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Citrine Orange: Product Spokesmodel Contest - Caroline.

Quite to the contrary, he recovered quickly, but instead of opposing what she had already started, he decided to go along with it.

"I don't know who the hell you are," the man said, "but if you want to have your fun, I'll also have mine."

The man's voice was calm but full of lust and his tongue felt wonderful. Lina took the head of his cock back into her mouth and restarted stroking his shaft. He licked her pussy at the same pace, always making sure to press the tip of his tongue hard against her clit. She held the head of his cock in her mouth and sucked it gently, but increased the speed of her hands. As she did this, he changed the rhythm as well, slid his tongue between the delicate folds and lapped her pussy passionately.

Both Lina and the unknown man moaned louder and louder as they pleasured each other and slowly lost control of their bodies. It was the unknown man who came first. Lina felt as his rhythm was broken and he could no longer concentrate. She increased the speed and after a few more strokes the man's cock surged as the first rope of his load landed on the back of Lina's mouth. He groaned wildly and pushed his cock deep into her mouth, forcing her to gag, but she was still able to swallow most of the cum. Some of the hot semen dripped down along his shaft, but she quickly collected it. Missing even the slightest amount seemed to cause her physical pain. When he was spent, his muscles relaxed, but Lina wanted him to finish what he started. She was turned on and her pussy wanted to have her own release.

"Go on, have your fun," she hissed on an altered voice and pushed her pussy to his mouth.

He did as she had asked. As Lina cleaned up his cock, he started to play with her clit, licking and sucking it only gently first, but then with growing force, until Lina's muscles tensed and she forced her pussy into his face. Waves of pleasure rushed through her body for a long minute and she looked up to the dark, cloudy sky with her mouth open, unable to moan or to groan. When she was finally able to move again, she heard as the man gasped desperately for air.

She stood up quickly, rearranged her clothes and disappeared into the darkness while her ad hoc partner was still fighting for breath. Although she just had a fantastic orgasm, she stood firmly on her feet and hurried back to the window of her room and jumped back inside.

Once she was within the safe confines of her room, she stopped and shivered for several minutes. Her bearing became disconcerted and she had to grab the backrest of her chair to remain standing. Her senses slowly returned to normal. Once again she felt the taste of fresh cum in her mouth, but this time she also had a warm wet feeling between her legs. She also realized that her panties were torn. She pulled them off and put them into a plastic bag, then put the plastic bag into the pocket of her coat. She did not want to drop them into the trash bin here. She had no spare panties in the dressing room, but she didn't care. The idea that she would have to be on stage without panties summoned a mischievous smile onto her face.

Before she left the room, she quickly closed the tiny window. Although it was too small even for a cat to fit through, not to mention the bars in front of it, she hated when it was left open with all her stuff in the room.

She passed the men's room on her way to the stage and overheard as Tom and Bill, an actor who played one of the townsfolk were talking about her.

"Lina plays bewitchingly tonight," Bill remarked. "She moves and speaks on the stage as a real sex goddess. Man, if I could have a girlfriend like she is."

"Lina as a girlfriend? She could be perfect for one night, but not for more. She may be hot on the stage, but frankly I find her quite aloof."

"Just because she resisted your charms and was not willing to climb into your bed after the first rehearsal?"

"Don't be an ass, Bill. Of course, if she would receive a proper shower from a real man, maybe she would change her manners."

Lina got red

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