

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