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By pleasing him, she'll be well taken care of.

But now ... even after a fight, he still spoiled her with the pampering, the compliments and the look in his eyes which spoke more than his words did.

'Have you thought about some names?' Fred asked casually, moving closer to Sam.

'Not yet,' she said as she looked at him, hoping that he didn't hate her for what she had said.

'I don't hate you,' whispered Fred as if he she had expressed her fears aloud. He pulled her close and dropped a kiss on her forehead. 'I love you like I always do and may be more now, because I understand how possessive you are of me.'

'I am sorry ... I ...' and before she could complete, Fred silenced her with a finger on her lips. 'Shh ... Don't say that. I know how you felt. I shouldn't have allowed you to think that you didn't appeal to me. I love you more than anything else, sweets and I always will, Samantha.'

'But ...'

'Don't talk,' ordered Fred as he moved dangerously close to her. He took the glass from her hand and dumped it far away. She could breathe in his scent, making her crave for more of him. 'Why do you torture me, sweetie? Is it not enough that I spend my entire day thinking about you, dreaming about you, wanting you?' asked Fred as he rested his forehead against hers. 'Even if I am in a meeting or in the office all I think about is you ...' he confessed. His lips hovered over before briefly brushing against hers. 'Dammit, baby, I am hard all the time and all I can think about is making love to you. You are like an addiction, honey. The sweetest of all and the deadliest of all ... Because what you do to me makes me go bonkers.'

Samantha curled further into him, his voice humming in her ears, making her want to push him onto his back and ride his hard, long cock which was pressing against her rear. 'Fred ...' sighed Sam as he claimed her mouth for a deep, eating kiss ... The kiss was just an indication of how important he considered her and how much he loved her.

'How can I look at any other girl, Sam? All I see is you ... It's been 4 years since we got married and 7 years since we know each other. But still I can't get enough of you and neither can you. I have seen the way your eyes follow me, your gaze lingering over some parts of my anatomy which you find appealing ...'

'Not appealing, Fred,' countered Sam as she snaked her hands under his T-shirt and ran her fingers over his nipples, raking her nails over them, making them erect. 'I find them sexy and sometimes all I want to do is eat you up. I bet you would taste damn good. Because some parts of your body definitely taste damn good,' she winked, making sure he got the message.

'Pregnancy suits you,' admitted Fred as he undid the sash of her robe. 'You look sexier and fuller than ever, completely ruled by your hormones and I get every chance to pamper and spoil you.'

Sam protested as Fred slid the robe down her slender arms. He silenced her with a kiss, which had her reeling back, until Fred held her close to him. Damn, how could any girl resist any temptation like him? He only had to touch her and she would go up in flames.

He eased her into a sitting position and then lowered the straps of her negligee. He went down on his knees as he pulled the skimpy gown over her head. His gaze dropped to the swell of her belly and he went still. She held her breath, wondering if the moment was lost, but to her utter shock, he laid his cheek over the bump and turned his mouth just enough to press a kiss to her taut skin.

She inhaled sharply, the bite of emotion harsh in her throat. She slid her fingers through his unruly hair, her touch gentle and loving.

Slowly he pulled away and then he lifted her just enough that he could ease her panties off.

'I promised you a massage long back,' he said in a husky voice. 'And I think I am going to enjoy it more than you will.'

She cast him a doubtful look, but okay, if that's what he wanted to think. Right now his hand on her body was about as good as it got.

He curled his arms underneath her and lifted so that he could position her on her side.

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