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Is it really what I always wanted?

I must have looked puzzled; I didn't expect that to happen. She responded back, "Didn't you want to kiss me?"

"Well, yes, but I didn't think ... that you ... would be OK with that."

Next she started putting her tongue in my mouth, we started going at it like a couple of teenagers. She removed her top and asked me to finish drying her. I did a very good job of drying off her tits especially her nipples. She responded by pulling down my swim trunks and started to dry me off. My cock had recovered enough from the cold water to come to life, as she held it in her warm hand.

She pushed me down on the main cabin cushion, got down on her knees, and put my swelling member in her mouth. She obviously had done this before; she sucked cock like a pro. I was going to come and was going to pull out, but she held me tight and let me come in her mouth.

Rapture, the feeling of her warm mouth on my cold cock and now the release of my cum in her mouth, what a feeling. Normally, when my wife gave me a blowjob she made such fuss at my cum touching her let alone coming her mouth, that it always ruined the climax feeling. Nothing like someone jumping up and gagging on my cum, to take away that wonderful feeling. Barbara, licked the cum off her lips like it was gourmet treat and smiled at me.

I wanted to reciprocate by eating her pussy. I removed her bikini bottoms and just stared at her blonde bush. Just as I was really getting into it, I heard another boat outside. I didn't think anything of it since we were down in the cabin, until I hear a voice call out, "Bob, you down there?"

"What the fuck," it was my friend from the yacht club, Jim Smith. Damn, what a way to end a moment, crap, did he see what was going on?

Barbara grabbed her bikini and headed for the forward bunk. I was trying to pull my wet swim trunks back on when Jim peered down inside the cabin.

"Hey, what are you up to?"

"Just having a swim," trying to sound nonchalant.

"Who's with you?"

"A friend from work," hoping that reply would put him off and would leave.

Barbara after putting her bikini back on came back into the main cabin. She looked embarrassed and had nowhere to retreat. Trying to ease the situation, I asked Jim, "Hey, do you want a beer?"

By now, Barbara relaxed a little and said she would take one too. I told Jim we would move up to the cockpit and sit. We all sat in the cockpit and had idle chitchat and drinking beer. Jim kept queering Barbara about her life; she just innocently answered his questions. The whole time my mind was racing wondering what did Jim see and when did he see it.

Jim was really looking over Barbara, as if he was trying to place her from a past meeting. Suddenly one of Barbara's answers triggered Jim's memory, "I know now, you and your husband are in the Monmouth civil war reenactors group."

Oh shit, Jim knows who Barbara is and knows her husband. Jim says, "Your husband is Carl and he won the black powder shooting contest last year."

Barbara hesitantly answers, "Yes."

Oh great Barbara's husband is a gun toting reenactor, my life is over. I suddenly got a flash of the newspaper headline, "Jealous husband kills boater with musket."

By now Barbara is feeling the same way, she is looking at me and has this "I have been caught" look on her face. I try to end the small talk and see if I can get Jim to leave, but he just continues talking away. Now he shifts the conversation to my wife, how's Dotty doing? ... How's the kids?

I think we have just been trapped; Barbara's husband and my wife are unaware of our sailing afternoon. Jim could "spill the beans" to either one of them and we're so fucked.

Jim, while in his 50's, is still in good shape and maybe even sexy for an older guy. We have been sailing friends for years, but not what you would call best friends.

I want to bring this to and end by stating, well, I think we should be getting back before the tide goes out.

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