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Her husband exposed as a pig. Judith samples the trough.

"You may remove your own blindfold," he said, and as she did, he turned and quickly exited, slamming the makeshift door of sheet metal behind him.

Dim light from small windows at the tops of all four walls illuminated the steamy enclosure, and Katie took pleasure in the comforting, simple luxury of a shower.

Being stripped by the guard, fantasy soldier or not, had Katie reeling from anticipation. She was curiously receptive to how adorable he could be, struggling with the clasps on her bra. It was obvious that her understanding of the Rebels' dogmatic restrictions was not entirely correct. Although he had undone her the night before with only a few simple manual maneuvers, she was confident that he had little to no experience being satisfied by a woman.

Malik stood looking out on the encampment. He watched the lights die, one by one, in the main building and tried desperately to distract himself from thoughts of her naked body in the concealed darkness and warmth of the shower.

Five minutes passed like an eternity for Malik. He cracked the door ajar and spoke in an authoritative tone

"Five minutes," he said, but there was no response.


He tried again, but nothing. Could something have happened to her in just five minutes? Maybe she escaped through the window...

She waited until he had bounded well into the room before shutting the door. She felt ashamed, completely naked before this fully clothed man, but she needed to be rational. She knew she had a killer body, and regardless of who turned to face her, she needed to be in control.

He turned, and she forgot all of it, staring wide-eyed with disbelief. She could see his whole body this time.

He was tall and robust, even under the concealment of his fatigues she could tell he was sinewy and brutish, and his eyes...disarmingly deep green eyes.

He wheeled around to see her standing there. Tiny beads of water glistened over her entire body. He felt the heat and humidity closing in on him as their eyes met for the first time since he discovered her in the hotel. They shared expressions of surprise, and recognition.

"It was you." She said, her eyes narrowing.


I'm sorry," he replied, appealing to her.

"...I want you."

He shrugged, sounding almost apologetic.

They stared at one another in silence. Their breaths came heavy, bodies wound for the strike.

And then suddenly, they went for each other.

He locked his lips over hers. Her tongue viciously examining his mouth as their bodies came crashing together. He lifted her up and slammed into her against the wall. She sat on the ledge with her legs wrapped around his waist, gripping his shoulders and the back of his neck.

He slid one hand up from her bottom to the small of her back, pulling her into him as he began grinding against her instinctively. Her right hand traveled to his belt buckle. She managed to loosen his belt and undo the button on his pants before he grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand away.

He began focusing on the details, trying to stay in control. He took her hand in his, tilting his head to the side, he leaned in to kiss her neck. His lips traveled to her collarbone. She toyed with his hand, still woven around hers, bringing it to her breast. He grabbed it and squeezed, bringing his mouth over the other, licking then sucking at the hard nipple he found there.

He was thoroughly preoccupied, fondling her modest breasts as she eased the zipper of his pants all the way down.

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