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Payback and payoff, bad news from New Orleans.

On the bed Tammy was trying to get herself off with her fingers and I don't know what made me do what I did, I had never cheated on my wife before, but the sight of that poor girl on the bed trying to get herself off with her fingers got to me. I walked out of the bathroom (after locking the adjoining door) and walked to the bedroom door and locked it. I walked to the bed and dropped my trousers and Tammy looked up at me and said, "No, please, you can't" but as she was saying it she was spreading her legs wide to get ready for me. It was my first time for sloppy seconds and I couldn't believe how great it felt. She was hot and wet and silky and at that moment in time she wanted me (actually my cock) as bad as I wanted her and her legs wrapped around me as her hands pulled me as deep into her as she could. It only took her a minute or so to have her orgasm and as it washed through her she dug her nails into me so hard that I thought she might have drawn blood. As soon as she came down from her high she began to try and push me off, but I was not going to be denied my own release and I held on and kept plowing into her until my own sperm joined Tom's. As we both dressed she pleaded with me not to tell anyone about what had just happened and I assured her that it would be our little secret, but I added with a smile, "You know where to find me if you ever need help again. Fingers are not all that satisfying."


Back downstairs I was pleased to notice that I hadn't been missed and I began to mingle with the guests. As I circulated I noticed that Denise kept having her glass refilled by Tammy's husband. Did she tell him what she saw? I decided that she hadn't because as jealous as he was he would have gone looking for Tammy and it wouldn't have been pretty when he found her. Curious, I kept and eye on the two of them as I walked around and talked to people and it began to dawn on me that Denise was seducing Scott, probably to get even with Tom for having fucked Tammy, and Tammy for having bopped Tom. On a hunch I headed back upstairs and made some arrangements. I locked the guest bedroom and Anna's bedroom so that the only room available would be the one that Tom, Tammy and I had recently made good use of and then I got in the closet and waited. After a bit I began to think I had guessed wrong and I was about to leave when the bedroom door opened and Denise took a quick peek to see if anyone was there. Seeing no one she turned and said something and then she came into the room followed by Scott. Denise, having more sense than Tom, locked the door behind them and then lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties.

"Hurry" she said, "We don't have much time."

Scott dutifully stepped out of his trousers and then he and Denise began a no frills fuck session that got me hard all over again. Denise was a lot more vocal than Tammy and somehow her cries of "Fuck me, fuck me harder" were a major turn on for me and I had my dick out and I was whipping the poor thing off and not paying any attention and I accidentally hit the door. The loud "thump" echoed through the room and the action on the bed stopped as both of them looked toward the closet.

"Who's there?" asked Denise. When I didn't respond she jumped off the bed and came to the closet, opened the door and saw me standing there with my dick in my hand. "Well, well, what have we here?" She reached down and took hold of my cock and said, "I can put this to good use honey" and she used my dick like a leash to lead me over to the bed where she put Scott and me to work. Scott and I both fucked Denise twice before we headed back down stairs, and again it seemed as if no one had missed me - or so I thought at the time.

It had been quite a day for me, my first (and second) extramarital affair, my first sloppy seconds and my first threesome. It was almost my first cream pie, Denise wanted me to and I might have if we had been alone, but I couldn't bring myself to do it after Scott had made his last deposit and left us.

"I won't let you off so e

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