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Arri thought it was just a bizarre dream.

"That's it you fucking cum slut, lick off all that cum."

Carter guides his head round his chest stopping at length on his nipples.

"Yes make sure those nipples are really clean, fuck yeah! That's it get them really clean." Carter is panting now and he seems to be really enjoying it. "Yeah keep licking those nipples, fuck, yeah, bite them, go on you slut bite my nipples." Will is surprised by this request but complies, Carter's nipples are erect and Will finds it easy to get them between his teeth, he gently bites it. "Harder!" Carter shouts. Will does so, "Harder!" Carter shouts again. Will bites much harder, "Urrgh! Fuck! Yeah! Bite those fucking nipples you fucking slag!"

Carter then pushes Will's head down to his groin, Will gasps as he knows what he is about to be asked to do, his heart feels like it's going to break out of his chest it's beating that hard.

"Yes you fucking fag, that's what you want isn't it, you want to suck my hard cock don't you?"

Will moans, Carters musty manly smell is filling his nostrils, Carter pushes his face onto his cock and Will clamps on it with his mouth through the material of the shorts.

"Oh yes you really want my cock don't you fag boy! I've seen you looking at me, I know you jack off thinking about me, well now you're getting it! Well go on then suck my cock, let's see what a good little cock sucker you really are!"

Will doesn't need telling twice, he grabs the waist of Carters shorts and yanks them down, Carters thick 7" cock springs free and slaps him in the face. Carter lets go of Will and now of his own free will he opens his mouth and sucks on cock for the first time in his life.

"Oh fuck! Oh yeah, you're a real good cock sucking faggot, yeah suck on my hard fucking cock!"

All this dirty talk is a real turn on for Will and his cock is still rock hard so he start's playing with it as he sucks on Carter's cock. Carter grabs his head again and forces him deeper on it, Will gags.

"Take it all faggot, come on I know you can do it."

Carter forces it deep again causing Will to gag again, tears are forming in his eyes. He tries to protest but Carter is not letting up. Will tries opening his throat and swallowing as he is pushed deep onto the cocck and sure enough it slips into his throat.

"OH FUCK! YEAH! OH WOW! That feels amazing! You are such a good cock sucker! You little fucking whore!"

Carter fucks Will's mouth furiously now and Will is having trouble breathing. He tries to stop Carter by pushing him away but he is way to strong for him, it feels like he's going to pass out. Suddenly Carter grabs Will under the arms and throws him on the bed, his head hanging over the side. He then feeds his cock back in Will's mouth and begins to fuck him.

"Oh yes, you fucking whore, you love it don't you! Let me see your big fucking cock!"

Carter grabs Wills cock and leans forward, Will can suddenly feel something warm cover the end of his cock and realises that Carter is giving him a blow job, he moans in ecstasy.

"Yes moan like the fucking whore you are!" Carter says pulling off momentarily.

Even though he imagined it to be much different Will is still enjoying having his cock sucked while sucking on Carter's cock. After about 10 minutes Carter pulls away and flips Will over so he is lying flat on the bed, he then lifts him up by the hips and his ass is now in the air. Will knows what is coming.

"Yeah I'm going to fuck you little faggot ass boy, you'd like that wouldn't you, me fucking your fag ass hard?"

Will get's up, "please, I haven't.."

Carter slaps him hard across the head, "Get back down where you belong fag!" and pushes him back down on the bed, Will closes his eyes waiting for the inevitable.

Carter spits on his cock and lubes it up then slowly eases it into Will's virgin hole.


"Stop your fucking whining fag, and take it like a good little whore!"

Carter begins fucking Will not hard to start with but slowly, Will cries out with the pain, "Please it hu

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