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Merrick takes the bold step into a totally unfamiliar world.

I rewarded Protib by snuggling in close to him while watching the movie, the movie was amazing but I loved the jealous glances other women gave my way. He was too stiff, mostly due to how inexperienced he was.

After the movie, he took me to a nice cozy restaurant called Skywatch on the top floor, overlooking the whole city. The view was so spectacular and the food was equally amazing.

"Do you mind if I called you with your first name." He politely inquired

"Of course not Protib, you can call me by my first name."

We were having a blast, he was a complete gentleman and the date was one of the best in recent years. I spoke to him about Himel and our insecurities and about us getting married soon, but he was too distant and ignored me.

"If you were my women, I would treat you like a queen." He said sweetly

I simply put it off with a nervous laughter, he didn't know about Alok and me.

"Tell me honestly ... is there even the slightest possibility that you would consider me as your other half." He spoke a serious tone

I tried to change the topic but he kept at it, after a lot of instances I yielded "Any woman would be lucky to be in a relationship with you ... but if only you were a bit older."

"Age is but a number." he said coyly but he was pleased with the response.

The more time I spent with him, the more aroused I got.

After lunch, he asked me if I wanted to look around the shops. I smiled and politely said no, I was familiar with the date pattern, we would walk around then he would take me to a secluded shop and make out, but I wasn't comfortable with a public setting.

"How about instead we go to Alok's place and see what he is up to," I suggested after deciding how I wanted to end the day

When we got there Alok was chatting with some friends over Skype.

We got chatting and were laughing over random stuff, Alok figured out that Protib and I stuck off well.

"So I need to go out in an emergency ... I will be back in two hours ... if that okay with you guys ... I will get some dinner while coming back."

Alok had a chat with his brother before leaving; he had some books to carry so we decided to drop them to the car.

Once in the elevator, our eyes met, he came closer I didn't move back, he gave me a soft peck on my lips, he paused for a bit, then came back, this time I responded by inching closer. His kiss was gentle and caring, kind of like the one Himel used to give me during the early years of our relationship. His left hand found its way to the back of my head as our bodies inched closer, his tongue gently pushed its way into my mouth. We were in a deep kiss when the elevator stopped, we quickly moved apart, fortunately for us no one was around.

I was the first to walk out of the elevator, trying to make my way to the end of the corridor; he followed me quietly into Alok's apartment.

As soon as the door was closed, we met each other with a passion; we slowly made our way to the couch. As his tongue toyed with mine, his hands found its way underneath my bra. He had softer and gentler hands; he wasn't as aggressive as Alok.

Before it could escalate any further, I told him a firm no. He was sweet about the whole thing and he went on to explain his feelings to me and how much of a crush he had on me since grade ten. I tried to act out the role of the more mature and responsible person, but by the time Alok got back, I was giggling like a little girl.

Things changed over the next couple of weeks, Himel took me to see his family, he was finally ready to take things seriously with me, I was still skeptical of his intentions but this was definitely a good change.

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