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She takes her black cock obsession to another hemisphere.

"Oh, right," she said but her eyes betrayed her confusion.

"Use the bathroom," I ordered, "I'll get the car."

She stared wide eyed, "Car, oh please don't leave me alone here."

"I'll lock you in the cellar," I promised, "If you like."

"I'm sorry Master, you must do what you like with me," she replied hurriedly.

"Get cleaned up," I ordered, and she rushed away.

I dressed, smart casual you could say, scruffy was a more accurate description, cord trousers open neck shirt, no tie, jacket pretty average but as always my short hair gave the game away that I was in the military, and then the moment of truth arrived.

My heart pounded, "Shall we go?" I asked as she emerged from the bathroom.

"We?" she asked.

"To Mc Donalds for your burger." I reminded her.

"I thought," she said

"No don't think, just do what I say, so are you ready?" I asked.

"I don't have a coat," she said, suddenly embarrassed by the sluttish yellow minidress she had worn to the party a fortnight ago, an outfit covered by her long black coat when she left home that evening which now seemed a lifetime ago.

"No," I agreed, "There's one on the bed in the back bedroom, if that helps." she looked very confused but she padded off down the corridor carrying her stylish black high heeled shoes.

"Yes," she said, "Where did you get it?"

"Oxfam," I said, "Master," I reminded her.

"Oh," she replied, well I wasn't going to waste money on getting her coat dry cleaned when I could get a perfectly serviceable coat for __10 was I.

"Ready?" I asked and she nodded.

My palms were sweaty now, my heart pounded, "I suppose I had better dump this ridiculous mask." I suggested.

"No!"she protested, "Please!" as if I was disfigured or something but my hand was at the clasp and the ridiculous cat woman like mask fell away, "I can't identify you!" and as the mask came clear she exclaimed.

"Oh, Oh christ." she said, "John, it's you!"

"Yes," I agreed, "Sorry!"

"What the hell did you think you were doing!" she ranted as the relief overwhelmed her, "I was so scared!" she admitted, "I thought."

"What?" I asked.

"I thought, I don't know what I thought but for gods sake John what's got into you!" she railed.

"Do you want me to tear your clothes off and throw you back in the cellar?" I asked and the answer in her eyes shocked me, "You want the Master to don't you?"

She nodded, "Sorry John, but usually you're just so boring." she said.

I almost nodded, "So how about we eat, and when we get back you can change into something old and then I can tear it off you and."

"That's boring," she said, "The Master wouldn't want to wait, and we can always eat later!"

I reached out and grasped her coat, the buttons flew as it pulled apart, her dress pulled up easily enough and her panties came down even more easily and as soon as I could wrestle my swelling cock from my pants I lifted her up and lowered her onto the tip of my rearing manhood.

"That's better!" she smiled "Master," she added as she sank down, "I think with some training you might actually make a half decent boy friend."

"Master," I said.

"Oh shut up John that's getting boring," she said, "When are you due back in Afganistan?"

"I'm not, recruiting office wallah me for a bit." I admitted.

"Oh," she said, "I thought, "Ohhhhhh! John! What's got into you!"

I decided to walk her back to the bedroom still impaled on my cock and then when I laid her on the bed I just forgot about pleasing her and fucked her like one of the whores that abounded everywhere we went in Afganistan, long black robes with peep hole bras, stockings and suspenders underneath, and an improvised grenade up their backside if you were unlucky.

I was cumming before I realised.

"Oh my gosh John," she said as I stopped pounding, "What's got onto you?" she asked.

"Why the questions I thought you were hungry?" I queried.

"Give me two minutes, five if you have some cotton." she replied.

We took it in turns in the bathro

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