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Grace parties with John and his college friends.

Tanner pulled out the armless chair that was under the desk while Adriana looked on the TV for the music channel she wanted. When she found what she was looking for she yelled to Tanya, telling her to let her know when to start the music. Then she turned out all the lights except a floor lamp that was behind the easy chair in the corner of the room and sat back down on the bed right next to Tanner. They weren't abiding by any 'no touching' rule! Tanner's hand was on Adriana's inner thigh and she had spread her legs apart to give him easy access.

We waited probably fifteen minutes or so. All the time, Tanner and my wife looked like a perfect couple; sitting together, both naked and each of them rubbing the other's inner thigh. Neither went any further than that, but the sexual tension was filling the room completely.

Tanya yelled out, "Ready," so Adriana turned up the music on the TV. It was some kind of soft rock. I'm not a music expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I guess it was the kind of music for a lap dance. I hadn't ever been to a night club, much less a strip club!

This sexy goddess walked out of the bathroom wearing the sexiest nightgown I'd ever seen and high heels. It was a purple, satiny material hanging down in front and back from below her breasts, open on both sides except for the string of her thong. Her breasts were covered by thin lace, opaque just up to her nipples and transparent above. I wish I could describe it better, it was sexy! My cock was sticking straight up, painfully hard and throbbing, desperately needing to be inside a soft, warm place!

Tanya walked over to me, in my chair, arms swinging loosely, her hips swiveling back and forth like how I've seen models walk on TV. She started to do a slow, seductive dance, her eyes glued to mine as she danced right in front of me, running her hands over her body, cupping her breasts and toying with the strings of her thong.

She pushed the front of her babydoll aside, giving me a tiny glimpse of the sheer thong underneath it, then leaned over me and cupped my face in her hands, bringing her lips to within half an inch of mine before she moved away again. God, the aroma of her feminine perfume was so seductive! She was literally driving me insane. I reached out to cup my hands around her hips but she pushed my hands away with a sexy grin and shake of the head. I needed to touch and feel her body as I had never wanted to touch a woman before!

Tanya ran her fingertips up and down my chest and arms while she spread her legs apart and sat on my knees, slowly scooting herself forward until her thong encased pussy was within an inch of my cock. She gyrated there, never touching my cock, but slipped one strap of her babydoll off her shoulder, then the other, letting the front fall open revealing her beautiful breasts and sexy nipples, enticingly tickling my lips with a hard nipple. When I opened my mouth and flicked my tongue out, she let me barely touch it with the tip of my tongue before pulling away.

I hadn't thought it would be possible for my cock to get any harder, but it was, painfully hard! It was taking all my willpower not to wrap my arms around her and pull her body to mine. I can't think how to say how badly I needed to be inside her, making love with her! Tanya rubbed her cheek against mine and whispered in my ear, "I can't wait, I want you!"

Then she stood back up, again right in front of me and lowered her little gown to the floor, stepping out of it.

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