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"We are going to have to scramble if we're going to get to work on time. Don't forget we have to pick up my car."

"Do we have to? Can't we leave it there until this afternoon, and that will save us a bit of time." She was just about to agree when I beat her to the punch. "On the other hand, I think that it's about time that you meet a couple of Hallston's better clients?"

"What are you suggesting?"

"I'll make an appointment for us to meet with Geoff Bridewell of Bridewell and Associates and, if possible some of his builders. We can discuss our long term relationship with them."

"That's something that I was meaning to ask you, I couldn't find a formal contract between Hallston's and any of the Architects that you deal with."

"That's because there is none. Back in the day when this all began, we had a highly motivated young Quantity Surveyor who decided to branch out on his own. He went through the company files and contacted all of the clients, trying to grab them for himself. Henry and I went to my little group of clients and discussed the situation with them and decided that we'd enter into a handshake agreement with them so that there would be no formal record of our arrangements, that way any future employee would not be able to try and steal them from us. It's worked pretty well for the past fifteen years."

I dropped Judith off some fifty metres from work so that we weren't seen arriving together.

I cranked up my computer and went through the waiting emails before checking any phone messages. Answering these took up half an hour, and then I got on the phone to Geoff at Bridewell and Associates. "Geoff, Richard, yes that Richard. The reason for this call is that I think that it's high time that you guys met my boss Judith Cameron."

"Is there anything wrong?"

"No, nothing wrong, she's just curious about the fact that we have been working together on projects for years and the company knows little about our arrangements, just that you and the other guys shovel enough work my way to keep me off the streets and out of the poor house and provide Hallston's with a comfortable profit. Don't worry that she's a woman with an Office Management background rather than Architectural, she knows her job and does it extremely well."

"Is there more to this than you're telling me?"

I ignored the question. "When can we meet?"

"How about lunch at the Nosh Pit, at say 12:30?"

"Great, we'll see you then." The Nosh Pit eh? It was a new Restaurant that had been getting rave reviews in the trade papers for its innovative cuisine, based around organically produced fresh local produce. Its prices weren't cheap, sort of mid-range, set to keep out the riff-raff as well as those people who only dine at places whose prices are so high that only the rich who want to be noticed dine there.

I pushed the intercom button and got Judith. "Hi lover, I enjoyed last night very much."

"So you told me a thousand times this morning. Are you free for lunch?"

"Yes, where are you taking me?"

"We are dining with Geoff Bridewell, and possibly a couple of others, at the Nosh Pit."

"Sounds great, you'll have to take me remember, we have to pick up my car."

"I think that we should let the staff know that this is a business lunch and not, you know, something more personal."

"You're right, we don't want to gross them out too soon now, do we?"

When we arrived we found Geoff seated at a table with three other men. "Hi, Richard, good to see you again, I must say that you are looking much better than the last time we met. This lady must have something to do with this."

"Hi Geoff, I'd like you to meet my boss Judith Cameron, Judith this is Geoff Bridewell, and these other gentlemen are Robert Farquhar from Jones and Farquhar, and Milton Robertson from the company of the same name."

"Please to meet you gentlemen, Richard has told me a lot about you, and I've been dying to meet you for some time.

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