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An 18 y.o. girl expresses herself to her favorite teacher.

When he was released, Thomas knelt eyes lowered.

"I'm sure you want to play with that little cock of yours don't you?" Catherine said.

"I want whatever you wish my dear" Lord Thomas said wishing he could stroke his aching cock.

"Good answer" Catherine said and grabbed his head again, "Please me until I say stop and then we shall see..."

Thomas with a smile on his face went back to eating his wife's pussy again.


The moment they arrived at Blake's house and the door was closed, Valentina slapped her sister's face. "How dare you embarrass me like that? Getting drunk, are you crazy?"

Lacy rubbed her cheek, "Jeez, I'm sorry. I guess I drank too much champagne."

Derrick was annoyed. He wasn't really angry but Lacy needed to learn a lesson. In a calm voice he said, "Strip"

Lacy looked at him and did as she was told. "Into the Danger Zone." Blake added.

"Come on guys, I didn't do anything that..."Lacy started to say the rest but Derrick grabbed her nipple and pulled it.

"Ouch, Sir, please." She slurred.

Derrick picked her up and over his shoulder. He spanked her ass as he led her downstairs.

Valentina was so angry she was shaking. Blake held her. "Go up to bed. I'll be up after we've chastised her. She's just letting off steam. I think it's good for her. She went through a lot with Derrick, so don't be too hard on her. I'm sure Lacy will regret it in the morning."

Valentina stroked his face, "Don't be too long Sir." She said as she went upstairs. Blake watched her and his dick did a jump, even pregnant she was one very hot looking woman.


Down in the Danger Zone, Derrick unceremoniously dumped Lacy onto the bed on her stomach. He secured her wrists to her ankles and picking up the paddle began to spank her ass, Lacy felt her pussy grow wet as Derrick welded the paddle. Blake came downstairs. "One more Derrick then done." He said.

Derrick nodded and gave the final blow. Lacy's ass was red but not damaged. Derrick felt her red ass, it was hot to his touch. His dick was hard and Blake unzipped Derrick's pants. Derrick allowed Blake to take out his cock and stroke it.

He moaned, 'That's really good. I can't wait to fuck her. I want to watch her take your dick in her mouth." Derrick said to Blake.

"I heard she can suck it all." Derrick said as Blake undressed.

"Yes, she couldn't at first, but now she's quite good. I'm not going to cum in her mouth, my wife wants that privilege, but she can make me hard." Blake said stroking his own cock.

To Blake's surprise, Derrick knelt in front of him. He looked up at Blake and Blake nodded. Derrick took Blake's dick in his mouth and sucked on it. He could barely get his mouth around half of it and couldn't imagine anyone taking all of it.

Blake pulled out of Derrick's mouth and climbing on the bed grabbed Lacy's hair and pulled her head up to look at him, "Are you sober now?"

She nodded. "You know what to do and don't get drunk again or I will tan your hide."

Lacy nodded again and opened her mouth. Derrick stroked his cock. He put lube on his dick and Lacy's ass and eased himself inside her. Lacy moaned around Blake's cock.

Blake moved in Lacy's mouth, she had become quite the good cocksucker. Blake moved more of himself in her mouth as Derrick watched. Finally Blake felt Lacy relax her throat and Blake pulled her all the way down to his groin. Derrick's eyes grew wide as he fucked in and out of Lacy's ass.

Slowly Blake withdrew from Lacy's mouth. Lacy begged, "Please Sir, please may I suck you."

Black laughed, "Your master will cum in your mouth, your sister needs my dick now.

Blake picked up his clothes and left. Derrick fucked Lacy's ass. He spanked her behind as he moved in and out and twisted his hips, "You are never to drink more than one or two drinks at the most. I don't want to see you behave this way again or it will be worse for you, do you understand?" He said as he swatted her butt.

"Yes Sir, I'm sorry sir." Lacy said.

"Your punishment will be denial.

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