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Zack is traded to the minors and his wife doesn't like it.

Her hand was still shoved down the front of her jeans, and things were all very wet down there now. She'd had her demonstration, but she was still horny, and wanted to see more. She allowed both girls a few more moments to recover, before she spoke again.

"Would you be willing to indulge me in one more thing?"

"Now, hang on, " said Gemma, "you wanted a demonstration, we gave you that. We want to go home."

"Just one more thing. It'll be fun. It won't take long."

"What do you think, Kelly?" asked Gemma. "Should we?"

"Yeah, why not."

"Excellent! Okay, Kelly, lift Gemma a little bit off of you. Not a lot, just a bit more... bit more... stop there."

Gemma was now suspended a little way above Kelly, and the bulges caused by the heads of Kelly's cocks was no longer up in her shoulders, but lower down, behind her breasts.

"Now bend her backwards."

"Uh... What?"

"Bend the top of her body backwards, so that her breasts are pointing straight up."

"You're weird."

"So are you. Just do it."

"Okay. Gem, let me know if this hurts."

"It's fine Kelly, go ahead."

As per Abi's directions, Kelly used her left hand to push Gemma's shoulders back, and her pliant spineless body yielded easily. Gemma's large breasts were now pointing up, and her head was behind her back, looking at Abi upside-down, her long dark hair tumbling down to touch her buttocks.

"Perfect. Now pull her back down."

"Back down?"

"Yes, I want you to push your cocks into her tits... from the inside."

Kelly was initially surprised at the request, and then figured that it wasn't much weirder than what she was already doing. She once again pulled Gemma down, this time trying to guide her cocks into the canals that ran through Gemma's breasts.

"Ow! Ow!" hissed Gemma, "that's not working. They won't fit."

"No problem, " trilled Abi cheerfully, turning towards the nearest computer. "Wendy, more elasticity required!"

"Command acknowledged. Changes initiated."

Abi turned back to Kelly.

"Try again."

Kelly adjusted her grip and had another attempt, shifting Gemma's body around on top of her until she could feel that both of her cocks were aligned with the openings above them. Once she was satisfied that they were in position, she pulled Gemma down again gently, and this time could feel the inside of Gemma's body opening up to accommodate her.

Kelly moaned with delight, the sensation of each of her cocks snugly held individually within Gemma's breasts took her back to when they'd first arrived in the labs, how she'd sunk her twin cocks inside Gemma's nipples and buried them up to their full length, how wonderful that had felt.

Meanwhile Abi watched intently as Gemma's breasts started to grow, Kelly's cocks on the inside causing them to swell. Gemma's head was still hanging upside down, eyes closed, mouth open, groaning with the pleasure of these spectacularly large cocks entering her sensitive breasts from the inside.

"Wait, wait, " interrupted Abi. "I need a better view. Kelly, get on your hands and knees."

Supporting Gemma with one hand, Kelly carefully turned over until Gemma's body was suspended beneath her. Abi moved past Maria (who was still sat down, slowly stroking her now fully-erect cock, so long that she was barely able to reach all the way to the tip) until she was stood in front of Kelly's face. The view of Gemma's nipples here was perfect.

"That's good. Go on."

Gemma's groaning redoubled as Kelly started to pull once more. Abi smiled as Gemma's breasts continued to grow, and felt a rush of adrenaline as the nipples started to open up. Inside the darkness of each breast was an enormous glans, pushing its way to the surface. From each nipple leaked a fluid that seemed to be every colour, shifting throughout the spectrum before Abi's eyes.

"The colours? Is that another one of your kinky things?"

"Mmmhmmm." came Kelly's voice, startling Abi by how loud it sounded up close. "That's mine. My precum."

Abi gasped with glee, every time she learned something knew about what these two had been up to, it cau

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