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Naive girl spirals into the abyss. Degradation/Humiliation

No Maddy. Shit. Well, might's well go on back and eye-fuck her a bit behind Hotshot's back a bit more, I thought.

Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see the lovely Maddy. She froze me with another of those winning smiles of hers. "Jerome's back on the phone. Still here though. Told him I had to run to the toilet."

"I don't want to sound forward, but I'd really like…"

"I know you do, go ahead and kiss me."

I leaned down and kissed her soft lips, and gently placed my arm around her. Her lips tasted sweet, and they parted slowly as our tongues met ever so slightly. I felt a rush of passion for this lovely creature. I drew her body slowly towards mine, and I felt her breasts press up against me. I wanted her so badly, but realized not even "Je-ROOOME" could be on the phone forever.

"You know that I want you."

"I want you, too. I think I can work something out. Just bear with me a sec and I'll be right back. My God, you're tall."

"Yeah, people often mistake me for Abe Lincoln."

"You're a laugh."

"I'm much more than that, 'lovely'."

Maddy went back towards the restaurant, looking perhaps a bit more disheveled than she should have been, but she did a nice job fixing her hair and her blouse. She also opened the door the right way. About five minutes later she was back.

"So?" I asked, "what was the plan?"

"I told Romie (ROMIE?? Nice nickname, I thought) it was totally OK for him to just go ahead and sort out his business. He's very worried about leaving me here by myself. I don't come to London all that often, but I told him I'd be fine. I reminded him I'm a city girl. He's really quite sweet."

"I'm a typical American moron. I always screw up the difference between a South African and an Australian accent. I'm sure they don't sound at all alike but they do to me. Which is it?"

"I'm from Sydney."

"That's right outside of Johannesburg, right?" I joked. Badly.

"You ARE a moron, aren't you? Cute, though."

"Thanks, but hey we're still gonna go fuck now, aren't we?"

She was a bit taken aback, and blushed a little. I was embarrassed, too, since WHAT we were going to do hadn't EXACTLY been established! But, given The Rome-ster would be back at some point probably just as well to cut to the chase!

"Well, you get right to the point, don't you?" She giggled again. "We could go up to your room for awhile. I'm assuming you're staying here? You're not a psychopath are you?"

"Naah, just a big ole pussycat. What about you? Any weapons in that purse of yours?"

"Maybe!" she winked.

"A risk I'll just have to take."

The ride up the elevator was pretty steamy. I had hold of one of Maddy's legs and was rubbing the back of her thigh. She had her arms around me as we were practically eating each other's lips. We got to my room door and I started fumbling with my room key, having to swipe it four or five times before striking green. Maddy's little distracting grabs of my ass weren't helping matters, but finally, we got in.

We never made it to the bed. Right there in the entry hall the clothes just started flying. I ripped off my shirt and pulled down my pants. Maddy managed to get herself completely naked, save for her cute panties that appeared to have three little lion cubs on them. Go figure. I had the bizarre random thought of her pussy actually devouring my dick, 'twas looking pretty carnivorous down there. She snapped me out of my strange little thoughts by grabbing firm hold of my cock and taking it into her mouth. Who's the lucky boy, I thought. This is one hot babe, whatever I did to deserve this, I'll be sure to do it again!

She teased me mercilessly with her lips and her tongue, and her hand was moving ever so slowly up and down the shaft of my cock.

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