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A take on the male state of mind.

She wanted to know if she was expected to be naked whilst there. Prof Jones told her that if the school was within the city boundary, then "yes," otherwise "no."

The girl next to her groaned. Prof Jones asked her what the problem was. She told the class that she too had a week's teacher training experience coming up, and that the school that she'd been allocated to definitely was within the city boundary. Prof Jones asked the girl to give her the details after the lesson and she would contact the school's head teacher to clear it with him or her.

A driving lesson was the most unexpected thing that one if the girls had done on one of her naked days.

After that Prof Jones told us all about women's clothing in the 19th century. I wasn't surprised to hear that they didn't wear bras or knickers in those times.

The rest of the session was a bit of a surprise; Prof Jones talked about masturbation and then shocked everyone (nearly) by telling us to sit on our desks and masturbate.

Prof Jones took a few notes then told us that we'd discuss our methods the following week.

Oh, the 3 girls that had had masses of pubic hair had shaved it all off sometime during the week. There were 30 bald pubes in that lesson.

Prof Gibbons

Sarah and I went to our first lecture with Prof Gibbon during the second week. We were the only 2 naked girls there. We'd decided to sit on the front row so that we could tease him. We didn't care if the cameras were working or not. As the others filed in, most stared at us. One of the girls asked if we were naked because of 'that course.' We said that we were. She just said that she thought that we were so brave, and walked off to her seat.

When Prof Gibbon walked in he looked as Sarah and me and smiled. He spent quite a bit of time during the lecture in front of either Sarah or me. Of course we obliged him by keeping our knees well apart.

At the end he asked Sarah and I to stay back, then told us that he was pleased to see that we had signed-up for the course, and that he expected us to be wearing the same clothes as we were at that moment, and to sit in the same seats for each lecture. He then told us that he had a couple of events lined-up for us to perform at. He'd give us the details later.

Pole Dancing

Both Kailene and I started doing this on Saturday nights in the same club again. We needed the money. After all the practice that we got in Tenerife we both thought that the other had improved their routine. The club that we dance at is a bit more 'up-market'; and we'd both missed the suggestive comments from the half-drunk customers in Tenerife. Also, we missed not being able to tease the men as we lap-danced.
Part-Time Job

About a week after I got back to university I telephoned Isabelle to see if / when she wanted me back at work. After the usual greetings I asked her if she'd heard about the 'Females in the 21st Century' course. "Is that the course where girls can walk around town naked?" she asked. When I told her that it was she said, "And you've signed-up for it haven't you?"

"Of course," I said, "the thing is, if you still want me to work for you, would you mind if I came in and worked naked?"

Isabelle laughed and said, "I just knew that was coming. Of course I want you here, and of course I want you naked. Think of all those husbands and boyfriends that will bring their wives and girlfriend in just so that they can have a look at you. I'm thinking of putting a sign in the window saying that a naked university student will be here every Saturday."

My turn to laugh.

There was so much going on at uni that the Saturday after the first 'Females in the 21st Century' class was the first chance that I'd had to go into town. It was amazing being able to catch the bus into town and wander around wearing only shoes and carrying my bag. My nipps were rock hard all the time and my puss was dripping. My clit was getting used to being out, out in the open craving attention all the time.

The stares, the way that people seemed to make a way for me to walk through the crowds; it was

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